tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKim's Nightmare Ch. 02

Kim's Nightmare Ch. 02


Ch. 02: It Continues

Kim's nightmare continues as her husband is unable to pay what they are demanding in ransom

"No!" Kim screamed as she saw Bill fumble to get his pants open. "NO!" she screamed again as he shoved his pants and shorts down and she saw his cock pointing out hard at her.

"I'm gonna fuck your pussy now, Kim," Bill said in an oddly calm voice. "You might as well lie back and enjoy it." Then he shoved his hands between her thighs and wedged them far enough apart to press his legs between while she kicked and screamed.

"Fight all you want, buttercup," he laughed as he dodged her kicks. "It just makes me harder!"

She squirmed and kicked but she could not keep him from forcing his way between her legs.

"It doesn't have to be this way, Kim," Bill said in the same odd tone.

With a strong shove of his hands he forced her thighs wide apart and pressed against her hairy pussy. Tom quickly moved behind Bill and grabbed her kicking ankles. He spread her legs even wider.

Bill looked down at the neatly trimmed cunthair and couldn't wait any longer. He had been thinking about this all day.

Now it was time. He spat in the palm of his right hand, wet the head of his cock, and while Tom held her ankles apart, he took his cock in his hand and set the head between her soft outer pussy lips.

"Ungh," he grunted as he pressed between her lips.

"NO!" Kim screamed as she felt the sponge-head of his cock spreading her inner lips.

"Oh god NO!" she screamed again when she felt the soggy head begin to penetrate the opening to her vagina.

"Oh YES!" Bill sneered as he lifted his hips – then forced himself into her.

"Agghhhh!" Kim moaned in defeat as she felt the cock enter her cunt.

He lifted again, and pressed another inch inside.

"Oh please don't!" Kim pleaded. "Please!"

"Well, since you said please," Bill laughed. And began to slowly feed cock into her pussy. She was so tight he could barely get in. Then when he did the tight cunt felt like it was pulling his cock off.

He began to pump slowly, fighting to get more in. As he did the spit on his head and her natural juices allowed him to finally begin to get in deeper.

Once he was halfway in he began to slowly fuck inside her.

"Please!" she begged again. "Oh please don't do this!"

Bill ignored her cries and began to fuck her with deep thrusts.

"Ungh ungh ungh," Kim grunted with each thrust of his cock as she felt the hard probe slide farther up her vagina.

Bill reached up and gripped her breasts. He used her tits for handles as he fucked her.

She grunted and moaned.

Then, a minute later, she felt him shove deep and stop. She knew why and began to cry.

And as she feared, he started to come in her.

Her heart broke when she felt the first pulse of another man's cum splash deep into her pussy. Then she felt the jerking of his cock as his pent-up come exploded inside her, his fingers digging deeply into her tits as he felt himself come.

"Better not get anything on my couch," he demanded as he pulled out.

Kim curled herself up in a ball and began to weep horribly. She fought to keep the disgusting semen inside her until she could get to the bathroom, afraid of what he would do to her if she let it just spill out which she wanted more than anything just then.

Bill put himself back in his pants as if he had not just raped a married woman.

"Your turn," he then smiled to Tom.

"NO!" Kim screamed, for the first time understanding that they were all going to rape her.

Tom took her thighs in his hands and pushed her thighs up high, then pressed himself between her legs. With one hand he unzipped his pants and pulled his cock, hard from watching, out.

The cum dripping from her pussy allowed him to slide in effortlessly.

"Unghh!" she grunted as he drove halfway in with one pump. "Please! No!" she began to scream as Tom began to fuck her.

He, too, felt the vice-like tight cunt squeezing his cock and hoped he could hold out longer than usual.

He couldn't. In less than a minute she felt more hot cum shooting up inside her.

Ralph said something she could not understand, angrily, then grabbed her tits and pressed her back against the seatback as Fred took his turn. He too pulled her thighs up, dropped his pants, and stuck himself in.

"Damn this bitch is tight!" he grunted as he took his turn fucking the wailing wife.

By now all her fight had been taken from her and she lay held against the couch as Fred began to fuck her in long slow strokes. Just like Tom he came quickly. She felt sick as she felt another man spew his cum into her.

Ralph was last. He grabbed her legs and flipped her over.

"NO!" Kim screamed, awakened from her rape-induced panic.

"Shut the fuck up," Ralph screamed, slapping her ass. Then he laughed, dropped his pants, and shoved his cock into her cum-filled pussy.

"Aaagghhh!" she moaned as he fucked into her. "Ungh ungh ungh ungh!" she grunted over and over as Ralph began to fuck her brutally from behind.

"Nrggg!" Ralph grunted as he shoved in to balls-deep.

"NO!" Kim screamed as she was impaled by six inches of cock meat.

To her relief Ralph came quickly too.

She was silent as she felt his warm cum spurt into her, then just laid her head against the seatback and cried.

Suddenly she saw another flash. She looked up and saw Bill holding the camera and focusing it between her legs – as the four men's cum began to roll out of her.

"We just want to let hubby know we're keeping you entertained," Bill laughed as he kept taking pictures. "Don't want him to think we're bad hosts."

"Oh god please don't do that!" she screamed in desperation.

"You think you have any choice?" Bill snarled. He handed the camera to Tom and he and Ralph went to yet another library to send their latest e-mail.

And the pictures.

And all the money in her purse – the $400 she had taken out of the bank that afternoon on her way back to work.

They returned an hour later with the news that her husband could do nothing.

And a large bag.

"Guess he wants you to hang with us now, baby," Bill cooed as he opened the large bag the men handed him.

He held in front of her what they had bought with her money. The first thing she saw were two very skimpy see-through Erotica Lingerie sets. He then pulled out three pairs of matching half-cup bras and shear panties.

Then he motioned her to come closer. Seeing two of them close to the door blocking any attempt at escape she complied.

Her eyes grew wide as he reached into the bag and removed one of the "toys". She began to shiver when she saw the long, thick dildo.

"This is for your enjoyment, baby," he cooed showing her the flesh-colored rubber cock.

Then he pulled something else out.

"And this is for our enjoyment!" She nearly fainted when she saw the black dog collar and long fabric leash. As he approached her she heard the bag hit the ground with a thud and knew there was more in there. For her. She would not know until later the thudding sound was a six-thonged leather whip.

She stood silently, weeping inside, as he put the collar around her neck. Bill took up the end of the leash and led her to the couch and made her sit.

"You didn't say thank you for your little toy, tits," Bill glared as he handed her the dildo.

"Thank you," she whispered, knowing she could do nothing else. She held the disgusting thick rubber cock as they all looked at her.

"Get to it," Bill said plainly. He watched as Kim timidly moved the dildo downward.

"You might want to get it wet first, tits," he laughed.

She knew what they wanted here, too. And, dying inside, she opened her mouth.

She saw them all watching her and knew she was supposed to suck the dildo like a cock. Closing her eyes and crying inside she made herself suck the dildo.

The flash woke her from her distress.

"You bastard!" she screamed at Ralph as he flashed the camera again.

Then it began.

Bill slapped her hard across her face. Then he backhanded her hard, drawing blood from her lips.

"Don't...you...ever...mouth off...like...that...again!" he screamed in her face, each word punctuated by a vicious slap. He had waited to do this – and now he was there.

She saw stars as she was beaten. She had been beaten before – by her ex-husband Terry and by the two men who had raped her in the vacant warehouse those few years ago – so she knew she would not die. Still, she cried out at each vicious slap and backhand.

Finally he was done.

"Tits, I do not think you want that again," he said in an oddly soft tone.

She shook her head urgently.

"Start sucking!"

Desperately, Kim began to suck the long, thick dildo like a lover's cock while the men laughed at her.

"I think it's wet enough, tits," Bill laughed a few minutes later. "Time to make love to your new friend."

He watched as she timidly moved the dildo down.

"Do you fuck on the first date, Kim?" Bill asked cruelly. When she did not answer he raised his hand.

"I asked you a question dumbass!"

She shook her head no.

"Well there's a first time for everything" Bill laughed. Then he pointed between her legs.

"In," he said plainly. She placed the dildo at her pussy.

"Spread it," Bill demanded. Kim let her knees lift and her thighs fall apart. Then, as they watched, she began to slowly insert the huge, moistened dildo into her pussy.

"Keep going," Bill commanded.

When half the dildo was inside he kicked her leg.

"Now fuck it."

She made her cunt muscles grip the large dildo filling her and began to move her hips.

More flashes came as she began to pull on the dildo. She saw all their eyes on her as she fucked the thick dildo in her pussy.

"Damn she's hot!" Ralph squealed as he took more photographs.

"You think she's gonna want your pencil-dick after she's fucked that thing?" Tom laughed to Fred.

"Make her fuck her ass with it!" Fred replied angrily.

"Maybe later," Bill laughed. "What do you think tits? You want that fucker up your ass?"

"No," she replied breathlessly as she continued to fuck the firm rubber cock.

"You think you have any choice, tits?" Bill laughed.

"Oh please!" she cried. "I'll suck you off!"

Then she watched as Bill sat next to her, his cock hard.

She felt him take her hand from the dildo and put it on his erection.

"Gimme the hand job of your life and we might not make you assfuck it."

Then he stared in her eyes.

"Oh no, keep it in and keep fucking it, tits. You can do two things at once, can't you."

She nodded, in defeat, as Bill pulled her hand.

Desperately, she began to pull on his rock-hard cock.

"You ever been raped, Kim," Bill oddly asked. "Before yesterday, that is," he laughed.

Her eyes bulged at the vile question. When her tears began to fall Bill knew the answer.

"Tell me about it while you're jerkin me off."

"You bastard," Kim whispered sadly.

"Shut up and talk," Bill snarled.

Kim made her hand surround the cock and began to slowly stroke him as she started to talk.

"My husband doesn't even know about this," she began as she pulled slowly on his hard cock. Then she went to the terrible place in her mind.

"We were still engaged. I was going to lunch. I went out the back way to take a shortcut. I know they said to stay away from that old warehouse, but there had never been any trouble before."

Her mind began to tear at the horrible memory.

"They jumped me..."

"How many?" Bill interrupted.

"Two," Kim replied.

It was his lucky day. He thought she was going to tell some lame story about some teenage asshole getting too frisky. But now he was going to hear a real one!

"Go on," Bill commanded, moving his hand over hers and slowly moving her hand up and down his cock.

"They pulled me into the warehouse and began to hit me." She started to sniffle. "Then one of them punched me in the stomach and threw me down on the floor."

The hand covering hers continued to pull her hand over his cock as he listened to her heart-wrenching story.

"They ripped my clothes off..."

"Slow down," Bill smiled.

"Dress or blouse and slacks?"

She realized the sick bastard wanted to "enjoy" every detail.

"They...ripped my blouse off. Then they pulled my pants off."

"What color panties?"

She struggled to remember, afraid to lie.


"No," Bill replied. "They were white."

"Yes, white," she corrected, forced to give him his fantasy.

"One of them ripped my panties off, while the other one tore off my bra."

"I bet you looked good naked, Kim," Bill cooed. Then he released his hand – and made her jerk him off by herself while she told of that horrible day.

"One of them raised my arms high over my head and knelt on them. Then the other one..."

"Did you spread your legs, or lift your thighs?"

"Neither, you sick fuck!" she wanted to scream. But she caught herself.

"He lifted my thighs and..."

"Started to fuck you."

"Yes," she whimpered in a terribly sad voice of remembering as she continued to stroke his cock.

"Balls," he suddenly said.

Knowing she would only be beaten if she refused she let her other hand move to his sack and made her finger slowly tease his balls.

"Good girl. Keep going."

"It was brutal," she began to sob. "He raped me violently."

"Did he come in your pussy, Kim?"

"Yes," she whispered.

"Then what?" he moaned, the feel of her fingers on his balls and her hand stroking his cock overpowering him.

She swallowed, then forced herself to continue.

"Then they flipped me over."

Bill felt his cock grow even harder, knowing what was coming.

"And the other one raped me anally."

"He stuck his dick up your ass," Bill repeated but vulgarly.

"Yes," Kim replied, her tortured mind relieving her pain and her muffled screams.

"The other one kept his hand over my mouth to keep me from screaming..." she started to say, then stopped midsentence, afraid anything she said would be turned into something even more vile, as impossible a thought as that was.

"Not much of a handjob, Kim," Bill suddenly said in a threatening tone. Fear coursed through Kim. As sick as she was at being forced to relive her brutal rape, the tone in his voice troubled her even more. She had no doubt he would beat her.

She closed her eyes and proceeded to give him the best handjob she knew how.

"Keep talking," Bill moaned a few moments later as he felt one hand start to move on his cock and her other hand turning on his balls beyond belief.

"He raped me until..." she could not continue talking, although she continued the forced hand job.

"He came up your hot tight ass," Bill completed. Then his voice turned cold.

"Did you come, Kim?"

She immediately knew what he wanted to hear. Then she thought he might be playing a game with her – a game that would end in a beating for the wrong answer.

Then she suddenly didn't care if he did beat her. She would not give him this fantasy.

"No," she said firmly.

"Good," Bill purred as he felt himself getting ready. "I wouldn't want to think you were a slut, Kim," he said oddly. Then he laughed. "You're much more fun this way."

She almost squeezed his balls at the foul comment, but wisely caught herself.

And as he moaned and whimpered she sped up the hand on the disgusting cock.

A few seconds later, without warning, he started to come. His hand quickly moved to the back of her head and shoved her face down as the cum started to spurt from his cock. She closed her eyes as he came in her mouth.

"Damn baby, you are good!" Bill cooed, "complimenting" her on the handjob as if she had not just been forced to relieve her horrifying rape. Without acknowledging her further he put himself back in his pants and patted her head.

"Looks like you don't have to assfuck your new friend...just yet."

She turned away from him and, not caring what happened, spit the cum from her mouth.

"You fuckin slut!" Bill screamed, turning deep red.

She welped as his hand tore across her face. Then in the same instant he calmed down.

"Tell you what, smart ass," he panted. "I'll forget you did that."

He yanked her up by her arm. She stood unmoving as he refastened the collar around her neck. Fred laid out the lingerie on the dining room table and Bill led her to it by the leather leash.

"You can get dressed now," Bill smiled, accenting his comment with a wicked slap on her naked ass.

She wanted nothing more than to throw the clothes in his face. Instead, she reached down and picked up the lingerie closest to her.

"Good choice. I like pink. Do you like pink?" Bill asked the other men. They each smiled stupidly.

Kim's shyness returned and she shook as she slipped into the pink see-through baby-doll and slid up the pink satin g-string.

"Damn!" Fred said.

"Brush your hair," Bill demanded. "And put some make-up on." He handed her her purse.

Against her will she brushed her hair out, then put on a thin brush of make-up and did her lips in the soft pink he handed her.

To no surprise, the photographs immediately started. Bill slapped her twice to let he know what would happen if she refused, then she began to pose as they demanded.

She was sick when they made her turn from the camera and bend over, feeling the baby-doll rise up and knowing her whole naked ass was showing.

"Send hubby that one," Bill laughed. "And tell him this is his last opportunity. In an hour we're really going to give him something to worry about."

Kim sat on the couch in the disgusting, slutty lingerie and accepted the drink. She began to take long sips, now hoping for nothing else but to pass out drunk so she did not have to endure them.

But Bill was too smart for that, too.

"Un un, pumpkin," he said, grabbing the glass as she started to tip it. "A little loose is okay – actually, let's do that – but no passing out!" He released the glass.

"I'll cut you off when you've had enough, baby," he said with firm eyes.

She drained half the glass, knowing better than he what the effect of it would be. But this drink was not nearly as strong as the previous ones. She felt the room begin to swoon, but she knew that crappy drink would not make her black out.

"More?" she found herself slurring, hopefully.

"No way, pumpkin," Bill replied.

Now Kim was worried. She was a little drunk – but only a little. Enough to affect her but not enough to do what she wanted. And she knew what could happen when she was a little drunk.

"Nope," Tom shook his head when he returned a short time later.

"Too bad, baby," Bill snapped, yanking her up from the couch.

"Tell you what we're gonna do," he began. "We're gonna fuck you," he reached down to the bag still on the floor and watched her eyes grow wide as he opened it.

"Then we're gonna use this on you!"

She nearly fainted when she saw the thick black six-stranded whip.

"Oh yeah, baby," Bill cooed. "Did I forget to tell you why I didn't want you passin out?"

"Yeah," Ralph interjected. "I was kinda lookin forward to fuckin your passed-out body"

Before she could move Tom was on her. Instinctively she began to fight him.

"Go ahead," Bill shrugged. An instant later Kim felt a hand slash across her face hard.

Her eyes flew wide at the brutal slap. Then she cried out as he backhanded her. Spit flew from her mouth and blood began to form on her lips.

"You want more?" Tom snarled. Cowering, Kim shook her head.

She lay still as he slid the g-string down her legs and off. She could see him staring at her tits completely revealed through the sheer baby-doll. She realized he was going to take her that way.

Then she felt his hand grab her right wrist.

"Put it in, cunt."

He pushed her hand onto his erect cock.

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