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Kim Rents a Cabin with Coworkers


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I've written previously about my 24-year-old wife Kim (see Curtains Removed for Painting and Wife Hosts BBQ for Coworkers). The barbecue that we hosted for her coworkers definitely got out of hand. I was a little worried about possible repercussions as four of her coworkers got to see her private parts. It had started innocently enough with an accidental exposure when Kim removed her sweater, but it evolved from there. Anyway, I was worried that they may talk about it at work and cause her to be uncomfortable there or even get fired. About a week after the BBQ she told me that my fears were unfounded. She said that the guys occasionally hinted at the evening with remarks about sweaters and nightshirts, but they seemed to be sticking to their word about not telling others about the evening. So nothing bad seemed to have come out of it. In fact, it seemed like Kim was enjoying her job a bit more now that she had developed some camaraderie with a few of her coworkers. Still, she knew that things went a bit too far that evening. She blamed it on the alcohol but we both knew that was only part of the story.

Not much happened over the next couple of months as the days grew shorter and colder. One evening Kim came home and told me that she and her friends from work had been discussing renting a cabin for a few days just to get away. They were all enamored by the idea of being in the middle of nowhere with very few people around. They had found a campground that rented out these cabins that were equipped with electricity, heat, and running water. It was late fall now and definitely not peak season for cabin rental, at least for an area without any skiing opportunities.

I asked who was going. She told me that Phil and Kurt would be going, who were two of the guys from the BBQ. Steve apparently had other plans and Tom had since quit the company. Kim said that there were a couple of new guys, Matt and Jeff that would be going. And there was a girl Lauren that had just started at the company who would also be going.

I asked if I was invited. Kim said "Yes, but you're special."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, most people wanted it to only be us from work with no significant others permitted, just to keep the number of people small. But I said I wouldn't go if you didn't come, so they relented and said that you could join us."

Of course I would go. The plan was to leave on Friday night, stay Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights and drive back on Monday morning. I liked the plan as we would each only need to take one day off from work but we'd get a couple full days of R & R. Her coworkers seemed like an okay group of people that knew how to have fun. Kim's BBQ exposure was not off my mind. I knew it could come up in conversation, or that something else may transpire with all of the drinking that would likely take place. I found myself filled with both uncertainty and anticipation.

We drove up on Friday evening in two cars. We had all worked that day so after three hours of driving we were all pretty tired by the time we arrived at the campground.

The cabin was divided into four rooms: a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom. The cabin was clean but the décor was definitely dated. It was only equipped to sleep 6 with three bunk beds crammed into the small bedroom. The living room was fairly spacious with a couch, a love seat and a recliner. The kitchen was just big enough for one person to operate, but it had the basics including a microwave so cooking wouldn't be a problem. There was also a small table with a few chairs for eating. All in all, it wasn't too bad and would suffice for a few days.

After seeing the bedroom we discussed sleeping arrangements. We all brought sleeping bags, but we had 7 people for only six twin beds. One person could have slept out in the living room on the couch, but it wouldn't have been nice to isolate one person from everyone else. Kim and I could have shared a bed, but it would be pretty tight sharing a twin bed. We finally decided to move the dressers into the living room and the couch into the bedroom. We figured that we could just draw straws every night to decide who would sleep on the couch.

While we were tired from the long day, everyone was excited to have arrived and settled in. We cracked open some beers and started drinking. It wasn't long before everyone loosened up. The guys were fairly openly flirting with both Kim and Lauren. Kim was obviously married, but the BBQ must have taught Phil and Kurt that she was still open to having fun and the other guys caught on pretty quickly. Lauren made it clear that she had a boyfriend, but I didn't get the sense that it was really very serious. Lauren was a bit less outgoing than Kim but didn't seem to mind flirting back with the guys.

Lauren actually was a bit of an odd bird. Her face was quite beautiful. If you just saw her sitting at a table, you might even call her a stunner. She had these gorgeous bluish-grey eyes with soft features and long flowing blond hair. However she was the very definition of gangly. She stood 6'2", maybe even 6'3" and moved like she just woke up in her body yesterday. Even getting in and out of the car was an adventure. She was extremely thin and appeared to have virtually no breasts. However, her legs were long and together with her butt were her best assets. She was wearing a pair of jeans that looked fantastic on her and several times I found my eyes wandering up and down her legs. If she could just learn to coordinate her hips and walk properly she would be extremely sexy.

After a couple of rounds of beer I heard the first reference to the events at the BBQ. It was subtle. Phil simply asked Kim where her sweater was. Kim just ignored the question and so did everyone else. But more references by both Phil and Kurt followed. After the fourth or fifth time that Kim's sweater was mentioned Jeff asked, "What the hell are you talking about? What sweater?"

"You'll have to ask Kim. I can't say anything," responded Phil.

Kim turned red and glared at Phil. In defense Phil said, "I haven't said anything!"

Matt, Jeff and Lauren were now all curious about what had happened, and started pressing for answers. Eventually Kim gave a version of the truth, "A couple months ago we hosted a barbecue at our house. There were just a few people remaining when I decided to take off my sweater. Somehow in the process my shirt got entangled in the sweater and my boobs were briefly exposed. So that's why they keep talking about my sweater."

I could see Jeff's and Matt's eyebrows raise, but it looked like they didn't know what to say. Phil finally said, "Yeah, it was pretty cool." I noticed that Kim shot him a look to tell him to shut up and not elaborate. She didn't mind so much if they heard about this accidental exposure, but she surely didn't want them to know about the rather intentional flash she gave everyone when she tried on the additional sweaters.

Jeff pressed on, "What about this nightshirt I've heard mentioned a couple of times?"

Kim turned a darker shade of red, and then gave an explanation. "A few people decided to crash at our house rather than go home in their drunken state. I went upstairs to go to sleep and changed into a nightshirt. I later came back down to bring bedding to the guys. I was really drunk at that point and didn't realize that the shirt was a bit see-through. Of course nobody bothered to tell me until after I had been walking around for a while!"

I was waiting to see if Phil and Kurt would let her get away with this version of the truth. Kim kept looking at them as well, so I think that she somehow impressed upon them to keep quiet. Again, this version didn't seem so bad but I was sure that she'd prefer for them to not know that she danced in the shirt, repeatedly flashing her ass and pussy to the guys. I watched Lauren's reaction as Kim told of her exposure. Lauren didn't seem offended but may have been a bit embarrassed by the discussion. I also got the sense that she felt somewhat left out as all of the attention was now on Kim.

The conversation turned to other matters and people kept drinking. Every once in a while her exposure would come up again and a few additional details would leak out such as that the nightshirt was more than just a bit transparent or that Kim didn't wear anything underneath it. When someone mentioned that Kim danced in the nightshirt, Kim just responded, "We were ALL dancing!"

A bit later Matt asked if Kim was going to sleep in nightshirts here. It was an interesting question.

"Well, I was planning to, but now I'm not so sure! I might just sleep in my clothes now." Kim stated.

I could tell that she was just having fun with them. I really couldn't imagine Kim sleeping in her clothes.

"No, you should wear your nightshirts. I'm sure we all would hate for you to be uncomfortable sleeping in your clothes on our account," said Phil.

"Yeah, I bet," Kim said.

Before long we decided to call it a night. Matt just volunteered to sleep on the couch so that was settled easily. Kim claimed a lower bed and I took the bunk above her. When Kim and Lauren went into the bathroom to change, I'm sure we all wondered what they would be wearing when they came out. Lauren appeared first, wearing a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt. I must admit that I was a bit disappointed. I was hoping to see her wearing something a bit sexier that would show off her long legs. Kim came out wearing one of her most conservative nightshirts. It was nearly to her knees and far too heavy to be see-through. I knew that Kim wouldn't be wearing anything underneath it, but it was thick and long enough to not matter. Phil and Kurt appeared disappointed that it was not the same shirt from the BBQ but neither said anything. I think we were all extremely tired at that point and we all just got in our beds and crawled into our sleeping bags.

We turned off the bedroom light but left the bedroom and bathroom doors open and the bathroom light on. The result was that the bedroom was darkened, but not really dark. It gave us plenty of light to find our ways to the bathroom in the middle of the night. As I looked out into the room I could still see people pretty well.

When I woke at first light I was covered in sweat. Even with the door open, the bedroom got quite hot and stuffy with 7 people in there. I could hear others stirring too so I knew that we would all be getting up pretty early. I peered over the edge of the bed to see if Kim was still in bed. She was. Within fifteen minutes we all got up and started our day. We spent about an hour and a half taking turns showering and having breakfast. We then headed off for a long hike.

After we got back, most of us showered for the second time. When Kim went into the bathroom to take hers I went in with her to keep her company. A couple of minutes into her shower, Lauren slipped in to use the sink and mirror. She told Kim that the guys were discussing the firing of one of their coworkers, Joyce. Lauren said that the guys were saying that they thought that Joyce kept slacking off and deserved to be fired. Kim popped her head out from behind the curtain and she looked absolutely, positively infuriated. "Hey!" she screamed out from the shower to get the guys attention.

A muffled voice from outside the bathroom asked "Huh?" It was clear that they really couldn't hear her.

Kim said, "Lauren, open the door a bit. I need to talk to them."

Lauren opened the door about 6 inches. Kim then tried to confirm that the guys could hear her, but they indicated that they could only barely make out her words. I could see one of the guys right by the bathroom door. Kim then told Lauren to just open the door all the way. "They can't see through this curtain anyway," she said.

Kim was essentially right. The curtain was fairly thick with a flowery pattern on it. As long as Kim didn't press her body against the curtain, they would only be able to see a dark form moving behind it. Lauren opened up the door all the way, and standing outside were Phil and Matt. They quickly turned to look into the bathroom. A moment later Kurt and Jeff appeared in the doorway as well, with everyone looking towards the shower. Even though I knew that they couldn't see anything, I found it strangely arousing that my wife was stark naked behind the curtain just a couple of feet away from them.

Now that everyone was present, Kim told us about overhearing one of the managers saying a bunch of mean things about Joyce to another manager shortly before she was fired. Kim said that it sounded like he had it out for her for some reason and was not being fair. Kim and the guys were all talking about it but Lauren and I didn't have much to add to the conversation as Joyce was before Lauren's time and I wouldn't have known Joyce from the mailman. As Kim spoke with the guys, they slowly filtered further into the bathroom while Lauren and I were crowded out. In the end Lauren and I ended up standing just outside the bathroom door while all four guys stood in the bathroom talking to my showering wife.

Several times Kim bumped into the curtain with her arm, causing an alluring flesh tone to momentarily appear through the curtain. Even more seductively, each time a slight gap formed between the end of the curtain and the wall on one end of the shower or the other, providing a brief but limited view into the shower. I never actually saw Kim from where I was standing, but I had to wonder whether the guys in the bathroom might have caught glimpses of her.

Kim shut the shower off. She reached her hand out and asked for a towel. Matt was nearest to her towel, so he handed it to her and her hand escaped back into the shower with the towel. Kim's dark form fluttered as she dried herself off in the shower. Meanwhile, they all kept talking as if nothing was out of the ordinary. Finally, Kim emerged from the shower with the towel wrapped tightly around her.

The guys backed up slightly to give her room to exit the shower, but didn't immediately vacate the bathroom. As Kim reached for her fresh set of clothes, the guys just stood and watched her. I normally couldn't imagine her just dropping her towel and dressing in front of them, but I started to fear that she was about to do just that.

She then looked at the guys and said, "Okay, give me a minute here."

"Aw, can't we watch?" asked Phil.

"No!" Kim replied with a laugh. "Get out," she added.

They all filed out of the bathroom and Kim closed the door. A minute later she emerged dressed normally and just like that the situation was over. Even though nobody saw anything and nothing inappropriate happened, it definitely added to the sexual charge that was brewing.

On Saturday night we barbequed some hamburgers, made a campfire and drank more. The guys added a lot of sexual humor and innuendo to the conversation, with it directed more at Kim than Lauren. As had happened the previous night, I sensed that Lauren was feeling a bit out of place with the guys mainly fixated on Kim. I think some of it had to do with Kim's playful personality, but the accidental and intentional exposures at our BBQ surely didn't discourage the guys from joking with her about sexual topics.

When we all decided to call it a night, Kim and Lauren went into the bedroom to change and closed the door. We zeroed in on Kim when she came out because she had put on a different nightshirt. This one extended down to her mid-thigh, so it was shorter than the one from the previous night. It wasn't as see-through as the one from our home BBQ, but it was pretty sexy. As she walked around the material glided gently over her curves, providing not-so-subtle clues as to the shape of her body. Phil remarked, "Oh that's better than the one from last night. Good choice."

Kim smiled and said, "I'm wearing it because it will be cooler, not for your benefit!"

A moment later, Lauren lumbered from the bedroom wearing sweat shorts and a t-shirt. While I'm sure that we were all happy to see a bit of leg from Lauren, there was a definite air of disappointment in the room. Matt said, "Lauren, you're with friends. You should loosen up and wear something like what Kim has on."

Lauren looked down self-consciously at her attire. Then Kim said, "Lauren, I have an extra nightshirt you could put on instead if you want."

That opened the floodgates. The guys started encouraging Lauren to do so, telling her she'd feel cooler and more comfortable, that she'd look sexier, that she'd sleep better, have better dreams, and on and on. They were clearly joking but I think Lauren enjoyed the attention and eventually agreed to look at what Kim had. Kim grabbed her suitcase and the girls went back into the bedroom and closed the door. All of the guys, myself included, waited anxiously to see how Lauren would look.

The girls were in the bedroom for maybe ten minutes. We could hear them whispering, but couldn't make out what they were saying. A couple of times we could hear them laughing. Finally, the bedroom door creaked open and Kim stuck her head out. "Okay, we're ready but there was a problem," she said.

"Problem?" I asked.

"Yeah, well, I only brought three nightshirts. The heavy one from last night that I sweat profusely in, the one I was wearing tonight, and a third one that is a little more revealing. It's really not a good fit for Lauren, so we've switched. "

"Well, let's see!" Matt said enthusiastically. I don't think anyone cared who was wearing what, as long as there was more skin.

Lauren came out first. I must say that she looked sexy as hell, at least when she was standing still. It was a delight to be able to see more of her fine legs. The nightshirt, which came to mid-thigh on Kim, only covered about a quarter of Lauren's thigh. It was obvious that Lauren was wearing panties, but I couldn't blame her in that short of a nightshirt. As I wrote earlier, Lauren had very little of a chest but you could see her nipples poking through the material. I mostly just focused on her legs and ass. The guys all complemented her on how she looked and Lauren seemed to revel in the spotlight. We all then anxiously waited for Kim to come out in her "more revealing" nightshirt.

When the door opened all eyes were on it. Kim appeared and walked slowly into the living room. My first reaction was relief. I was concerned that she was going to put on something ridiculously transparent. She didn't. But Kim was right, it was more revealing. It was actually a night slip, with shoulder straps instead of sleeves that left the arms completely bare. The neck was deep and the shoulder straps were long enough to expose the tops of Kim's breasts. It was obvious that she wouldn't have to bend over much to reveal her bare tits. The slip was only mildly see-thru, so it was very sexy but not slutty. Like the nightshirt that Kim was previously wearing, the slip extended about half way down Kim's thigh.

The guys all complemented her new attire and Kim ate up the attention. While everyone had previously indicated their desire to go to bed, the guys were now obviously trying to delay. But both Kim and Lauren refused to sit down and before long they went off to brush their teeth and made it real clear that they were done for the evening. After a few minutes, we all headed to bed. Kurt volunteered for the couch this time and I again slept on a top bunk with Kim below me.

In the morning I woke again as soon as the sun rose. When I looked out across the room I could see that Matt and Jeff were also awake but it seemed like everyone else was sleeping. I noticed that they both seemed to be staring across the room at Kim. As soon as I raised my head they caught sight of my movement and turned away. I peeked over the edge of the bed to see what they were staring at. Of course it was Kim, who was still sleeping. Kim must have been hot again because she had unzipped and opened the sleeping bag to her waist. And then I saw what they were really staring at. Her left shoulder strap had slipped off her shoulder and was resting on her upper arm. This caused her left breast to completely fall out of the slip. Matt and Jeff weren't just staring at Kim; they were staring at her bare tit!

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