tagIncest/TabooKidnapped Ch. 01

Kidnapped Ch. 01



Brad and Sabrina Gibson led a charmed life. Their mother and father both came from rich families so combined they were one of the wealthiest families in North America. Their father, Terry was a real estate mogul who had made a lot of enemies with his aggressive business style, a style which also made him a lot of money. Brenda Gibson, the mother of the family was heavily involved in a number of charities throughout the city and had become a leader in the neighborhood.

Despite their busy schedules, Terry and Brenda always made time for their children. Brad was 19 and taking a year off before beginning University the following year. He had been the starting quarterback in high school but a serious injury to his knee had played a large factor in his decision to take a year off.

Sabrina was 18 and in her last year of high school and one of the most popular girls in school. An attractive girl, she was never lacking male suitors but rarely went out on dates. She was always busy planning activities with the social committee, helping her mother out or spending time at home with her brother.

The family lived in a massive house, with four floors, over 100 rooms and 25 servants made it one of the most impressive homes in the country.

Part 1:

Brad groaned as he woke up, his eyesight was blurry and his head was pounding. He sat up in the bed and took in his surroundings. He didn't know where he was, or how he got there. He heard something beside him and saw his sister Sabrina. She too was starting to wake up and struggling just like her brother.

For the first time Brad realized that he was in the same bed as Sabrina. He looked down at her and then around the room. The bed they were in was small, no bigger than a double. Aside from the bed there was a small bathroom, a small wooden table with only one chair, no windows and a surveillance camera hanging from the ceiling.

Slowly bits and pieces were starting to come back to him as he remembered what had happened the night before (at least he THOUGHT it was the night before) he woke up with a splitting headache, in an unknown room, in the same bed as his sister.

He and Sabrina had been watching TV in the den when four men crashed through the front door, violently attacked some unlucky servants and kidnapped Brad and Sabrina. Brad had struggled as he and Sabrina were taken to an unmarked van and got a smack to the back of the head with a baseball bat for his troubles, that's when things went black.

Brad swung his legs over the side of the bed as he went over and over and over the events that led him and his sister to be kidnapped and left in this dingy room. He stood up and walked over to the mirror. The person he saw looked very different than the person he was 12 hours ago. He was wearing a t-shirt and hospital pants, Sabrina, a short hospital gown.

Sabrina groaned and rolled over on the bed, "where are we?" she asked.

Brad signed as he sat down on the edge of the bed. "I don't know sis. I don't know."

Sabrina's lower lip started to tremble, "I'm scared Brad! I don't know what's going on, where we are or who did this to us or what they want?!"

Brad shifted closer to his sister and wrapped his arm around her. "I know Sabrina. Me too, he sighed, me too."

Sabrina started to cry softly as the situation they were in began to sink in to her.

Brad squeezed Sabrina's shoulder as she rested her head on his shoulder, "I'll take care of you sis, I promise."

Part 2:

It was a day later in the morning when Brad and Sabrina first heard of from their captors. Before that it just been a meal passed through the door. Brad was sitting at the table and Sabrina was still in bed.

"HELLO," boomed a voice from a speaker.

Brad and Sabrina looked up but did not respond.

"I'm sure you are wondering what you are doing here, and you will find out in due time," the voice said.

"Who are you?!" yelled Brad.

"You have 20 minutes to shower and refresh at which time we will answer your questions."

"Why are we here??!!" yelled Sabrina.

There was no response.

"Answer me!!" she yelled again.

Again, no response.

Sabrina started to cry as Brad moved over to her to soothe her. "They're in control Sabrina, whoever they are. Let's just do what they want and get out of this fucking room."

20 minutes later Brad and Sabrina were escorted by a man wearing a mask into an open room with a couch, a bed and three other people, all of whom were wearing masks.

One man stepped forward and smiled. "Welcome," he said in a booming voice.

"Who are you?" asked Brad.

The man chuckled, "you can call me Zeus."

"What are we doing here?" asked Sabrina.

Zeus' smile grew even bigger. "You are here because of the indiscretions of your parents. Your father has made a lot of enemies and what goes around comes around. Our employers were embarrassed by your parents, now they will suffer that same shame, " he chuckled.

"Our parents will pay whatever ransom you want," replied Brad.

"We are fully confident they will, but money isn't everything. As I said before, we want to EMBARRASS your parents and you are going to help us," said Zeus.

"What makes you think we will help you embarrass our parents?" said a defiant Sabrina.

"Because if you don't, I'll kill you," laughed Zeus and his companions.

Brad pulled Sabrina close to him as their captors laughed at them.

Zeus laughed even louder, "go ahead boy, try and protect your sister. It won't do you any good."

Zeus stepped forward, closer to Brad and Sabrina. "You can't protect her from the fact we have a camera in every room. You can't protect her from what you KNOW is going to happen. We will succeed in making the two of you have sex and we will use every camera to make sure it is forever immortalized on camera. You two will have sex and your parents will pay for both your safe return and to make sure that the tape you two make will never see the light of day."

"You must be brain-dead if you think we'd EVER do that!" yelled Brad.

Zeus and his friends laughed again, "either you fuck your sister like we tell you, or we will fuck HER and kill YOU!"

Brad looked down at Sabrina who melted into his body, seeking his protection.

"We have our orders, either you do what we want or we hurt you and those you care about to achieve our goal," said Zeus as he slowly wore down the hope of the siblings.

Brad sighed and looked down at his sister. Even now it was hard to look at her as anything other than his sister. He was aware of her beauty, it was hard not to, she had the girl next door look to her, but she was still his sister.

Sabrina too was having trouble accepting the situation even if deep down she knew it was going to happen. Her brother was handsome, a couple of her friends even had little crushes on him.

The room fell silent for what felt like hours. When Zeus spoke his voice filled the room, "Well? Do we do this the hard way or the easy way?" he asked.

Neither Brad or Sabrina answered him, looking at the floor.

Zeus smiled, "the easy way it is."

He ordered Brad and Sabrina to undress, Brad stepped away from his sister and hesitated. When Zeus barked out his order again Brad took off his shirt. Sabrina watched as Brad started to undress and felt her heart start to pound. Brad stopped and looked away from Sabrina as he pushed his pants down revealing his cock which was quickly covered up by his hands as he stood naked in front of his sister and strangers.

Zeus shook his head, "take your hands away from your cock, your sister has a right to see what will fuck her."

Sabrina blushed when she saw his hands move away from his cock and turned away. Zeus ordered Brad to take off Sabrina's hospital gown, and again he hesitated.

"If I have to ask everything twice then we WILL do it the hard way," Zeus yelled.

Brad moved closer to his sister, his hands on her shoulders as he whispered in her ear, "I'm sorry sis. I don't want to do this. I don't want to hurt you, " he said.

Sabrina pressed back into his body, looked back at him and smiled weakly, "I know Brad, I know you'd never do anything to hurt me, please just do what he says and this will all be over"

Brad moved his hands moved down Sabrina's body as he grabbed the bottom of her short hospital gown. Sabrina could feel his breath hot on her neck. Brad turned Sabrina around and pulled her gown up as he pulled her body into his, shielding her from their kidnappers.

Brad tried not to look at his sister's body but it was impossible. Her skin was so soft and her breasts crushed against his chest were impossible to ignore.

Zeus smiled, the siblings looked good together, "Brad, I want you to kiss your sister."

Brad looked down at Sabrina. She was scared and unsure about what was going to happen. Brad didn't want to anger Zeus again so he leaned down to kiss his sister.

Zeus sighed loudly, "kiss her like a like a WOMAN."

Sabrina's heart pounded even more as she felt Brad's hand go to the back of her head as he pressed his lips against hers more passionately.

Sabrina felt her brother kiss her and fell into his hands. She was scared but felt as long as she was with him, she would be ok. As Brad kissed his sister more passionately and felt her body press into his. He felt his cock twinge slightly, especially when he felt Sabrina kiss him back.

"Touch each other" they siblings heard Zeus say as they kissed.

Brad's hands stayed at his sisters head as they kissed. He felt her move her hands down his chest and resting on his ass.

"TOUCH each other!! Zeus yelled.

Sabrina's hand trembled as it moved down to her brothers crotch. Her hand wrapped around his cock as she felt it's warmth and size.

Brad groaned into his sister as he moved a hand to her chest and squeezed her breast. He felt her hard nipple press against his palm as he squeezed her breast.

Sabrina pushed herself into his hand as Brad's cock continued to grow and grow in her hand. Their kissing continued as Brad and Sabrina kept their bodies close together. Sabrina's moans were muffled in her brothers mouth as his other hand moved down to touch her young virgin pussy.

Sabrina responded out of instinct but not lust. Instinct because a man was touching her, instinct because she did not want to experience strange men touching her and using her. She knew her brother would be gentle.

Brad rubbed his sister's pussy harder and harder. Her body was pressed against his and he kept it that way, shielding it from their kidnappers.

Brad felt Sabrina push into his hand as he felt her up, her pussy moist as he started to rub her clit, his cock growing in her hand.

Sabrina stroked his cock faster and faster as he grew harder and bigger.

Zeus and his friends watched as the siblings touched each other. All the cameras in the room focused on them as they touched each other. Groped each other.

Zeus took a step closer to Sabrina, his voice not as loud but just as strong as before. "Get down on your knees and lick your brother's cock," he commanded.

Sabrina froze when she heard Zeus' command. Kissing and even touching was one thing but licking Brad's cock, her brother's cock was something she wasn't looking forward to.

Brad stopped touching her when he heard Zeus' order. He looked down at his sister who looked away from his gaze as she slumped to her knees before her brother.

Timidly she flicked her tongue out, pulling it back in her mouth when it first touched her brother's cock.

Zeus watched and grinned evilly, "I said.....LICK HIS COCK!" he yelled.

Sabrina's face flushed as she moved closer to her brothers cock and started to lick it again. Slowly at first she touched the head of his cock. Her hands went to his hips to steady herself as she slowly and surely licked more and more of his cock.

Brad's hands moved to his sisters head as he felt her tongue work over his penis. His eyes closed as he tried to fight moaning out loud. He felt bad for his sister, he didn't want to make her do this but he couldn't deny to himself it felt GOOD.

Sabrina continued to lick her brothers cock, kissing it every now and then.

Zeus watched and smiled, clapping as he watched. "I want his cock to drip with your saliva you little slut!" he bellowed.

Sabrina groaned inwardly as she kept up her pace on Brad's cock. Her fingers dug into his hips harder as she worked more on his cock. Her jaw a little sore as her mouth glided over his cock the wetter it good.

Zeus smiled broadly, "Good, good. Good girl Sabrina, you've done well. You've done all the work you'll need to today," he said.

Sabrina looked up hopeful the ordeal was done, making eye contact with her brother for the first time since she began to lick his cock.

"So we can go?" she asked hopefully.

Zeus laughed instantly, his loud cackle filling the entire room, "Fuck no," he paused as he continued to laugh, "now it's time for you to lie back and let your brother fuck you and do all the work!" he said, much to the excitement to the rest of the kidnappers.

Sabrina's heart sunk immediately, she knew it was too good to be true. She looked up at her brother and then looked to the floor. Not moving.

Brad stood above his sister, his cock hard and wet from her tongue. He watched as Sabrina slowly lay back on the dirty floor, her legs closed together but failing to cover her moist vagina.

He hated that he wanted to fuck her. He didn't want to do this, he wished this had never happened. He wished this was all a bad dream.

Brad was awaken from his haze when he heard Zeus' voice once again, "well? What are you waiting for boy? Get down there and fuck your sister! Because if you don't then WE WILL!" he laughed.

Brad looked down at his sister, he saw her pleading eyes and knew she did not want that. Time moved slowly as he moved down to his sister, her legs spread like the red sea as he mounted her virgin pussy. He leaned close to his sister and kissed her cheek.

"FUCK HER!" Zeus yelled.

Brad cringed as Zeus pushed the siblings into sex. Still leaning over her body he whispered in her ear, "I'm sorry sis," he said as he pushed his cock inside her pussy.

Sabrina didn't respond as she felt her brothers cock enter her cunt. She lay there as Brad pushed deeper and deeper inside of her, sliding inside until he reached her hymen.

A single tear rolled down her cheek as she looked up at her brother, Brad wiped away her tear and kissed her nose as she nodded, signaling her brother to take her cherry.

Sabrina grunted loudly as Brad thrust down into her, taking her virginity in one stroke.

Brad couldn't suppress the groan the came with taking his own sister's virginity. He felt a flood of passion as he pushed deeper inside of her as blood trickled out.

Sabrina bit her lip as she adjusted to her brother's large cock. Out of instinct her hands moved up to his body as he pushed deeper into her, fucking her slowly.

Sabrina looked directly in her brother's eyes as he fell into a rhythm as he fucked her. Thrusting in and out of her slowly. She smiled weakly as her brother fucked her, happy it was him and not Zeus who was inside her.

The siblings fell into a mechanical type of sex, fucking each other in a haze, not kissing or touching or talking as they thrusted against each other.

Brad's hands moved down to his sisters body as he held her tight, gripping her as he fucked her hard and slow.

Behind them Zeus and his companions hooted and clapped behind them. Egging the siblings on as they fucked each other.

"That's it you little slut! Fuck your big brother!" yelled one of the kidnappers.

"Fuck her virgin cunt!" yelled another.

"CUM IN HER!" yelled Zeus.

The kidnappers all laughed at Zeus' bellow.

The siblings shuddered together as their kidnappers laughed above them. The lost themselves in the rythmatic fucking, seeing only each other until Brad's cock stiffed and erupted inside of his sister, cumming inside her as she started to shake all over his cock.

Part 3:

Sabrina listened to Brad breath as they lay in bed. For two days after their first time together they had been taken back into the same room and forced to fuck each other again. After they fucked they were told to fuck again, and then after that, again. After a while the siblings didn't have to be forced even though they made it appear that way.

Sabrina looked over at her brother as the sun was just beginning to rise.

After Brad had cum in her the last time they had been allowed to go back to their room where they hadn't seen Zeus or his friends since.

Sabrina lay in bed as she waited for Brad to wake up and thought about what had happened. She hated being forced to fuck her brother, knowing what they were doing was helping whoever had kidnapped them in their plan against their parents. She also hated that it was all that she could think of, that deep down she wanted it to happen again. Her brother had been there with her in a traumatic time and he was the only person able to make sure she wasn't harmed.

Sabrina looked over at her brother, his morning hard-on was making quite the tent in his hospital pants. Her pussy was damp again, just like it had been every morning after their first night together when she looked at his hard cock.

Her hand moved down to her pussy as she began to rub herself, the dreamed of being together with her brother where no one could hurt them, where they could be together, alone.

She rubbed her pussy harder and harder, disgusted with herself she was enjoying the idea of being with her brother. Hating what she was thinking of doing but feeling like she was unable to stop herself.

She reached over and slide her hand under his loose pants. Her hand snaked down until she reached his cock, her hand wrapped around his cock as she sighed in relief.

She reached over with her other hand and slowly began to pull Brad's pants down. She stopped suddenly when Brad shifted but exhaled when he did not open his eyes. She pulled his pants down to his mid-thighs and stopped, leaning over as she licked his cock, this time willingly.

Sabrina hungrily took more of her brothers cock in her mouth, licking around the base as she sucked more of it into her mouth. Her hospital gown rode up her body, exposing her ass and young wet cunt as she started to suck off her sleeping brother.

Brad had woken up when he felt Sabrina's hand wrap around his cock. He had been dreaming of fucking his sister again when he felt her touch him. He had dreamt of fucking her again since they first fucked, waking up each morning with a raging hard-on.

At first he had felt bad about wanting to fuck his sister again, about wanting to feed her every inch of his cock, about wanting to do something she'd probably hate him for. But now, now that he felt her hand and then her mouth on his cock, he knew she wanted what he wanted.

Sabrina continued to suck her brother's cock, not caring if she woke him up, just wanting more of his cock. Brad reached out and put his hands on Sabrina's head. She opened her eyes when she felt his hands but relaxed when she felt him start to thrust into her mouth.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm" she moaned around his cock as Sabrina felt her brother start to fuck her mouth. Sabrina moved her hands up her brothers body as she sucked his cock, bobbing her head up and down his penis as he moved deeper and deeper down her throat.

She moved one hand down and cupped his balls as she sucked him, squeezing them and moaning louder when he groaned at her touch.

"Ugh god yes Sabrina......suck my cock....mmmmmm yes" Brad moaned.

Sabrina moaned in response as she sucked her brother harder, squeezing and playing with his balls as he thrust up into her mouth.

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