Thirty two, and a Lawyer, we met late one night in an "our city" chat room. He wanted to interact with local people who shared his interest. We had a very interesting chat; he was open and very funny. I bantered with him, for most of the evening, after we dismissed the cyber sex issue. Being a man online he still quizzed me with intimate inquires all night. We joked back and forth, as he told me carnal admissions of his online dalliances and hook ups. It didn't hurt that he was very good at flirting, and before long I had divulged that I was lonely; actually randy as hell; because my husband was on a business trip for a month. After awhile, I told Kevin while I enjoyed our chat, my eyes were starting to hurt, so I was going to bed.

That was a fabrication of the lubrication caused by the explicitness of Kevin's stories, I was going upstairs to bed and try out my new jelly bunny. He said he was sorry I had to go, but if I wasn't really tired, he wanted to know if he could call me and talk with me on the phone. I decided I would let him call me. I requested that he give me five minutes to go upstairs and get in bed so if he bored me to sleep, I wouldn't have to move.

I let the house phone ring several times before I answered.

"Hello Lola?" Kevin asked sounding so sexy and charming.

I decided that I might indulge myself with a little phone sex, it could be wonderful. I loved his voice, very deep and soothing. We briefly "broke the ice" so to say in this new mode of communication, but we had already laid most of our cards on the table chatting online.

"So are you lonely being without your husband?" He boldly entered into the conversation.

"Yes, you just don't know." I was surprised by my own honesty.

"So if I come by your way, could I sleep over?" Kevin countered. Oh my was he direct.

"Yes, but you will have to use the guest bed room." I replied.

He responded with a hearty laugh. "Have you ever cheated on your husband?" He asked.

"No, and I don't plan on starting." I informed him politely.

"But, that hasn't stopped you from wanting to scratch that itch has it?" He replied.

"True, but I have a twelve pack of C cells, I bought for those occasions." I countered back, thinking I was witty enough to somehow derail his erotic interrogation of me.

"C's? You would need some D's to replace me, no you better buy one that plugs into the wall."

"Oh my, Kevin, is that because of the size or endurance?" I asked suddenly feeling bold.

"Do you think I could get a picture of you?" Kevin asked changing the subject with the obligatory question, usually requested online. It was actually refreshing that he had not asked before now.

"I don't know Kevin; I don't like my pictures ending up on the Internet."

"I would never do anything like that. I would just like to know what you look like. I have a picture on my profile and you don't. Besides you don't sound like a fatty. Plus I once got tricked into having phone sex with a guy."

"Wow, how did that happen?" I asked, while giggling.

"I'm not going back there Lola, trust me I use visual displays all the time in my line of work. A picture is worth a thousand words." He wasn't done yet with his smooth talking self. "There's nothing wrong with two lonely adults, satisfying a need, a physical need, by a non physical means when our significant others were not around to assist us."

He was just as slippery slick, I told you he's a Lawyer. I was vulnerable and opened up expressing my loneliness for my husband and my need for sexual healing, and he exploited it.

"Kevin if you were here and kissed me, it would lead to much more."

"I wouldn't object to that!" He said and we both laughed at his comment.

"So after you kissed my lips where else would you kiss me?" I teased.

He cleared his throat before replying. "I would kiss each nipple, then I would run the tip of my tongue around them teasing you.

"Mmmm." Slipped out when I touched my nipple listening to him.

"I'll softly kiss down to your belly until I can flutter my tongue on your navel, is it an innie or an outtie? How about that pic so I don't have to ask anything else as I work my way down? He continued to press.

I was getting so aroused from his teasing that I was moaning and whispering his name. "Kevin?"

"Mmm right here baby, I like how you say my name." his sexy voice growled.

I was getting so hot and bothered, I decided to send him a pic. If only so he would stop asking and finish me off.

"Hold on a sec okay? I said getting up from the bed.

"Is something wrong?" He asked.

"No I'm getting up to send you a picture with my cell, but I have to slip something on. I sleep raw, if you know what I mean?"

"Hell yeah...you don't have to wear anything for me, send that pic just the way you are." he chuckled like a schoolboy, thinking about the image of my naked body no doubt.

"I'm sure you'd love that but...Not!" I said to his implied request.

I was butterball naked, and I was not going to take a chance of my picture ending up in some real milfs photo album online. Still I slipped into an outfit I wear when my husband is not paying me the attention I want. A thread bare white wife beater; and white lace thong panties. Guaranteed to get me my way every time.

"What are you putting on, that's taking so long? Kevin asked getting impatient, after about thirty seconds.

"Hold your horses" I said putting down the cordless and walking over to the mirrored sliding doors of my walk in closet. I held my cell phone out over my head and snapped a pic, looked it over then tried several shots tilting the camera lens for a good angle. I could hear Kevin from across the room asking if I was still there.

"Okay I'm ready to send this picture. Are you on your cell right now? I asked.

"No I'm on my home phone, using the speaker." He said.

"Really? You like it hands free don't you, you dirty boy?" I teased.

"Oh they aren't free." He laughed back.

"Okay give me the number so I can send you the pic." I punched in the number and sent him the pic. It wasn't studio quality, just a phone cam snap shot of me from head to mid thigh. The flash blurred the top of my head, but I don't think he was interested in how I was coiffed.

"Okay I'm opening up your pic. Wow you're beautiful! Hold up a second, okay? I'm down loading you onto my laptop.

"Hey wait a minute!" I exclaimed.

"Calm down girl, just so I can use the screen to look at you without holding this phone. Just another second the file is finishing right now. Mmm...mmm...mmm. How the hell does your husband leave you for a month?"

"Oh you're so nice, when your horny." I said.

"Baby believe me, I wouldn't lie to you. Looks like you're a smoothie. Am I right, do you wax or shave? He quizzed.

"I'm not telling. You wanted a pic, now can we get back to where we were..." I said stripping off the little tee shirt and climbing into bed.

"Yeah, yeah your right, why ask, I think I see through those." He added.

Shit! Maybe he could, they weren't see through, but the fabric had thinned from washing. I had not thought about him enlarging the phone snap shot. Damn being a tease will get me in real trouble one day.

He cleared his rumbling voice, "Now where was I, yes my hand is...sliding down into your panties to caress your smooth little pussy..."

As he said it, I touched it. Kevin's words had power and produced tingles, and twitches. Even though he wasn't there; in my room; he still affected me in physical ways. It was making me uncomfortable; almost to the point of dropping the phone from my hand.

Sobbing from excitement I pleaded. "Kevin! Stop, please just for a moment. Oh God!"

"He can't help you now, it's just you and me girl." He assertedly stated


"Oh, Oh, Oh, you doing me wrong, this is crazy stop it." I pleaded.

"Not until I'm inside of you Lola." he said.

He didn't stop either; I didn't even know what he was saying a good part of the time. He just moaned or growled commands in his deep voice. The snatches of words pounded into my head, telling me where to touch, press or probe. He was inside my head, and he commanded me to do kegel exercises so I would grip his cock tighter when he finally put it in. He knew his stuff, because I felt a warm gushing sensation coming over me. I inhaled sharply, this was incredible. The thongs thin crotch was wedged in between my puffy lips as my body fluttered from mere words. I peeled the soaked thong off before I responded to him.

My mind was racing when I said "Kevin you can have me, but let me be on top for awhile."

Then I described in graphic detail a fantasy of mine; one I actually played out before; but now I substituted Kevin for my husband.

"Relax and let me please you with my tongue and hands." I told him.

Then I instructed him on how to move his hands to stimulate mine. As he stroked himself, I reached into my night stand and got old faithful. I slipped the tip of my eight inch vibrator into my mouth, then I began nosily sucking and licking it for the sound effect, as I described what I would be doing to him.

Aside from the occasional "oh shit", he just moaned with pleasure as I coaxed him to ejaculation. He lubed up too, I've given my husband enough grease jobs, to know the sound of one when I hear it.

Not long after I heard him shout "Oh" several times loudly.

Then he sheepishly said "Oh shit, girl excuse me while I get a towel to clean up."

"Let it stay where it is. I want you to remember you're all sticky and spunky from me." I told him.

"Well alright, now allow me to return the favor." Kevin stated as he described his oral technique.

He starting off by French kissing my pussy, and sliding his hot tongue deep inside of me. I imagined my lips taking him and working passionately over his cock, which I desired that very moment. We enjoyed pleasuring each other in the sixty nine position. Then Kevin rolled me over and took me hard and fast.

He bought me to orgasm when he called my name and groaned "Lola...I'm Cumming!" After catching his breath, he said "God you're wonderful."

"I know." I replied ever the smart ass.

I told my husband about this episode and he boldly offered a deal that I'm sure Kevin can't refuse. Should I ever decide to go through with it Kevin promised to assist me, I won't have it any other way. I will not discuss the deal in this story, but this is an assurance to Kevin, if he should ever read this blog, my promise is in writing.

I phoned Kevin about a month ago to catch up on what is happening in his life. He was in the car traveling from a business deal. I told him how much I missed chatting with him and wanted to catch up on things soon. He asked if my hubby was taking a business trip anytime soon. Then he asked if he could come to see me.

I told him how much I truly enjoyed our intimate encounter on the phone and that he was someone special, and he will get to do something that no other man will ever do. But for now I think it's best to keep things between us as they are.

We chat often and whenever my husband is out of town for long periods of time, he gives me great phone chat.

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