tagCelebrities & Fan FictionKerry Katona's Revenge?

Kerry Katona's Revenge?

byMaria Dennis©

Disclaimer: Unfortunately I am not Kerry Katona, as much as I would like to have certain parts of her anatomy. I have absolutely no affiliation with Kerry Katona or any other celebrity, and do not claim they act this way in real life. This is however my first attempt at a first person perspective I would love to hear some feedback.

This story is contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. This is in no way connected with the subject. Don't use this without my permission. Now, on with the story!


I followed my guide through the small alleys as I was led away from my hotel. It was a good hotel, very expensive and they had provided me with a English speaking guide just as I had asked.

Traveling alone was not my idea of fun but this was only for a couple of hours before a photo shoot. My two friends were off drinking in a bar on the beach but I had to stay sober for the shoot. So my friends suggested that I get a guide to show me round the city for a couple of hours and then after the shoot I could play catch up with them.

It had been two days since the morning I found out that my fiancé Bryan had messed around with a stripper on his stag night. I was devastated. My dreams were shattered; my dream man had cheated on me. Despite all he had promised he had slept with a stripper, a little slut who was surely laughing at me behind my back. In fact I felt like the whole world was laughing behind my back. I wouldn't have known if it wasn't for the papers.

Before I go any further I'd better introduce myself properly, I am Kerry Katona, formerly of the UK pop group Atomic Kitten. For those who don't know, I left Atomic Kitten when I gave birth to my first child Molly. Molly's father is Bryan McFadden singer in the Irish boy band Westlife. If you hadn't guessed Bryan was my fiancée at the time of this little chapter in my life.

I have a reputation as a party girl who likes to have fun, but I think sometimes that the reputation is a little unfounded. Though if you want to see what I look like, with or without clothes, then a Google image search will show you all you want. Don't you just love the way past mistakes come back to haunt you.

In tears I called my best mate, within half an hour she was over at my flat, within an hour I had booked, and paid for, three tickets for the two of us plus one of her friends to go to Spain that evening.

After frantically packing I made a few calls and we all headed to the airport and a party to help me forget all about it. We had certainly partied. Two days of non stop drinking and girly fun poking our tongues out a the photographers. Showing them I didn't care, showing them I wasn't bother. It was all lies, I wasn't ok, and I was hurt.

Then my agent had phoned and pointed out that the papers had been filled with pictures of me drunk for the last two days and that I ought to get some better pictures taken for the papers. So a photo shoot had been arranged.

So here I was following this English-speaking guide into the back streets of a very foreign very odd city. At least no one was following me somehow we had given the cameras the slip.

The further we went, the more the alleys became flanked with little shops with traders selling their wares, from silks, to rugs, to jewelry. The smells were sometimes enticing, sometimes disgusting, but my senses were being swarmed with new sensations it was amazing.

It didn't bother me that at just over five foot with long blonde hair and my huge augmented breasts I stood out like a sore thumb amongst the locals. I was too busy feeling good. I had put a bit of weight on over the last couple of days and it seemed to have all gone on my breasts, swelling them even bigger than normal. As far as I was concerned I was slim and busty and looking good, and sod off if you don't agree.

I was wearing a pair of trainers and at the top of my tanned legs was a short denim skirt. On my upper half I was wearing a simple t-shirt. It was tight and clung around my huge breasts. If you couldn't tell by now I am very proud of my breasts and I try and always dress to emphasise them; this was one of my more successful days.

The guide stopped suddenly and pointed to a small shop, ducking down slightly he went in and I followed him in. I wondered where he was leading me. Inside he stopped and pointed at a rack.

"You should try this on, it look good on you," My guide said in broken English. He was quite a handsome guy. He was young, I would have aged him about 19 and he was tanned, but he didn't look like a local. He was cute, and I liked his smile and his friendly eyes. I'd only clocked him looking at my breasts once. I didn't mind; I liked the attention so I'd smiled at him.

I looked at the item he was indicating; it was a small gold halter made of a metallic material. It looked very small and very out of place in the middle of this tiny backwards place. It crossed my mind that it might well have been a top for a belly dancer or some other exotic performer.

I looked at it for a long moment. "What the hell," I thought, "you only live once." Taking the top off the rail I smiled at my guide and he returned my smile and then walked towards the counter.

He spoke to the person behind the counter, the language was fast foreign and low, I strained to pick up any words but couldn't recognise anything.

I waited for a moment now alone in the middle of the shop whilst they talked, obviously about me. After a moment my guide walked to a doorway to the right of the counter. He beckoned me to follow him through. Obediently I followed him through, I found myself in a narrow corridor that seemed to go on quite a distance and had what looked like 10 doors off it.

I walked down the corridor towards the third door on the right, the only door open. I reached it and peered in. My guide was standing just inside the small room. It had one mirror in it and what looked like a small bed at the back. The room looked and smelt dirty. But it was certainly anonymous, and no one was going to start looking for me here.

I stepped into the room and looked at him. He just stood there looking back at me.

"Do you mind?" I asked him indicating the door to the room.

"Sorry, madam. It is normal for the man to stay in here, but if you wish it I can wait outside the door."

"Well if you don't mind," I said grinning at him he was kind of cute. He smiled, turned, and left.

I quickly had my t-shirt and bra off and stood in the room topless. I paused for a moment to look at my body. I couldn't help looking at myself. My breasts that had been large before looked even bigger with the extra weight. My waist wasn't as slim but that didn't bother me too much.

As far as I was concerned I looked good, really good. I cupped my breasts and pushed them together and was pleased at how deep my cleavage looked.

I picked up the top and held it up to my chest. It was going to be a tight fit but I would be able to get it on especially seeing as how the top tied at the back and behind my head.

I easily tied the knot behind my neck but I could tell immediately that I wouldn't be able to pull the cords tight enough to be able to have enough cord to tie a knot behind my back. In simple words my boobs were too big for the top. It is a common problem that I have with my boobs, the one down side. What I ought to have done is given up trying to get the top on and gone back to the hotel. Unfortunately that is not what I did.

Holding the two straps behind my back I opened the door and called the guide into the room. I indicated the two straps and asked him to tie a knot in them.

Without much warning he pulled the cords backwards and tied a knot in it. He had the top so tight that the material of the fabric crushed my breasts. I glanced at myself in the mirror and you could clearly see the outline of my nipples.

He spun me round and looked at the top. I could see his eyes almost popping out of his head as he looked at my breasts blatantly.

"Very sexy," he said with a smile.

I turned around and looked at myself in the mirror. The top was tiny compared to my breasts. The top barely held them, and it looked as though any moment they would swell up over the top. The top did make my cleavage look magnificent though. I ran a hand over the shiny fabric and pushed my breasts together a bit more. I liked that top, it might have been a couple of sizes too small, but I could see some uses for it.

"Good choice," I said as I turned back to face him. I instantly noticed that he had a different expression on his face. It was an odd expression; he was just looking straight into my eyes. We just stood there looking at each other for a few moments saying nothing. Unsure of what was about to happen.

I'm not sure who moved towards whom, but before I knew it we were kissing each other passionately. Our tongues were teasing each others, we were nibbling at each other. We were kissing like two people who wanted each other so badly. Kissing like two people who needed each other. Kissing like two single people. Only I wasn't single, I was engaged. Well he wasn't to know I wasn't single he didn't even know who I was and as for Bryan? It would serve him right.

I felt his hands roam my body, feeling my breasts, feeling my back, feeling my arse. His hands moved quickly and my body tingled in every place he touched. I groaned with pleasure as we continued our fevered kissing and I pushed my body closer to his so that my breasts were against his firm chest.

Then without warning and without breaking our kiss he pulled me over to the bed. Before I knew what was happening I was lying back on the bed with my skirt rucked up around my stomach, my thong on the floor, my legs wide apart and his face between them kissing my inner thighs.

He kissed my thighs teasing me, taunting me, making me gasp as he occasionally brushed against my pussy. He continued kissing my thighs gently, the anticipation was driving me wild. I was getting very aroused. All I could think of was the actions of his lips and tongue.

When he finally buried his tongue into my pussy, I was more than ready for him. My whole body surged and my pulse began to race.

It felt as though it couldn't get any better, then he found my clitoris. Alternating between sucking and licking within minutes he had me panting. I felt the beginnings of an orgasm tingling within me. I began to moan and cry out as the pleasure began to build and build consuming my whole body.

I began to buck my hips, his tongue followed my clit wherever it went. My body had no chance. When the orgasm hit me it was all consuming. My whole body felt the pleasure and I cried out in a deep guttural moan of pleasure.

As my climax finally subsided I looked down at him, he seemed so pleased with himself, so happy that I had cum so loudly and powerfully and so quickly. He had every right to feel smug; his tongue was certainly very skillful.

He sat up and his erection was at his waist almost touching his tight stomach muscles he looked at me with eyes and I knew what he was thinking. He wanted me to return the favour. I have this thing, I don't like giving people head. I don't know why but I never have done; I will normally do it in a relationship but never on a one night stand.

"No, no," I said shaking my head, hoping that he would understand my meaning. But unfortunately he remained sitting there looking at me expectantly.

"But it is fair," he simply said.

I looked at him, his handsome face, his toned body, his cute smile, I thought quickly, then gulped and lowered my head. I hated myself at the time for caving in and I still hate myself now. But at the time I couldn't see what was wrong with doing it. I had no idea where I was, in a strange city, unable to speak the language and no one knew who I was. Besides any of that he was a good looking guy who had just given me the best orgasm of my life to that date. It did kind of feel rude to refuse to give him head and I definitely didn't want to spoil the mood, I couldn't wait for what I was hopping would be coming later.

So gently at first I began kissing his erection, trying to delay the inevitable for as long as possible. I was just licking the shaft and kissing it gently whilst pumping him gently with my hand. I managed to just doing that for a good five minutes when he decided that it obviously wasn't good enough for him. Firstly he moved my hand away and then he somehow moved my head and his erection simultaneously and before I knew it I had a mouth full of cock. I looked up and glared at him to try and tell him to behave but he simply smiled back with his cute smile. "Damn it," I said to myself and I started bobbing my head on his cock whilst using my tongue to stimulate the underside of his cock.

Whilst my mouth and head were busy I felt one of his hands cup one of my tits through the gold top. It felt good, he was being gentle with my breast admiring, it and caressing it. Supporting the heavy weight of it whilst rubbing my nipple I couldn't help but let out a groan of pleasure.

Then I felt his other hand slide up to my face. He wrapped it in my long hair and gently stroked my face his touch was soft and gentle.

He wasn't gentle for long though, after a few moments his hand slid to the back of my head and he began to increase his pressure, slowly forcing my head down onto his erection. It was slow at first and I thought he was going to stop after a few moments.

But he didn't, he carried on pushing, and the hand on my tits began to get rougher. It began clawing and squeezing them roughly. I tried to push him off but he held me too firmly. His erection began to slide into my throat and I realised I had no choice but to try and swallow it. I gagged involuntarily. The horrible retching noise filled my ears but he didn't stop. In fact he seemed to like it as he increased his cruel mauling of my tits. I was desperate but I could do nothing, I couldn't breath, I couldn't push him off. I was helpless all I could do was try and control my gagging and use my tongue to caress him.

After what seemed like an eternity he slid his cock out of my mouth. Before I had time to react he roughly dragged my left breast out of the little gold top. He groped and squeezed my tit roughly. I opened my mouth to tell him to stop but he used the opportunity to bury his cock once more into my mouth. Though this time he started bobbing my head with his hand so that the tip of his cock slid in and out of my throat. My throat made stomach churning squelching noises as he forced himself in and out. I raised my hand to push him away but he knocked them aside.

All I could do was concentrate on breathing as he roughly fucked my throat relentlessly. I closed my eyes and wished the ordeal were over--but my wishes weren't answered as he continued. I began to fear that he would cum into my throat I would be forced to swallow it or I would chock on it.

Mercifully he stopped and he pulled his cock from my mouth. I was about to go ballistic with him, and tell him what an arsehole he was but he pressed a long kiss on my lips. He was certainly a good kisser. I felt all my anger disappear as his tongue caressed mine. I kissed him back passionately with lust and I quickly forgot what he had just done to me.

I felt his hands ease my other breast out of the gold top. Both of them were now exposed to the attention of his hands. He seemed to be less violent with them all of a sudden. He was gently pushing them together and caressing the nipples.

He moved his mouth down to kiss and suck on my breasts, his soft tongue lapped at my nipples erotically. He kissed each breast in turn, then he started running his tongue up and down my cleavage.

By the time he was finished my breasts were covered in his saliva, I couldn't help noticing how good they looked in the mirror as the light glinted off the spit that coated them.

He then kissed me on the lips and pushed me backwards onto the small bed. He moved so that he was sitting astride my stomach and he didn't break the kiss once. It crossed my mind that he must be very light before I realised he was supporting himself on his knees. His hands sought out my hands and moved them to my breasts. I knew what he wanted.

I often have to give tit wanks; with boobs the size of mine it seems that's what all men are desperate to do to me. I have no problem giving them, it's just that they don't really do a lot for me. It's another one of those things that is for the guy. Still if it gets me what I want I don't mind, it's not even as if it requires much effort. So I pushed my breasts tight together and he broke of the kiss.

He then slid his cock in between my breasts and he began to pump away. All I had to do was keep my breasts pushed together and lick the tip of his cock whenever it protruded above my breasts. As he thrusted away he slid a finger into mouth. Knowing what he wanted I began to suck it as provocatively as I could.

After about five minutes of this he looked as though he would be happy fucking my breasts for the rest of the afternoon, so I decided to hurry him up.

"Come on, I want to feel you in me," I said in my best 'fuck me' voice.

He looked down at me and nodded and without much ceremony he repositioned himself between my legs. He kissed me long and hard and at the same time his lips touched mine he buried his cock to the hilt in my pussy.

I let out an involuntary groan of pleasure as his cock filled me. I was still very aroused from when he went down of me, which is how I was able to take him so easily.

One of his hands slid down to caress my clit and the other one cupped and squeezed my breasts.

He began to thrust into me powerfully. On each thrust he sank his cock all the way into me, and then pulled it all the way out. He began to build up a rhythm of steady powerful thrusts. All the while his fingers were doing a merry dance on my defenceless clit.

He was good. He was very good. It wasn't long before I began to feel the first tingling of an orgasm building up. I couldn't believe it, he had only just started and here I was beginning to orgasm.

He seemed to notice the way my breath caught in my throat, or the way my chest began to flush as he smiled and began picking up speed and building a faster rhythm.

I began moving my hips to meet his, to build up momentum. To try and get more of him in me, just to get more cock. I felt myself pant faster and I could feel a warmth building in my body as it began to be consumed by the orgasm. My whole body was quivering; my breasts were sloshing around on my chest. I was bucking and twisting like a wild animal. I was crying out in pleasure it was so good. I was cumming, my hips were grinding against his and then they stopped, my whole body seemed to stop as the first wave of pleasure washed over me.

He didn't stop. As I was cumming he continued to thrust into me and caress my clit. I could instantly feel another wave coming even before the first had completely gone. It was so good; the second batch of waves began to wash over my body. I began bucking more wildly than I had before; I began to moan louder than I had before. It was amazing. He was amazing; he was taking me to new heights of pleasure.

He was good.

"Fuck me harder," I begged him. "Fuck me with all of your strength."

He responded and I felt the second climax arrive. My poor body tensed up and quivered as it hit me. My whole body was consumed with the exquisite delight if it.

I had never felt so satisfied by a man but he wasn't stopping, he continued to pound into me, with a firm rhythm. I felt like I couldn't take any more the pleasure was almost too much. But as I felt the third orgasm build I knew there was nothing I could do.

I was bucking and moaning like a wild woman, and I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror as I thrashed: my body looked incredible. Especially with my skirt round my waist and the gold top around my neck.

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