tagMind ControlKindling Ch. 02

Kindling Ch. 02


Three of the four didn't leave the camp the rest of the weekend. None of them made it back to the boat, or into town. There'd be no fishing, or hiking or sunbathing for any of them. They went one girl to the next, trying new positions and techniques, fucking to the point of exhaustion. There were no illusions or misconceptions; they weren't "making love" though they loved what the other girls did to them. It was fucking. It was wonderful. They stopped only to eat, to bathe and to sleep.

The only one to leave the cabin was Edith. She'd driven 45 minutes, each way, to the porn shop they'd noticed on the drive up, one of the countless, anonymous peddlers of filth that dotted the highways of the red states. She'd bought DVD, magazines, the "Lesbian Kama Sutra" oils, toys ... all the things their new found and oh so kinky passions demanded. The slovenly man behind the counter leered at her while he rang everything up. It was all Edith could do to keep the bile down. The sight of the credit card sliding through the reader made her quiver; it reminded her of Lily's tongue flitting along her slit. It also meant all these things were hers now. She teased herself the entire drive back thinking about what the others were doing right now and what they would do when she got back. The women all laughed and pretended to be embarrassed when they examined Edith's swag. They put the items to immediate use.

They were supposed to leave Sunday afternoon, but their lusts hadn't slaked. They told themselves they each deserved an extra day off from the daily grind. Each called ahead, letting the necessary people know they'd be staying another day, not to worry, everything was fine. Then they'd fucked mindlessly deep into the night, knowing only that the burning in their cunts still raged.

By Monday morning they felt tired and in control enough for the long drive back to the city and Lily's condo, where they'd gathered four days before. Each of the women packed their gear in their respective cars, then they went inside. In the living room they divided the porn and toys Edith had bought. Edith made sure to keep the Kama Sutra. They each took three heaping handfuls of the woodchips Hazel had given Lily. Lily gave them each a large paper bag to carry their stuff in. Then they jilled each other off: Edith with Lily, Sharon with Anne. No one had said anything or made a suggestion ... like back at the cabin, it just happened. Each one gave her friend a quick, satisfying cum. They told themselves it was to take the edge off the long drive.

* * *

1 – Sharon

It occurred to her, about halfway back to her place, that the quickie she'd had with Anne was wearing off. She was horny again. Sharon smiled as she thought about the double headed dong and the warming oils in the bag next to her. She clenched her pussy muscles ... she'd be home in just 20 minutes. Maybe she'd burn some of the chips and watch her new DVD while she frigged herself? Definitely. The chips smelled so nice. They made her feel so nice.

She felt so naughty and pleased with herself driving through her neighborhood with her dirty little bag of tricks next to her. The bag, and what it represented, was like a lense that made her see her familiar world in a whole new way: Her street, her neighbors, the house she'd bought two years ago with her boyfriend.


The clarification had come from nowhere, but as soon as it arrived, she perceived it was correct. Whatever else there was to say about the weekend, it proved they were over. There was no way she could have fucked someone else if she still loved him. But she had fucked someone else ... three others in fact. The conclusion was inescapable and the thought of ever being with Mike again made her slightly queasy. He'd be out of town, on work, for a few more days and she was grateful. It gave her a little more time to decide how she was going to extract herself from him.

She parked in the garage, let herself in through the kitchen and dropped the paper bag on the counter. The TV in the living room was on. A head appeared on the other side of the couch.

"Finally made it home?" Melissa asked.

"Looks that way," Sharon answered. "Why aren't you at work?"

"My boss gave me the day off so I could look at a couple places."

Sharon nodded, a feeling equal parts pity and respect washing over her. Melissa was Mike's younger sister. Her apartment building had burned to the ground the month before and she'd been living with them ever since. She'd lost everything in the fire, but she'd never complained or felt sorry for herself. The day after the fire, when anyone else would have still been immobilized with shock, Melissa had begun rebuilding her life. Sharon doubted she would have handled things so well, then she thought about the woodchips. If anyone deserved to feel nice right now, it was poor Melissa.

"You see anything you liked?"

"One place not so much," Melissa's face brightened, "but there was this really cute one bedroom down by Lake Calhoun that I fell in love with. The landlord was really nice too. He said he had to do a credit check and call my references, but that won't be a problem. I think he's going to offer it to me."

"That's great!" Sharon stepped into the living room and picked up the 'Strib' from the coffee table. "You done with the paper?"


Sharon balled up the pages of the newspaper and tossed them into the fireplace.

"Are you starting a fire?" Melissa asked dubiously.

"Sort of."

"Little early for that, doncha' think?"

"I wanted to show you something."

Sharon went back to the kitchen. Using a coffee mug she scooped up some of the chips then spread them on the paper. She lit the pile with one of the long matches over the mantle then sat on the couch. Melissa, understandably, looked anxious as the fire spread. Sharon took her hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze.

"You'll like this, I promise."

The chips sputtered and popped as they ignited before sending a jet of flame up the flue. Melissa whimpered and held Sharon's hand tighter, but she didn't move. Sharon closed her eyes, breathing slowly through her nose until, finally, she detected the scent of pine that made her giddy and dizzy and wet all at once. She opened her eyes.

Melissa was staring, slack jawed into the flames, her moist lips curved into a befuddled 'o' shape. Sharon wondered how she'd never noticed before how beautiful Melissa was. Her dusty brown hair with blond highlights was pulled back, long loose strands framing her face. Her hazel eyes gleamed. The skin was smooth and unblemished, retaining a hint of her summer tan. Under the brown chiffon top, her dainty breasts rose and fell steadily. Sharon could see the nipples beginning to assert themselves. Melissa's legs, clad in an old pair of blue jeans, were pressed tightly together.

"What do you smell?" Sharon asked. It took a moment for Melissa to find the words.

"Tomato sauce," she finally whispered. All the other girls had smelled something completely different. Sharon thought that was so cool.

Melissa's breathing quickened. She was making loud, panting noises as breathed in through her nose and out her mouth. Each gasp came more quickly than the last, her shoulders heaving with the effort. Her body shook, her grip on Sharon's hand was crushing and still she breather faster and faster. She seemed to be gulping the air now. Her body shivered, as if she were faint. Then she let out a long, low moan.

She turned and looked at Sharon, her breathing retuning to normal. Melissa's eyes shone with a light that was part epiphany and part confusion. Their hands released, Melissa's landing on Sharon's tit. Her other found the back of Sharon's head, pulling them together. As they kissed, Melissa twisted her body, bringing them flush. Sharon's hands gathered up Melissa's heart shaped ass. Melissa made short yelping sounds as she pressed herself against Sharon, forcing her tongue deep into the willing mouth.

They stayed like that for a long time, frenching on the couch as they groped each other roughly, pulling hair, loosening buttons, huffing and puffing. With a groan, Sharon pulled away.

"Don't go anywhere," she teased, went into the kitchen and retrieved the two headed dildo from the bag. Back on the couch, Melissa was just removing the last of her cloths. Sharon tossed her the dildo, which Melissa caught in mid air. With both hands wrapped around its girth, she forced it into her box. Melissa stabbed the phallus into her hole as Sharon peeled her cloths off.

Melissa was on her back, so Sharon mounted the couch on her side. Reaching between her legs she found the free end of the dildo then, shimmying forward, she felt the head force its way through her folds. Melissa sobbed softly as the dildo was pushed even deeper into her body. Her fingernails dug into Sharon's thigh. She flinched when their clits touched. The dong moved inside her, especially when Sharon flicked her hips. It drove the shaft even deeper inside. Melissa figured it out. She clenched around the shaft and bucked her hips. Sharon groaned in response and bucked back. They sizzered back and forth, their twats glistening and wet. Sharon's head was vowed, mouth hanging open, as she sawed away, grunting like a bitch in heat.

Melissa arched her back and fumbled at her tits as she screwed her brother's girlfriend. She could not believe what Sharon was doing to her, or how good it felt. That plastic cock filled her like nothing before. Each time Sharon bore down, she felt it in her gut. And Sharon looked incredible when she fucked, with the way her muscles worked and her tits bounced. She could feel wetness leaking down her legs and into the crack of her ass. It tickled. She couldn't wait to get her tongue into Sharon's twat. The thought of it made her want to scream. And then she was screaming.

"Oh God ... God ... FUCK ... don't ... don't stop ... Sharon ... uuuhhhh," Melissa came with a couch shaking shudder and a gushing from her twat that soaked the cushion and thrilled Sharon, it was so nasty. Sharon pulled back slowly, savoring the feeling until the dildo plopped out of her. She gently kisses her way up Melissa's panting body.

"When you get that apartment, I'll move in with you until I can find a place of my own," Sharon took hold of the dildo, half of it still embedded in Melissa, and began to twist it slowly.

Melissa, still short on breath, could only nod.

"You understand, don't you ... why I have to get out of here?"

"Oh course," Melissa whispered. Sharon kissed her.

"Thank you so much," she said, then rose to her knees and straddled Melissa's face. She leaned forward, resting her chest on the arm of the couch.

"You know," she purred, "there's something else you could do for me."

Sharon was happy to discover that, as with the dildo, Melissa was a fast learner.

* * *

2 – Edith

As soon as she got home, Edith ran to her bedroom, threw herself to the mattress and tried it lying down. That didn't work so she rolled over and tried it on her stomach, but that didn't work either. She lifted her ass in the air and tried it like that. Still no joy. She tried it on the couch and in the shower. She tried it soft and slow, then hard and fast. It was no use, nothing was getting her off. Then she thought of the chips.

There was an old ceramic bowl in the kitchen she was sure would work. Edith retrieved it from the cabinet, then brought it into the living room, placing it on the coffee table. She dropped balled up paper into the bowl, then a handful of chips. She was ready to light the match when the little voice in her head protested.

"No! Not alone."

Edith froze. No matter how worked up she was, no matter how much she wanted to, it was forbidden to burn the chips without another woman around. She hadn't any idea how she knew this, but she didn't question it. The only question, as far as she was concerned, was who would join her. Edith went through the candidates in her head, but everyone she could think of was at work. With a frustrated groan, she put the matches down and went over to her computer. She'd sort through her e-mail until her friends were off the clock.

Outlook timed out without downloading anything. She opened her browser and got a "no connection" error for her trouble. The "sync" light on her cable modem flashed orange.

"Give me a break," she muttered and stepped out of her unit heading for the lobby to collect her snail mail.

Keesha was there. Edith appraised, her barely aware of the predatory smile forming on her lips. Edith wasn't sure how old she was, only that she was young, but she was built like a woman. Her skin was dark brown, yet luminous. Her straight, shiny black hair ended just below the jaw line with the cutest, softest curl. She had big, fawn-like eyes. And then there were the boobs: Big and full yet firm. The word "brickhouse" came to Edith's mind. The plan formed instantly.

"Hey Edith, haven't seen you around lately," Keesha flipped through her mail.

"Went camping up north with some friends ... just got back."


"Say," Edith said casually, "You know about computers, right?"

Keesha shrugged, "I guess so."

"I can't get my e-mail. Can you take a look and tell me what I'm doing wrong?"


Keesha led the way back to Edith's apartment, Edith's eyes never left the badonkadonk bouncing so enticingly in front of her. But she panicked slightly as they went through the door. This was crazy ... absolutely insane. Keesha was just a kid, for Christ's sake! She almost asked Keesha for her age, but checked herself. The girl absolutely oozed sexy, and what's more, she knew it. She had to! She had to know what she was doing when she put on that skin tight, long sleeved tee that flaunted her impish belly button ring and made her tits so mouth watering. And those jeans that rose so low, low enough for Edith to just see the top of her pink thong. That settled it ... she was going to show big little Keesha what sexy was all about!

"The computer's over there," Edith said. The girl sat in front of the machine, opened and closed a couple applications, then looked at the cable modem.

"Your modem lost sync, you probably just need to reset it," she said as she reached behind the small box and unplugged the power cord. She turned around, "We'll let it sit for a minute and try again ... what are you doing?"

Edith was standing by the coffee table. She smiled as she dropped the lit match into the bowl, "You'll see."

"Wow!" Keesha exclaimed as the flames leapt from the bowl.

Edith took a nervous step back. The fire was more energetic than she'd expected, for a second she was afraid she'd set her whole place alight. But things settled quickly and Edith turned her attention to her "guest"...

... who looked at the glow with a vacuous stare. Edith waited an extra moment, but Keesha didn't move. Edith walked to the girl, took her hand and gently pulled her up. Keesha was completely passive, allowing herself to be led to and seated at the couch. Edith waited again. Already, Keesha's breathing had quickened, her magnificent breasts rising and falling. Edith couldn't resist. Slowly she pulled the girl's shirt up. For Edith, the smell of leather filled the room. She wondered what Keesha smelled. The bra was hot pink, to match the panties no doubt, and inconveniently clasped on the back. Making sure not to block Keesha's view of the bowl, Edith reached around. Ever so slightly, the black girl leaned forward to allow Edith the room. Nevertheless it was an awkward process; given Keesha's size the bra was tight against her body and she was panting rapidly now. Edith had difficulty holding, then releasing the clap. Persistence paid off, as it often does. The bra finally came free. Edith went to her knees in front of Keesha and pushed the cups off her mounds. The nipples were hard and purple, heaving like a bobber on the water. Using both hands to hold one of the teats, Edith took a nip into her mouth. Softly, Keesha sighed.

Her mouth rode Keesha's breast until, finally, the spasm broke. Edith scrambled onto the couch and straddled Keesha's lap. She pulled up her sweatshirt, grateful she hadn't bothered with a bra and crushed their chests together. Keesha's hands roamed over Edith's body, starting at her ass, up her flanks and down her back before darting into her pants. She grabbed Edith's panties and pulled; Edith felt the material in her ass crack. Keesha made the most wonderful mewling noises as they kissed. The fronts of their jeans bumped together. Edith was absolutely soaked. For a moment, she thought she was going to cum then and there.

"Stop!" Keesha gasped. "We have to stop."

"No." Their lips met again, tongues dueling. Keesha's hands were drifting up and down the older woman's back again. Fingernails raking her skin.

"My friend is waiting for me upstairs," Keesha broke the kiss again.

"Forget about her," Edith pounced.

With a groan, Keesha pushed Edith away, "She's hot."

That got through, "Hot?"

"Really ... Fucking ... Hot!"

Edith thought it over. A bird in hand was worth two in the bush, but still ...

"Go get her," she finally said.

The two rose from the couch and straightened their clothing. They kissed long and hard at the door, then Keesha was gone. While she waited, Edith threw another chip into the bowl to freshen the flame. It was almost 10 minutes before she heard voices in the hall and at her door.

"I don't wanna'."

"It'll only take a minute," she heard Keesha say. "I'm helping her fix her computer. We'll be in and out."

There was a disappointed sigh, then a knock on the door.

"It'll be fine, swear to God," Keesha said as Edith opened the door.

"Heeeeyyyyy," Keesha enthused. "Edith, this is my friend Mia."

To her credit, even though Edith knew she didn't want to be there, Mia was friendly enough. She was ethnically ambiguous, maybe Latina, maybe Philippina, maybe both. But there was no doubt Keesha had been correct ... Mia was smoking, with coffee and cream colored skin and shaggy brown hair that cascaded past her shoulders. Her deep brown eyes twinkled. Her breasts, though not as large as Keesha's, were still full and round. She had the most beautiful and graceful lips and ass Edith had ever seen.

"C'mon in," Edith stepped aside.

Mia stepped in first and managed to squeak out a soft, "Yo" as she took in the flames. Her legs faltered; Edith and Keesha caught her. One on each arm, they led her to the couch. Mia was breathing in deeply the smoke from the bowl.

"I smell peppermint," she said drunkenly.

Keesha undid Edith's belt, "That's funny, I smelled lilac."

Edith spun around. They removed each other's cloths sharply, pausing only to steal long, savage kisses. Finally naked, Edith found Keesha's soaking twat, the juices ran down her fingers as they sunk into the folds. Keesha squirmed.

"Where's your room?" she panted. Edith pointed with her chin. "Well, get me in there and fuck me right!"

Keesha took off for the bedroom at a sprint. Edith looked over at Mia, who was gasping loudly. It wouldn't be long now.

She licked Mia's neck and whispered in her ear, "When you're ready, we'll be in the other room."

"Uhhhh," was the reply.

Edith went into the bedroom.

She was feasting on Keesha's cunt, using her fingers to pry the gooey lips apart, and Keesha was doing the same to her, when the bed sagged. Edith looked up. Mia was climbing onto the bed, wearing only a gold hoop in her clit, a yellow rubber wristband and a brilliant smile. Her pink nipples poked straight out from her upturned breasts and her pussy glistened. Mia had a wafer thin line of hair that extended straight up from her clit, like a seam. It looked almost like the hair had been stitched over the pubic bone. Edith rose to her knees.

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