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Killing Time


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The inn was beautiful this time of year. The white siding of the house was offset by the brilliant colors of the leaves. Yellows, reds, browns and a multitude of hundreds of shades in between. The maroons perfectly matched the colors of the shutters on the old inn.

The ground floor porch was wide, warm and inviting with its numerous rocking chairs and porch swings.

I approached the front door and sighed heavily as I reached for the handle. This vacation was just what I needed. A break from reality. As I walked into the front hall, I glanced at the older woman behind the counter.

“Hello. Welcome to Magnolia’s Inn. I’m Maggie. Can I help you?”

I walked over to the desk and smiled “Yes, you can.” I set down my gym bag that I was using for a suitcase. “I’m Vivian Harper. I’ve got a reservation.”

Maggie glanced down at a thick book in front of her. “Indeed you do, Vivian. Two weeks in fact.”
I blew out a breath. “Yes, I do.”

“Ok, here’s your key. Room’s on the third floor, first door on your left. There’s only one other guest on that floor, so you shouldn’t have any problems sharing the bathroom. That’s the door right across from you. If you’ll wait just a minute I’ll get Jonathan to take your bag – uh, bags, up.”

I took the room key from her. “No thanks, I can handle it.” I picked up my bag and climbed up the three flights of stairs.

After fighting with the lock for a few seconds I was finally granted access into heaven. There was a king size canopy bed covered with a white comforter with tiny rose buds on it. The canopy cover exactly matched the comforter. There was a large desk in the opposite corner for the business traveler. A chest of drawers stood along the wall next to the desk and an armoire rested on the opposite wall from the chest.
I set my bags on the bed and collapsed next to them.



Everything was perfect except Bailey wasn’t here. I sighed fighting to get the image of Bailey out of my head. Thinking about Bailey wasn’t going to do anything but ruin my vacation. I had been told three days earlier that it was over between us.

I sat up and began to search the armoire. There was a white fluffy robe hanging on a copper hanger and several pink towels folded in the drawer.

A hot shower. Nice and relaxing. And definitely necessary.

I stripped myself of my clothes and slipped into the robe.

I let out a low whistle as I stepped into the bathroom and shut the door. Directly in front of me was a large shower. Midnight blue tiled walls encased the shower on three walls. A large glass panel, with a door cut into it, closed off the shower to keep the spray inside. A showerhead was placed on each wall. Criss-crossing sprays, very nice, I thought.

I turned my head to see a large hot tub in the same midnight blue tile as the shower. It was sunk into the floor so you could literally walk right in. The hot tub was set into a large bay window that gave a
breathtaking view of the forest encompassing the house.

There were two white sinks set on a counter of the same blue tiles directly across from the shower.

I’ll have to try out that hot tub before I leave, but first thing was first. A shower.

I dropped my robe into a pile on the floor and stepped into the shower. After searching the entire shower, I couldn’t find any knobs to turn on the sprays.

“Talk to it.”

With a gasp, I swung around to see a tall blonde leaning on the counter in a bathrobe. “Huh?”

“The shower. Talk to it to turn it on.”

Warily I stammered out instructions and yelped as the scalding water turned on. I turned to find the blonde dropping her robe and entering the shower. “Hey!”

“What?” She shrugged. “We’ve got the same equipment. And we both need showers. Just stay on your side of the shower if you’ve got a problem.”

I stammered out that I didn’t have a problem and turned to wash my hair. Thoughts of Bailey ran through my head. Bailey and I never took showers together; our work schedules wouldn’t allow it. Maybe that was the problem that I just hadn’t seen before. We let work consume our lives and didn’t pay attention to each other.

After rising the conditioner from my hair, I looked on my side of the shower and noticed that there was no soap. I turned to ask the blonde for some soap, but the words stuck in my throat. All thoughts of Bailey flew from my head.

She was getting ready to step under the spray of water. Soap was running down over her breasts and was heading down over her stomach and to the valley between her legs.

“Can I help you?”

I started and blinked my eyes when I realized that I was staring. She smirked and grinned when she realized what I was staring at.

“Sorry.” I murmured as I started to turn around.

She reached out and grabbed my arm. “I was kidding. I was staring at you too when you were washing you hair. “

Before I could even blink, she was kissing me. Her tongue darted in and out of my mouth as she slid one hand around my waist to pull me closer. Her other hand easily slid over soap slickened skin, stopping only when it reached my breast and began tugging on my nipple.

Our breath quickened as I deepened the kiss and slid my hands around her waist. She placed her other hand on my other breast as I slid my hands forward to her stomach, caressing and tickling her skin.

She broke off the kiss and lifted her hands off my chest, only to replace them with her mouth. As she sucked my hardening nipples into her mouth, I ran a hand through her pubic hair and lightly brushed my finger against her outer lips. She gasped and lightly tugged my nipple as I became bolder by parting her lips with one hand and lightly touched her clit with my other finger.

She drew back as I sank to my knees, trailing my tongue down over her taught stomach. I continued my path downward and ran my tongue through her hair. She leaned backwards on the wall and I clutched her hips to bring them forward to my face.

I ran my tongue slowly along her outer lips. I smiled and looked up at her to see her smile back at me. Never breaking my eye contact with her, I slid my tongue out of my mouth and flicked it across her clit.

I heard her sharp intake of breath and deciding I had a craving that I ached to satisfy, I slid my tongue deeper, tasting her.

Sipping her.

Devouring her.

I decided I didn’t want her recovering and slipped a finger inside of her, and was rewarded handsomely with her moan of pleasure. I pulled her down so she was lying on the shower floor next to me. I pushed myself up so I was lying on top of her, finger still inside of her.

I began to run my tongue over her nipples and show them the same attention that she had shown mine. I began to move my hips and finger to the same rhythm. Giving the illusion to anyone that happened to stumble across us, that I was fucking her.

I was.

And I was enjoying it immensely.

When I felt her pleasure rising, I slipped another finger into her. I sat back on my heels and began licking her clit in rhythm with my fingers. Her hips rose instinctively to take my fingers even further in to herself. Her muscles contracted viciously around my fingers and her body tightened in orgasm. The orgasm was so strong, heated liquid oozed out and I hungrily lapped it up.

Without knowing it, I began to orgasm at the same time. I hadn’t realized that when I sat back on my heels and leaned down to lave my tongue over her, that the spray of water from the nearest showerhead was beating a tattoo on my clit and caused me to orgasm.

Her body was still vibrating as I slid up her body to lie next to her. She opened her eyes and smiled at me. “Hi.”


“My names Jo.”

“Mine’s Vivian.”

“Nice to meet you Vivian.”

“You too Jo.”

She bit her lower lip and looked at me sheepishly. “Wanna try the hot tub?”

We giggled helplessly, yelled at the shower to turn off, ran over to the tub and waited for it to fill.

She brought me to orgasm twice before the tub was filled, no need to waste the time she said.

Killing time was never so enjoyable.


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