tagRomanceKings & Queens & Guillotines Ch. 01

Kings & Queens & Guillotines Ch. 01


Smith was in his late fifties and had just received word from his doctor that his mind was failing and memories would be gone in a matter of years. He was determined to maintain one- the one true love of his life, Lilly. Sitting at his desk, pen in hand, he began writing his story so he could keep it in his pocket at all times, once he was placed in a home, and read it as a reminder of all the good in his world. He knew he had the clutch it as long as he could, no matter where he went, and so he did write:

I was a well educated young man, fresh out of college, seeking to see the world. I would not have of my family's offer to enter the business and I set out to Europe to travel, work odd jobs to pay my way and write of my adventures. Often I would accept employment for a year time or two before moving onto another place. Pay was not important, it was all about the experience, meeting people, learning and seeing foreign lands... I was living a man's dream to explore and be free.

After ten years wandering I came to the village of Stanhope by the Sea. It was a quaint rural place. I needed some quiet time to rest and reflect whether it was time to go home to the States. The main employer was the Ashwood family. They were the largest landholder, renting their fields and running an assortment of businesses in the area. I applied for employment and was accepted as a house servant in the family castle.

The castle was grand, it being centuries old, nestled on a hill top perched on a cliff overlooking the rough sea below, an imposing figure from all angles. I, like all other staff, were housed and well fed. We dutifully served the Lord and the Lady Ashwood.

Lord Ashwood's family had sent him to mind the family's interests in this part of the country. Often he traveled to other parts on business for long periods of time leaving the Lady by herself. She was always well cared for in his absence and rarely complained, although I must say, sometimes I thought her a bit lonely, there being few friends of the Ashwood ilk in the locale.

It quickly came to pass that I became one of the more trusted employees, my college education exceeding the others, and, the Ashwoods respecting my family's entrepreneurial background and wealth. A young lady from the village, Lilly, with who I worked, took a liking to me. Often I would find her gazing at me from afar, a passionate determined look in her eyes. I thought her infatuation driven by my foreign background and education, although our ages were divergent by a good ten years, she being but 25 years old. I must admit the infatuation was flattering and mutual. Her fawning nature stroked my ego and soon I could not go a day without seeing her. Although a young girl to me, she was absolutely beautiful, innocent and invigorating and we soon found ourselves growing closer, despite the prohibition in our employment.

At first we would steal away at night to secluded hallways of the castle to kiss and express our passions for each other. She was fascinated with me, always telling me how handsome I was, how my foreign background intrigued her, how my stories of the States made her want to travel and see the other side of the world. Through me she lived dreams a poor girl rarely could.

We grew paranoid that we might be caught if not more cautious in our meetings, in our daily association around the castle, people might grow suspicious and she could ill afford to lose her job as she helped support her parents and siblings with her income.

Each day, Lady Ashwood permitted the female servants to pick a rose from the garden and pin it to their dresses, it being the sole personalization to their otherwise mundane and identical formal uniforms. We agreed that if Lilly wanted to see me, she would pick the reddest of roses, a signal of her desires. Late that night, when all others were asleep, we would sneak off to the antiquities storage room on the third floor. The clandestine scheme and location were at my insistence. Perhaps I pushed it on her as she was more cautious than I based on her family obligations. But she was also conflicted between right and wrong, responsibility and young lust and it was the safest thing for both of us.

And so one night at the agreed time, Lilly made her way to the storage room. It was filled with antique items from centuries gone by and collectibles not being used. The room was dark, its walls made of stone, there being no light save for the sun during the day. Lilly always entered first, a basket of clean clothes in hand- an alibi if encountered- and to hide the small candle she liked to light to fend off the darkness so she could see my face.

I entered after her, once secure in my knowledge that she and I had not been followed. Quietly I made my way to the room, opened the heavy wood door, sure to close it quietly. I scanned the room for the objects blocking my path to the far corner where Lilly had already set the small candle in the stone archway of the windowsill, its light twinkling in the glass window, the reflection blocking our view of the roaring ocean below, its muscular waves pounding the castle base where it met the sea far below.

I worked my way around the room to my Lilly. She looked out the window at the distant moon and sighed as I came behind her gently wrapping my arms around her waist, pulling her close, kissing her on the back of the neck and telling her, "I miss you." My hands ran across her body feeling her firm youthful curves. A man my age rarely had an opportunity with a woman in her youthful prime and it was not lost on me. We stood pressed together in the din of the candlelight, two souls in momentary bliss. We knew we could not linger long lest our respective roommates question our absences and realize we were both missing at the same times and possibly question our whereabouts.

"I want you so much, you are so close during the day, yet so far away," I told her.

"I know, it hurts me too," she said, "we must be quick, I am expected back soon. Sara Jane requested that I help her mend a dress tonight. I could not put her off. She asked me what I was going to do and I had to tell her I was going about to finish some chores I had not completed earlier in the day... She gave me a quizzical look as if to say why not leave them for tomorrow but before she could say anything I turned and left her... I'm sorry."

"It is alright... I have you with me for now, which is more than nothing," I replied as I ran my powerful hands across her blouse kneading her small but pert youthful breasts. She gasped as I slowly unbuttoned the blouse to get at her flesh. Her hand reached behind and found my pants, slowly stroking my manhood. I kissed her neck and pined at her clothes, raised her skirt to find her panties damp. As I pushed them down, they fell to the floor. I caressed her sex and massaged her, ran my hands through her tufts until my finger slipped into her furrow to tease her slick bud. She sighed and deftly unleashed my pants, causing them to fall and pool around my feet Our skin pressed, two bodies gently swaying flesh to flesh in the dark.

A hand came behind my neck and took hold for balance, the other on the window sill. She pressed her bottom against me, my fingers now gently teasing her delicate petals as I whispered in her ear how much I wanted her, how I was going to have her. "Don't stop," she quipped, urging me to continue my profession. I leveled my sex with hers lips and leaned forward, slowly entering her treasured flower, the hard head plying open her inner walls, spreading her as I sank deep.

As one hand stroked at her swollen bud, the other playfully pinched her pert nipple as she sighed and moaned. I feared someone passing by would hear us. I brought my fingers from her nipple to her mouth for her to suckle but her excitement was to forceful to muffle with such a simple solution.

I withdrew and turned her around, hoist her up on the window sill, put her legs over my elbows and entered her again. We kissed, our tongues playing, my sex hungrily gliding in and out of hers. Her arms wrapped around my neck as our mouths locked and she voraciously suckled my tongue, fixated on our kiss as her thighs began to quiver.

"Yes, yes, take me...." she whispered and begged. My body tingled with excitement and I pushed deep into her. She clutched at me inside and out as she hung on the edge of climax. Resisting her grasp, I pulled back, my head emerged, and then in one steady stroke, I sunk in again.

"Oh yes" she gasped. I plunging into her over and over, teasing her until we could no longer control our excitement. She wrapped her arms around me and held me tight, whimpering as I flayed at her sex, until crested into rapture, panting and gasping in heat as we came together.

When we calmed down she slackened her grasp and ran her hand across my chest, admiring my muscular form, "I don't like the way she looks at you," she said.


"The Lady," Lilly replied.

"How does she look at me?"

"Like she has needs,... like she wants you."

"Don't be ridiculous, she is so prim and proper and she has Lord Ashwood."

"When he is around," she commented, "which does not seem often these days."

"Well, I wouldn't worry yourself... I am yours."

"Thank you," Lilly replied.

"We best leave before someone gets suspicious. I love you," she said, giving me a kiss.

"And I you."

(To be continued, and in a lurid way...)

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