Kenny Mania!


I'm a big country music fan! Most of the male singers are so hot and they know how to wear a tight pair of jeans! Plus, they're southern boys and I just love that. They call woman ma'am and still open doors. I just love it! Anyways, when I was 21 Kenny Chesney came to my hometown for a concert. I know that doesn't sounds like a huge deal, but our town is maybe 800 people all together and we have a town picnic once a year. God only knows how we got Kenny to perform at our little outing, but he came and put on a show. After the show he walked around, talking, and even indulged in our fried chicken dinner. I was standing in line at the drink tent waiting on a Bacardi Raz when I felt a warm hand settle gently on the small of my back. I thought it was my mom or grandma or someone, after all my whole family was there. However, when I turned around I about fell over it was Kenny! I gained my composure quickly enough so that he barely noticed my mini meltdown. I smiled and greeted him. I guess I was a little more obvious than I thought and he asked my name. I've always liked Jayde best and wished that people would call me that more often, so I gave him that name. "Jayde? It's very fitting."

I looked a little confused, "How's that?"

"You're name is beautiful and classy.... and maybe a little naughty! Maybe that's just wishful thinking!" I turned a deep red after all Kenny Chesney, God's gift to woman, had just given me an awesome compliment. "Please don't blush I meant that as a compliment." He giggled slightly, "I can go if you want."

"Oh please, don't go! Sorry I'm not used to such gorgeous men saying stuff like that to me. Stay! Please!"

"Hum, that's interesting!" I smiled inquisitively, he continued, "I've never had a beautiful woman called me a gorgeous man."

I laughed, "How corny are we?" He agreed and broke out in laughter. "So I can't really ask you stuff I'd normally ask a guy I wanted to get to know. I know your name, what you do for a living, where you're from, all that stuff. Oh I know one, of course, age is just a number to me, but how old are you?"

A grin crept across his face, "I think if I say I'll feel so old compared to you. What are you? 24, 25?"

I shook my head, "I asked first!" He winced and admitted he was 34. "Wow! You know that might just be the perfect age."

"For what your father?" We both laughed.

"No he'd be a lot older than you. I'm 21."

"And I thought you were young when I thought you were 24."

"Mr. Chesney I like older men! Can I buy you a drink?"

"Please Kenny. And I just don't think that would be right! What do you drink?"

"You're too sweet. Bacardi Raz, please." We sat there drinking for most of the evening and into the night. I was getting used to the frequent interruptions for an autograph or a picture. I actually welcomed it. It boosted my self-esteem because all these beautiful girls were getting pictures with Kenny or hitting on him and all he kept saying was that he was here with me. He actually said my name, not here with someone, or unavailable right now but here with Jayde. My stomach did flip-flops whenever he said my name or when another girl walked away. About ten that night the picnic was breaking up and people were heading home Kenny asked if I would like to go to the city with him to a dance club. "Could be fun."

We left, it was about a 45-minute drive into the city and we chatted the whole way. We were both feeling pretty good from all the alcohol at the picnic so Kenny's road manager drove us in. I know this is a cliché, but he really was quite a normal guy. Besides the fact that he doesn't act anything like any guys I've met. He was sweet, very sensitive, and in touch with his emotions, he really was super easy to talk to. At 3am the club closed and Kenny invited me back to his hotel room in the city. I accepted and we left. When we got back to his suite Kenny showed me around and told me I could have the shower first. Since there was a tub and a shower I decided to use the tub, it had been so long since I'd relaxed in a bathtub. I took my neon pink, low cut shirt and tight faded jeans off. I started running the water sitting on the side of the bathtub with nothing but a white lace bra and white lace boy cut panties. Kenny busted through the door, "Oh, sorry, I heard water and I figured you were in the shower. I need to use the restroom." He diverted his eyes quickly.

I wrapped a towel around myself and stepped out so he could do his business. I have to admit that having Kenny Chesney walk in on me practically naked got me very excited. My nipples became so erect that you could almost see them through the thick fabric of the towel and when I moved my legs I could feel the slickness starting to grow. He apologized and I went back into the bathroom. The tub was fairly full so I shut the water off and slipped in. The warm water felt so good all over my body and gave slight relief to my nipples that were so hard they were starting to hurt. I grabbed a washcloth and some soap and went to work on my shoulders and down my arms, over my chest and belly. I pulled my long, right leg out of the water and soaped it up from my foot to my thigh and repeated with my left leg.

I sat there for a minute basking in the warm water and I guess the thought of being naked with the world's most gorgeous man just a few yards away got the best of me because my hand slipped between my thighs and I was running my fingers over the outside of my womanhood. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the feeling of my shaved cunt. My lips swelled so much that they parted to reveal my clit. My middle finger went to work on it. Swirling around my hot button, my other hand found my hole and I inserted two fingers. It was starting to get intense so I bit my lip to keep quiet. I pictured Kenny above me with his fingers pumping inside me, and rubbing my clit. I imagined his lips meeting mine and bringing me to orgasm. It got too much for me to bear I couldn't bite my lip hard enough. I knew I was going to have a loud climax, but it wasn't just loud. I guess I let my imagination get the best of me and yelled his name. After a great orgasm I laid there hoping that I hadn't scream as loud as I thought and maybe Kenny didn't hear me. I toweled off, got dressed and went back into the bedroom.

"Have a good bath?" Kenny asked with a smirk. I stood there like a deer caught in the headlights. I didn't know how to react. After a beat he started laughing and said it was no big deal and I shouldn't worry about it but he was going to go shower and I should try to behave. He was still laughing and I gave a very red smile as he headed into the bathroom.

I sat down on the bed flipping the stations mindlessly. I didn't know whether to be incredibly turned on because Kenny heard me or to be incredibly embarrassed because he heard me. I don't remember what I was just thinking, all thought seemed to fly out of my head. Of course, I'd seen Kenny bare-chested on his CD pictures but this time he was right in front of me and not in pants just a towel slung low around his waist. His chest was tan and pretty much hairless his stomach was perfectly chiseled with a six-pack and his towel was low enough to see his tan line and the "V" created by his pelvic bone. Poking out from the bottom of the towel were two tan, hairy, but not too hairy, muscular legs. He reached out and pushed my chin up to close my mouth and we both started laughing. "Sorry, was I being obvious?"

"Yeah! I forgot my change of cloths." He went over to his suitcase and slipped on a pair of boxer briefs and the towel slipped off. He came over and lay next to me in the bed. I put my head on his shoulder while we continued to talk. My hands were exploring his body, up and down his chest, around to his sides, grazing his neck, and eventually, occasionally running my fingers over his lips. His hands were caressing my arm and back and playing with my hair. Eventually, talking and exploring led to exploring and kissing, which led to kissing and petting.

My lips traveled down his neck. I kissed his the crook in the middle of his neck where his collar bone comes together then made a little trail of kisses to his ear. I nibbled his ear with my lips and ran my tongue along the length of the back of his ear. He moaned. I threw one leg over him so I was straddling his torso and I tightened my tongue ring. He looked at me confused. "Kenny, you've been with women all over the world and you've never seen a vibrating tongue ring?"

"I'm not as experienced as you might think. I can still count the women I've been with on two hands." He held up his hands to indicate a number.

"Wow! I'm impressed. I figured, with your looks and how incredibly sweet you are, it would be somewhere around the same number as Gene Simmons!" We both giggled. I laid my tongue on his neck right behind his earlobe and he freaked under the vibrations. I kissed him on the neck and went down to his chest sucked on his nipples then pressed my tongue against them to let him feel the vibes. He moaned and squirmed a bit. I pulled his boxer briefs down a few inches as I slid down further and let my tongue follow. He had a tiny crease where his stomach met his pelvis and I pushed my tongue along it. I plunged down further and he grabbed me by the shoulders. He pulled me back up.

"Look, I can't do this." A look of confusion settled on my face. "I've only known you for a day and I can already see how amazing you are. Sweet and funny and nice and mostly innocent, I can't sleep with you tonight and be gone tomorrow."

"Does this have to be only one night?"

"Well I have another concert tomorrow night in another town."

"I know, but we can exchange numbers or I can come to other shows, we can work something out. I've just had the best time with you and I can't see it being just a one night thing."

"You shouldn't have to put up with a man who's gone all the time. That's not fair to you."

"Kenny, if you don't want to continue this after tonight that's fine with me. I mean we can hang out and whatever tonight, but if you do, we can think of something."

"Jayde, I do, you're great, but because of that I don't think it's fair to you."

"Baby, I'd rather have a wonderful man sometimes than an ok man all the time."

"Never thought of it that way!" After a beat a smile crept across his face and he said he would love to try it.

"Great! Can I please fuck you now until you can't stand up?" I asked with a laugh.

"Hell yes! Now where were we?"

"Right here." I slid down to the crease on his stomach where I was before and pulled his boxer briefs down as my tongue traveled further. Ladies, I was going to try and be as discrete about personal things as possible since it is Kenny Chesney we're talking about here, but what guy would mind a woman bragging about his size. He is a MONSTER!! (I told him I was going to send his dad a thank you note!) If I had to guess I'd say he's about 9 and a half inches long. I was so wet as soon as his whole monster cock came into view. I loved it, I wanted to devour it, but I took my time instead. Rolling my tongue all around the ridge of his cock. I couldn't hold out any longer, I shoved as much of his cock in my mouth as I could. I relaxed my throat and tried to get it in a little further. It was in vain there was still about 2 or 3 inches. I bobbed up and down in his cock, sucking the hell out of it until he came. From a monster cock flows a monstrous stream of cum. I swallowed as much as I could, then I pulled his cock out of my mouth and he shot the rest of his load on my D tits. Pulling that porn-star-like move made me so wet I couldn't wait till Kenny was inside me. I crawled up and straddled his stomach with his cum dripping off my tits. I cleaned my boobs with my tongue.

Kenny got so turned on by the show he picked me up and impaled me on his pole. I rode him hard. He managed to form words, which is more than I can say for me. All I could do was moan and grunt and breathe heavily. He kept telling me how tight I was, how he never wanted it to end. I came with my whole body. I started shaking from head to toe, I got light-headed, and I started screaming, trying to make actual words but I don't think I did. Kenny shot another gigantic load deep inside my pussy. I collapsed on top of him in a heap. After a moment I slid to his side and fell asleep to him playing with my hair.

I woke up about 11:30 that morning and decided it would be fun to wake him up with a little more good than morning. I went to work on him cock. He certainly woke in a good mood. Unfortunately, Kenny had to be back at his bus at 1. We got up and got dressed. He offered me a button down shirt to wear and I could only get it buttoned up two-thirds of the way my tits wouldn't allow the shirt to be buttoned anymore so I put my shirt back on. We went out to get some breakfast/lunch and spent the rest of the morning together. We were together for about 4 years and just recently split to remain very close friends. We'll always love each other just as friends instead of lovers.

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