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Kidnapping You


Just a little side note... it was really hard for me to write this. I've never really written in first person or present tense and it was an experience that I doubt I am going to repeat anytime soon. Nevertheless, I was compelled to write the story in this fashion: she'll know why.

~ For Mistress


I wait anxiously outside your work, the noise and bustle of the kitchen permeates the back door of the restaurant. I know all is in order, my plan is perfect, but still... my heart races in what I have planned for you. The evening air chills my skin, yet I tremble. Had Bianca, my co-conspirator, forgotten the plan? I wouldn't doubt it.

But then I am gratified with the sound of your voice, coming closer to the back door where I wait, "No problem Joey... I can take out the trash for you." From what I know Joey is the dishwasher and normally takes out the trash; I am pleased with Bianca's clever trick. The back door opens and you emerge carrying a trash bag, eager to rid yourself of its weight by waddling quickly over to the dumpster. I slide behind you after you leave the kitchen, closing the door quickly and I lean against it, smirking in content with myself.

As you notice me standing in the faint light coming through the grated back door, you jump, startled, and instantly laugh recognizing me.

I quickly close upon you, taking your warm body in my arms, "Don't laugh... this is a kidnapping. Or should I say beautiful-girlfriend-napping?"

"Oh really? I suppose I should call for help," you play along, reaching into your pocket for your cell phone. I quickly disarm you as my hand reaches into my back pocket and comes up with a black velvet blindfold. I quickly tie it around your eyes and take hold of your arms.

"Oh no oh no! Somebody please help me!" You cry out half-heartedly as I lead you to my car holding both your hands behind your back. Your long, slender feminine fingers wrap around my hands and I squeeze them reassuringly. I open the passenger door, pausing only to remove your apron stuffed with straws and napkins for customers, "You won't need that..."

"What about my shift? I can't leave the place short-staffed!" Your plea doesn't convince me that you are too worried about it.

"See, in an ordinary kidnapping, I don't think the hostage would be too worried about her shift being covered... but I got Bianca to cover for you." I whisper the last part, as if it's a secret that will ruin the whole experience. I buckle you in and run over to the driver's seat.

I can't help but notice your good looks. Your delicately tanned skin, your wide, inviting mouth unbearable in its fullness and your cute button crowned nose, all framed by your silky brown hair. For an instant I consider removing the blindfold so I can see your curious, dark eyes, but I know this is your fantasy, this kidnapping, and I will indulge you.

"Where are we going?" Your head turns from side to side, your eyes daring to peek under the soft folds to look out the window. I gently pull down your blindfold just a little further and hold a finger to your moist, red lips, "Hush."

The car rumbles along, you still don't know where we are going, but twenty minutes later we come to a stop.

"Where are-?" My lips stop yours mid-sentence, pressing fully onto your mouth. The shock quickly fades as I push my tongue between our kiss, eager to find yours and dance the dance of lust. You moan and lean into it.

I want this to be perfect... I need to pull away, "What did I tell you about questions?" To be in a position of authority is so uncomfortable for me, you know by now my submissive and sensitive nature. But tonight isn't about me, it's about you.

"I'm sorry... I'll be a good girl." You muster the best pouty face I've ever seen.

I peck you on the forehead before jumping out and pulling you from the car. The ground beneath your feet crunches and slides a little with each step, but I hold you close, cautiously making sure you don't slip with one hand holding yours and my other holding your hip so I can press your body into mine. You climb a few steps, supported by me, and hear a door open. The air inside the room smells fresh and clean, there is a hint of vanilla in the air.

"Where are we going? It better not be any place nice, I am far from presentable!" You cry in mock outrage, but I know you better and I know you trust me.

Upon entering the threshold, I left you up under your knees and around your shoulders, holding you close to my body. The steady pace of my legs lulls you into relaxation as I slowly set you down on what you guess to be a bed.

"Where are you?" I ask gently, eagerly watching your face as you smile, "I don't know..."

"Good... wait here pumpkin. Don't you dare move." My feet pad away from you, only to return a minute later. I don't say a word as I move closer to you sitting on the edge of what you suspect to be the bed. My bare, tip-toeing feet are inaudible and I surprise you by taking hold of the bottom of your black blouse, pulling it over the top of your head quickly, yet leaving the sleeves turned inside out on your wrists. Your arms are bound together, above your head: you are mine.

I quickly readjust your blindfold and kiss the fabric above each of your eyes, making you inhale sharply. My lips work their way down your nose, lightly trailing their way down over your mouth, just barely a caress and a breath over your lips. Down your chin, your throat, and I pause briefly to suck the soft skin of your neck between my teeth.

Your heart beats faster as I near your breasts. I linger just above your feminine mounds, still trapped beneath your lacy black bra. Your chest rises and falls uncontrollably.

"Relax pumpkin... it's just me." I kiss the valley between your breasts, my cheeks swathed in your fleshy warmth. I know I'm not helping, but really, I like to see you shake, my teasing like torture to you, watching you squirm beneath your trapped hands. My tongue darts out where your nipple is hard against your bra.

"Uhn!" You can't help but cry out.

"Shh..." I remind you, and you bite your tongue, "Such a good girl." I add, pleased with you, my prisoner.

My mouth works its way down your soft, yet firm stomach, my tongue worms its way around your belly button. As I do this, I can't help but look up at your face to see you bite even harder on your tongue.

Suddenly, my mouth is gone and I let your hands fall, still entwined in your blouse, in front of you and they land on your skirted lap. You sense my presence is absent, you turn your head left and right as if you can find me.

Then you feel my warm breath on your neck, making your skin tingle. My lips lower against the nape of your neck, touching you only with the lightest caress of my soft mouth. My hands glide over your sides, softly feeling your warm curves as my fingers leave trails of my lust up your body.

The fight to remain quiet fails and you sigh a little. Slowly I unhook your bra, releasing your beautiful breasts to the air, to my lustful sight. My fingers again return to your sides to touch the places I missed because of your brassiere. Finger tips slowly inch their way under to your stomach and I drag them up to barely caress your breasts with the slightest nudge of my hand, it damn near kills me, but I pull my hands away. I cannot give you too much... not yet, anyway.

I firmly take your shoulders in my hands and press you down further onto what you still suppose to be a bed. Slowly, carefully, I inch you down until your breasts are caught between the cool surface and your chest. White bulges protrude sensuously from beneath your body. I take your arms, still trapped in your work blouse, and work them above your head and down again so that you feel like you are hugging the surface on which you are laying.

You can feel my fingertips work under the fabric of your skirt at the small of your back, carefully to make sure I don't hurt you, and suddenly I rip down the material to expose your panty-clad butt. Such a wonderful, full ass, I reflect. I also pull down your panties to fully indulge my need to see all of you, every square inch of your angelic body.

Still blind in your prostrated state, you cannot help but wonder what my intentions are with you. I know you want me to take you, right now, to ease my growing manhood inside your hot, wet pussy, but not yet. I would like to take time with my prisoner.

"Lift your head, pumpkin" I command, placing a warm towel under your neck, "Good. Back down."

Suddenly you feel warm oil on my delicate fingertips caress your back. With your arms secured around the massage table, even if you wanted to, you couldn't escape my ministrations. I begin by lightly caressing each square inch of you exposed to me, your neck, back, sides and finally, your soft cheeks that I love so much. You squirm under my fingers, wanting more from me than just a back rub, but I need patience, my dear. With a little more pressure I drag fingers into longer strokes, applying more warm scented oil as needed to the satisfaction of your oft neglected back. Slowly I begin to work in deeper, stronger strokes, unwinding all your worries that you carry. Nerves tingle on your body as I strike all the right places, pulling each muscle, each fiber under your skin.

You sigh with contentment, and though you cannot see me, I smile with burning affection at the sight of your satisfied body.

I pull the blouse from under the table, level with your head, "Turn over sweetie." The combination of kidnapper and romantic is truly sadistic, but you obey as I support your arms, turning them as you shuffle onto your back. As you try to lower your arms, I hold only tighter onto the material, awkwardly applying more oil onto my free hand.

"I can't let you go, what if you run off?" I grin above your blindfold because of your reluctance to speak. You nod.

Your legs twitch as my hand starts its next stroke at the base of your throat, fingers first to ease the way for the rest of my arm, toward your chest. I feel your heart pump faster and faster as I slowly inch my way towards your breasts, first easing my fingers in the valley between your creamy globes, then my wrist and finally my whole arm. My fingertips stop just before your bellybutton. Then I start the process over, all the while holding your arms above your head with one hand while pulling my free arm back between your breasts, spreading my fingers apart as they pass through the gap between the objects of my desire.

I massage the tops of your breasts, the base of your neck to your shoulders in small, circular motions. Each minute I reapply oil to my finger tips, reinvigorating your skin with warmth and tenderness emanating from my touch.

"Does that feel good?" I ask gently as my fingers continue their work along your stomach. My hands are teasing the top of your mound when I add, "Answer me, its ok now."

"Oh God... yes..."

My fingers stretch apart as far as possible as I push on past your soaking sex and to your legs, following the contours of your muscles.

Under my gaze, your toes stretch and wiggle as your tendons are worked. I have never really been one for feet, but nevertheless, as I caress past your ankle, I don't stop and continue to knead into the soles of your feet. I smile as your twitch in your ticklishness before grasping your foot with one hand to hold it steady. I pull each delicate toe with slippery fingers before putting your feet down.

"How did that feel, beautiful?" I whisper into your ear. Your hands, still bound in your clothing, reach for my face and pull me down to your lips. Briefly I think about pulling away, but as I feel your tongue probing at my lips, I am yours.

I grunt as I lift you, my arms under your knees and supporting your back. Swift strides carry you into another room and I let you down slowly, easing you onto the floor.

"Are you ready to see your prison?" I am looking directly into your blindfold, where your eyes would lie. You nod and I reach behind your head and undo the blindfold, letting the soft material fall to the tiled floor.

You expect to be blinded by harsh light after being in visual captivity; yet, you are surprised in what you find.

Before you, the flickering life of a dozen candles bathes the room in dim light, revealing a large tub already filled with perfectly warm water. Rose petals of red and black dance sensuously on the water, supported by wisps of foam and bubbles that float capriciously on the water. Somewhere behind you, soft music begins to play.

As a solitary piano and a soft voice makes the first sound in the room, my hands wander to your soft sides, your flat tummy. You gasp slightly as I cup your breasts from behind, touching them fully for the first time all night. My touch is light; I merely follow your curves, just teasing your nipples. I linger just awhile stroking your breasts, and I move onto your neck, only barely touching your skin as my hands wrap around your neck. My mouth finds your ear and gently bites your soft lobe, my tongue carefully baths it in my warmth. The warm breath on your neck further excites you and I can feel your butt grind into my hardening cock.

"Not yet," I gasp between my clenched teeth. I nibble further down your neck, biting and leaving little marks of my lust along your soft skin. Struggling with your bounds, eager to get your hands free and on me, you reach for my face. My lips gently kiss your hands to still them and slowly I release you from your blouse.

Immediately you turn around and cup my face, bringing your mouth to mine in a fiery kiss. Our tongues meet in wet dance between our lips, sharing our passion for one another. As we kiss, my hands remove the last bit of clothing on your body-your soaked panties. My thumbs curl under the waistband and slowly pull them down and you help me by stepping out of them.

"Take my hand."

You obey me and I lead you to the bath, motioning for you to enter the warm water first while I follow quickly behind you. Immediately we close on each other, embracing and kissing as if this were our last time together. What you don't know is that I don't want this to be our last time... I want it to be the beginning of forever. My fingers mold tightly on your firm breasts as your nails scratch up and down my neck and back. I turn us until we are in up to our necks in the water, kissing and holding each other. My lips travel down your body, leaving wet kisses even as my face submerges and I can't breathe. I reach your sex as I have to come up for air, yet even as I do my fingers caress the few hairs that have escaped your razor.

You suddenly inhale as I go back under again to pleasure you. My mouth opens your pussy and as warm water surrounds my tongue, I lap at your precious folds. The sheer bliss shoots through your body before you even feel it coming and you buck and hold my face between your thighs. My lungs tighten, yet still I continue, adding a finger to your slick opening as I suck in your clit and bite slightly down on it. Your legs jerk my face back and forth, causing the petal-logged water to splash above me. You are close... I can feel it. But I can't let you orgasm, I love to be inside of you when you do, to feel your pussy spasm around me.

Bursting from the water and inhaling deeply, I shove myself inside of you without any warning.

"Oh... my... god... YES!" You cry out as your legs curl around mine. Only a fraction of a second passes before you orgasm and I remorselessly continue plunging into you. Even as your contractions die around my cock, I turn us over so I'm on my back. Your hair tickles my face and teases my cheeks.

With all the built up energy inside me, I thrust up into your tight pussy, making you scream and cry our as I grope your ass.

"Oh god! Yes! Fuck me! Ahhhhh-."

Your cries are stifled with my lips. I lock your mouth onto mine and shove my tongue into your mouth, so desperate am I to be as far inside your body as possible. The water splashes as my heavy balls crash down after each thrust into you. My body is becoming uncontrollable in my inexorable climb to orgasm. My legs spasm upwards into your body causing your breasts to shake and bounce on chest, all the while I groan into your mouth as you cry into mine.

"Fuck I'm close baby!" I cry out. My balls tingle with the familiar sensation of looming ejaculation. With each thrust into your tight warmth, water splashes onto us, leaving the occasion petal clinging to our sweaty skin.

"Cum for me sweetie, shoot your load into me... I want to feel it inside me. Please, please, please... I need it all inside me. Cum in my pussy!"

I obey, jerking into your body as my seed shoots into your tight pussy.

You continue, incoherent as your orgasm sweeps through your body from head to toe, leaving you awash in pleasure, "Oh thank you baby... I can feel it inside me... it is so good. I love it when you fill me like that."

My body is limp but my mouth nibbles on your neck, relishing the feeling over your body going limp over my softening cock. We pant together, my chest heaving causing your body to rise and fall with each of my breaths. I let us sink into the water together to rinse off our combined juices and sweat those coats our skin.

Gently I push your matted hair back from your gorgeous face, taking in the sight of you, you who has given me so much pleasure in life. My lips tentatively seek out yours, shyly pecking your mouth, nose and eyes. Your eyes are so tightly shut I wonder if something is truly wrong until I finally feel your grip around my neck loosen and your fingers caress my back. Your pussy, still wracked with little spasms, continues to milk my cock. I love this feeling, this urgent need I feel even after our combined orgasms.

Finally, you open your eyes, taking in the water soaking our legs and genitals along with my body and the sheer look of ecstasy on my face. You kiss me a final time before saying, "Let's go to bed."

You rise out of the water and start to step over the rim before I take your hand, pulling you close to me.

"Who is in charge here?" You smile and giggle as I sweep you off your feet. You curl into a ball in my arms, your head against my chest, as I carry you the short distance to the bed.

Gingerly I set you down on the bed before crawling in beside you. I roll over onto my back and immediately you position yourself next to me so you can wrap your arms around me and rest your head on my chest. I absolutely love sleeping like this, your hair just under my nose, where I can feel your breath on my neck.

"I love you," I whisper delicately in your ear, though you hear me not, for you are already in the land of dreams. I soon follow.

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