tagLesbian SexKelly's Release Ch. 03

Kelly's Release Ch. 03


Kelly ran naked through the woods, her naked, used body covered in mud, shit and cum. She could still feel hot semen dripping from her used, stretched holes, even a small bit still on her chin. She could taste what the man had shot into her mouth, feel its slimy texture on the side of her cheeks. Why had she let those three kids rape her, fuck her like a bit of meat?

As she crossed a small stream, she stopped, trying to get her bearings, wishing she had the keys to her car, instead of leaving them about a mile away, in a pile of rags covered in shit and piss. She was lost, helpless, and very tired. Kelly welcomed the calm presence of sleep as she felt her knees fall from beneath her, landing in the cold icy water, and falling still on the mud.

Many images passed through Kelly's head, visions of those cocks pushing into her body. She could remember how one of the students had pushed his semi-erect penis into her ass, his cock growing in her body before pulling it out and pushing it back in. Kelly's ring, still stretched from the large shit, had been more than willing, and more than ready, to have his length up her ass. It was huge, but enough for her to bite her lip as her anus muscles reacted, stretching around his cock as he ass fucked her with passion.

Kelly had tried to suppress a laugh as another of the students had mounted her chest, wanking furiously on his 4 inch cock, trying to get it as big as his mates, although he had seen her smiling at his effort and smacked her on the face. Kelly. Kelly's hardest work had been showing interest in his small member, trying desperately to get hot, not laugh at, the size of his penis. And, to an extent, it had worked. She had let him shoot his semen into his mouth, and he had backed away, shaking slightly, suddenly thinking with his brain, not his penis.

Unfortunately, the largest of the three hadn't been as gentle. As soon as the ass fucker had shot his load, pulling his shrinking cock out of Kelly's body, the largest guy had almost torn her legs from her sockets, pushing them wide as he gripped Kelly's cunt lips, pulling them wide to tearing point and guiding his cock into her body.

Like the others, he did last long having spent a while wanking his cock. However, after his shot his semen into her body, he continued to press his penis into her body, staring at her brown eyes, smiling slightly, feeling how wet she was, a mixture of cum and pee. Kelly felt more liquid pour from his penis. Fuck, this boy was peeing into her, actually pissing in her body. She could feel the warm liquid rolling out of her vagina onto the ground, some pushing down between her ass cheeks wetting her anal ring.

Kelly's eyes flicked open. She saw nothing but darkness, before her eyes began to adjust, Kelly realising she was lying in the dark, and, lying on a bed. She tried to raise her head, but felt a shooting pain in her back and stopped, just staring up at the ceiling. A sudden realisation came over her that she was lying naked on this bed. Kelly managed to roll onto her side, and saw a single flickering candle burning on a small table across the room.

"Kelly, your ok" a rough, familiar voice said.

Kelly saw the mountain woman entering the room, dressed once more in her rags, the edge of the material covering her nipples and pubic hair, but little else. The smiling woman was carrying a bowel and what looked like a rag, placing them on the bed beside Kelly's limp body.

"What happened?" Kelly asked, her voice soar.

"I found you in the woods after those boys had left. They should did give you a fucking, although I managed to suck most of their cum from your body before I moved you. I don't want my wife getting pregnant" the woman explained.

She dropped the cloth into the water bowel and rang it out, before gently moving it up and down Kelly's leg, the mug soaking into the material. Kelly, feeling the caked mud falling away, suddenly realised just how dirty she was, feeling the almost, shell, falling away until her rag.

Her wife? What the fuck was the woman on about.

"Look, I need to get back to my car, I need to leave" Kelly said attempting to move.

"Oh you can't, your not better" the woman said, taking Kelly's legs, gripping the soft flesh of her thighs and shifting her legs apart as she began to wash Kelly's thighs, both women's urine and shit now leaving her skin.

"Better?" Kelly muttered. She again tried to move but felt pain pass through her body. She realised this was the first chance her body had to rest since her gang rape. Her back was sore from where she had landed on it. Her ass was almost on fire from where she had shat and let the guy fuck her. She felt slight pain as the woman washed her thighs, the soft flesh probably bruised where both the woman and the students had penetrated her. About the only part of her body that wasn't in pain was her breasts, and even then she could feel the dirt and mud.

"Besides, they took your car" the woman added, burying her wash cloth in Kelly's crotch, the soft wet material warming against Kelly's cunt lips, some of the material actually pushing into her body as the woman obviously tried to get Kelly wet.

Kelly felt tears in her eyes, realising the awful truth about what was happening, and a small bit of cum dribbling out of her cunt. The woman had brought her to orgasm once more, Kelly's tired body almost no longer capable of feeling anything. The woman, seeing Kelly's reaction stopped washing Kelly's cunt and shuffled up the bed, lying beside the sophisticated city girl, running a finger down Kelly's cheek, catching some of the salty liquid and bringing it to her lips, once more tasting this girls bodily fluid.

"Agatha is going to make you all better" Agatha almost purred, licking Kelly's soft cheek, feeling the tiny hairs beneath her tongue shivering slightly, Kelly's eyes rolling down to look at the woman licking her face, realising just how far she had come in such a short time. She had been a city girl, in desperate need of a pee, now she had been gang fucked by a bunch of randy lads, and was being licked by a rough mountain woman.

Kelly let her head fall back onto the pillow, Agatha's tongue leaving a trail of saliva up her cheek. The mountain woman stopped as she saw Kelly's eyes shut, the object of her desire once more falling back into sleep. Agatha snuggled up beside Kelly, resting her hand on Kelly's small breast, rubbing her nipple with the bottom of her finger. The last time she had been with a woman, beside Kelly, was 21 years ago after she had graduated from college.

As she fell asleep beside Kelly, her mind wondered back to that day.

Agatha Summers walked down the corridor of St. Dominic's College, shifting slightly in her black skirt as she passed Cathy Rayners, a student in her year who was one of the 'Popular' girls, one who could get away with acting, and dressing as a slut as most of the males in their year wanted to fuck her, and even a few of the college tutors, Agatha suspecting Cathy must have let some have at least a feel as she wasn't the smartest person in the world.

Still, like some of her closest friends, Agatha knew there were a few females in the year who wouldn't have minded having a feel of Cathy. Touching those smooth silky legs, caressing those nipples that stuck out from her white uniform white, teasing everyone around to rip her shirt open and suck on them.

"Hey babes" Kirsten, her best friend since they were 5, said following Agatha into the women's changing room, both carrying their sports kits as they had PE that day. Agatha walked past the front lockers, respecting this was where those who were popular changed, accepting her position in the middle. She hooked her white bag over the hook on the locker, opening the metal door.

"Are you coming out on Friday night?" Kirsten asked removing her uniform blazer, hanging it in her locker, slipping off her black smart shoes, kicking them in at the bottom.

"Maybe, actually Robbie asked me out on Friday" Agatha said removing her blazer and tie, unbuttoning her white shirt and hanging it on the hook with her blazer.

"Robbie?" Kirsten said, stopping, her shirt half down her arms. Agatha turned, her eyes fixed on Kirsten's chest for a moment, her breasts cupped in a pretty blue cotton bra. Kirsten continued pulling her shirt off, hanging it beside her blazer.

"Why not Robbie?" Agatha asked looking away from Kirsten's chest, reaching behind and unbuttoning her skirt, pulling it down. She crouched down, her thighs rubbing together, Agatha noticing just how wet she was. Comfortable enough around Kirsten, she reached down, rubbing a finger along the seam of her knickers, drawing a line of moisture.

"You wet?" Kirsten asked, dropping her own skirt and scooping it up with her foot. She pushed it onto the top shelf, looking at Agatha in her bra and panties, wiping the moisture off her finger.

"Yeah, it was pretty hot in English. I was sweating like a pig" Agatha said pulling her white sports kit bag open, removing her black sports shorts and white polo top, hanging them over the locker as she pulled her Nike trainers, dropping them on the floor and throwing the empty bag into the locker.

"Why, did Ms. Goldstein pay you special attention?" Kirsten asked, her eyes now looking down Agatha's thin body at her ass, staring at the damp white blue panties pulling into Agatha's crack.

"You've got a wedgie babes" Kirsten said. Before Agatha could react, Kirsten reached down, and pushed her finger behind Agatha's panties. She ran her finger along the material, pulling it free of Agatha's cheeks, her finger tip now covered in Agatha's juices, brushing against those soft cheeks. Kirsten pulled her finger away, looking briefly into the eyes of Agatha before pulling her polo top over her head, covering her breasts.

"Kirsten, we can't do this again." Agatha said quietly, not caring if she was standing in her bra and knickers facing the college self-proclaimed lesbian.

"Oh but it's ok if you do it with some else. I know you've been fucking Goldstein, so don't bullshit me." Kirsten said angrily. Both girls stared at each other, Agatha realising that perhaps they weren't the only ones interested in this conversation. Kirsten placed her left hand on Agatha's hip, the other on Agatha's pulling her close.

"Honey, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have shouted. But, you do mean something to me, and I hate seeing you fawning over her. She's like 10 years older than you anyway" Kirsten said rubbing her thumb against Agatha's cheek, her knee pressing against the damp material of Agatha's panties.

Agatha parted her legs slightly, allowing Kirsten's knee to press against her crotch through her panties, knowing full well it wasn't the heat in the classroom that had got her wet. She allowed her best friend to pull her head down into a kiss, their lips briefly meeting as Kirsten's hands found the elastic waist of Agatha's panties, pushing her hand in side, feeling the flesh of those soft ass cheeks.

"Oh my God. Everyone, look at this" Cathy shouted from the front of the row of lockers. Within seconds, she was surrounded by about 20 girls, staring as Agatha pulled herself away from Kirsten's grip, her eyes pleading with Cathy's to not reveal this to those who came.

"The dyke and the whore are making out" Cathy said, noticing from the corner of the eye Ms. Harrison storming into the changing rooms. The large female PE teacher stopped beside Cathy, staring at the two girls in their underwear obviously making out.

"You two, my office now" she screamed, marching the two girls to her private office overlooking the changing facilities, giving no time for them to change. While Agatha walked trembling, Kirsten was clearly enjoying herself, even pinching Cathy's ass as she walked by, blowing her a kiss before leaving the changing rooms.


Memories of the spanking Ms. Harrison had given the two girls over her desk brought Agatha back to consciousness, the mountain woman remembering that past as if it were yesterday, wishing Kirsten hadn't married so shortly after college, that they had been together.

Kelly now stood opposite the bed at a window overlooking the woods, the rays from the moonlight shining down on her skin, Agatha staring at Kelly's bum, remembering how those many years ago Kirsten had felt hers. She rolled out of bed and walked forwards to the nude city girl standing with her arms folded protectively over her breasts. Agatha lent down, kissing Kelly's neck, her hands cupping around Kelly's stomach, Kelly's hands gripping the mountain lady and holding them close to her pubic mound.

"How long have I been sleeping?" Kelly asked, leaning her head on Agatha's shoulder, accepting her position for the time being in the arms of her mountain lesbian lover. Agatha glanced over at the plastic clock sitting on a wooden shelf.

"About, 2 days" Agatha replied tightening her grip on Kelly's arms as she tried to struggle away, finally subsiding once more into Agatha's loving hold.

"One of my friends found those college punks parked at a near by rest stop. He got your car and luggage back" Agatha said after a moment, staring into Kelly's eyes as her mind digested that bit of information. More than anything she wanted this woman to be hers forever, to wake up beside Kelly every morning. To make love to this beautiful human whenever their whims and desires were the same.

Kelly turned around and brought Agatha's lips against hers, feeling the mountain woman's initial struggle before relaxing against her, their two tongues pushing out from their mouths, meeting in the middle, bending around each other.

Kelly ran her hands up through Agatha's wild long hair, pulling her closer against her, enjoying the feel of her large breasts against her own small ones; The sensation of Agatha's long dark pubic hair against her own short trimmed crotch. She was enjoying every moment of contact with this beautiful woman who had liberated her from her previous life.

Kelly released the kiss and guided Agatha onto the bed. She sat up, swung her legs around and rested her chin on Agatha's thighs, pressing her cunt against the mountain woman's face. Kelly pushed Agatha's sweaty, dirty thighs apart, revealing an un-kept, but very wet vagina, trembling slightly as Kelly lent forward, releasing a little saliva onto Agatha's cunt, licking it into the soft flesh, feeling the heat from her pussy against her face.

Kelly pushed her tongue into Agatha's body, moving up her crack to the top of her cunt to the soft mound of flesh, sucking and squeezing it with her teeth and tongue, realising she had found Agatha's clit. She manipulated the soft piece of flesh with her mouth, feeling Agatha's vaginal walls tightening around her tongue, her hip's shaking slightly as a small orgasm rippled through her body, Agatha's cum dripping into her mouth, Kelly sucking the mountain lady's sex clean of her cum, enjoying the probing of her fingers against her own cunt as Agatha wanked Kelly off, one finger pushing into her anus, pulling a bit of shit from Kelly's ass and moving into Agatha's mouth.

Agatha pushed herself up, changing positions and mounting Kelly, pinning her arms down as she took one of Kelly's nipples into her mouth, sucking and turning it around, twisting it with her teeth as Kelly gripped Agatha's head by her hair, pushing it down onto her tit, feeling the woman's teeth almost bit into the hard, erect nipple. She moved her left hand down her body and gripped her free nipple, rubbing it gently, contrasting the two sensations that sent her over the edge, her cum pushing out of her cunt, the bed stained with the juices of the two lovers.

Kelly lay shaking on the bed, still sucking on her bottom lip as her sensitive pussy spewed what it could, accepting a little of Agatha's saliva as it fell from her open mouth into Kelly's, the city girl swallowing as Agatha lowered herself onto Kelly's body, pressing her tits against Kelly's, kissing and touching, both girls enjoying this moment too much as a male figure stood in the door, staring at the two women on the bed.

Both Kelly and Agatha felt their hands moving down each other's bodies, fingers, hands and fists pushing into each other's vaginas. Both girls moaning and whimpering as their animal lust took over their rational thoughts and control, both lost in this moment of passion. Kelly came first, but Agatha came more powerfully, almost pushing Kelly off the bed as she pushed herself onto the bed, gripping her cunt as Kelly's touch drove her over the edge.

"Eh, excuse me, are you...Kelly?" A voice asked.

Kelly raised her head, sweat rolling down her chest between her breasts. A large male stood at the door, his penis erect, staring longingly at the two women lying naked on the bed, spent.

"Yes" she replied.

"I'm with the AA. We had a call your car had broken down, I managed to get it starting. It's outside" he said, shuffling out the door.

Kelly pulled herself from Agatha's arm, walking to the door, staring into the night sky as the AA man stood by his yellow van, checking some forms as Kelly's car sat in the road way, head lights shining out. Kelly, for some reason she couldn't explain, covered her breasts with her arm as she stepped into the cool mountain air, walking to the AA man.

"What happened?" she asked taking the release form and signing it.

"We had a cool that you had broken down, and that we should bring it here" he explained, tossing the clipboard into his van, staring at his toes, and Kelly's wet cunt hair.

Kelly walked to her car, climbing in, feeling the smooth black leather against her damp skin. She turned the engine off, realising that this was an escape back to her old life. She looked up and saw Agatha illuminated in the floodlights, not showing the same level of pride or shame now that Kelly had felt, standing naked in front of the stranger.

Kelly stepped out of the car, walking to Agatha. She placed her hands on the mountain woman's hips, holding her body tightly against Kelly's.

"Your coming home with me" Kelly said quietly.

Agatha nodded, kissing Kelly gently before following her to the red car, taking the passenger seat. Kelly climbed in to the drivers seat, starting the engine up and reversing down the drive following the AA van back onto the main road.

Agatha turned back and watched her small hut vanishing into the wood. A home of happy memories, but a past she was leaving for good.

To be continued in:
Kelly's Release Chapter 04
Forest Rapist in the Office

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