King Size Bed


I grinned. "That was so incredible," I said quietly.

Megan looked down at the wet stains in front of me, the remains of my orgasm. "You liked that, did you?" she asked with a big smile.

I nodded vigorously. She leaned over to me and kissed me. Usually when we kiss, I notice her smell. It's the smell of her perfume, or her shampoo, or just that warm scent of her skin. Not this time. This time, she smelled like Lisa. There was no doubt that she smelled like her friend's pussy. If there had been, the taste in her mouth would have settled the issue. We were both tasting Lisa's juices now. I held her body to mine, feeling her soft boobs pressed to my chest, and shared the taste. I had just seen her act out a secret fantasy I had held for many years and I loved her so much at that moment. We had now both shared Lisa in the most intimate way.

When the kiss ended, we looked at each other. The scent of pussy was in the air between us. Truthfully, it was probably in the entire room, but it was especially strong there, next to Megan's face.

"Thank you for letting us do that alone. We needed to try it in our own way."

"Megan, thank you for letting me watch. That was the hottest thing I've ever seen."

Megan thought for a moment. "It doesn't bother you that I did it with her?"

"Not at all. You didn't mind me doing it with Lisa."

"But you're a boy I'm a girl – doing it with a girl."

"I know," I said eagerly. "That's what made it so exciting." After a moment, we both looked over at Lisa, who had rolled over and opened her eyes. "Are you going to let her do it to you?"

Megan turned to face me. "If you want me to."

"Do you want that?" I asked her.

There was just a moment's pause before Megan said, "Yes. I'd like that a lot. I want to feel how a woman does it."

"I want it, too. I want to see her please you. I want to watch her make you cum."

"Thank you," Megan told me quietly. She planted a light kiss on my lips, and then moved out of my arms to rejoin Lisa. Lisa opened up and Megan was again lying on top of her as they shared a passionate kiss. Lisa's hands moved down my wife's back to hold her ass. Lisa whispered something to Megan that I couldn't hear. Megan nodded and rolled off Lisa. Lisa positioned herself over Megan's tits, sucking her nipples. The look on Megan's face was amazing – pure enjoyment. Her eyes were closed, but the expression on her face was unmistakable. I enjoyed seeing my wife being pleased by her friend. After a few minutes of playing with both breasts, Lisa moved lower, kissing her way down to Megan's pussy. Megan had opened her eyes to watch what Lisa was doing. Now she was supporting herself on her forearms so she could lift her head up enough to see. When Lisa's tongue made contact with her lips, Megan's arms gave out and she fell back to the bed. Lisa explored with less hesitation than Megan had shown. Maybe she knew how pleasurable it was, or maybe she had done this before. Either way, Megan was enjoying what Lisa was doing to her body. I was soon stroking my erection again, captivated by the spectacle before me. Seeing two women making love is such a beautiful sight. They show such tenderness and confidence.

Megan must have been worked up by the whole situation because it took Lisa less time to make her cum than I would have thought. Megan looked over at me when her orgasm hit. She might have been seeking my acceptance, or maybe she wanted to see how I was reacting to seeing someone else making her cum. I smiled and blew her a kiss. She smiled back and her gaze returned to Lisa. Her hands were now on the back of Lisa's head and her legs were lifting off the bed. Lisa didn't let up until Megan cried out, determined to give her a memorable experience. After, she kept giving Megan's pussy little kisses and licks, pointedly avoiding her sensitive clit but covering the rest of the area around it. In time, she moved back to Megan's face and they shared a long deep French kiss.

After a little while, Megan reached out for me. I moved to her and she put her arm around the back of my neck. She pulled me to her so I could kiss her as well. She moved between kissing me and kissing Lisa. I was so close to the two of them that I could smell Megan's juices on Lisa's face. The three of us basked in the afterglow, three friends sharing a magical moment. No one was in a hurry for it to end.

Eventually we got out of bed and cleaned up. Megan showered first with me, then asked me if I minded if Lisa joined her. I told her I didn't. We talked about what the two of them had done and I assured her I didn't mind. In fact, I enjoyed seeing it very much. I got out of the shower and dried off. Then, still naked, I found Lisa gently playing with herself on the bed and told her Megan was waiting for her in the shower. She looked at me as if trying to see if I minded. I smiled and told her to have fun playing with my wife. She got the message and joined Megan. It took them a long time to finish, but I didn't mind. When they came out, I was already dressed. They got ready quickly and we got something to eat.

That afternoon we planned to lay out on the beach. The weather was warm with scattered clouds. We found a vacant spot of sand to place our towels and started sunning. I was lying between the two women. After about an hour, I finished the book I was reading and commented that I was going back to the room to get my other book.

"Lisa, why don't you go with him," Megan suggested calmly. Lisa and I both turned to Megan, unsure we had heard her correctly. Ordinarily, the suggestion wouldn't have meant anything. In the light of what had we had done lately, the meaning was clear. Whether it was our sudden quietness or she felt us looking at her, Megan continued, "Go ahead, it's OK with me."

I leaned over to kiss Megan's cheek. She whispered to me, "I'll be out here thinking about what you are doing with her and getting very wet. I want to hear all about it when you get back."

Shaking my head in disbelief, I got to my knees and reached for Lisa's hand. The blonde took my hand and we walked back to the room. We didn't speak on the way, but she did hold on very tightly to my hand. We both knew what was going to happen when we got inside the room. On the walk, I don't think I could have gotten any harder.

I opened the door and let Lisa go in before me. I closed the door behind me, the click of the lock seeming to echo in the otherwise empty room. Sure, we had had sex before, but with Megan present. This was the first time we had been alone together, at least for this purpose. Lisa smiled shyly and reached behind her neck to untie the top of her bikini. I watched the cups fall away, exposing her breasts. The nipples were erect, but I don't think it was because of the cool air-conditioning. She untied the bottom string and her top fell to the floor between us. I watched it fall. She reached out for me and I hugged her, kissing her passionately as I felt her tits crushing against my bare chest. I held her to me so tightly that I could feel the bulge of my erection pressing against her mound. She could feel it, too. She pressed harder, rubbing her mound against the lump in my swimsuit. I pulled my lips from hers, sucking at her bottom lip as I did and ending the kiss in a wet sloppy fashion. We were smiling at each other when I opened my eyes.

We still didn't speak. I dropped to my knees and kissed her pussy through the bikini bottom. Next, I put a thumb in each side and pulled down, exposing her patch of blonde hair. The crotch of her suit held on to a strand of her wetness as it moved down. She was as wet as I was hard. The suit slid down her legs and she stepped out of it. I held her by her ass cheeks and pressed my face into her pussy, my tongue working its way into her slit. She was so wet and hot that it was almost like putting my face into a warm saucer of water. I was enjoying tasting her. She was enjoying it, judging by the way she broke the silence with her whimpers. I felt her hands on my head, guiding me to the correct spots. I expected to eat her out for a lot longer, but she pulled me away after what seemed only like a minute. I looked up questioningly at her.

She said, "I want it now," as she fell back onto the bed, pulling me with her. She scooted fully onto the bed (avoiding the wet spot from earlier) and opened her legs. I crawled after her, my erection dangling and bobbing from side to side as I moved. She seemed to like watching it swing.

When I reached her, she grasped my dick and aimed it towards her slit. I felt her sliding it along her wet pussy. She cooed as the tip passed over her clit, and then moved it lower to enter her. Her hands slid along my sides as I entered her. I sank fully into her because she was so wet. When I was fully inside I dropped softly onto her. It was then that I fully realized we were doing this alone, without Megan there. It was like cheating on my wife, even though she had given her permission. I actually thought about Megan lying alone on the beach as I screwed Lisa.

Well, I thought about Megan for the first few minutes. When Lisa really started getting into it, moaning and calling out, I couldn't think of anything except the naked blonde lying underneath me. It wasn't that I loved Megan any less. In a way, I was doing this because I loved Megan so much. I was certainly having fun, but I wouldn't have ever done it with Lisa if not for Megan's insistence. Lisa was a lot more vocal when we were alone. She moaned, and she talked. She wasn't shy about asking me to do it certain ways.

I sat up and placed her legs over my shoulders. She liked it that way a lot. Before long, I had her ass lifted off the bed and I was pushing hard into her. By the sounds she was making, she liked it rough. Next, she wanted to get on top. I started to pull out but she stopped me. Holding me close to her, she guided me into rolling over while still inside her. I almost came out at the end of the roll, but we successfully ended up with her on top and my dick still safely inside her. She immediately started riding me hard, impaling her slender body on my cock.

"What makes it so exciting?" I asked rhetorically as she rode me and I thrust up into her.

She closed her eyes, smiled, and drew in a deep breath. "Doing it with you. Knowing Megan is out there," pointing to the door, "and that she knows what we are doing. It's naughty and wrong, but not really wrong because we have her permission."

"Not just her permission, she practically pushed us together."

Lisa nodded. Then, she became more introspective. "How do you really feel about seeing me with her?"

Thinking about that again got me even hornier. "That was the most erotic thing I've ever seen," I told her eagerly. "I loved watching. I wanted to join in, but I knew you wanted to be alone."

"It wasn't the first time I've done it, but I think it was the first for Megan. I've wanted her for a long time but I didn't know how to bring it up. I guess the time was just right."

I thought some more about her earlier question. "If you're asking if I'm alright with you doing it again with her, yes! Oh, yes!" The thought of seeing them making love to each other drove me to more energetic thrusts against Lisa's bottom.

"Yes!" she echoed. Then, more in control, "Maybe you'd like to join in next time."

That did it. I came at her words. I pushed my hips upward into her, lifting her in the process. My legs were tensed. It was like I was trying to push my cum into her body with more force by using my legs. She was in front of me, but I was thinking about Megan. Megan and her - together.

"I'll take that as a 'Yes'," she said with a broad smile. "Oh, yes." She wiggled her bottom on me as I was getting soft. It felt nice, but I could feel my dick coming out of her pussy. "Do something for me?" It was a question. I nodded. "Do what you did to Megan, eat me now?" I thought it over for a moment. I did it because Megan really liked it. I didn't mind because it was my own cum I was tasting – and I really liked eating pussy. I felt at that moment I could do it for Lisa as well. I had enjoyed her body so much that I wanted to do it for her. I nodded. Lisa continued speaking. "No guy has ever done that to me, eaten my pussy after he came in me. It was so hot watching you do that to Megan."

She climbed off, a rush of warm fluid coming out of her pussy when she got up. It pooled on my lower stomach. She looked at it, then at me with an impish grin. She leaned forward and licked, tasting both of us. After a few licks, she leaned over and kissed me. "Thanks," she whispered. She rolled onto her back with her legs open. I put my face where my dick had been and quickly gave her the orgasm I denied her when I came before her a few minutes before. Most of my cum had leaked out when she got off me so I barely tasted myself. After I finished, I lay on top of her and kissed her. She moaned during the kiss, enjoying the taste.

"That was as good as I expected it would be," she told me. Then, "You're hard from doing that."

"I'm hard from eating your pussy. I love to eat pussy. Ask Megan."

"She's told me." Seeing my expression, she explained, "We talk a lot about sex, even more than when you're around." Without explanation, she got up and turned around, moving on top of me in a sixty-nine. She was shorter than me so I had to bend my neck to reach, but we managed. It wasn't as comfortable as doing it with Megan but it was still fun.

After I finally came in Lisa's mouth, she got up.

"That was great! I came two more times," she told me.

"It took me awhile because I had just had an orgasm," I explained.

Lisa kissed me, the smell of sperm on her breath. "We should probably clean up and go back out. Megan is probably dying to hear what we've been doing."

We both laughed at that.

"Let's not clean up," I suggested. "At least not completely. Wipe up the obvious remains, but let's go out there like we are. I want her to be able to smell you and taste you on me."

"Sounds naughty," Lisa said slowly. Then, more quickly, "I like it."

She grabbed a towel from the bathroom and cleaned only where it would be really obvious outside her bikini. She looked me over and decided I was fine the way I was. We got dressed to rejoin my wife.

"Ready?" she asked.

"Ready," I replied.

Hand in hand, we walked back out to where we had left Megan, big smiles on our faces. I suppose some people could tell what we had just done, and I didn't care.

Megan was still lying down on her stomach and reading. There was no one near us. When she saw me out of the corner of her eye, she practically leapt up.

"Well?" she asked.

"Well?" I mimicked.

"What have you two been doing?" she asked.

As Megan kissed me, Lisa said, "What do you think we've been doing?"

During the kiss, Megan could obviously smell and taste what we had been up to because the kiss suddenly heated up.

"I can tell. Do you know how hot it made me to be out here alone, knowing what was going on in the room?"

"Tell me," I ventured.

Megan took my hand. Looking around to be sure no one was near enough to see, she pressed my hand to her crotch. Even though her bikini bottom was too dark to see the wet stain, I could easily feel how damp the fabric was. I took the opportunity to work a finger into her slit through her suit. She groaned.

I saw that look of indecision in her eyes again. She was thinking about doing something. Something wild. My finger must have helped her make her decision. She took my hand in hers, gripping me tightly.

"Watch our stuff. We'll be back later," Megan called to Lisa as she practically dragged me to my feet and across the sand to our room. I looked back to Lisa. She was smiling broadly and telling us to "have fun". As we passed the pool, I could see a few people staring at us. One guy was shaking his head. They must have seen me go there with Lisa a short while ago and now again with another woman.

When we got to the door, Megan just looked at me, her eyes burning with lust. I put my key in the lock and opened the door. Megan pushed and we were both inside, the door banging closed behind us. Megan's hands were all over me at once.

"I got so horny out there, knowing what you two were doing in here. I almost couldn't stand it." She was breathless as she spoke those words.

"To tell the truth, I was thinking about you when I was with Lisa. It was strange doing it without you here."

"I got so fucking wet." Her choice of words was uncharacteristic for her. "I thought about going for a swim so I could play with myself in the water."

She now had both of us undressed. Her left hand was fondling her pussy while her right stroked me.

"You're still damp," she thought out loud. Dropping to her knees, she took the first few inches of my shaft in her mouth. "You still taste like her. You didn't even clean up."

"Do you mind?" I asked.

"Mm-mm," she said with her mouth full. She shook her head with my dick still attached. She was trying to smile around the shaft. I could see her smiling with her eyes. She took a deep breath and took me in as far as she had ever done. My knees sagged with the sensation. I gripped her head for balance.

Coming up for air, she released my hardon. "Get on the bed," she ordered, clearly in control. She wanted me badly at that moment. I was not going to argue. I got on my back. I watched fascinated as she mounted me. Her fingers parted her wet lips and she lowered her opening to me. The moment of contact was enhanced by her intense wetness and warmth. I gasped. She never paused, taking in my full length before stopping. When I bottomed out inside her, she was sitting on me. She looked at me and smiled, more relaxed now.

"I needed this," she said, the commanding tone gone from her voice. "Sorry I was so insistent."

"No problem. I knew what you were going to do. I didn't mind. I wanted this, too."

She started moving up and down, her pussy caressing my dick. Her face showed how pent up her emotions were. She was intent on talking all through the event.

"I thought it wouldn't bother me that you two were alone together." At that, I grew concerned and she saw it in my expression. "Oh, don't worry. I don't regret telling you to do it. I just thought I'd wait for you to get back and ask you to tell me all about it. What I didn't count on was getting so horny. I kept seeing in my mind what you were doing and I wanted to be a part of it. It was like I could see you doing her, hear the moans and the bed creak, all in my head. It was killing me that I couldn't be here. I was in public so I couldn't even stick my hand in my pants."

"You could have joined us at any time. You know that."

"I didn't want to," she explained. "I wanted you to have some time alone. I always get to have you alone. I wanted to give that to Lisa. I wanted to really share you with her. It just turned me on so much to think about it, knowing it was really going on right at that moment."

All through this, she was riding me hard. The exertion was apparent in our voices. We spoke, but grunts and groans were evident in our speech, combined with deep breathing. And the bed creaked.

"You're lasting a long time," she said. I usually was able to last, but not while doing it this vigorously.

"It helps that I just had an orgasm," I told her. She smiled at that.

"Just one?" she asked.

"Two," I told my wife, her eyes lighting up. "Once while fucking, and a second time in a sixty-nine."

Megan asked for more details. I related everything we had done, as well as what we had talked about.

"This feels great, but my knees are exhausted," Megan said, sounding disappointed.

"Stand up and put your face down at the edge of the bed. I'll do you from behind."

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