tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKidnapped and Raped

Kidnapped and Raped


It's a lovely summer day as you exit the mall. Walking to your car, you think about the wonderful purchases you made today. The only bad thing is you had to park so far away. Finally reaching your car, you open the trunk and are loading your packages in when you hear a rustling behind you. Just as you turn to see what it is, a cloth is harshly placed over your nose and mouth and an arm snakes across your waist and you find yourself pulled up against the body of your attacker. You struggle to escape but his grasp is too strong and you find yourself weakening with every breath you take of the chloroformed soaked cloth. The last thing you remember before passing out is the sound of your attacker whispering in your ear,

"That's it baby, go to sleep......"

After a period of time, you slowly awaken and struggle to open your eyes. Through a gray haze you notice your head is covered in a hood and you can't see where you are being taken. Trying to reach up and remove the hood, you realize your hands are bound behind you. Your attempts to speak only produce muffled whispers as the tape over your mouth prevents you from crying out. The soft sounds of music are playing on a radio and you feel a vibration under your body. Rolling onto your side you can hear the sounds of passing traffic and you realize you are in a moving vehicle. You are still very groggy from the chloroform and the vibrations from the car moving down the highway lull you back to sleep.

The sound of a door slamming jars you to semi-consciousness. You can hear the sound of crunching gravel as he walks around the van. Sliding open the door, you hear him say,

"Well, here we are, lover...shall we get started?"

All you see is a gray shadow reach in and suddenly you feel his hands roughly grab your tits.

"Nice, very nice. We are going to have a great time, bitch."

Grabbing your blouse, he easily sweeps you up and throws you over his shoulder. As he carries you away, your head lolls against his back. You can hear the sound of brush being disturbed with every step and the smell of pine is strong. After being carried for ten minutes or so, he says,

"This should be far enough away from prying eyes."

Gently, he lowers you to the ground and you feel the soft grass and leaves against your body. When he removes the hood, you blink several times to adjust to the sudden brightness. Looking up, you can only make out the silhouette of your kidnapper as he stands over you with the setting sun behind him. Groggily, you try to scramble away, but with your hands bound behind you, he is upon you before you can move a few feet. You hear a "snick" sound and then feel the cold steel of a knife pressed against your cheek.

"Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, none of that, slut. I don't want to hurt you, so just play nice, hmmm."

Grabbing your hair, he pulls you over unto your back. Ordering you not to move, he stands over you and slices off the top button of your blouse.

"Damn, bitch, I can't wait to have you."

'Slice'...another button is cut away.

"Shit, you've got one nice set of tits, whore."

You realize your chest is heaving as your fear of what is happening overpowers all reason. Even though you know this animal plans to rape you, you feel your nipples hardening as your tits rub against your bra with every harsh gasp you take.

'Slice'...another button flies away.

"Damn, I am so hard for you right now. I'll bet the anticipation is getting to you too, eh baby?"

'Slice'......the final button is severed from your blouse and it falls open, exposing your black lacy bra fully to your attacker. He licks his lips in anticipation of forcing you to do his bidding. Taking the knife, he takes the front of your bra and, placing the knife under the connecting strap, neatly cuts the cups apart. Your heaving breasts fall free and for a moment, you revel in the feeling of the admiration your kidnapper takes in them before your fear and shame overpower you again.

"Son of bitch, tramp. You are one fine piece of meat."

Leaning down, he takes one of your tits in his mouth, sucking and licking your nipple.

You scream as he violates your body, but a muffled cry is all the sound that escapes your taped mouth.

"You like that, huh? I can feel your nipples getting hard, lover."

Struggling to escape, you can only thrash about as he takes your other breast in his mouth, his wet tongue licking around your areola before sucking and biting the nipple. Tears of shame begin to course down your face as you realize that it's true; your nipples are growing hard at the touch of this stranger. You body continues to betray you as you feel a heat growing in your loins.

Your rapist seems to sense this and thrusts his hand between your legs, squeezing your pussy hard through your jeans. Instinctively, you close your legs as he roughly feels you up. You arch your back in an attempt to push him off your tits, but his body weight is too much to overcome.

"That's it, cunt, fight. I love it when my prey fights back. I know you are getting hot."

Turning your head away, you surrender to his ravishment of your tits. He continues to lick, suck and bite each nipple until they are erect. His hand continues to roughly rub between your legs. Under your jeans, you can feel your pussy growing moist.

"Whore, I'm going to remove the tape now. You can scream if you want. We are so deep in these woods that no one will hear you. All it will do is piss me off."

As he removes the tape from your mouth, you utter,

"Why are you doing this......please stop...please let me go......I won't tell anyone."

"Lover, we've only just begun. When I saw you walk out of the mall, I knew I had to have you. The way your hips moved, the sway of your breasts, your hair swinging with each step. I knew you were waiting...hoping...for this to happen."

"No, no, that's not true...please let me go."

"Not yet, baby. I'll let you go when I'm good and ready and when my cock is bone dry."

Standing again, he begins to slowly unbutton his shirt. You can't help but admire his hairy chest as he peels his shirt off. Unbuckling his belt, and unbuttoning his jeans, he slowly slides his pants and underwear off. Your eyes drop to his hard cock, the veins in his blood engorged dick evident in the fading light. Taking his dick in his hand, he begins to stroke his massive member.

"Do you like what you see, cunt? You know you want it. I can see it in your eyes. You need me to fuck you hard, don't you?"


"Lying slut. Let me show you how much you need this."

Grabbing you by the hair, he drags you up against a nearby tree and props you up in a sitting position against it. Moving in, he takes his cock and brings it closer and closer to your face.

"Suck my dick, whore. I want to feel those soft lips make love to my cock."


Leaning in, he whispers in your ear,

"I told you no one would hear you out here. Save your energy for later, you're going to need it. Now, damn it, suck my dick."

Pushing his cock against your face, you close your mouth and thrash your face back and forth in an attempt to stop what is happening. The knife is suddenly against your throat and he says,

"Quit making this so hard, bitch. I told you I don't want to hurt you. I am going to fuck you and you are going to love it. Now, suck my cock. I won't ask again."

With tears of shame running down your face, you close your eyes and open your mouth. You smell his musky scent just before he shoves the tip of his cock past your lips. His hard cock fills your mouth and you gag as you taste his precum on the back of your throat. Grabbing your head, he begins to slide his swollen dick in and out of your mouth.

"Oh yeah, baby, that's what I'm talking about. Suck it, bitch. Damn, that feels good."

Opening your eyes, you look up to see his head rolled back in ecstasy. You feel the heat in your pussy growing as your lips continue to caress his cock as it slides deep in your mouth. The disgust you felt at having a strangers cock forced upon you is being replaced by a feeling of lust. It has been a long time since you've tasted a mans cock and with each thrust, you find your hunger for sex growing. Before you can stop it, a small moan escapes your lips.

"Yeah, whore. I knew you'd love it. How long has it been since you've been with a real man?"

With each stroke plunging deep in your mouth, you feel the tickle of his pubic hairs against your face. Holding your hair tightly, he pushes your head up against the tree and using his hips, increases his thrusts. You try to break free as he fucks your face, your head banging against the tree as he holds your face immobile. His cock is pulsing with lust.

"Damn, bitch, you know how to blow a mean dick. I'm going to cum so hard in your pretty little mouth. Fuck...yes...damn...milk my cock......shit......now...NOW."

With a roar, he explodes deep in your mouth. Holding your head tight, you can do nothing but let him pump his semen into your mouth. Pulling out, he continues to spew his load unto your face. With your eyes closed, you can feel his warm jizz running down your face. Spent, he runs his dick over your cheek, cleaning the last of his cum on your face. Heaving, you can taste his salty seed as you spit out what cum you can unto the ground.

"Oh, fuck me, bitch. That was a great blowjob."

As you continue to spit his cum out of your mouth, he takes his knife and slices up the remnants of your blouse and bra puling them off your body. Pushing you down again, he begins to undo your jeans. Kicking wildly, you try to force him away. Laughing, he continues by unzipping your jeans and slides them over your thighs, past your ass and over your legs. Laying in the brush, all you have are your black panties covering your moist pussy.

"Please......no more. I did what you wanted......let me go now."

"Shit, cunt, we haven't even started yet. I need to get hard again so I can fuck the shit out of you."

Smiling wolfishly, he grabs your panties and quickly pulls them down your shapely legs.

Taking them to his face, he breathes in deeply.

"Mmmmm, that's the smell of one horny slut."

Picking the knife up from the ground, he says,

"I'm going to cut your hands free now. If you try to get away, I will hurt you."

Rolling you over on your side, he deftly slices the ropes binding your wrists together. You flex them as the blood returns to your hands.

"What...what are you going to do now?"

"I told you, I need to get hard again. Come here."

Roughly grabbing you by the hair, he drags you back to the same tree from which he savagely fucked your face. Sitting down with his back to the tree, he spreads his legs and pulls you between them. Pulling you back, he leans you against him. Sitting against his chest, you can feel the sweaty hairs of his chest against your back. Taking your hand, he places it over his semi flaccid dick.

"Stroke me, bitch. I want to get hard so I can fuck your sweet pussy."

As you begin to lightly stroke his cock, you van feel him growing harder. Moaning, he reaches in and cups your breasts in his hands, pinching the nipples until you cry out.

"Don't stop, slut. Can you feel me growing in your hand? Soon, bitch, soon."

Taking your face in his hands, he leans in and kisses you. You feel his tongue push past your lips and force its way into your mouth. You try to pull back, but he grabs your head and pulls you back. While kissing you, you feel his other hand running down your belly.

"Lets see if I can get you good and wet, lover."

As he breaks away from the kiss, you gasp as he takes his fingers and begins to caress your pussy lips.

"No......please no......no more......I..."

He doesn't answer but begins to stroke your pussy faster. His fingers begin to probe deeper and you know you are becoming wet. Whispering in your ear, he says,

"See, you know you want it. Don't fight it any longer...go with it."

As he continues to finger you, you don't realize that you are stroking his cock harder until he says,

"I think you're wet enough, whore. I'm definitely hard again. Get on your knees."

"Please...don't rape me."

"On your knees, cunt...NOW."

Rolling over unto your knees, you feel him take position behind you. As you stare off into the woods, you feel his fingers probe into your open slit, rubbing your pussy lips, stroking your clit.

"Ohhhhh," you moan as you feel a charge of electricity running from your core.

You feel the tip of his cock searching for your slit and, finding it, both of you moan simultaneously as he slides his hard cock deep into your twat. You wait for his thrusts to begin, but his dick remains motionless in your pussy. Leaning in, he cups one of your tits and whispers in your ear,

"What's your name, whore?"


The smack of his hand on your bare ass is more startling than painful and he again asks,

"I said, what's your name?"

Haltingly, you tell him your name.

'Smack'. The sound of his striking your ass cheek again reverberates in the woods.

"WRONG, its 'slut'. You are a filthy slut and you need to be fucked like one. Now, what's your name?"


'SMACK......SMACK......SMACK'......the sting from his whipping your ass is both painful and exciting.

"Once more, what's your name?"


"That's right. And what do slut's like most?"

"To...be fucked...hard"

"Right again...so let me do just that."

Grasping your hips, he begins to slide his cock in and out of your wet twat. You can feel his hardness driving deep into your womanhood. You have wanted a man's cock for so long, but not like this...not like this. But, you feel your body reacting to the brutal fucking. His cock rubs against your clit and you feel his balls slap your pelvis with every thrust. As you feel your orgasm approaching, you don't notice he is continuing to spank your ass with every thrust. Your tits sway as he continues to pound your twat and you move your ass backwards in an attempt to feel all of him inside you. When your orgasm hits, you roll your head back and scream out in a primal urge of lust. You continue to cry out as wave after wave of pent up lust is released in one fell swoop of passion.

"I knew you were a filthy slut the moment I saw you. Now it's my turn to cum."

Exhausted, you can't resist as he rolls you unto your back. He easily spreads your legs and moves in between them. You can just make out his form in the fading light of the day. Lowering himself unto you, his cock easily slides into your moist snatch. Your arms lay meekly at your sides and as he leans in, he pins them down by holding them at the wrist. With his full body weight resting on your arms, you are powerless to move. With a ferocity you couldn't imagine, he continues to fuck you mercilessly. With each thrust, you feel his cock stretch your pussy. You turn your head so he won't see the look of desire in your eyes as you will the fucking to continue. In between his grunts of pleasure, he continues to whisper in your ear, calling you slut...whore...and you know he is right. Unconsciously, you wrap your legs around his ass to pull him deeper into you, to feel his throbbing cock deep in you.

As you orgasm again, you can't control your gasps and cries of pleasure. This only serves to spur him into increasing the rhythm of his thrusts. The sounds of the forest at night mingle with the liquid sounds of your sex. As you experience orgasm after orgasm, you hear your voice begging him to fuck you, your immobilized hands claw at the grass and dirt as your passion spills over...just as your cum spills unto the ground.

Then, an animal cry sounds out in the night and you know he has cum inside you. His semen is like liquid fire as he pumps his seed in you. The feeling that his cum is in you triggers one final orgasm. Spent, he finally rolls off you.

"Oh, fuck, bitch......you drained me dry, slut."

As he begins to dress, you roll unto your side, torn between the horror of what has just happened combining with the pleasure you feel. Finished, he picks up your panties and puts them in his pocket.

"I think I'll just keep these as a trophy of my conquest. The road is about a mile that way. Maybe if you put out, you can get a ride from someone, hahaha. Thanks for the great time, lover."

As the sound of his footsteps recede in the darkness, you trembling hands search for your clothing and you wonder if your shaky legs can make it to the road. Sitting on the ground, you take your face in your hands and begin to cry tears of shame......or contentment?

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous01/05/19

The girl should've been raped when she gets a ride back.

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by Anonymous08/23/18

I love that it is written as if the reader is the woman. Also the ending isn't some tender "he took her home and tucked her in" which seems to be extremely overdone in stories like this. This is justmore...

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by Anonymous04/11/18


Should’ve been cuffed and whipped also dude

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by Anonymous03/02/18

Kind of the idea

Yeah it's a rape story. Did you expect him to bring chocolates? I think leaving her in the woods adds a thought I hadn't contemplated in a rape scene, how they are after you leave them. I mean now shemore...

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