tagExhibitionist & VoyeurKings and Queens Ch. 02

Kings and Queens Ch. 02

byMany Feathers©

I didn't arrive back home until well after midnight. It had taken that long to walk to the service station, grab a gallon of gas, and walk back. I'd then driven my car over, filled it up and returned home. As I'd hoped, the lights were off in the house, all save for the single light burning in the kitchen as I entered through the back door.

I'd had plenty enough time to think during my excursion. For most of my walk I had argued with myself back and forth. There was no way that a tiny little fart could have given me away...or had it? If I showed up over at Cindy's at nine a.m., that simple act would confirm without any doubt I had been there. If I didn't, if I called her bluff, would she in fact still go to my parents with the unsubstantiated fact that I'd actually been there.

I couldn't afford to take that chance. If there was one thing that was somewhat in my favor, it was the fact I had gotten along fairly well with Cindy over the past couple of years. More than once I had felt like she had teased or flirted with me, though I hadn't taken any of that seriously. She was after all twice my age. I tossed and turned in my bed half the night, waking as I heard my father moving about in the kitchen early morning, no doubt getting ready to head out for his weekend golf-game with Bob just as he always did. I wondered as I lay there if Cindy would shortly after come over as well for her early morning cup of coffee with mom. I had heard them before chatting away, just before getting up, occasionally joining the two of them for a cup of coffee myself before heading outside to mow the lawn. I decided to wait and see if she did, there was still plenty of time before nine o'clock came around, before I'd have to make any decisions and deny or confirm my presence the night before.

It wasn't long after dad had left when I likewise heard mom bustling about in the kitchen as well, making coffee. Sure enough the phone rang, and I knew then that Cindy would be coming over shortly. I got up, dressed, and then stood by my door listening. Moments later I heard the sound of Cindy's voice as she came into the house. It was hard to tell what was being said, but the sounds I heard were very typical of those I had heard in the past just before exciting my bedroom. This time however, I decided to quietly approach, with luck I could reach the rec room without them being aware I was there, and then listen more closely to their conversation as they sat around the kitchen table over their cups of coffee.

As I slowly and quietly walked down the hall in my stockings, I could finally begin to make out their conversation, though they'd begun talking in much lower tones of voices.

"Can't believe how wet you still are," I heard Cindy telling my mother, whom I then heard giggle.

"I know...it never fails, after our evenings together, I always wake up horny and aroused the next day. It's funny, as much as I enjoy playing with that enormous dick of his, I still can't quite handle it fully whenever we fuck. I still prefer Steven's cock inside me, or Bob's. Even Mike's is a little easier to take, though he's pretty big too. But John's!" she again laughed as I froze, now standing just inside the recreation room only a few feet away from the kitchen, now hearing the two of them quite clearly.

"I know what you mean, it's almost more fun watching him squirt, either jacking him off, or blowing him rather than fucking him. He always cums so damn much!" Cindy giggled almost dreamily. "But it is damn fucking fun to see though isn't it?" she asked.

"Yes it is," mom sighed. "I wonder if John's always had that problem with women being as big as he is. Though Laurel certainly doesn't seem to have any problems taking it, which is probably why she married him in the first place." Once again I heard mom, and then Cindy giggle.

"God you're wet!" Cindy said once again, and then I heard what was unmistakably the sound of some very slippery sounding noises being made.

"What the hell are they doing?" I wondered. And then I got my answer.

"As nice as that banana feels, I wish I still had an available cucumber," mom actually whispered, though it was still just loud enough for me to hear her. "Maybe if I keep practicing with one of those, I'll eventually be able to take that fucker!" Mom groaned.

"Yeah but this is fun too," Cindy stated. "I enjoy watching you while you watch me," she answered back, now the sounds of two very hot wet cunts being played with were even more easily heard.

"Just keep an ear out for Kevin," I heard mom say. "He had a late night, so he's apt to sleep in for a while longer yet, but I can't imagine what he'd think if he were to come in here and catch us doing this," she said concernedly. I heard Cindy laugh at that.

"Yeah, wouldn't that be a surprise?" She quipped. "Catching his very horny mother masturbating in front of her best friend while using a banana, whatever would he think?"

It almost sounded like she was talking to me, and for a moment I briefly worried about coughing, sneezing...or farting.

"Just the same Cindy," Mom said somewhat seriously, "I'm not sure how he'd react to things, and I'd just as soon not find out either," she added. "So, hurry up before he does wake up, I want to watch you cum, I love seeing you squirt, wish to hell I could do that myself."

"You can," Cindy told her, "It just takes practice and patience, but I'm certainly more than willing to show you how to do it some time, though it might take a while before you actually do."

"Squirt?" I once again silently asked myself. I wasn't so naive that I hadn't heard the term before, and knew that some women could do that, though I'd personally never seen it. But now my head was filled with the image of Cindy's cunt spurting that suddenly caused my cock to begin stiffening inside my pants.

"Oh yeah, do it, do it!" I heard mom urging her friend, the sound of her very slippery pussy now being pummeled. If I didn't know any better, I'd have sworn she was lying on the table getting fucked by someone by the sounds of it, even her panting as she neared closer and closer towards orgasm alerted me to the fact she was almost there.

"You ready baby?" Cindy moaned audibly. "You wanna see my wet hot fucking cunt squirt?"

"Yes!" Mom moaned, likewise the sounds of her own banana-bating could be easily heard, the visions inside my head painting the picture of how the two of them must have looked, sitting in the kitchen chairs, facing one another, legs spread perhaps, big yellow banana's in each of their hands as they sat in front of one another fucking their respective cunts.

"Almost...almost," Cindy moaned deeply once again. "Ah...ah...ahhhhhh!" She cried out almost shrieking, though even then cautiously forcing herself to lower her voice as she came, though mom was almost louder than she was as she responded to the visual of that.

"Fuck that's hot! Cum baby, cum! That's it...squirt, yeah do it...again. Yes, oh fuck yes...look at that hot fucking cunt squirting all that juice!" I knew then by the sounds of my own mother's pleasure, she too was climaxing right along with her friend, the two of them watching one another as they obviously did.

And I was still blown away by the words I'd heard my mother using, the lusty, wanton tone of voice, the desire, and the excitement. All of it. I was still having trouble trying to see her as this horny little slut as opposed to my almost demure, shy quiet and reserved mother, as she always appeared and seemed to be around me.

I was hard as a fucking rock, and used that moment to turn and quietly head back down the hallway to my room. Slipping inside, I stood there behind the door trying to catch my breath, my heart beating a thousand miles an hour, the image inside my head more explicit, more decadent and obscene than any I had ever entertained before. I stood there with my back towards the door, unzipped my jeans, pulling my cock out and proceeded to stroke it as I stood there. There was no fucking way I was going back out feeling like this, it would take forever for my prick to go down again anyway unless I did something about it. I stood there jack-hammering my dick, only seconds away from release as I looked about for something to cum into. Finally saying "fuck it!" to myself the oddly weird pleasure of just standing there releasing my spunk, watching it fly from the tip of my prick to land wherever the hell I felt like aiming it suddenly feeling quite arousing...naughty, wicked! I soon did. The intense sensation of my own climax seizing my dick, tightening my balls, and then the delicious surge of my cream racing up the length of my shaft. It was almost surreal.

I'd come hard before, plenty of times. But I'm not sure I'd actually seen my prick shoot such a large load and at such an incredible distance when I did. It was almost a world record for me, if I'd been keeping track, but it was wildly erotic to see the first several squirts of my own climax fly across my bedroom nearly hitting the back of my chair next to my desk as I stood there.

"Fucking A!" I exclaimed as I looked down at the wet line that crossed the floor along with several large puddles that had pooled in several other places as well. I stood there weak kneed, still slow stroking my cock, stripping it of the last traces of my spunk as I shook it, watching cum-spittle flying off everywhere. I could have cared less. It had felt too fucking good. Once I had collected myself however, I entered the bathroom, no longer trying to be quiet. It would be my announcement to the two of them I had gotten up. I grabbed a washcloth, wetting it, and then went back into my room to clean up.


By the time I actually entered the kitchen, everything appeared perfectly normal, just like always. I'd even glance hurriedly at the floor, but if Cindy had made a mess as I imagined she had, it had already been taking care of, just as mine was.

Though both were wearing robes, they were properly done up. Mom was slicing some bagels, a tub of cream cheese sitting nearby. Cindy had stood upon hearing my approach and was pouring me a cup of coffee as I entered.

"Morning honey, sleep well?" Mom asked once again using the demure tone of voice she'd always used whenever I was around. Her hot slutty naughty persona once again tucked away.

"Ok I guess," I said answering, though I had glanced over at the table as I came in. A bowl of fruit sat in the middle of the table just like always, a few not quite ripe yet banana's sitting directly on top. They were more green than yellow, a small correction to my memory banks making the adjustment. But worse, I felt my face flush a little as I stood there, finally glancing over towards Cindy just as she turned holding out my freshly poured coffee towards me. She smiled.

"Good morning Kevin," her eyes seemed to be digging into my soul, but I wasn't quite ready to acknowledge anything to her yet one way or the other.

"Morning," I answered simply taking a seat.

Mom looked at me worriedly. "You ok honey?" She asked. "You look a little flushed."

"It's hot in my room," I told her. Which it was. "Looks like it's going to be another hot one today too," I then added. "Thought I'd get the lawn mowed early before it gets any hotter." I said that taking a sip from my cup, peering over the rim of it towards Cindy as she sat down, looking back. She wasn't giving anything away either, looking no different than she normally did as she sat there.

"That reminds me," she said turning towards my mother. "I was wondering if I could borrow Kevin for a little while this morning. I'm rearranging the spare bedroom and could really use Kevin's help with the furniture, if he doesn't mind helping me," she asked once again turning back around to look towards me. "Say, nine o'clock or there abouts?" she asked. I almost burned myself as I took another sip of my hot coffee, sitting the cup down.

"Oh I'm sure he wouldn't mind helping you at all," mom said speaking for me. "Would you Kevin?"

"No...of course not," I responded. "But I'd better get out and get the lawn mowed first then," I said standing. "I'll be over as soon as I'm finished."


It was almost nine o'clock by the time I had finished mowing the lawn and put the mower away. Once I had, I walked through the gate separating the two yards and walked up to the back door, knocking. Once again my heart felt like it was going to pound through my chest as I stood there.

"Come in Kevin," I heard Cindy calling out towards me. I opened the screen door and stepped in, but she wasn't in the kitchen area. "I'm in the living room," she announced a second later, effectively leading me towards her. I left the kitchen stepping into the hallway, and then took a left into their living room. Sure enough she was there, dusting. But I noticed as she stood there reaching up above the curtains on tippy-toe the way she was dressed. She wore a very short pair of white shorts that molded her perfect firm ass, a hint of her almost but not quite bare ass cheeks peaking out as she stretched. But even more revealingly than that was the form fitting "wife-beater" she had on as they were often referred to. It looked in fact painted on as tight as it was, and it was obvious she didn't have a bra on beneath it. Her nipples stood out quite obviously pressing against the almost too thin material.

"You wanted me to help you move things?" I asked somewhat stupidly as I stood there staring at her. She ignored my question however.

"You were right, it really is going to be a hot one today isn't it?" she said wiping her brow, "Though it was a pretty hot one last night too...wasn't it?"

She was fishing. I knew it, and she knew it. But there it was. I was here on the pretense of helping her to move furniture, but I knew coming over that she'd gotten me here for the specific purpose of pinning me to the wall so to speak. I thought briefly of playing stupid, pretending I had no idea what she was talking about, but then decided on an entirely different approach, answering her back without giving away the farm. Not yet anyway.

"Yes...it was."

I saw her smile. If we were indeed talking about the same thing, which neither one of us had yet alluded to, this could get fairly interesting. By the look in her eyes however, I then realized she was about to switch tactics. Obviously she had no intention of wasting any more time with this in that fashion.

"You know I didn't ask you over here to help me move furniture," she then stated.

"You didn't?" I automatically responded, feigning surprise. I should have known better. She frowned, now looking serious.

"Sit down Kevin, you and I need to talk." This time I didn't play dumb, taking a seat. I could feel the perspiration on my forehead and reached up to wipe it away with the back of my hand. "Can I get you something to drink before we do?" she then asked, her features softening once again.

"Ah no thanks, thank you anyway," I said more politely, now wishing she'd just get to the point and get this over with. If she was going to berate me for my being there, I was perfectly willing to accept it and give her whatever promises or guarantee's that she needed in keeping my silence as to what I'd seen.

"Very well then, let's get straight to the point here. You and I both know you were there in the room, watching us." I didn't answer that verbally, though I did nod my head. Once again she smiled, pleased to see I'd at the very least admitted to my being there.

"Were you shocked? Repulsed?" She paused only briefly. "Excited...horny by what you saw?" she pressed.

I felt my eyes widen, looking up towards her, trying to work up enough saliva in my mouth in order to speak. "Yeah, probably a bit of all of that," I finally managed. "I ah...well, I didn't expect to see that," I said simply.

"No...I bet you didn't," Cindy agreed. "But, you stayed there to watch didn't you?" she then asked, adding to that. "Just how long where you there anyway? The whole time?"

"Pretty much I guess," I freely admitted, going on to explain how that had all come about, including the incident with my girlfriend Jayleen, and my car running out of gas.

She sat next to me on the couch listening. "You know Kevin, it's not polite to spy on people, regardless of what they're doing. You might not agree with everything you saw, heard or watched. But we are all adults, and as long as we're all consenting adults, as far as we're all concerned, there's nothing wrong with what we were doing. Do you agree with that?" She asked.

"I...I guess so," I stammered, remembering back now, the images so clearly once again coming to mind as I sat there in the dark watching the six of them fuck one another.

"I'd really hate to have to tell your parents that I caught you spying on us," she seemed to be scolding me, once again looking serious. "And I still haven't decided that I shouldn't tell them anyway. I'd hate to find out that you'd gone off blabbing to all your friends and buddies about what you'd seen. You know how much something like that could hurt your mother and father, not to mention the rest of us. What we do in the privacy of our own homes is our business Kevin, do you understand that? It's not for anyone else to know, or spread the word about."

I was scared now, truly worried. Fearful that she might in fact mention my being there to my parents. Dad would kill me, that would be bad enough. But the last thing I wanted to do was see my mother get hurt. And though I knew I could never again see them in quite the same light as before, I didn't love them any less. It was just a new side of their private life I hadn't known before, and needed to accept.

"What can I do to assure you of the fact I'll never say anything?" I asked. That was apparently what Cindy was waiting to hear, or something similar to it anyway. She sat back straightening, a small smile once again appearing on her face.

"You're right Kevin, I do need some assurance from you," she told me. "Something concrete, and not just your word, because it's too soon for me to simply trust you in that," she added making me feel even worse.

"Whatever you want," I told her. "Whatever you need me to do," I assured her. "Just don't tell my folks I saw any of that," I spoke almost too softly. To my surprise, Cindy reached over, hugging me towards her. I felt my head pressed against her soft breasts, confusion now racing through my mind as I sat there being held.

Moments later she released me allowing me to sit up straight again, though she continued to hold my hands in hers as she sat next to me on the couch, facing me.

"What you saw were adults enjoying adult pleasures with one another..." she began. And you too are an adult now yourself," she then added referring to my legal age. "And as such, I think it's only appropriate that we handle this in an adult way, on the same level."

I had no idea where she was going with any of this, but I suddenly didn't like the sound of it either. I knew there was more, and I wasn't sure I was going to like it. "I already told you...I'll do whatever, and I promise I will never mention a word of this, not to anyone. What more can I say? Do?"

She took a deep breath, her eyes locked on mine. "I'm glad to hear you say that Kevin," she said speaking my name, in much the same way my own mother did whenever we had one of our heart-to-heart chats. "Because I believe that as an adult, you need to know the consequences of your actions, and that it needs to be handled in a very adult, though somewhat explicit way. That way...I will feel confident of you keeping your word and your promise, unfortunately, I need to know there's a firm commitment behind that until I'm more trusting, more confident in your word. Are you an adult Kevin? Or do I need to bring your parents into this?"

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