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Kim Kardashian's Turn


This is a sequel to "JLo's Ass Again," and starts the morning after that story ended.


On Tuesday morning, I left Jennifer Lopez's hotel room after a great night and morning of making love with that beautiful and sexy woman. The previous night, I brought her to a great orgasm by eating out her gorgeous ass and playing with her clit, followed by her climaxing again from my fucking her in that same delightful place of joy. The next morning, she stayed on her back, thrashing about in ecstasy, while I ate and fucked her pussy to another pair of orgasms. My cock in her ass at night and her pussy in the morning resulted in two great climaxes for me also, and was really looking forward to much more of the same in the very near future. So was she but, when I mentioned getting together again, she expressed her eagerness to do so, but not that night.

"George, I really loved what we did last night and this morning, and I want to do more of it. A lot more of it, but not tonight. I saw how attracted Kim was to you, and I really think you should spend tonight with her, if you don't mind."

Well, I certainly didn't mind. In fact, the thought of spending the night doing the same things with the voluptuous hotsy, Kim Kardashian, as I had done with JLo made my cock start to stiffen. However, I thought it prudent to keep that fact from the woman who had just made the suggestion. Judging by the way she had acted toward me the previous day, it was certain making love with Kim would be at least comparable to the great night and morning I had just enjoyed with Jennifer. I didn't want to seem too enthusiastic, though, because I was still looking forward to spending some more nights in the bed where she and I were cuddling together and discussing my sex life.

Whatever Tuesday night might hold for Jennifer and me and for Kim, we were all going to be working that day, so JLo and I got out of bed. After putting on the same clothing I had taken off the night before, I went upstairs to the much smaller and cheaper room the network was providing for me. I took a quick shower and shaved, put on clean khaki pants and a sport shirt, and went down to the smaller of the two hotel dining rooms for breakfast.

When I entered, I saw Kim sitting by herself at a booth against the wall. She saw me come in and waved to me while she slid over and patted the seat beside her to invite me to join her. She was wearing designer jeans and a clingy pink jersey with no bra, and her big, lovely breasts moved enticingly under it. I was delighted to accept her offer, and chose to sit where she suggested rather than across the table from her. She noted and appreciated that and, when she held my arm and offered her luscious lips for a good morning kiss, she pressed her even more luscious breasts against me. I avoided biting her tongue when she thrust it into my mouth, but it made a good appetizer when I licked it with my own. Kim saw the waitress with her pad approaching and broke off the kiss so we could place our orders.

After both of us ordered coffee I, as is my custom when somebody else is paying for it, ordered a cheese omelet, country sausage and a poppy seed bagel with cream cheese. Kim is more concerned with her figure than I am with mine, and ordered food with a lot fewer calories. When the waitress left, my interest in her figure increased too, especially the part that she was holding against me. Her leg and her succulent breasts were pressed tightly against my side, where I had absolutely no objection to their being, and I had high expectations and higher hopes they would be even closer when we were sharing her bed that night. From her conversation, she obviously had the same kind of thoughts.

"Did you have fun with Jennifer last night, George," she asked me.

"I sure did. She and I are old friends, and we have a lot of fun whenever we get together."

"That's nice. Now, how can you and I get to be old friends so we can have a lot of fun together too? Especially in bed?"

"I think we're already old enough friends to get together after work this evening, and in bed sounds like a splendid place to do it."

Kim grinned at that, and reached down to fondle my cock, which was crowding my pants as a result of her plastering her gorgeous body against me. I doubt that she had thoughts of our ravishing each other right then and there and, if she did, we were interrupted by the waitress bringing our coffee. Minutes later, another server arrived with our food and started setting the plates on the table. By the time she was finished with that chore, Jennifer was standing beside the booth, and putting in an order for coffee and toast and eggs. She watches her figure too, but had expended so much energy during the previous night and that morning that she wasn't as concerned with excessive calories.

I stood up and my lips and hers shared an affectionate kiss, but our mouths remained closed. The two sexy women who would apparently be splitting my time and affections between them during the writing assignment took turns kissing each other on the cheek. They seemed alright with the sharing idea too, because their greeting was genuine, not the phony air kissing that is so popular in Hollywood.

Kim and I started eating, and Jennifer joined us when her order arrived a couple of minutes later. We waited until all of us were through with our food and coffee, and we all signed our room numbers on our separate checks before walking the short distance to where we would begin working that day. It was still too early in the assignment for us to be working together, so I kissed both hotsies goodbye, and we agreed to meet for lunch in the same dining room.

The studio is aware that the creative process is different for everyone, including writers, and they were willing to provide me with what I needed, within reason, to woo the muse. What I prefer is a nice, quiet place, with soft music, a steady supply of coffee and a few chocolate covered mints. I had brought my own laptop and printer, which I always use on assignments such as this one, and I plugged it into a wall socket in the cubicle assigned to me, turned it on and got to work. The general idea of the skits they had hired me to write for the variety show had been explained to me the previous day, and I had my notes from the meeting to guide me. The work went quickly, and I was on something of a roll when Kim and Jennifer came by to lure me away for lunch.

We went to the same place where we had eaten breakfast. Being a gentleman, I allowed the women to precede me, and they chose a booth similar to the one we had occupied at breakfast. It had more privacy than most tables or booths in the dining room, and I noted that Jennifer chose to sit on the middle of one side and Kim sat against the wall on the seat across the table from JLo. I had no choice where to park myself, unless I wanted to climb over Jennifer or push her out of the way, but the arrangements were just what I would have chosen anyhow.

Lunch was much like breakfast had been, with Kim and me only using one hand each to eat. The afternoon was also much like the morning had been, and I had most of the first draft of one skit to show for my efforts. I would print a copy and give it to a studio bigwig the next day, so they would know I was actually earning the large sum of money they were paying me, and not just indulging in sex with their featured actresses.

At the end of the day, Kim came to my cubicle to see me, this time without Jennifer and we went to dinner together in the bigger of the two dining rooms. The studio we were working for was paying the hotel a lot of money, so they had no trouble waiving their usual dress requirements for us and others who were working on the show. Kim grinned lewdly when I ordered fried oysters and tomatoes, and she ordered the same. I don't know if she was aware of it when I took a dose of Viagra, because I try to do so surreptitiously if I can.

After we signed our guest checks, we left for the elevator that would take us to the floor where her suite was located. Neither of us mentioned Jennifer, but we knew she could take care of herself. On the ride to her floor, we stood close together in the elevator, but not too close, because neither of us wanted to give the gossip mongers anything to write about. We didn't feel at all guilty about what we were going to do as soon as we reached our destination, but wanted to be circumspect.

Kim exited the elevator in front of me, and we made sure to maintain a distance of ten feet between us as she walked down the hall. An incidental benefit was that I got to gaze at her voluptuous ass in her tight jeans and think about how it would soon no longer be covered by those pants and would be pressed against my equally naked body in her bed.

By the time Kim reached her door, the elevator had continued on its way and there was nobody around to see us. None of the other passengers had gotten out of the elevator and nobody came out into the hall from any of the guest rooms on that floor. She unlocked her door, turned and smiled at me and walked through, leaving it open. I hurried to join her and closed and locked the door when we were both inside and could do more of what we had started doing at breakfast and lunch, and what I had been thinking about all day.

We turned to each other and embraced, and her tongue was in my mouth as soon as we began kissing. She was still wearing the same pink sweater as she had that morning, and I slipped my hands under it and around to the front so I could hold one of her truly luscious breasts in either of my hands. They were big and soft and vibrant, and filled my hands to overflowing, but I certainly didn't think there was anything being wasted.

Kim backed away slightly. "Just a minute," she murmured, and put her hands at the bottom hem of the sweater. With a quick movement, she peeled it off over her head, followed by shaking her dark brown hair back into place, while her bare breasts swung enticingly from side to side, and tossing the garment onto a nearby chair.

Moving close to her again, I put my hands on her hips while she held those lovely globes in her hands to present them to my eager mouth. I took the opportunity to begin licking her big, dark pink nipples. Kim was already highly aroused, and my tongue could feel how erect the precious nubbins were, even the individual tiny ridges. For a few seconds, I switched my mouth between them, until she stepped away from me.

"I really love the way you do that, George, and I want you to keep it up. But let's get into bed first."

I was all for that idea, and she turned and led the way to her bedroom. Once again, I was treated to a great view of Kim's incredible ass as she swiveled her way in front of me. I don't know what, if anything, Jennifer said about me or our night together, but the sexy woman in front of me seemed to be putting a bit more swing to her hips than she had to. She may have been informed how attractive asses like hers are to me. If JLo had told her that, I certainly had no objection, because I was really enjoying the view, and I expected to soon get a chance to do much more with her ass than look at it.

We sat side by side on her bed, and Kim had her sneakers and socks off before I did, so she turned to me and started to unbutton my shirt. I let her do that, and turned to allow her to peel it off me and toss it aside. With both of us bare above the waist, but her body looking a lot more enticing than mine, she lay on her back with a pillow under her head. I quickly joined her, kneeling beside her, and leaned over to resume kissing her lips and eyes and ears. It was fun, but nowhere near as much fun as what still lay ahead.

Kim was as aware of this as I was and, when I started kissing my way down her throat, she held her breasts in place for when I reached there. "Mmmm, I love that, George," she said, urging me on.

Her luscious breasts were all the encouragement I needed and, after kissing the pulse spot near her clavicle, I leaned in even closer and resumed licking the nearer of Kim's nipples. It had softened slightly from a few minutes earlier but, after a few strokes of my tongue, it was fully erect again. When I switched my mouth to the other pink beauty, it was already erect, so much so that I could once again feel the individual tiny hard ridges. I licked her there for a few strokes before changing my attentions back to the nearer one.

"That feels really good," Kim murmured. "Keep doing that."

She didn't have to tell me in words that she was really enjoying what I was doing, because I knew from the way her upper body was squirming under me and how she was starting to breathe hard. Kim's breasts are so big and soft and lovely that my tongue was having a great time too, licking and caressing their nipples. For almost ten minutes, I switched back and forth between the succulent mounds, sometimes using broad strokes and sometimes dabbing with the tip of my tongue. By that time, Kim was cooing happily and her whole upper body was writhing in a state of bliss.

She was still holding both of her breasts in place for our mutual pleasure, until my two hands replaced one of hers in supporting a succulent globe. I squeezed it gently and drew as much of it as I could into my mouth and started sucking. As my mouth happily worked, my lips formed a seal and my tongue continued caressing Kim's nipple and areola.

Once again, I alternated between the adorable twins, sucking and licking them, while her cooing began turning to moans of pleasure. I liked either sound, and I continued what I was doing until I started to detect the heavenly scent of her pussy juices. When I looked down Kim's incredible form, I saw the spreading stain at the crotch of her blue jeans, and I knew it was time for my mouth to move lower on her body.

Starting with the channel between her breasts, I licked and kissed and nuzzled my way down Kim's soft, sexy body until my mouth reached the waistband of her pants. The delectable aroma was stronger by that time, and I was eager to get my mouth on her pussy. She must have been avid also because, when I paused to thrust my tongue into her navel, she giggled and pushed on my shoulders, silently telling me to continue downward to where my attentions were needed. I unbuttoned the waistband of her pants and pulled open the zipper, but they were too tight for me to push down and around her lower body. I got off the bed and got back on at the foot so I could complete the undressing.

When I inserted my hands in the waistband, Kim raised herself from the bed and I pulled that part of the jeans down around her hips and magnificent ass. With the most difficult part done, I took hold of the ends of the pants legs and moved backward, pulling steadily on them until that tight garment slithered all the way off her. After dropping it onto the floor, I was ready to do the same with her soaking wet panties.

I could have pulled them off with her jeans, but I learned long ago to make two separate operations of removing a woman's pants or skirt and whatever she is wearing under them. That way, I get the full benefit of the aroma of the juices that have soaked into her panties, and it is always a thrill when I expose and start eating a new pussy, such as I was going to be doing that night.

I got back on the bed between her legs, as close as I could do easily. As with her blue jeans, I hooked my fingers into the waistband and pulled gently down. Kim raised her ass again, and I tugged the wet, skimpy garment around her hips and ass and peeled it all the way down her legs. The sexy actress lay completely naked on the bed, ready for me to begin what I anticipated being pleasurable in the extreme for both of us.

I have always thought of pussies as being among the most beautiful things in the world, and the one before me was no exception. It was clean shaven, with only a narrow strip of dark brown hair extending to her mons, and the skin was a lovely blushing pink. From her arousal already, Kim's inner lips were dusky pink and had blossomed through the lighter pink of her slit. At the upper end, where they merge to form her clit hood, the adorable morsel that should have been protected was already so swollen it was peeking out from behind their folds.

As I always do when I am about to start eating a pussy, and as I especially relish doing when it is for the first time, I gazed on the thing of beauty between Kim's legs before spreading the edges of the slit. A cloud of fragrance arose to please my nostrils. Some of the juices whose aroma had been so enticing a few minutes earlier had spattered on Kim's inner thighs, and I leaned forward and sluiced them all up with my tongue. They were even more delicious than I had expected them to be.

I continued my oral attentions on her crotch, relishing the flavor of the fresher juices and their delectable aroma. By the time I started on the first outer lip, Kim's lower body was squirming under me and she was moaning in bliss again, a sound that was immensely pleasing to my ears. As it always is, eating a lovely pussy such as the one offered to me that evening was a treat to all my senses, but the one to receive the most pleasure was my sense of touch. Kim's thighs and her crotch had been smooth and soft and a delight to my tongue, but the plump outer lip where I started felt to my mouth like a warm satin pillow, but vibrant and alive. Very slowly, I licked upward, reveling in every little thing about that delightful expanse where my mouth meandered, until I reached her Mount of Venus.

I raised my head and smiled at the effect it was having on Kim. Her body was writhing on the bed, and her head was tossing back and forth on the pillow. Both eyes were closed in bliss while her lips were parted in a grimace of joy, so I kissed her soft mons and brought my mouth back to where I had started. As expected, she had produced a wealth of nectar, and I licked it all up before my tongue started up the other outer lip.

The second one felt just as good to my mouth, and I treated it the same until I reached her mons again. This time, when I looked over her voluptuous form, Kim's movements were more pronounced and her moans of bliss were even louder. For a few seconds, I watched the hotsy's big, luscious breasts swaying as her body moved. It was obvious she was reveling in having her pussy eaten by me as much as I was enjoying the eating of her.

Being one who admires sexy naked female bodies, looking at Kim's movements on the bed in a high state of arousal was extremely enjoyable. However, eating the fabulous pussy that was as part of her delightful body was infinitely better than just looking, so I brought my mouth back down to where I had begun. There, it helped itself to all the fresh nectar that had just been produced. After that delicious snack, my tongue started stroking between an inner and outer lip, beginning with the ultra-smooth area at their origins. I gently licked her there, immensely enjoying the texture, and let my tongue travel slowly upward to the point where the labia are close together.

When I reached that place, I tilted my head slightly and squeezed my tongue into the seam between the lips. The aroma of Kim's wet pussy from that close was more intoxicating, and the spongy texture of her inner lip was heavenly. She liked what I was doing too, and her body was thrashing from side to side by the time I reached the end of the inner lip. I very briefly raised my head and looked at her clit, which was so engorged with her lust by then it had almost entirely pushed its way out from its protective hood. The little darling was truly a thing of beauty, reminding me of an iridescent pink pearl so, with utmost delicacy, I stroked my tongue over the priceless jewel. Kim's pussy reacted by starting to fuck up into my face.

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