tagGroup SexKim Ch. 06

Kim Ch. 06


Chapter 06: The Train Trip

This was the last thing I needed on a Saturday night, or should I say Sunday morning, I usually go to Glasgow on a Thursday and come back Friday but this client could only view the house on the Sunday afternoon. I had been invited to a friends party tonight and really didn't want to miss it so I am now travelling on the milk train, north, half a dozen stops and then non stop all the way at a 'tremendous' 70 mph, well that's modern Britain for you.

The party went well, I met lots of old friends, and a few new ones, all the girls had come to the station to see me off, so here I was chugging along in a train, dressed for a party, I did get a few strange looks at the station, well lets face it you don't usually travel at one in the morning in a print split micro skirt, especially if it showed your suspenders and stockings, and then of course there was the matching print off the shoulder top, that if you sneezed would put your boobs into the public domain, not that it actually covered anything anyway, but then, that was how I liked it. Still I would have plenty of time to sleep, or so I thought.

I was in one of those old corridor carriages that had a door one side to the outside and a corridor on the other side. I was sitting in a corner of the carriage, eye's closed but not sleeping, I think the excitement of the party was still with me, or maybe it was a couple of the guy's I met, that I wished were still with me, anyway people had got in the carriage and got off, some of the men sneaking a quick peek thinking I was asleep, I was used to this as I travelled by train a lot these days, and actually encouraged it with the clothes I wore, not usually this revealing but hell who cares.

We had done most of the stops when three young guy's, 19 or 20 years old, dressed in football shorts and shirts, got in the carriage, crashing and banging, laughing and joking, I stayed silent, eye's half shut, hands in my lap, they were talking about the match they had been to and the drink's they had afterwards, that's why they were travelling so late back to Scotland. At last the final stop before the long run to my destination, still several hours away.

The three guy's had quietened down a little now, suddenly the sliding door opened and the ticket inspector asked for our tickets, I got mine out of my bag and along with the others handed it to him he stamped it and gave them back, "Goodnight all." he said, and was gone.

I settled back down, leaning my head in a corner I closed my eyes and 'dozed.' After a while I could hear them whispering about whether I was asleep or not, about what I was wearing, the flesh above my stockings which was clearly visible, sniggers, and wishes.

I granted them a wish, I moved slightly downwards, my skirt rose a little and the sleeves of my top dropped down my arms which meant that my boobs and my pussy were almost completely visible, but not quite. I was breathing through my nose, so it sounded like I was snoring.

"Go on" I heard one of them say and then a shuffling on the floor, a brush against my foot, I moved slightly, bending one leg, spreading my legs a little further. I felt the skirt drop into the gap and knew they could now see all of one leg up to the hip, they were murmuring again, shuffling sound's on the floor, I felt my skirt lift slightly and the lifter gasp and scramble to sit back on the seat.

"Nothing," he whispered, "she ain't got nothing on"

I moved again, this time the skirt dropped right into the gap and both leg's were totally uncovered, but better still my sleeves dropped right down, I could feel the air brushing my nipples, and I could hear nothing, they were deadly silent, not wanting to wake me.

After a moment one said, "Will you look at those beauties, and no pants either, if she slips a bit more we get to see the lot."

Another said, "You sure she ain't wearing any? I gotta see this." they were sure I was asleep and their voices were just above a whisper. Slowly he slipped to the floor between my legs, again I felt my skirt lift and again the intake of breath, he held the skirt up for the third to have a look.

"Are you just going to look or would you like to make sure it's real," I said without moving.

They jumped out of their skins, the one on the floor dropped my skirt and slipped on the floor in his hurry to get up, they all looked at me in shock.

I had a huge grin on my face, I had made no attempt to cover up "Well?" I said "What was it you said 'you'd love to get your hands on them' I think it was."

They just sat there for a moment, checking the smile, and then one of them slowly moved over next to me. Looking into my face he slowly put his hand to my tit, I slipped the sleeves all the way down, suddenly a flurry of movement, the guy between my legs had my skirt up and his hand on my pussy, the third one squeezed between me and the wall making me move over to accommodate him, my legs were lifted to the opposite seat and then as if on cue, there mouths went to work in unison, one on each tit and one with his tongue in my pussy.

I reached out and took an erection in each hand, my pussy was reacting now I could feel the excitement rising, the one on the floor was licking my bud like he had been doing it all his life.

I twisted round and started pulling at a pair of shorts; "Get them off." I said, and looking at the others added "And you two."

They stripped off and I stood up and dropped my skirt, I was surprised just how demanding I was, I wanted to be fucked and I was going to get fucked, this was pure lust, three young guy's and I was going to fuck them stupid with every hole I had, they would never forget me, I would make certain of that.

I pushed one on the seat laying him down, I straddled him and rammed him into my wet quim. I reached out for another and pulled him onto the seat in front of me, the third I pulled behind me, I took his dick and slid him into my arse, my pussy juices had lubricated enough to go straight in, "Now you bastards, fuck me and fuck me good" I said, and took the last one deep into my mouth. I was rocking back and forth, ramming them deep into me, they seemed a bit lost but soon got into the rhythm, the one behind gripped my buttocks and was ramming for all he was worth, the one underneath had grabbed my tit's and was squeezing them hard.

"Oh that's it guy's fuck me." I said, I could feel it rising fast.

"Ohh, ohh arghhh" the one behind moaned and tried to stop, but I kept ramming back on him, as his juices shot inside me

The one in my mouth was breathing in fits and starts, when suddenly he pinned himself to the wall behind him, arms spread wide, "Hnnnnnnnn, ooooooh nnnnnnn" he said and he came deep in my throat.

Underneath gripped my tit's, hurting me, the pain bringing me closer, suddenly he drove in hard and started bucking like a wild horse, eye's wide, teeth gripped tight,

As his jism shot into me my orgasm flooded over me, painful aggressive "Don't stop now you little shit's fuck me, fuck me haaaaaaard arrrrghh oh yes oh yes yes, now ohhhhhhhhhh, fuck me aaaaaarrrrgh, hmmmmmmmmmm." I screamed, anyone passing would have thought I was dying, I didn't care, I kept going till the pain died down.

The one behind me had fallen out and the on in front was as limp as he would ever be, the one underneath was lying there, eye's glazed mouth open, slowly slipping out of me.

"Well!" I said, sitting down on the other seat "Next time you say you want to do something to a girl on a train you better make sure she is asleep."

They hadn't said a word right from the moment I let them know I was awake, if it is possible I think I raped them. Slowly they came back down to earth, one opened his bag and offered me a can, half of which I drank down, I didn't try to cover up and neither did they, in fact I moved around a lot letting them see as much of me as they wanted. It wasn't long before we were laughing and joking about what had happened, how 'he' had reacted or 'that one' had nearly died.

We still had four hours of travel to do, the inspector had been, so with no one likely to interrupt us, we made the most of the time, by the time we reached our destination, they had all fucked, been sucked by and buggered me. I know a couple of people passed and tried to open the door but the guy's had jammed a shoe in the way. We swapped numbers, but I never heard from them or rang them, it would not have been the same would it, not without the train

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