tagExhibitionist & VoyeurKings and Queens Ch. 04

Kings and Queens Ch. 04

byMany Feathers©

To be perfectly honest, I wasn't all that enthusiastic about spending my entire evening at our neighbors place for a barbeque. Though all that changed five seconds after I'd gone over there.

Mom AND dad had actually shooed me out of the house earlier than we were actually expected, under the pretense of sending me over to help out where I could in preparation for it. I immediately assumed they had ulterior motives for that however, and didn't want me hanging around. So I went. Only a little surprised to see me so soon, Cindy immediately put me to work however carrying out plates, silverware and glasses.

I'd noticed upon arriving she was wearing an extremely short skirt. Not that it didn't look damn good on her mind you, it was the fact she was even in a skirt rather than shorts that surprised me. I'm not sure I'd ever seen her wear a skirt before, especially around the house. And then minutes later, I found out why.

Bob stood inside the kitchen tenderizing and marinating the steaks. Handing me a tablecloth to cover the patio table with, I followed Cindy outside to begin helping her set up. One of the chairs was askew sitting out in the yard, and she promptly went over to pick it up, bending over as she did so. I noticed immediately, she didn't have any panties on, but it wasn't even that which was obvious, but something else which was even more so. There was a blue colored something hanging out of her pussy, or the end of it anyway. Having set the chair upright and back into its place around the table, she looked at me and smiled, realizing I had seen whatever it was that was inside her cunt.

"Like it?" she asked wickedly. "I sure do!"

"What the hell is it?" I asked, hearing her laugh as I asked her the question.

"Same thing your mother will have inside of her too," she told me secretly, winking. "A remote control vibrator. It's not on...yet, but it soon will be," she once again grinned. "And even though it's not on at the moment, just having it inside me as I move about is making me horny as hell."

"Me too," I thought to myself without saying it. "Remote control?" I did ask.

"Yeah, only get this...your dad has the remote to mine, and Bob has the remote to the one your mother will be wearing. They'll be in charge of whatever tingles, tickles, or outright pussy vibrations they want us to feel. There are six different sized settings for each, and then four different pulsations for each of those six settings. So there's no idea which one's we'll feel, or whenever we'll feel them. That's part of the game. And even more so...with you're being here while they do it. Obviously, you're really not supposed to know any of this, but now...under the circumstances, since you do, you can look for the obvious signs in your mother and I whenever the boys feel like teasing us with them while they're in us."

"Fuck Cindy, you mean mom's got one of those inside her pussy too?" I actually did ask aloud. "No wonder mom and dad shooed me out of the house early, I bet they're fooling around with it right now."

"Maybe they are," Cindy smiled as she walked over and took the silverware from my hands and began placing them on the table. But the skirts have other reasons too," she now added. We've got a bet going this evening," she whispered conspiratorially.

"What bet?" I asked curiously feeling my erection suddenly growing, though I realized almost as quickly, this could present a problem for me during the course of the evening, especially now.

"They bet one another twenty bucks, that they could somehow manage to slip their dicks inside us if we were to do this...wear skirts without anyone knowing it at some point during the evening. We were going to just do it here amongst ourselves, though John and Laurel as well as Mike and Doreen are going to be here too," she told me. The idea was, to try and do it without getting caught by any of them, and obviously if they did catch us, no harm no foul, all part of the fun. But your dad decided to make it even more interesting by having you here too, a bit more dangerous an attempt so to speak. So, now that you know, I thought I'd make it fun for you. If you do catch either one of them doing it, wink at me. If you're correct, I'll pay you the twenty bucks instead, how's that sound?"

I laughed. "Great, now I'm actually getting paid to spy on everyone," I commented shaking my head. I was half inclined to think everyone was off the deep-end here, but the more I thought about it, the more I rationalized it, making some sense out of it at least. I could actually begin to understand the element of danger and excitement involved, and could see why they might actually enjoy trying to do that.

"Just so you know, your dad's pretty damn good at this game," she told me. "Last time, he managed to slip it to both of us during the course of the evening, in full view of everyone here, and no one ever did call him on it either," she stated. "Just so you know."

I was learning more and more about my parents by the moment, and all of it surprising.

"Still, can't believe mom would do that with my being here," I told her.

"Well, because you are, she might not make herself too available while you are here," Cindy admitted. "She may very well wait to do so until after dinner before allowing either Bob or your father to actually slip it inside her and let them. But...you never know. If the opportunity presents itself, she just might. Sometimes your mom's even kinkier in that way than the rest of us are."

"What about the others?" I asked.

"Oh they play it too," she told me. "When we go over to their place. This time, they're on our court, so it's up to them to catch the four of us at it."

"Oh, I see...I think," I said still shaking my head, especially when I saw my parents walking over, mom wearing the shortest mini skirt I think I'd ever see her wearing before.

"Thanks for sending Kevin over to help out," Cindy said meeting them as they approached, giving mom an affectionate kiss on the cheek, though I also noticed she'd given one of mom's breasts a quick little grab too as she did so. I looked away pretending not to notice, but it was once again becoming awkwardly dangerous for me not to notice the slightly larger bulge inside my jeans. Admittedly, as weird as it was thinking about it, the fact that mom also had a very similar vibrator nestled inside her pussy at the moment was a bit more exciting than I cared to admit to.

Just then Bob came outside carrying the steaks he'd prepared, with the other friends of theirs who'd also come over, and who I hadn't met before. They were a bit surprised to see me there as mom greeted them, whispering to them both, before introducing me.

"Mike, Doreen? This is my son Kevin, he's staying for dinner before heading out for the evening," she told them. I actually had no plans to do so, but I wasn't about to tell my mom that either, just nodding my head in greeting at them, though I'd already noticed, a bit too late perhaps, the way Doreen was dressed. It was obvious she hadn't expected to run into me there. The blouse she had on was damn near transparent, and though her breasts weren't really large, they were certainly well rounded and full, her pink nipples clearly showing through the material as I stood there looking at them. Only then did I realize I'd been staring, lifting my eyes up and away, though feeling the blush spread through my cheeks as I did so.

"Like father, like son?" she laughed, her feeble attempt at lifting her hands to cover herself initially, just as silly as my pretending I hadn't stood there staring at them. She let her hands drop, no longer trying to pretend she wasn't almost totally exposed. And I in turn let the subject drop, and excused myself.

"I'll go see if Cindy needs any more help with anything," I said hurriedly ducking back inside the house, hearing a bit of laughter behind me as I slipped inside.

"I see you met Doreen," Cindy said smiling at me as she opened the refrigerator and removed the potato salad. "Nice tits doesn't she?" she said winking, and then laughing at me. "I guess I should have known, maybe even warned you, but knowing Laurel, don't be surprised if she's dressed a little slutty herself by the time she and John arrive. At least she knows you'll be here for a while, and also I wanted to tell you something..."She started.

Whatever she was about to tell me got interrupted just as they did arrive, the sound of the doorbell alerting her to that fact. "Be a doll? Take this out to the table for me?" she asked handing over the bowl of potato salad as she headed into the living room to answer the door. I was curious about whatever it was she was about to say, but knew now that would have to wait. As I stepped outside, I wasn't too surprised to see Bob hovering near my mother as they stood near the grill, it was immediately obvious he did have his hand up her skirt from behind, though they made some attempt at hiding it. I wasn't the only one looking their way wondering either. I had to laugh to myself, if he was trying to fuck mom without getting noticed, he wasn't doing it too well, and what about the toy in her pussy?" I further asked myself. What about that?"

As mom walked over taking the bowl from me, I swear she jumped slightly, looking back over her shoulder towards where Bob was standing. He had his hand inside his pocket with a smile on his face. Mom had just taken her first jolt of the evening.

She was right about Laurel too, though she wasn't dressed in what I thought to be a slutty sort of way, unless you'd call three inch heels slutty, but they were bright red, matching her bright red short-shorts, and her halter top, that barely contained those magnificent breasts of hers. Ok, so maybe she did look a little slutty, but I didn't mind it at all, almost drooling as I sat across from her at the patio table as we finally sat down and began to eat.

Twice, I had glanced up wondering if dad had made a move on Cindy or mom, both times looking over towards Cindy afterwards, but she almost unnoticeably shook her head "no", I was beginning to think that perhaps neither Bob or my dad would make a move until later, after I'd left, so in a sense, gave up really looking for it. I was too busy staring at Laurels cleavage, and Doreen's almost naked breasts as I sat there dawdling through dinner. Unfortunately however, we had finished, and as much as I might now like to entertain the thoughts of sticking around, it was time for me to go, especially when mom came over and told me to make sure I said goodnight, and to thank Bob and Cindy for the steaks and for having me over. I met Bob near the grill as he stood cleaning it off, thanked him, and then went looking for Cindy. She was sitting in dad's lap at the table, talking to Laurel and John still sitting across from them. I walked over, lifted my eyebrows in an unspoken question. Cindy grinned and gave me the thumbs up. Dad...obviously had his dick inside her as they sat there even though they were unmoving.

"Well, ah...just wanted to come over and say thanks for dinner," I half stammered though Dad went on talking normally to John as I stood there.

"You're welcome," Cindy grinned knowingly. "Enjoy your evening," she then added with an additional wink.

"I will. Ah...earlier, you were..."

Cindy cut me off with a knowing look, mouthing the words "tomorrow...come see me," so I accepted that, briefly acknowledged my father who told me to try and stay out of trouble, and then headed home.

I had nowhere to go. Though nobody knew that of course. And...I also knew that Jayleen would be coming over at some point I had already stayed far later than I thought I would, and probably later than any of the rest of them would have preferred I did too. But I had no doubt the night was about to get interesting in more ways than one.

Thirty minutes later I pulled my car out of the drive. I knew they had all seen me go, or thought I had anyway. I then drove around the block, parking my car in the school lot behind us, and then cut through the neighbor's yard back into our own. I'd done this a hundred times before in the past, and also knew, that this would also be the way that Jayleen would come from, whenever she did. I opened the back gate that accessed the alley where we set out the garbage to be picked up, and then entered the yard keeping well below the fence as I moved around back over to the fence separating our yard from Bob and Cindy's. It was a high fence, built for privacy, but like any wooden fences, there were still a few good-sized knotholes that had fallen out. Finding one at the perfect height as I sat down in the grass on my side of the fence, I peeked through at the party. Luckily for me, they'd remained outside as warm as it was inside, and with no one else being able to see anything going on, felt it was now a bit less risky to do so. All four women were now topless, mom included as they sat around laughing, joking, and as I watched, feeling one another up.

Which is also when Bob came out of the house carrying a deck of cards. "Hey everyone, since we're all here tonight, what's say we play a game of Kings and Queen's?" He asked. It became immediately obvious that everyone was up for that by the sudden reaction, already half naked anyway, the girls soon began removing their clothing. Once again I glanced down at my watch, it was already eleven thirty by this time, Jayleen could be showing up any moment now. As much as I wouldn't have minded sticking around to watch, I knew that I'd have a hard time explaining myself. I quickly moved to the opposite end of the yard, glad I had when ten minutes later Jayleen showed up. As expected, she'd parked her car next to mine at the school and had come through the gate, meeting me below the window of the guest room.

"Where's your folks?" She asked nervously.

I answered her truthfully. "Next door, playing cards with the neighbors," I told her.

"Canasta? Spades? Hearts? Pinochle?" She asked. "Bridge?"

"No....Something called Kings and Queens," I said smiling.

"Oh, never heard of that one," she told me.

"Yeah, me neither, not until recently," I said elaborating, wanting to change the subject. "So, why'd you decide to sneak out and come see me?" I asked curiously.

"Not here," she said worriedly looking about, though we were perfectly safe, and would be for quite a while yet no doubt. "Can we go inside?"

I stood up, dragged over the small bench I kept on the side of the house just for this very reason. Stood on it, and then lifted the window. "After you," I told her. "Just step down, you can't really see it, but it's there, a bed right below you," I directed her.

Jayleen swung her legs through the window, and then slid in, I quickly followed her, closing the window behind me once again. From there, we went through the connecting bathroom into my room, and only then locked both the doors from inside.

"You sure we won't be discovered?" she asked worriedly.

"Trust me...they just started playing, I seriously doubt they'll be home until well after one or two in the morning," I assured her easily. "So now then, like I said, what's up? Why'd you risk coming over here, sneaking out? Your father will kill you...kill us both if he finds out you know."

Jayleen smiled and began unbuttoning her blouse as she stood there. Though it was hard to see her as clearly as I would have liked, just the silhouette of her as she undressed was enough to arouse me immediately. I'd been in a state of arousal half the night anyway as it was. The teasing I'd been given next door had seen to that, and now as Jayleen finished removing the last of her clothing, she slid into the bed next to me, her hand reaching out as she did.

It was the first time since we'd begun seeing one another that she'd actually touched me. The initial contact feeling almost like an electric shock as she did, her small warm hand suddenly surrounding my shaft, tentatively stroking it. Almost by reflex, I reached out in the dark, touching her soft bare breasts for the first time as well, hearing her moan as she did.

"I wish mother hadn't found those condoms," she continued to moan softly.

"It's ok, I think we can wait for that," I told her, happily content to be experiencing this much. "And besides, I'd rather we wait to do that when we're not rushed and can both take our time without any worry or interruptions."

"Thank you," she said obviously relieved and in agreement with me, though she now leaned over, her tongue and lips just grazing the swollen tip of my cock.

"You don't have to..."

"Shh, I want to," she told me. "I've been wanting to do this for a very, very long time now," she added.

"Me too," I responded, "So turn around, lie down so I can do the same to you too."

In seconds we were curled up in a '69' position there on my bed. I couldn't believe I was finally this close to her bare pussy, though it was still difficult to see what I was doing or looking at there in the darkness. It was that darkness however that was giving each of us some measure of security however as we both fooled around, exploring the newness of all this for the first time. Both tentative at first, we soon became more familiar and comfortable with what we were doing. Jayleen's mouth began to suck, nibble and coax my shaft to an even greater hardness if that was possible. Likewise, my own tongue now ran up and down the length of her bare split, the sweetness of her essence coating my tongue as she began to lubricate.

"Is it ok?" She asked worriedly. I laughed, understanding her fears and worries, though I was giddy with the excitement of doing this for the first time, my answer coming in the form of finding her clit, gently sucking it deep within my mouth hearing her moan pleasurably in response.

Her mouth however, and my pent up arousal had me too soon to the edge. "I'm too close already," I announced openly. "I don't want to cum yet," I begged as she stopped sucking me, releasing me. I moved away then, turning about forcing her to lie on her back as I slid more comfortably between her legs. As I did so, I reached up locating her breasts, her nipples hard taut and full as I rolled them gingerly between my fingers, simultaneously flicking her tender little clit with my tongue.

"Oh fuck...Kevin! Kevin!" she moaned sweetly. It was the first time I had ever heard her use the word before, the tone of her voice lusty, music to my ears as I began to assault her pussy even more firmly with my tongue. "Oh baby...finger me," she now asked. "Finger-fuck my pussy!"

Almost reluctantly I released one of her tender nipples, my hand coming down to join my mouth and lips, worming my middle finger inside that heavenly wet split. I was amazed at the abundance of moisture that I found there, easing my finger in and out of her, delighting in the sensation of the pearly substance, which coated it as I began hearing the decadent, squishy sounds emanating from her cunt as I fingered her.

"Like that?" I mouthed into her pussy, delicately sliding my finger in and out as I kissed and licked her.

"Yes! Oh God yes!" She moaned hotly. "Add another," she now implored me, "Fuck me with your hand baby, fuck my pussy, suck my clit, make me cum!"

I had never heard her talk like this, though admittedly we'd never done anything like this before either. Obviously, once aroused, as I now knew her to be, she'd become this hot wanton vixen, her legs so obscenely spread, her pussy wet, the decadent naughty sounds it made as my fingers slid in and out of her. Just hearing that, as I knew she did, seemed to add to and escalate her own need, whatever inhibitions she might have had, evaporating away as she got more and more vocal with her speech. I only wished I could see her better than I did, vowing to do so soon, very...very soon.

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