tagExhibitionist & VoyeurKings and Queens Ch. 03

Kings and Queens Ch. 03

byMany Feathers©

By the time eleven thirty rolled around, I was horny as hell and as hard as a fucking rock! Suddenly, the idea of standing there jerking myself off while Cindy watched wasn't nearly as traumatic as I'd first imagined it. Hell...even doing just that much had been a hell of a lot more than I'd even experienced with Jayleen! I was half tempted to simply take my dick out, strut across the yard from ours to hers, with my cock sticking out, though I didn't.

Once again I knocked, this time she was in the kitchen waiting for me. I didn't bother waiting to be told to take it out however, already unzipping my cut off jeans, my prick standing up stiff and proud as I walked over and stood by the table. She actually grinned upon seeing me.

"Glad to see you're over your shyness," she told me opening the door to the refrigerator and withdrawing my cum-jar, sitting it down on the table next to me. "I guess you don't need any incentive?" she asked teasingly.

"Oh, no...I'd still appreciate that too, please..." I added seeing her smile appreciatively. She hadn't changed her clothing, still wearing those almost too short shorts, and that painted on tee shirt, though like me, she simply reached down pulling it up and over her head, revealing those gorgeous tits of hers to me almost immediately.

"Think you've got a bit more cum in those big fat balls of yours this time?" she asked hotly actually reaching over to fondle them briefly while I stood there.

"No doubt about it," I answered back, reasonably sure there would be a bit more than the last time, though still probably not as much as the first time I'd come this morning. But for three times in one day, I was feeling pretty good about that anyway.

"Good, though we'd better hurry, the guys should be back any time now," she reminded me.

I felt a miniscule worried twinge in my dick for a moment as I pondered that, but then seeing Cindy as she went back to cupping her breasts, once again tweaking those incredibly hard nipples, any thoughts I had about Bob and my dad coming back soon quickly left my thoughts.

"Fuck Cindy, you've got great looking tits!" I told her.

She smiled at that. "Better than Laurels? Or your mothers?" she asked toying with them.

"Well, Laurel might have bigger boobs, but they're certainly not as nicely shaped as yours are. And as for mom...well, you two are damn similar in size and shape, so I'd have to say I sort of like them equally as much."

Once again Cindy laughed. "What about your girlfriend? Jayla, was it?"

"Jayleen," I corrected. "Sort of I guess, though I've never really seen them, I've only felt them a couple of times at the drive in, and once when we went for a drive up the mountains."

"You mean...you haven't done anything else with her besides that?"

"No," I said sheepishly, almost losing a little bit of my erection, though Cindy quickly corrected that by suddenly undoing her shorts, letting them fall down around her own ankles as she stepped out of them. Now wearing nothing more than the tiniest of very brief thongs that barely hid her pubic mound.

"So you mean to tell me, you've never even seen a woman's pussy? Or touched one?"

"Well, I have watched some porn, but...until last night, I'd actually never seen a woman's pussy before. And no...I never have actually touched one...yet," I added somewhat hopefully. I heard her snicker at that.

"Well don't get your hopes up with me either honey," she said teasingly. "Bad enough I'm allowing you to see this much, this is supposed to be a punishment, not a reward," she reminded me. "And I don't think that letting you cop a feel would be considered much of a punishment now would it?"

"No...I guess not," I said somewhat dejectedly, though standing here jerking myself off, looking at an almost entirely naked, and very attractive older woman didn't seem like much of a real punishment either. But I wasn't about to tell her that.

"Come on sweetie...you'd better hurry things up a little, they should be home any minute now," she warned me, once again giving me pause, though she almost made it worse when she added. "And even if they do...you can't quit until you have, so you'd better fucking hurry."

I didn't take her as being serious. I mean shit, no fucking way she'd want me to stand there in her kitchen with my dick out stroking myself with Bob and dad walking in...or would she? Suddenly, I wasn't really sure about that. After what I had recently learned, I guess anything was possible.

I soon felt the first tingle however, and smiled inwardly, I wasn't that far away now, and getting closer and closer to tossing another nice load any second now, which is when we both heard Bob's car pulling up in the drive. Almost immediately I reached down for my pants.

"Oh no you don't!" Cindy almost shouted. "I told you I was serious. Either you cum now for me, squirt it in my jar, or you can stand here with your hard dick sticking out and explain to your father and my husband why it is. Once again...your choice!"

I couldn't believe my ears! She was fucking serious! I stood there looking out the kitchen window as my father and Bob opened the car doors stepping out. Beside me, Cindy had struggled back into her shorts, and pulled her skintight top back on, no longer naked, though sultry still. But it was me who was standing there in the middle of her kitchen with my own jeans around my ankles, hard cock in hand as I held the end of the mason jar, which still contained my earlier spending inside it as I furiously pumped my prick. Once again beads of sweat appeared on my brow, Cindy stepping around behind me, pressing her breasts against my back, though looking out the window with me now.

"Better hurry, they'll be coming in soon," she announced unnecessarily. I groaned in frustration. That warning tingly had evaporated, I wasn't back to square one, but I certainly wasn't nearly as close to coming either. When Bob and my father walked around towards the back of the car, I nearly bolted, but then realized they were giving me a momentary reprieve as Bob opened the trunk of his car in order to retrieve their golf clubs.

"Fuck!" I moaned now pounding my prick harder and faster than I ever had before in my entire life, but at least once again I felt the tingle...felt the beginning of my release just as Bob shut the trunk, turned, waving at my father as he began walking across the yard back to our place. Almost relieved, I felt the first spurt of my cum leap from my prick into the jar as I held it there. Even though I was, it was already too late, Bob had nearly reached the porch, there would be no time for me to put my jeans on again and do them up on time, not to mention trying to explain the jar I was holding. To my surprise, Cindy met her husband at the door.

"Honey? Would you mind grabbing the paper? I forgot to bring it in this morning," she told him. "Thanks baby," she said in response to his reply, though I hadn't heard it. The only thing I knew, she'd given me just enough time to replace the jar, handing it to her, and then pulling my jeans back up only moments before Bob came inside, carrying his clubs along with the paper. He looked over towards me in surprise at finding me standing there.

"Oh...hi Kevin, what brings you over here?" He asked curiously. Cindy had just finished closing the door to the fridge and turned to answer him before I did.

"I didn't know for sure what time the two of you would be back," she told her husband. "I asked Kevin if he'd come over and give me a hand with the furniture in the spare room, but...since you're home now," she said smiling sweetly.

Bob rolled his eyes, shaking his head. "I knew we should have played eighteen," he said grinning, though he reached over roughing up my hair. "Don't worry Kevin, I'll take it from here," he then said laughing. "I'm sure you've got more important things to do that hang around and help some MILF move furniture."

"I'm sorry...what?"

Once again he laughed, as did Cindy. "Milf? Haven't you heard the term before?" he asked laughing at me rather than with me now. I had, but I couldn't believe he'd just said that. "You know...mothers I'd like to,"

"Now Bob," Cindy said cutting him off. "You're embarrassing the poor boy here. Maybe he doesn't have a thing for older women like a lot of young kids do these days, and besides, even if he did, you think he'd actually admit that to you?" she asked turning back towards me, winking at me.

I wanted to die.

"Now, hurry up and change clothes so you can help me," she told Bob ushering him out of the kitchen, and then turning towards me speaking before he'd actually left. "And thanks for coming anyway Kevin," she then added. There was no mistaking what it was that she'd meant by that.

"You're welcome, ah...Mrs. Matthews," I answered back a bit formally. I heard Bob chuckling down the hallway as he opened the closet door putting his clubs away.

"Mrs. Matthews," he said still laughing to himself, not knowing I had heard him perhaps, as I turned all but racing out the back door.

"Kevin?" Cindy said stopping me dead in my tracks, I turned looking at her.

"I think one more, shall we say four o'clock?" she said smiling. "Bob should be taking his afternoon nap by then, provided we get the room switched around. I'll make sure he's plenty tired and ready for his nap," she again winked. "See you then?"

I nodded my head, and then sprinted across the yard before anything else could happen. Little did I know.


It wasn't all that uncommon for mom and dad to occasionally get together and have a quickie during the weekend. Usually however they merely headed upstairs to their room and closed the door. It wasn't like I didn't know what was going on, but I didn't really have to think about it. Now, after what I'd seen, not only was I more aware of what they were doing, I could actually see them in my mind's eye too. And I still wasn't sure how I felt about that one either. The problem for me was, they weren't upstairs in their room, they'd gone into the recreation room, effectively blocking off the only way I had of getting into mine. I had entered in through the back door, heard them giggling almost immediately, and once again froze in place. It was becoming a very bad habit of mine.

"You're so naughty!" I heard mom saying. "You know honey, Kevin could come walking in any moment now," she told my father, though I then heard the sound of his zipper being pulled down.

"Well if we hurry maybe we'll still have time before he does," Dad informed her. "And besides, we'll hear the back door opening if he does, I'll have plenty of time to reach the bathroom before he finds us," Dad assured her. I wasn't about to tell them it was already too late for that. "And besides, you're the one who told me he'd gone over to help Cindy move some furniture around, even with Bob and I coming back, I'm willing to bet Bob's already gone up to take his nap, leaving it up to Kevin to help her instead of him having to do it. And on top of that...I'm also willing to bet our son's enjoying himself while he helps her. I know I've seen the way he's looked at her in the past, and I know you must have seen it too."

For the second time in as many minutes, I wanted to die again.

Mom laughed, though it sounded more like a gurgle as she did, and then a mumble as she spoke, though finally speaking a bit more clearly. Visions of her removing dad's cock from her mouth coming to mind. "Yeah, Cindy does seem to enjoy teasing the poor boy, gets a kick out of it too I think. But it seems pretty harmless, innocent all in all. I'm sure he ogles her just enough to get a little jerk off material out of it, but beyond that," she left off saying as I once again heard her go back to slathering my dad's dick.

"Fuck!" I moaned silently to myself, "Jerk off material?"

"Oh that's nice babe," dad moaned pleasurably. "You still suck dick better than even Cindy does."

"Or Laurel?" Mom asked teasingly, once again mumbling a bit. "I'd think with all your afternoon lunch hour practice in your office, she'd be getting better at it after all this time."

More thoughts and images filling my head. "Jesus dad...at work too?"

"Yeah, even her too," Dad chuckled. "No worse than thinking about you and Cindy going down on one another while I am at work," he told her. "Fuck...just seeing the two of you together gets me hot. I hope we don't have to wait an entire week before we do something again either," he said hopefully.

"Matter of fact babe, we've been invited over to their place later on this evening for a BBQ, though Kevin's been invited over too of course. I'm sure that after dinner, he'll want to scoot off and go see his girlfriend or something, but then, after that...I'm sure that Cindy and I can put on a very naughty show for the two of you. Now...unless you'd like to save this for later, you'd better let me finish sucking you off before Kevin comes home."

I eased my way back towards the door, hoping that if and when the time came, I'd appear to have just arrived, giving my folks plenty of warning after entering. Or so I hoped anyway. I could still hear the two of them going at it however, or rather mom as dad merely grunted out his climax a few minutes later. I counted to three, giving him that much time to enjoy it, and then opened the door letting it slam behind me. I held my breath and walked through the kitchen, even pausing to open the door to the refrigerator first as though looking for something to drink before continuing on. Sure enough, mom came in behind me looking a bit flustered as I turned around holding a coke in my hand that I really didn't want.

"How'd it go?" she asked.

"Oh, ok I guess. She sent me home for the time being, I guess Bob's going to help her finish moving things around. I did say I'd come back in a little while and help out if she needed me to," I added trying to lay the ground work for my needing to go over there again.

"That's sweet of you," mom smiled, though I couldn't help but wonder now if she wasn't thinking I wanted to go back over there for other reasons. Jerk off material.

"Anyway...a bit tired myself now, thought I'd lie down and take a bit of a nap too," I told her, and certainly a shower.

"Oh, before you do that, just so you know, your dad's in the bathroom at the moment, so you might want to wait a while."

"Why my bathroom? Why not his?" I asked, though I damn well knew the reason for that. But I didn't want them knowing I was suspicious, or actually knew why.

"It was closer," mom feigned giving me a funny look. So I let it go at that.

"Great, next time I'll go stink up his bathroom see how he likes it," I stated and then headed on into my own room.

I'd barely gone inside and closed the door when I heard dad come out. He hadn't even flushed. Dad wasn't nearly as good at covering up things as mom was. Even so, I waited a while before going in to finally shower. I stood there under the hot scathing water for what seemed like an eternity. Surprisingly, my dick got hard again even without me having to touch it. As scared as I'd been, standing there watching myself squirt into that fucking jar with Bob no more than a few feet away while I did, had been one of the most exciting moments of my entire life.

Four o'clock couldn't come fast enough.


I'd just barely gotten out of the shower when my cell phone rang. Picking it up, I was a bit surprised, but damn pleased to see it was Jayleen calling me.

"You ok?" I asked. "What happened anyway?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," she said not sounding at all fine, but continuing. "I can't talk long, I'm with mom at the store, but I told her I needed to use the restroom, have been dying to call you."

"I figured as much, after what happened, I didn't dare call you myself until I heard from you...now what?"

"Well, I finally got it through to my mother that I am eighteen after all, and old enough to decide things for myself. Took a while, but I think I've managed to convince her what I do is my choice. She's thinking about it. But she'll have to be the one to get my father to think differently too."

"What now then?" I asked curiously.

"Well, it may take a few days, but I'm sure as hell not going to go that long before seeing you again either, which is why I called. You don't have any plans tonight do you?" she asked.

I thought about telling her about the barbeque I'd been invited to, though I actually hadn't been invited to it either, not officially anyway. "Nothing really, why?"

"So you will be home later then? Late? I mean really, really late?"

"Yes of course I will...what else would I be doing without you?" I answered back. I could hear the smile in her voice.

"Good, don't exactly wait up for me, but was wondering...can you still get in and out of that window you told me about?"

"Sure, why?"

"Like I said," she continued on without explaining further. "Just look for me, don't know when I'll get there...but I will, gotta go...bye!" And with that she hung up the phone before I could say anything more.

"Holy shit!" I said to myself. "What the hell's going on? Is there a full moon or something?" And then I laughed, realizing that there was, though I didn't think any of this had anything to do with that. Still...

I took a nap, or at least tried to, rolling over periodically to look at the clock on my nightstand as it crawled through the minutes. I waited until it read 3:50, deciding that was close enough. This time I threw on a tee shirt along with my cut off jeans before heading back into the kitchen. Sure enough, mom was on the phone when I entered. She waved at me even as she spoke, letting me know to wait for a moment. I sat down next to her at the table, anxiously impatient.

"You sure you don't need us to bring anything besides that?" she asked. "Ok, see you about seven then," she finished hanging up. "That was Cindy, we're all going over to their place later for a barbeque, so don't make any plans before then," she informed me. "And...she also said she's waiting for you to come over and help her finish putting the room back together. Bob helped her finish moving, but immediately went up for his nap after doing that. She could use the help."

"I was just headed over there now," I told mom, once again seeing her give me that curious look. "What?" I found myself asking.

"Oh nothing...just something your father said earlier," she told me once again smiling a bit secretively. "Just that you seem more willing to do things for Cindy than you are around here," she then added though I could tell that she hadn't meant that in a bad way. If anything, she was just letting me know that she and dad had some thoughts regarding my reasons for possibly hanging around her so much.

"Oh mom...it's not like that, Cindy, Mrs. Matthews," I said correcting myself, "Is more like a second mother to me in a way. I don't mind doing things for her, any more than I mind doing things for you, and I don't think of her in certain ways either just in case you're wondering."

"You don't?" She asked honestly surprised. "She does dress a bit more provocatively than I do, so why wouldn't you? Only normal."

"Like I said mom...she reminds me of you, and I certainly don't run around thinking thinks like that about you either. And besides...I do have a girlfriend you know."

"Which reminds me, you know that Jayleen's welcome over here," she informed me. "Don't see her come over very often, she afraid of us?" she asked.

"It's not that, it's her parents. Let's just say they're a bit more over protective of their daughter, a bit more strict if you will. Now that she's finally eighteen, maybe they'll lighten up a bit, and then perhaps she'll be able to come over a bit more often." With that, I stood giving mom an affectionate kiss on the cheek and darted out the back door before she could say anything else. I needed to, my dick was already starting to form a tent against the front of my pants and the last thing I needed her to see, was that.

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