tagGroup SexKelsey's World Ch. 17

Kelsey's World Ch. 17


Erin didn't like her photography professor. She squirmed in her seat as she listened to his lecture, scratching a fresh, itchy tattoo on her shoulder as he prattled on about "the golden hour." She had no desire to shoot landscapes at sunset. Pretty pictures bored her.

Richie was a more conscientious student. He paid attention and took notes. The first weeks of Community College were exciting to him. He wanted to make the most of it.

Richie wasn't the kind of boy Erin found especially attractive — she liked the bad boys, the ones with the tattoos, and if their knuckles were scraped up from fighting, well, that was all the better. She'd learned not to care about cute boys in high school. I'm not cute, so why bother with them, she'd always thought. Cute boys don't like fat girls anyway.

Erin wasn't fat fat. She was overweight, according to the doctors who badgered her about it. Roundish, but well balanced, with a big-bootie ass that counteracted the gravitational pull of her somewhat massive plus-sized tits. The ones that were drawing Richie's furtive glances.

Erin noticed. She usually hated it when guys looked at nothing but her tits, but she got a good vibe from Richie. He was tall and slim, with the kind of 'boy band' hair that she hated, but his eyes were sweet and gentle, and she had a feeling he wasn't as innocent as he looked.

Richie was intrigued by Erin, too. It started with her tits. He'd be the first to admit that Kelsey had turned him into a tit man. All those hours working on photographs of her in sexy bikinis, zooming in with Photoshop to get her perfect breasts just right. Not to mention the first unveiling of the beautiful things, out behind the barn. And the first hands-on. And the first cowgirl fuck, with them bouncing wonderfully as she had a big orgasm. Yup, he was a tit man all right, and Erin's massive cleavage was always right out there at school, usually framed by a low-cut, stretchy spandex tank top under an open sweatshirt of some sort. It wasn't just the tits, though. Erin's tattoos, the ring that pierced the side of her nostril and the streaky turquoise blue in her hair all captured Richie's imagination.

After a few classes they started sitting next to each other. They'd turned in their landscape assignment to the professor — Richie's a photo of green, verdant hills; Erin's a gritty slice of reality with an abandoned gas station. The professor had moved on from landscapes to people pictures, lecturing on street photography and portraits. The artistic nude made an appearance in his power point presentation, drawing an enthusiastic "That's what I'm talkin' about!" from one of the boys.

"How do you even do that?" Erin said quietly when she saw the nude. "Do you just walk up to someone and ask them?"

"Do you want to try it?" Richie asked.

Erin looked surprised, and a little scared. "Are you takin' it all off, or am I?"

"I've got a friend. She's a model."

Erin was intrigued. "Have you done it? She's modeled for you?"

Richie nodded. After class Erin didn't let him get away. She wanted to know more.

Richie told her about the bikini pictures he did for Koop. He pulled the website up on his phone and showed her, scrolling through the Jeep listings, zooming in on Kelsey in the photos. Erin was dumbstruck.

"Holy shit, she's..."

Richie smiled. The pictures of Kelsey affected him the same way — sort of speechless, in awe of her sexy beauty.

Richie didn't tell Erin about Kelsey's porn, or the sex he'd had with her and the other girls. It was way too soon for that. He wasn't sure how he'd broach the subject at all, but he knew if he brought Erin into Kelsey's world it was probably inevitable.

"She lets you...shoot nudes?" Erin asked, sounding amazed and excited.

"Yeah. We just started."

"Holy shit, how do you make pictures of her that don't look like porn? She's just so..."

"I'm just sort of learning. Do you...wanna...maybe go with me? I was gonna go over tonight for a little while."

"For real? Yeah, I'll go!" Erin said.

"Do you know where Gambo's Pizza is? I'll meet you in the parking lot at seven. You can ride with me over to her house."

"You better ask her. I don't want to just show up if she doesn't know I'm coming."

Richie agreed. He texted Kelsey. She replied right away...

The more the merrier, honey! :-)

— — —

"Come on in, Richie," Kelsey yelled. She walked from the porch to the living room just as Richie and Erin were entering. Kelsey was naked, as usual. "Should we get dressed? I forgot to tell Brie and Char you were coming over."

"Oh. I...don't know," Richie said. He looked at Erin's surprised face. "Do you care? There's two other girls. They, like, don't wear clothes much."

"You guys don't wear clothes?" Erin said.

"Richie does. Sometimes anyway," Kelsey said, smiling mischievously. "Hi, I'm Kelsey."

"I'm Erin. Cool house," she said, looking around. She had a pretty good idea no adults lived there, from the way the place was decorated.

"Thanks!" Kelsey said brightly. "Wanna meet our friends?"

She turned and walked back to the porch. Erin couldn't believe the body on the girl — bare pussy, unbelievable tits, and a perfect, wiggly ass that made time stand still. Erin let Richie go first, and was astonished to see two more beautiful, naked twenty-something girls, doing paperwork at a plastic picnic table out in the screened porch.

"This's Charity, and Brie," Kelsey said, pointing out the girls. "You guys, this is Richie's friend Erin. Their gonna take some pictures of me for their photo class."

"Oh, cool!" Charity said. "How sexy do they let you get?"

"We don't know yet," Richie said. "We're sorta just doin' this for practice."

Charity had a feeling it was going to get plenty sexy. Things always got that way when Kelsey was involved. She also had a feeling Erin had no clue what she was stepping into.

"You guys can join in if you want," Kelsey said to Charity and Brie. "They can shoot some just body stuff, with no faces, right Richie?"

"Oh, yeah. Sure," he said.

"Really?" Charity said. Her face brightened as her exhibitionist side suddenly woke up.

"You can do that, right Erin?" Kelsey asked. "Char and Brie are teachers. They can't have their face showing in any nudie stuff."

"Oh," Erin said, suddenly realizing the naked women at the table were grading school papers. "Yeah. I mean, I'm just here with Richie. Yeah, anything's fine."

"Kel, we've got work to do," Brie said. "You go. You guys have fun."

"We'll be in my room if you get done," Kelsey said. She took Richie's hand and walked back into the living room. "You guys wanna do bed stuff, right?"

Richie looked at Erin, but she just shrugged her shoulders. "Sure," he said.

He and Erin picked up the camera bags they'd left by the door and followed Kelsey up the stairs.

Kelsey sat on her unmade bed. "You want rumpled or fixed up?"

"Rumpled," Erin said. Richie nodded and smiled.

The late summer sun was low in the evening sky, angling in through Kelsey's open window. A bright swath of light illuminated the wall over the bed, casting Kelsey and the rumpled sheets in a soft glow.

"We doin' pussy, or just arty stuff?" Kelsey said.

"Pussy," Erin said, cracking a little smile. Richie looked surprised but happy.

"Nice," Kelsey said. "I've got toys if you want, or you guys can take turns shooting while the other one fucks me."

Erin chuckled. She didn't want to, but it was just all too much and the little laugh came out involuntarily. Kelsey smiled.

"You guys haven't fucked yet, have you," she said. "I can tell. That's cool. We'll loosen things up."

The look on Erin's face went from surprise to shock. She liked sex, and she liked Richie, but fucking him wasn't something she'd thought much about.

Richie was red-faced. He was realizing, too late, that Kelsey wasn't capable of being anything other than her over-sexed, wild-child self. Bringing a female classmate to her bedroom was a colossal mistake. He could already picture the end-game — all of them naked on Kelsey's big bed, his cock deep between Erin's round ass cheeks, and an awkward meeting at the next photography class.

Erin and Richie both diffused their blushing faces by rummaging through their gear bags and hiding behind their cameras. Kelsey started on her stomach, with her perfect, freckly ass glowing in the nice light. Richie was the first to direct her, asking for a slightly cocked leg that opened up a hint of pussy. Erin asked for the next move — feet up in the air above bent knees.

Kelsey took the next pose on her own. When Erin was behind her she spread her knees well apart, opening her pussy wide. Erin seemed to like it, staying back there, clicking away, so Kelsey added some more eroticism, letting her hand drift to the crack of her ass, with her middle finger finding the dirty spots, first a tickle of her asshole and then some nice swipes through her glistening slit.

"How's that you guys? Good?" she asked.

"That's hot," Erin said. She bumped into Richie trying to get closer. "Oh, sorry. You go."

Kelsey humped her ass up and fingered herself deeper. Her hips started moving and she moaned.

"Fuck!" Erin whispered. The camera was away from her face. Her eyes darted between Kelsey and Richie. He was lost in his work, with a big lump in his shorts.

"Erin, try the front," Kelsey said. "I always think tits look good this way."

Kelsey's words snapped Erin out of her reverie. She circled the bed and immediately knew what Kelsey was talking about.

"Don't you love it when they hang?" Kelsey said. She was up on one elbow, with her hard nipples kissing the rumpled sheet. "You got some super nice tits, Erin. I bet they look awesome hangin' like this. You guys can take off your clothes if you want. Richie's sort of used to it."

Used to seeing girls naked, or used to being naked himself, Erin wondered? Either way, she wasn't about to strip and show off her round body. Nobody wants to see that, she said to herself.

"Want me to roll, you guys?" Kelsey asked.

"Sure," Richie said. Kelsey could do anything she wanted as far as he was concerned.

"How about this?" she asked, rolling onto her back with her knees up. Her back was arched high, her big, hard-nippled tits oozing of her sides.

"Fuck!" Erin whispered. She'd never seen anything as sexy as Kelsey.

She took some full-body shots, because they were so awesome, and then tried to think about artistic nudes, the kind of thing she could show at school. She zoomed in on various parts of Kelsey, snapping away. Then she walked around to the end of the bed and saw Kelsey's pussy in all its ready-to-be-licked glory.

"Fuck!" she whispered again. Richie and Kelsey both smiled at her quiet exclamations.

Erin had never been aroused by a girl before. Not to the extent that was happening in Kelsey's room, anyway. She took more pictures, but she wasn't even sure of what she was doing anymore. Her mind was blurring.

Kelsey let her knees drop wide apart, spreading her glistening pussy wide for Erin.

"You guys are makin' me super horny," Kelsey said. Her hand went to her heat again, her middle finger circling her clit. "Who wants to make me cum?"

Richie noticed the look in Erin's eyes. "Go for it," he said. "She likes girls."

"I love girls. Wanna lick me, Erin? It won't take much. New tongues always feel really good."

Erin was as horny as Kelsey was, but she'd never licked a girl before, and there was the little matter of Richie being there. It seemed really hot, though, the more she thought about it. Her mind worked furiously, all the time watching Kelsey's finger circling around her puffy little clit. She set her camera down and dove in, taking a wet, kissing lick through Kelsey's wetness.

Richie was stunned at the turn of events. "You want me to not take pictures?" he asked.

"Fuck no!" Erin said. "I want pictures of this!"

"Really?" Richie asked.

"Mmm hmm," she mumbled, mouthing the tasty pussy again.

It was Richie's turn to have a blurry mind. He tried to think about composition, and exposure, but nothing was computing. He switched to auto-exposure mode and auto-focus, and finally got into some kind of a rhythm, moving around, clicking off shots with wild abandon.

"Fuck yeah, Honey," Kelsey moaned. "That feels awesome. Lick my asshole."

Erin was moaning as loud as Kelsey. She was lost in the wildness, mouthing the beautiful pussy like a woman possessed. When Kelsey raised her hips Erin's tongue wigged its way down to the little asshole. Both the girls let out deep, groany moans.

"Get your cock out, Richie," Kelsey purred. "Let me suck on it, Honey."

Erin groaned into the hot pussy when Richie's cock made its appearance. If he was going to go that far in front of Erin, he figured he might as well strip all the way naked. Before he knelt on the bed next to Kelsey's head he picked up his camera and put the strap around his neck, trying to take a few pictures of the action as she guided his throbbing cock into her mouth.

"Fuck!" he groaned. He wanted to ask Kelsey why these things always happened with her, but he already knew.

A few minutes later Kelsey came hard on Erin's tongue. It was a revelation for the eighteen-year-old. She not only had her first taste, she made a sexy older girl cum!

Erin wasn't sure she was ready for anything more, though. Her self confidence was in the crapper recently, so getting naked for a threeway with a guy she was just getting used to still seemed too far fetched. She wiped her mouth on her sleeve, picked up her camera and went back to work.

Richie didn't know if he liked being the center of attention. "No face, okay?" he said, just before grunting out some air when Kelsey sucked him deep.

Erin nodded, her eyes still lusty. She let the camera hang between her big tits while she flung off her zippered sweatshirt. She was warm and it was time to get down to work.

Richie watched her as she put her camera to her eye. It was an odd sensation to be photographed like that, naked, with his hard cock in Kelsey's mouth. He was surprised that it wasn't unpleasant. Once he was certain Erin was focusing on the action and not his face, he let his mind wander, wondering who would see the pictures. Erin's friends, he guessed. He'd met one of them at school, a short girl with piercings seemingly everywhere. Maybe Erin's boyfriend would see them too, if she had one.

Richie knew what he'd do with photos like that. He'd look at them and masturbate. A sudden vision of Erin with a dildo in her made him cum. Kelsey pulled her mouth off of him for the squirting cum shot, so Erin could catch it with the camera.

"Mmmmm!" Kelsey moaned as she took Richie's cock back into her cum-filled mouth. She swallowed, sucking him dry. "Oh, shit! I shoulda let it leak down my chin!" she said to Erin, sounding disappointed in herself. "Sorry, Honey. I'll remember next time."

She went back to her loving suckle on Richie's still hard cock, licking as much as sucking. She held it up against his belly for some nice, wide open ball licking. All her porn experience made her very aware of what the camera could see.

"Let's do some fucking now, right?" Kelsey said.

"Sure," Erin said. After she said it she wondered what Kelsey meant. Even though she was horny she didn't want to get into it herself. She wanted to stay behind the camera, where she was more comfortable. But the thought of shooting pictures of real fucking thrilled her, more than she ever thought it would.

"Let us know if you want us a certain way, so you can keep Richie's face out of it," Kelsey said. "You doin' close-ups and stuff?"

"Yeah," Erin said.

Kelsey pushed Richie down on his back, mounting his half-hard cock. "This'll be good for that," she said, lowering her upper body. "He'll be hard in a second."

"Fuck!" Erin whispered.

Kelsey smiled, looking over her shoulder at the happy look on Erin's face as she started snapping pictures again. She was in close to the action as Kelsey's hips started a slow fuck, using every inch of Richie's length.

"That good?" Kelsey asked Erin, her voice a breathy sigh. "Because I'm fuckin' lovin' it."

Kelsey didn't wait for an answer. She kissed Richie's moaning mouth and let her hips do what they do so well, swiveling with porn-like perfection as they fucked the glistening cock. The rest of Kelsey's body was almost perfectly still as the fucking reached cruising speed.

"Fuck yeah!" Kelsey said when Richie groaned. "You like fucking for the camera, Honey? You like Erin watchin' your cock in me?"

Kelsey's hips were nearly a blur. She looked back at Erin. The camera was away from her eye. Erin looked mesmerized by the remarkable action, unsure of what to do. Richie's cock was hard as a rock, all slippery and glistening, disappearing over and over again into Kelsey's hungry looking pussy. Erin wasn't sure why, but she could tell it was ready to squirt again.

"Pull it out, Erin!" Kelsey said. It was an order, and Erin's confused brain obeyed.

Kelsey lifted her hips when she saw Erin reach in. Richie groaned at the perfectly timed hand-off. He came deep, his body writhing as his orgasmic groan filled the room.

"Fuck!" Erin said quietly, squeezing the hot, sticky cock as a messy dribble oozed out of its tip onto her fingers.

"Nice!" Kelsey said. "Too bad you didn't get a shot of that."

Erin was breathing hard, on the verge of ripping her clothes off, but she still didn't feel comfortable going there. She reluctantly let go of the sexy cock, wiped her hand on the bed sheet and hid behind her camera again, zooming in on the cum leaking out of the tip of the still throbbing hunk of man meat.

"Don't worry," Kelsey said. "He gets hard real easy. Wanna get some layin' around stuff?" She turned around and lay on her back, with her head on Richie's thighs. She took the sticky, softening cock in her hand and closed her eyes. "How's this?"

"Yeah," Erin said, finally getting her breathing under control. "You look...really good like that."

"On my back, you mean?"


"We could do a tit fuck," Kelsey said. "Richie, you haven't ever fucked my tits, have you?"

"No," Richie said sheepishly.

"I'm surprised. You're such a tit man, how come you never asked me?"

"I dunno," he said.

"Erin, you got some super nice tits to fuck," Kelsey said. "Do you like it when guys do that?"

"I guess," Erin said, still hiding behind the camera, working the languid scene.

"Yeah, it's hot," Kelsey said. That's one of the best parts about havin' big tits, right?"

Erin giggled. She clicked off a few more pictures, stopping when she was startled by a new voice behind her.

"How's it going, you guys?" Charity said.

"Awesome," Kelsey said. "Erin's gettin' some fuck shots. We're just givin' Richie a little break."

"Cool," Charity said.

"Richie's gonna tit fuck me in a minute. Why don't you lay next to us on your stomach, so Erin can get your ass in the shot. That'd be super hot, right Erin?"

Erin looked at Charity's naked body, still amazed that she walked around the house like that. "Yeah, that sounds good," she said.

"No faces?" Charity asked.

"No. I'm being real careful. If I get anything I'll delete 'em, but I'm mostly sort of zoomed in."

"She's gettin' the hardcore close-ups," Kelsey said. "It's gonna be super hot."

Charity looked surprised. "For school?"

"No," Erin said. "Just...for fun."

Kelsey smiled mischievously. "Richie and Erin are taking the porn class."

"We are not!" Erin laughed. It felt good to laugh. She'd been crazy tense since she walked in the house.

"If you're learning from Kelsey you are," Charity said. She smiled in a way that made Erin want to know more.

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