tagRomanceKerrie's New Life

Kerrie's New Life


Shivers run up your spine. You've lost track of time and the only thing you can hear is the sound of someone walking on the floor above and the dripping of water from the pipe overhead. The water drops slowly on your body. You can move but not much as the chains only let you move one to two inches. At first it was no big deal but as time dragged on the dripping started to matter as you move this way and that trying to get away from it.

You can't sleep, think, or move much. You thought you would go mad from it. A light turns on and you hear him walking slowly down the stairs. You feel another shiver run through your body. A glimmer of hope runs through your mind as you start to consider the possibility of being let go and what that would mean. He's going to take me and use my body to please himself. The very thought of this fills your body with life. You feel your pussy start to get wet again. Your nipples stand out hoping that he will touch them or brush up against them. All you want is for him to touch your body and to use it in any way he sees fit. You know whatever he decides to do that your body will sing from the attention.

You remember the first time you found him on Facebook. You were thinking to yourself...could that be him? It looks like him. You wondered if he would remember you. You had a few good times together and hoped he would remember them too. The day at work had been long dealing with unhappy customers at your husband's company. Dealing with your husband was trying enough. Everyday being ignored by him, not touching you, not showing desire for you, had taken its toll. The depression from not feeling like or being treated like a beautiful woman had set in years ago.

You felt like you were trapped in a nightmare. You were only existing for your son and waiting for him to go off to the Army. He only had 2 more years of high school until he would be eligible. The thought of waiting 2 more long years for this to happen was tearing you apart. Then you got an idea about how you could escape from this hell you put yourself in. Every day you reminded yourself of this and you held onto this hope to get you through the day. You look up at the clock. 5 o'clock has come already and it's time to go home to make dinner. You can't be late or he gets mad if dinner is not on time. You get home, put down your bag, and your first stop is the bathroom. As you're wiping yourself dry you feel the soft paper run across your clit and the hunger rushes through your body. You fight the urge to touch yourself more. You start making dinner as you try to shove the urges back down and as you fight them you start to feel the depression rise up in you. Dinner was long and drawn out and doing the dishes by yourself was lonely.

God...what a long day you think as you start to take off your clothes. You put on a pair of loose shorts and a big baggy shirt. You sit down at the computer and sign on to Facebook. You face lights up when you see you've got mail. It's probably just a message from a friend back home, but at least it would take away from some of the loneliness you feel inside. You are shocked and excited when you open it to see "his" name pop up. A thrill runs through your body. You smile as you hit the button on the mouse to open the E-mail. Your mind starts to wonder if he will remember you. He does and you blush with the thought of him thinking of you. He asks how you are and that he wondered what had ever happened to you. Your body comes to life as you start to type your answers to his questions and ask some of your own. After about two hours of being online and getting lost in the memories of him you finally turn out the light and call it a night. The next day drags by so slowly and you can't wait to rush home to see if he wrote back. He did! He said he was with someone and that he felt like he was walking through life just like you were. Every day you write to him and wait for the answers he would give you.

One day you found yourself daydreaming that you were on a business trip waiting to go home and home was with "him". Only it's not a daydream anymore. He tells you he wants you. You start to set your plan into motion to get rid of your husband and find a job so that you could be free to go to him. The idea of it scares you, but you can't remember the last time you felt this alive. The months go by with roadblocks, battles, and fight after fight, but alas there's no more depression inside of you as you finally turn the corner onto his street. You and your son have been driving for two days to get there. As you're turning you see him standing in the front yard doing some work. You find yourself holding your breath as you pull up in front of the house. He turns toward the sound and starts to smile as he moves towards you. You realize that you're holding your breath and let it out slowly as you move to get out of the truck.

He walks up to you and puts his arms around you and says welcome home baby. The rest of the day was spent moving you and your son in. You are almost finished unpacking and have finally got your son settled in for the night. As you finish up you think to yourself how tired you are. You start walking down the stairs and see "him" standing at the bottom of the step looking up at you. All of a sudden your body feels full of life and very horny. Any thoughts of being tired are quickly erased from your mind. As you reach the bottom of the steps he takes you by the hand and leads you into the master bedroom.

He shuts the door and comes up behind you as you gaze around the room taking in the sight of all the mirrors on the walls and ceiling. You feel his hands on you and as you lean back into him he starts to run his hands up and around your body. You feel his warm breath on your skin as he reaches down and starts to kiss your neck. He starts to plant kisses up your shoulder as his hands slide down your arms turning your body towards him. As he turns you around to face him you fall into him leaning your head against his shoulder and wrapping your arms around his neck.

You feel his hands sliding up your back as he holds you in his arms. With your body pressed firmly against him you start to feel his cock growing in his pants. As you turn to look up at him he reaches down and kisses you deeply. With one of his hands across your back he presses you even harder into him as the other grabs your ass. You feel his tongue exploring your mouth. When you both come up for air he steps back and pulls his shirt off. You run your hands over his chest and feel his body. The body you have ached for and could only have in your dreams. You feel the heat and urge rising up inside of you as you start running your hands over every part of him. He tosses his shirt on the chair and reaches for your top. You help him as he takes it off and turns you around to undo your bra.

You close your arms over your breasts as you turn to face him again. Suddenly feeling shy and embarrassed like a little school girl. He looks you in the eyes and says show me. You lower your arms and bare your breasts to him. His face lights up and you both kiss deeply. You help each other take the rest of your clothes off, but as he kneels down to take off your panties he puts his face in your pussy and starts to kiss it. Without thinking you spread your legs and let him have it. He starts to tongue your clit. You suck air into your lung from the feeling of it. It feels like you're on fire as you start to drip juice from your pussy. He is like a starving man licking up every drop. You cum so hard that your legs start to buckle and as you slide down him to your knees you kiss him more deeply than you've ever kissed anyone before. You can taste yourself on his lips and you love the way you taste. You find yourself already aching for something more.

As he moves to stand up you look up at him and find that your face is even to his cock. Now you know what your body is aching for more of. He looks at you and says take all of it my pet and show me who you're devoted to. You feel the chill run through your body as he says it. You obediently do as he says and as you take his cock into your mouth you glance up to see him smiling at you. You start playing with his cock sucking it, licking it, and taking it deep. You're lost in the joy of pleasing him when it hits hard and fast. Your body starts shivering as you cum from sucking his cock. He picks you up and lays you softly on the bed and starts to move up your body kissing it as he goes. He's kissing your lips now and you feel his cock at your pussy.

The tip of his cock is just barely inside and as you thrust up from impatience he looks in your eyes and asks who do you love? Who do you belong to? What do you want? You look at him shocked. You weren't expecting those questions so soon. You don't say a word and lay there silently waiting for him to give you what you know your body and mind wants, but he doesn't move an inch. You wait silently for a few more seconds, but he won't give in and you can feel the tip of his cock as it pushes up to your pussy again with each of his heartbeats. You can't resist it any longer. You need him, you want him, and you finally give into your body and soul. You look into his eyes and say slowly...I love you Shawn. And then you say I belong to you Master. Lust fills your eyes as you look at him and say I want you to fuck me Master and to use me as you wish for the rest of my life.

At the end of that statement he's shoves his cock deep inside of you. You scream yes over and over again as the feeling of desire washes over you. That feeling you have been wanting for so long is finally here. Your pussy grabs at it and fire climbs up your spine as he slams in and out faster and harder than the last. You feel it building fast and it shakes the core of your being. Your hands run over his body as they follow the trail of kisses you're wildly planting on him. And then it hits hard again. You can't contain the desire and passion anymore and you seek the sweet release you know only your Master can provide. As you squeeze him between your legs and grab him with your arms you whisper in his ear....thank you Daddy.

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