tagMind ControlKindling Ch. 03

Kindling Ch. 03


"What the fuck do you mean, am I allowed to be using this? Am I a child to you?"

The teenager waved the rifle at her aggressively, which was actually quite frightening in the secluded rainforest. It suddenly occurred to Jasmine that there were more important questions to be asking, such as why are you saving me? Or, why am I even here in the first place?

"What happened? What is this place?"

"Shut up! They could be around here somewhere!"


Jasmine was reminded to shut up by the pressing pain in her leg and stomach, as she very slowly clambered to her feet. There was an awkward silence between the two of them, amplified in the pitch-black night.

"We should go. I'll tell you what I know on the way."

Jasmine agreed with that wholeheartedly. So they started walking, slowly, through the rainforest, Jasmine closely following in the teen's footsteps.

"Around the same time you showed up, we intercepted a mind control van being driven to central base. I was in charge of surveillance, this time, and while I was trying to intercept recovery units for the truck, I found you."

Words could not describe the quiet expression of shock of Jasmine's face at that statement.

"You were intercepting a what?"

"A mind control van. It's exactly what it is."

"And what was I..."

"You're not very smart, are you?"

The crudeness of the insult and the lack of sympathy shocked Jasmine out of her stupor pretty much immediately, and she suddenly remembered what had led up to the gap in her memories.

"Shit! SH-! My boyfriend! I remember getting into a limo with my boyfriend, and that's it! Does that mean he is in the rainforest somewhere?!"


She didn't want the question avoided, she wanted a fucking answer. Just any answer other than maybe, just a single word...

"We need to find him!"

"We will try our best. But we need to get to base first. Okay?"


She wanted to throttle this teen, but her sense of self-preservation, and fear of absolutely everything the island had to offer, was stronger. For a couple of minutes, tears welling up in her eyes, she walked behind her rescuer. Then she broke the silence.

"It's okay. Thank-you for rescuing me, I suppose. What's your name?"

The teen looked at her in the darkness, blue eyes glowing in the darkness.

"My name's Sandy. Are you...alright?"

Jasmine didn't want to come across as a pussy in front of the much younger woman, truth be damned.

"It's just something in my eye. I'll be okay."

-- -- --

"Brownie." The woman smiled, and waved as her best friend entered her own room, dressed in what effectively amounted to low quality camouflage gear.

"What are you doing on my bed Dusty, ya dipshit!?! Or did you feel like waiting for me?"

The other woman smiled, sat down on her mattress, and pinched her best friends cheek.

"Of course I felt like waiting for you. You're my best...friend..."

Something about that statement made Brownie wince. Of course the only person on this island that wasn't brainwashed and shared her sense of humour was straighter than an arrow.

"Yeah, well you're my best...friend...too! Anything interesting happen?"

"Well, you will never believe this, Michael nearly got himself killed in the raid again, but he did finally manage to get another kill!"

"I don't believe it. Did he rescue any captives?"

"Well, of course not. But Sandy, on the other hand..."

This didn't sound like a joke. Nobody made jokes about Sandy. Which was weird, because if it was big, it was really BIG.

"You CANNOT be serious. That's our second one!?!?!"


"You're serious."

"And it's a chick too."

"Oh my Gooooooooooood!! When do we meet?!?" Brownie looked like she was going to explode from excitement. And she had good reason to. That was five deaths on the enemy team two rescues, and another excuse to get drunk, in what, six months? It was also exactly the response Dusty wanted to hear.

"We're meeting tonight."

-- -- --

So the island was run by a shadowy cabal of hypnotists to obtain blank obedient slaves and make a fortune on the black market. That seemed a little hard to grasp for Jasmine, but she supposed she didn't really have a choice in whether she accepted it or not. As for how they survived, apparently they just did, surviving by hiding their weaponry and technology in a cave and flawlessly pretending to be genuine tourists when they were in the open, instead of revolutionaries. Nobody had come after them in months, because they weren't effective enough to halt the literal hypnosis machine.

"I'm just supposed, to believe, that me, and my boyfriend were being brainwashed into being blank...obedient...slaves?"

She didn't mean to stumble over those words, she was just weary, that was all. And she felt unwell, too, stupefied at what to do in the situation she found herself in. Sandy had abandoned her to do leadership things, but there were some more people willing to help her at least. There was Dusty, with light brown hair in a messy ponytail, and combined with Sandy and her light blonde hair, she figured out how Brownie got a name like that pretty fast.

"Well you don't have to. But you're not the only one who's escaped being brainwashed. There's Priya, she's a computing genius who escaped mid-brainwashing before, and she can apparently help you...remember the, you know, the hypnosis process. She asked you to come specifically, didn't she?"

"I'm still sceptical."

"Okay then, maybe we should ask the questions. Whatcha going to do about your boyfriend?"

"I'm going to get a gun, and then I'm going to shoot people until I find my boyfriend, or the leader of this whole thing. He's going to pay."

Laughter. Jasmine didn't mind though, she just let it fuel her anger and quiet resentment.

"We are cynical, lemme tell you that much. Best to just do as Sandy says, and live on the island at the expense of the hypnotised victims. We hack their bank account, because they ain't going to use them, only the lunatics at the top. And they can't tell us apart from the normies. The non-hypnotised ones."

"And if I don't?'

Dusty mimicked a gun firing. Then she started to whisper.

"Sandy isn't known for being nice. And that's coming from a group of paranoid refugee orphans. Bless her soul. You either do what she says, or you are a hypnotised threat to our security. And then..."

Well, this was shaping up to be her worst holiday yet.

-- -- -

So she had eventually, after a lot of pacing inside the caves to ease her nerves, gone to see the Priya, the apparent computing genius/psychologist combination.

"Another survivor. Welcome. It's nice to meet you. And the name's Priya, by the way."

Jasmine felt like Priya had been working on that suave introduction for months.

Priya's quarters seemed to be the smallest portion of the cave so far, which was weird. Maybe she kept her computers somewhere else?

"It's nice to meet you too."

"Does the lack of computers concern you?"

Jasmine honestly didn't know. There was just one laptop, stacks of paper, a whiteboard, a projector, and about a thousand pens scattered all over the place.

"Should it?"

"Up to you."

"Well, it's not like I have a choice in the matter. Do you agree with Sandy? About the whole...you know."

"When my employers tried to put me under I was the IT director on the island, receiving tens of millions of dollars a year. They invited my department to a party, and tried to put us all under. I was the only one that escaped, and also the only one they needed to catch. I've been trying to get my friends out ever since. Being the only person essential to the hypnotists...It makes you paranoid. Every plan, every infiltration, has the capture of me as the prime target. You understand, right?"

"I'm not sure, I'm a little out of my depth..."

Priya opened the palm of her hand, and Jasmine, intuitively looking down, saw the jet-black gemstone nestled within. The unnatural light filling the cavern sparkled off the gemstone in an unusual way, and she just found it so captivating...

"You know, most rebels find this irritating. I've checked, about a hundred times. You on the other hand...are sinking..."


"All it takes is a light and a pretty thing to look at. And some words. The crystal isn't even that important. What's important, is that your reaction is real."

The crystal was reminding her of how good it felt to be a good girl. Priya's voice was guiding her that way, but it wasn't that important to listen. She just automatically let the voice guide her and she stared...

"Tell me, what put you under? The first time."

Don't you know, Mistress?

"This is an extenuating circumstance. Allegro."

The word's importance cut through her brain like a knife, and she found herself unable not to answer. Her bra, which she had borrowed from the rebels, hung unclasped from one arm as she stood there, half undressed, having thrown her shirt in a corner of the cave.

Fire, Mistress.

"Good girl."

She liked being called a good girl, the appreciation and lust inher mistresses voice, made her pussy throb and her head spin.

"Did I tell about how good at hacking I am? It's not just bank accounts I can hack, it's not just money that I take to cripple these rogue hypnotists, I can hack the main database too. I know their emails, I can read their messages, but it all leads to hypnosis doesn't it? Hypnotic code words, designed to simulate responses in their victims. And they don't think I can hypnotise people, so why not share it with me? Why not let me exercise my genius? Except they're wrong."

Priya stopped talking long after slave's pussy had stopped listening, a determined expression on her face, that slave saw as anger. And when Mistress was angry, it was her job to make Mistress happy.

When her hands ran through Priya's hair, and guided Priya's hands to close around her stiff nipples, Priya's expression turned from anger, to surprise, to embarrassment, to a cheeky grin, blushing a shallow red.

"H-huh!? You're in trance...what are the chances you weren't thinking about what I'm saying, hm? Just staring off into space thinking about rude thoughts..."

Slave was far too busy kissing Priya's neck to speak. It just wasn't important to her.

"Ah! Ohh...ohhh! Slut! Listen! Lets experiment shall we?"

Priya's voice was shallow, and hoarse, as she stretched her arms into the air, erotic music to slave's ears. And slave loved to do what the erotic music told her to do.

Experiment 1: Touch me until I cum.

Priya's petite naked body was something to behold, even in these conditions. And Jasmine's programming meant she was extremely capable of doing just that, as she worshipped Priya's body with her mouth, pussy and mind, as Priya sat, legs in the air, pussy spread wide. It wasn't slave's erotic fantasies, but slave didn't care. She could be guide Mistress to orgasm if she needed to.

"I...should be writing these results...down!...Haah!!"

Slave wasn't listening, her fingers sliding deeper and deeper into her mistresses pussy. It felt good to be in control, but it felt better, a million times better to be giving Mistress what she wanted, what she liked. Mistress whimpered, and then, without thought, focus, or resistance, slaves tongue was licking patterns of obedience onto her Mistresses clit. Just the thought of it made her pussy tremble.

She needed release.

Moaning softly as she kissed her mistresses clit, she looked pleadingly into her mistresses eyes, and her Mistress looked desperately back into hers. It was time. And the second the taste of cum hit her mouth, she came desperately, harder than she had ever remembered. Her eyes shut, she just lay there beneath her mistress, mouth tasting of cum, pussy soaking in her own juices. She wasn't going to remember how good this felt. Just like she didn't remember all the other times. Because she was a good...hypnotised...

There was a growl from above her, and she opened her eyes.

"Enough...experimenting. Now we get to have fun."

-- --- -


So Priya had finished with Jasmine, but not before giving her an immensely satisfying climax with her tongue. That was okay. Jasmine was slowly coming around to the whole fucking women thing. That wasn't why she was alone, staring at a painting of a naked woman that someone had nailed to the side of the cave, sometime the following day. She was confused, afraid, and very very alone.


Brownie sat down next to her and gave her a glass of...it probably wasn't water.

"Are you alright? You...assaulted Priya."


She had assaulted Priya, but it's not like Priya hadn't seen it coming. Maybe.


"She had it coming. I think she knew that. Do you know...what she did?"

"Yeah. Well, I managed to sneak a peek at her lab notes, while everyone was looking the other way. You had sex?"

"That's, a very...simplified way of putting it."

"Well, that's what she wrote down."

"She spent the last half an hour fucking me in excruciating positions. At the end of it, I literally couldn't stand. Then, then she..."

Jasmine went back to staring at the statue and hoping Brownie would leave. No luck. If there was a possible reason for her outstaying her welcome, Jasmine had literally no idea. But she had to share the truth with one of her, what, two friends, that she had? The more she kept quiet, the deeper she became buried.

"She told me to remember. To remember everything. I don't know how it was as effective as it was. But I remembered everything I missed. And it hurt. She knew it would hurt, but she did it anyway."

Brownie's expression was unchanged. No anger, no disappointment. Just...was that pity?"

"She was using you. So you hit her?"

"I could barely stand! I just stood there making dumb noises for a couple of minutes, then she left. I wish I could of hit her. I've been hypnotised at least FIVE TIMES, in two days. And the only time I'm going to get fucked by a woman is when I go under. Does anyone here even CARE about me? I don't know! Am I actually enjoying myself when I get fucked?!? I don't know!"

Hang on.

Brownie had at this point, gone a deep red. At first, Jasmine thought it was embarrassment, but then realised Brownie had been waiting until she was alone. Not just kind of alone. Completely alone. To as her about...her reaction to lesbian sex. And offered her strong alcohol in the middle of the day.

"Brownie...why are you blushing?"

She knew why. It was so stupidly obvious.


This was going to take months if Jasmine didn't do something fast. And it would be a lie to say Jasmine wasn't kind of relishing the opportunity.

"Brownie. Take me somewhere private. Now."

-- -- -

They were in a hotel room, no idea what the hotel room was charging, just that they knew that they didn't have to pay. Again, that was something to do with Priya. But Jasmine didn't want to think about Priya. Her mind was full of Brownie, and Brownie's mind was full of...well, her. It was very flattering, but again if she stopped to bask in her own beauty, Brownie would probably freeze up.

"What do we do now?"

"Practice kiss!"

"Okay, right. Practice kiss incoming!"

Brownie tried and failed to move her lips close enough to Jasmine's. It was a little ridiculous.

"Its best if you don't think about it. Now hold still."

Now it was Jasmine's turn to kiss her, and Jasmine's extra seven and a half years of experience paid off. Brownie's lips tasted so, so, sweet and she loved it.

That's more like it.

"Your lips taste like chocolate, baby."

Brownie blushed crimson again, and Jasmine had to remind herself that she honestly wasn't that talented at flirting.

"Now, why don't you go run me a bath? That's my first order of the afternoon."

"Aye-aye cap'n!" Brownie grinned, an rushed off into the bathroom.

"And check the temperature for me!"

Jasmine practically tore her clothes off with enthusiasm, and then she walked into the bathroom, saw what Brownie looked like dripping wet, and was left speechless for a few seconds.

"Not exactly what I meant by testing the water..."

"Oh I know exactly what you meant..."

The water was warm and deep, and Brownie's body was warmer still. Their damp lips danced against each other, and Jasmine was completely in control And Brownie's nipples were so firm and inviting. It must have taken her ten minutes to notice what someone had left on the side of the jacuzzi. And her fingers only stopped so her breathless virgin could answer.

"So...is this yours?"

It was a cute little pendant, with a gem the same colour of the ocean. Jasmine wasn't quite sure whether she wanted it close to her when she was prone and defenceless like this, which is why she soon had it clenched within her closed fist.

"Mmm...it's a...it's from my parents. Can I...

"Really? Looks vaguely useful for you know...mind control."

"Well it's not! It...it looks nice on you."

Jasmine wasn't entirely certain why she had slipped the pendant around her neck, but she had, and Brownie didn't seem to have a problem with it.

"Try not to stare too much, darling. You might go under..."

Brownie didn't seem concerned in the slightest. If anything, the idea if her slipping under was just making both of them more aroused,

"And there's a problem with that?"

"No. Now put your legs on my shoulders, you gorgeous slut."

Jasmine gave the ass cheeks underneath her a quick squeeze before slowly moving her tongue across the wet folds in front of her, listening to the beautiful screams and moans that showed what a good job she was doing.

Being dominant was just as much fun as she expected.

-- -- --

"You're a good girl, aren't you. Just keep looking at the pendant, keep going under like the slut you are. You can feel yourself getting hornier and hornier the deeper you go."

"I am a good girl, I can feel myself getting hornier and hornier the deeper I go."

Jasmine's eyes lazily roamed over Brownie's body. She was even prettier hypnotised, if only there was a way to send her deeper...

"What's your name? You never told me your actual name."

Brownie showed a little bit of resistance, but Jasmine kept prodding, because it was important to her. She was in charge.

"You want to go deeper, don't you? If you give me your name...you can go as deep as I want you to. And then you can cum."


There we go.

"You're a good girl Sammy. Go deeper...just look into my eyes and fall Samantha..."

That did the trick. Sam gasped and bit her lip suddenly, as though she was holding something back, her eyes wavering, squinting and then closing completely shut.

"That's a good girl. That's...such...a good...obedient...little girl. Now what's going to happen, okay, is there is going to be a beautiful dark tunnel, and when I touch you, you will have an amazing orgasm and go into the tunnel. And when I say the word Barossa, you are going to come out of the beautiful tunnel, remembering that you were hypnotised and that you came harder than you ever came before."

Jasmine wasn't going to wait for a response. Fuck that. She simply plunged her fingers into Samantha's pussy.

"And release!"

-- -- --

Jasmine's eyes were closed, but she could tell Samantha was moving, having fallen asleep with Sammy in her arms, almost as if they were on a honeymoon together except much, much weirder.

"Uh...Jasmine? I feel kind of...lightheaded all of a sudden..."

Jasmine couldn't remember telling her to come out of the tunnel. Which was weird because everything else was crystal clear in her mind.

"Hey Sammy..."

"Wh..oh..OH my god."

It didn't matter. Did it? Well, it was her first try. She'd get better as she learnt, she supposed.

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