tagLoving WivesKelly's Ex-Boyfriend

Kelly's Ex-Boyfriend


Kelly was sitting next to me at a table in a neighborhood style restaurant. She was talking animatedly, the result no doubt of two beers in the middle of a Sunday afternoon. But that's what sunny summer days are for - shaking off the stress of a busy work week with some fun, laughs and old friends. In this case, it was her friend Gina who had flown in to spend a few days with us.

Somehow we had gotten on the topic of old boyfriends and girlfriends. Gina is single at the moment, but she had some pretty good stories to tell and we were all laughing freely. I'd added a couple of my own, such as the time years ago when my roommate walked in on me spanking a stripper-friend of mine while doing her doggy style. Embarrassment always plays well to get a laugh and this was no exception!

Kelly had listened closely to my story, lighting a cigarette and leaning back in her chair. "You never told me that one before," she had squealed in delight when I finished.

Soon Gina was asking Kelly about her ex-boyfriends. With a sweet smile, Kelly had nodded towards me. "I don't think about them much any more. Well, except maybe for one..."

Of course that got a reaction from both of us and we prodded her. "What's so special about him?" I teased her.

Kelly made eye contact with Gina for a split second and I saw the amusement creep across her face; women, especially old friends, have an instinctive understanding of some things. "He was very large," she stated.

"Oooh, tell us!" encouraged Gina. I wasn't quite as enthusiastic, but I had to admit that I was curious. Kelly had always told me I was the second largest guy she'd ever been with, but had said little more.

She paused and took a drag on her cigarette as if pretending to have to think about it. "Well, long, I suppose. Actually, pretty damned long. But it was more the thickness than anything else."

"How thick?" Gina practically demanded as she lit a cigarette of her own. Kelly's response clearly shocked her. It shocked me - in fact, I had a hard time believing her.

"Um...a little smaller than a coke can, I guess," she said quickly. "I don't remember that much now. It's been a long time."

I had a feeling that she was trying to change the subject out of concern for me, and she put her hand lightly on my thigh. What we were both surprised to discover then was my rock-hard erection. She tried not to let her expression break as her hand slid onto my crotch to explore the tent in my shorts, and for my part, I tried not to let the feel of her fingers show on my face either.

More to test out my reaction than anything else, I think, Kelly decided to go a little farther in her description. "At first it was kind of too much because he was so big. But once we had sex a few times I got used to it. He was too big to do much more than missionary because it would start to hurt, but it felt great going in!" All the while, her hand was exploring the front of my pants and feeling my dick jumping at her words.


A few of days later, after Gina had gone, Kelly brought up the topic while we were lounging on the living room couch. I had more or less relegated it to the back of my mind, but it must have been burning a hole in her curious mind.

"Honey, can I ask you about something?" she began. I looked down at my wife, lying in my lap, muted the television and nodded. Kelly thought for a moment, sucking on her cigarette, then exhaled a stream of smoke and looked up at me.

"The other day when we were at that pub with Gina, and I talked about my old boyfriend...well, you were really hard..." I didn't say anything - I wasn't sure what I should say at that point. I just let her keep going.

"Did I turn you on?" she asked. Then a mischievous gleam lit her eyes. She started teasing me, taking a long, sexy drag and slowly exhaling. "Did I get you excited talking about that big dick and how he used to fuck me?"

Sure enough, my cock began swelling rapidly. I can't attribute it all to her words. Kelly looked very desirable just then, with her dark-red painted lips, thin T-shirt loosely pooled around her succulent breasts with their firm nipples, and a simple pair of white cotton panties. Not fancy-vixen sexy - more that comfortable, sensual, everyday woman eroticism that can melt a man where he stands. Or sits, in my case.

No doubt she felt my soldier saluting against the back of her head, and a little smile crossed her face. "Such a big dick," she murmured. "He couldn't eat me like you do, but he could fuck my brains out." She pushed her panties to one side and ran two fingers through her slit to moisten them, then rubbed her clit. "I felt so full. It was like he was going to break me in half." She took a final drag from her cigarette and put it out in the ashtray.

Kelly rolled over onto her side and fished my hard prick out of my boxer shorts. In seconds, her red lips were descending on my shaft leaving her saliva clinging to my flesh as her hand stroked the base. Her fingers were busy between her legs while she sucked me, rubbing at her clit and plunging into her moist snatch.

It was a wonderful blowjob, all the more so because it was unexpected and sudden. But those are always the best from her; when the mood is right, my wife is very spontaneous in bed. I watched my cock disappear into her mouth as she bobbed up and down. I might not have a coke can for a cock, but at 8" and relatively thick, it's still more than a mouthful for most women.

All too soon, she stopped sucking me and stood up, dropping her panties from her hips. Then in a combined motion, she sat in my lap facing me and guided my dick into her pussy. I was amazed at how wet she was. Clearly I wasn't the only one to have a sexual reaction hearing about her old affairs. She kissed me hungrily, pushing her sticky tongue into my mouth, and I caressed her tits roughly. When she is highly aroused, Kelly likes direct, intense stimulation and a short, powerful ride to orgasm.

I tried hard to provide that for her, feeling her twat clench me as she gasped out her excitement into my mouth in one-word statements. "Fuck...yes...harder...fuck...me..." I love it when she talks dirty like that, and I felt my balls contracting in pre-ejaculatory tension. I redoubled my efforts on her chest, pinching her nipples firmly and kissing her hard. Her gasps turned to cries, rising in pitch rapidly. We moved together towards a crashing orgasm that had us both moaning loudly for several intense seconds before slumping backwards into the couch together, my warm come leaking out of her slack pussy as my dick softened inside of her.

"That was hot," she smiled, kissing me, and I agreed.


"Wait a minute, you're telling me your husband got turned on hearing about some old boyfriend of yours fucking you?" Tara said in disbelief.

Kelly smiled widely and lit a cigarette, offering Tara the pack. "I know it sounds kind of strange, but...yeah. Well, it wasn't just any 'old boyfriend' either."

Tara accepted the cigarettes and laughed. "Sure, it was this guy with the huge cock...bitch!" she exclaimed jealously.

"Look, just because a girl likes a big dick once in a while doesn't make her a bitch! Well...maybe a little. I could probably find his phone number for you if you want to ask him for a ride."

The women giggled wickedly. Tara leaned back into the couch and gazed at the ceiling thoughtfully for a moment. She took a long pull from her cigarette and blew out a stream of smoke. Finally she glanced at Kelly quizzically. "You think you still have his phone number, you say?"

"I'm sure I could track it down. Why, do you want to take me up on the offer?" Kelly teased.

"Well, that might be fun... But actually what I was thinking was - no, that's too fucked up."

"What?" Kelly burst out. Her curiosity was well piqued.

"Well, doesn't all this sex talk with your husband make you feel a little nostalgic for this guy? I mean, if my husband was turned on by hearing about a guy I used to sleep with, I don't know, maybe I'd want to do something about that."

"Are you saying I ought to call Mike and just ask if he wants to fuck me?" Kelly asked disbelievingly.

"No, I guess not. But you know, it crossed my mind. Just wishful thinking I guess."

"That's because you're a naughty little slut," Kelly informed her friend with a big grin, slapping her playfully on the arm.


The idea of calling Mike stuck in her mind though. Their breakup hadn't been ugly, she recalled. In fact, she had broken up with him because even though he was well built and hung like a horse, they just hadn't had a strong connection emotionally. He had been disappointed and clearly wanted to keep seeing her. She wondered idly what he was up to these days. Was he married? Kids? Fat and hairy now?

She chuckled softly. Mike had been one of those guys that naturally had a great body without needing to work hard at it, so the time he put in at the gym was like icing on the cake. She doubted he would have let that go.

She wasn't seriously considering calling him - she was very happy in her marriage and didn't care to jeopardize that, even for another shot at that monster cock. But the first inklings of an idea sprouted as she let her mind wander. If hearing about the sex she used to have with Mike had turned Biff on so much, perhaps she could drive him even more wild by planting the suggestion that perhaps a get-together could be arranged. She loved to tease him anyway, and that should be enough to really get him going.

Pleased with herself, she settled herself deeply into the couch and let her fingers slide inside of her underwear to tease her sex as she made plans for the mind fuck that she was going to work her husband over with. A soft gasp escaped her lips as her nails raked lightly across her clit and she felt a warm gush of sticky honey matting her panties against her slit. Apparently her body had reacted to her train of thought as well. She decided that Biff was in for a hot night of sex after all and got a little more serious about masturbating to the scenario running through her mind as she sought to take the edge off of her arousal.


When I arrived home that evening from a long day of golfing at a nice course about an hour and a half away, I was a bit on the tired and sore side. I figured a hot shower was the first thing on my agenda; my dinner needs had been satisfied at the club's attached restaurant along with a couple of beers as well.

I was more than pleasantly surprised to find my sexy wife waiting patiently for me when I opened the door. She was wearing a slinky negligee made from black mesh and lace that clung to her ripe 36C breasts perfectly. She wore sexy evening makeup and the time she had spent finessing her hair was evident. I felt my pants tighten as my dick swelled at the sight of her. After the hot sex we'd had the previous day, I hadn't really anticipated doing much that evening, so finding her ready to go was a wonderful cap to my day.

As I set my clubs down next to the closet door, she strode directly up to me, high heels clicking on the hardwood floor.

I felt her arms encircle my neck and then her red lips pressed firmly to mine while our tongues fluttered together. Finally breaking the kiss, she spoke huskily. "I have a hot bath waiting for you."

Those were magic words to my ears and I eagerly followed her to the bathroom, shedding my clothes as I went. By the time I reached the doorway, I was completely naked and my dick was pointing straight out from my body. Kelly touched it appreciatively and motioned me inside. True to her word, the bathtub was full of steaming water and bubbles and dimly light by several candles. I could smell a hint of incense in the air that seemed to be coming from the bedroom.

I slid into the water gingerly as it was almost too hot. However, it quickly set in to soothe my sore muscles and I felt relaxation seeping through me. I closed my eyes and sank to my neck in the deep tub, letting the bubbles cover my body. I was aware of Kelly quietly sitting in the bathroom with me and opened my eyes at the click of her lighter. She knows how much it turns me on to see her with a cigarette and often indulges me on nights like this.

We sat in silence like that for several minutes and I watched her smoke, taking long drags, inhaling deeply, and slowly blowing soft streams of smoke out from between those crimson lips. I suppose it's a combination of an oral fixation, slow, sensual, feminine movements, and the idea that smoking is a little naughty that makes it so exciting for me to watch her. My cock was blood-filled and thick with arousal underneath a masking layer of suds.

Eventually her cigarette neared its end and I let my eyelids slip closed once again. I could have become drowsy that way, listening to the quiet crackle of the bubbles popping around my in the water, but once again a sound that I heard caused my attention to focus on Kelly. It was the buzzing of one of her vibrators, and I saw when I opened my eyes that she had slipped half of its length inside her closely trimmed twat while using her other hand to tweak her nipples.

I love watching Kelly masturbate. There are nights, believe it or not, that I would almost rather jack off watching her fuck herself with a dildo than have actual intercourse. Of course, I'm a very visual person, but there's nothing sexier to me than watching her in pleasure like that...like now. I could see her juices glistening in the candlelight as she worked the buzzing toy back and forth in her cunt. She began to moan softly and dipped a finger into her pussy, then licked it clean while looking me in the eyes. She knows how sexy I find it when she tastes herself. Seeing that she now had my full attention, she moved the vibrator onto her clit and ran four fingers across and through her gash, coating them in her nectar. Then she made an obvious show of licking the sticky cream from them, parting her fingers slightly to make sure I saw the strings of juice stretched between them before her tongue lapped them away. I groaned in response and heard her chuckle softly.

Suddenly she was on her knees next to the tub, her hand seeking my cock underneath the suds. She began stroking me and leaned in for a sloppy deep kiss. I could strongly taste the flavor of her pussy on her mouth and it excited me tremendously. It was clear that she was very aroused and had been so for some time, and she was copiously wet. After a few minutes of kissing her essence into every corner of my mouth, she reluctantly came up for air.

"That was so hot," I broke the silence with the first words spoken in nearly a half hour.

"You thought so, hmm?" she whispered. "I've been very horny today."

"I can see that. And I like it a lot. What brought that on?"

"Well, I was thinking about what we were talking about last night," she whispered, kissing me softly in between the words. My cock jumped when she said that and I felt her lips curl upwards in a smile She kept stroking me firmly and continued. "I got so horny that I fingered myself. Well, at first I fingered myself. Then I went and got the big dildo out."

I knew when one she meant - it was 12" inches long and well over 2 1/2" thick. It was my favorite toy to use on her, but she rarely used it alone because she thought it was a little too much to handle unless she was really turned on.

"I...well, I was imagining it was him. When I put it inside me it felt so good, so big...just like when he used to slide into me and I felt so stretched out inside." My cock was drooling precome onto her hand and she was smearing it around my flesh. I could hear the vibrator still and it was clear that she was fucking herself with it while she spoke. We were both incredibly aroused.

"I came so hard imagining it was him in me. And afterwards I was still horny, so I knew you were going to be in trouble tonight. But then I was doing some housecleaning and I found something."

"What?" I gasped as she fondled my balls.

"Mike's phone number."

I made the intended mental connection very quickly and she must have noticed it instantly as my cock swelled even more. "You didn't call him, did you?"

"I don't know...maybe," she teased, tracing my lips with her tongue. "Do you think I should? Who knows what might happen if I dialed that number. I'd probably want to fuck him again for real. Or maybe I did call it, and something happened..."

Kelly was such a fucking incredible tease. I was almost incapable of coherent speech by that point. "You didn't," I finally managed.

"Didn't I?" It was a dangerous question, full of unknowns and innuendo.

"You're kind of quiet," she said dramatically. "Maybe I should just throw the number away and be done with it."

"No!" I gasped loudly. It just came out without any thought.

I heard her amused chuckles again and she worked my dick faster, the skin stretched tautly around it. "So you think I should keep it then," she confirmed. "I guess there's no reason to keep it if I'm not going to call him - that's pretty clear, right? But then if I call him, what am I going to tell him? Maybe I should just be honest and tell him I've been thinking about that huge cock of his and ask if he wants to fuck me again for old time's sake?"

She slid towards the middle of the tub and put those red lips around my cock, sucking me hard. She knew that I was on the edge anyway and she wanted to bring me off in her mouth. It didn't take long. I kept imagining her on her back with her legs wrapped around his ass, pulling him into her with that thick cock. I felt the rush of semen erupt from my cock and fill her mouth as her head bobbed on me. She swallowed most of it around my shaft and licked me clean, finally lifting her head from me. She moved to my face and kissed me deeply once again and I could taste myself in her mouth. She's never done that before, but I think she's become so accustomed to me eating her used pussy after we have fucked that it simply felt natural to her.

As she had anticipated, I was still aroused. I stood and she threw me a towel.

"Now that we got that out of the way, you should be able to last a long time. Meet me in the bedroom. I need to be fucked very badly right now."


"So you're going to do it then?" Tara's voice inquired over the handset.

Kelly had told her most, if not all, of the details of the previous night's encounter over the telephone the next day. Her friend was incredulous at both Kelly's audacity, and the effect it had on me.

"I don't know," Kelly admitted. She took a pull from her cigarette. "It's not that I don't want to - I do. I really want to. But when I said all that stuff to him, I was just making most of it up. I hadn't even looked for the number at that point, but I wanted to see how he'd react."

"You have the number now though, don't you?"

"Hell yeah! I found it after he fell asleep!"

Tara laughed. "OK, let me get this straight. Your husband is really turned on by the idea of you fucking this guy and basically gave you the green light. You yourself admit that the guy has the biggest dick you've ever fucked and you're turned on by the idea too. But you're not sure if you're going to call him? Forgive me - if I were you I'd be on my hands and knees in front of this guy right now and my husband would be the last thing I was thinking of. Shit, if you don't do it, maybe I'll have to fuck this guy myself and let your husband watch since he's so interested in it!"

Kelly burst into peals of laughter at that. "He'd probably love that. He's always thought you were sexy anyway and I'm sure he'd jump at the chance to see you naked, much less having sex with anyone. But," she continued, "You make a good point. I don't know why I just don't go ahead and call. He's probably married now anyway. Or he hates me or wouldn't want to screw me regardless."

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