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Kirsty Mia Puts it all Together


(This story is based on the stories Kirsty Mia wrote and published here on Literotica. While not necessary, reading her stories might make this one easier to follow. Kirsty has read this and told me she came to it and blesses its publication, she feels I have remained true to the slut she tries to be -- SplendidSpunk)


If you've stopped at my page here at Literotica and read the stories I've written, read my bio and seen my photo then you know about the sexual perversions I enjoy. For the most part I've so far only admitted to finding men on line who will allow me the pleasure of sucking their cocks. The one older man who sort of crashed my plans one night and continues to do so, brought out the fact of my pleasure in what is commonly referred to as water sports, using piss in a sexual act. I know that most of the writers here claim in some ways that their tales are true representations of their lives, and perhaps a lot of them are, I can assure you that what you are about to read is true, and that I would welcome it to occur again.

Although I describe myself as average, I do understate the size and shape of my tits. They are not the largest you'll see, but they are such that on my 'average' body they do stand out and capture the eyes of most men and a few women. I can and do like to take a hard cock and squeeze my tits together and watch the head of that hard cock slide between them before spewing lovely hot cum all over my face. Of course taking that cock in my mouth is, for me, the ultimate pleasure and being permitted to swallow his ejaculate is infinitely more thrilling then the feel of it splashing almost anywhere else on my body. Until now, until I allowed what is to follow happen, I'd not spoken of any cock filling my pussy and until that had occurred in the way it did, I rarely considered it. I'd been somewhat addicted, no pun intended, to sucking cock and for me the pleasure of a man's dick pulsing in my mouth brought me a level of pleasure I'd never reached with my own hand.

It all started on line when a man responded that he'd want something a bit different and when I'd tired of meeting strange men in the local park, he'd like to take me to a new level of pleasure, one he was sure I'd enjoy, especially after reading the stories I'd written about the park cock sucking I'd enjoyed. Initially I'd ignored him, as I had too many men willing to accept me and my mouth on their hard cocks, no questions asked. I guess like all of our sexual experiences I began to grow a bit bored with the same old same old and one day I responded to the man offering me something more.

I made it clear I was concerned for my safety, that if I were to agree to meet with him, I'd need to meet him and have some assurances in that area. A few back and forth e-mails led me to meet with Alan in his local pub. It was fairly close to my Brighton residence and so I agreed to meet him the following night. I dressed carefully making sure to not hide my attributes and to at the same time not look too ready to accept whatever he had to offer.

I admit that Alan would not have been someone I'd have met in my normal circle of friends, he was older, though very neat and clean, not at all like the perverted old man who pushed my limits in the park. He looked fairly well off, dressed nicely and seemed to be not only well known in the pub, but liked and respected. We'd each finished of a pint or two before he's asked me about my interest in his proposal. I told him he'd not yet made that proposal but that I'd, by being her, wanted to at least hear him out. He nodded and said.

"Kirsty, if you want to, I can take what you've already experienced and show you how to really enjoy yourself and learn just what an erotic encounter can do and you'll find that your orgasms so far are nothing special. But you'd have to trust me, for this to work you'd need to trust me. How can I get you there, what do you need to know of me to allow yourself to take this step."

He'd not revealed anything to me but wanted me to go blindly and allow him to do me in his own way. That alone was mildly exciting, but also mildly frightening too.

"I'd like to know I won't end up in hospital or worse and that you'd listen to a No, if I used it. How can you give me that?"

He thought that over and then called a woman to our table, a pretty blond girl, about my age maybe older, slim, small tits but a nice round firm ass and a smile that lit the room when she looked at Alan.

"Kirsty this is Alana. Alana, meet Kirsty."

Alana took my hand and I hers and we exchanged our hello's then Alan said.

"Alana, like you, met me here a few months back and in some ways for the same reason. She'd been looking on line for lovers, lovers she'd have but not have to keep. She wanted to have some fun, have an orgasm or two but not also have breakfast after and maybe never see the lover again. I say lover because Alana enjoys both men and women and she's been looking you over ever since you've arrived. I'd like to let the two of you talk and I'm sure Alana will convince you one way or another."

With that said Alan left us and went to enjoy his pint with some mates. I looked at Alana and agreed that she was certainly pretty and felt some attraction to her myself. I am, for the most part straight, but now and again the thought of being with a woman does appeal to me. Shaking the thought from my mind I asked.

"So Alan? Can he be trusted? Will it be worth my time and energy?"

Alana grinned and said.

"I was a bit put off at first as he is so closed off about his intentions. It took me some time to feel I could trust him, as it will you. I did however trust him and while I won't reveal what we did exactly, I can tell you he found a way to take what he knew of me and make it so much better for me. Unfortunately with Alan it's a one time thing. It his fantasy you see, to find a strange women and then develop her fantasy to a level she'd not thought of. I was not his first and you'll not be his last, but unless he's misread whatever it is you like, you'll be pleased and pissed. Pleased at what he puts you through and pissed you won't get it from him again."

Intrigued I tried to get more specifics from her but all she'd allow is that he was no ogre, that he was good and that she'd been better off having done it then she'd be if she hadn't. When Alan returned Alana left him to me.

"Ok, I can't say I'm comfortable yet but I am interested and all I will commit to is having you tell me what you can, and if I'm OK I'll follow it as long as it interests me. If that's not enough then I'll pass."

He was quiet for a bit then said.

"You'll get a package with instructions. If you elect to not proceed call my cellular and tell me it's off. If you are comfortable then do as instructed. Is that fair enough?"

I told him it was and we parted. Funny but walking out of the pub I knew I'd do it, whatever it was. I felt comfortable meeting Alan in his pub, meeting Alana and seeing how well he was thought of there. I realized that in meeting strange men in the park and sucking their cocks, letting that old lecher put his piss soaked cock in my mouth, and all I'd already done, I was willing, no needing to follow this through.

I was starting to doubt Alan would ever send the package and do whatever he intended and as the days passed, I found myself back on line, needing to satisfy not only my normal urges but the additional ones set in motion by Alan. The guy with the big cock actually made contact and although we met and tried, he was actually too big for my mouth, to big for my pussy and after a less then satisfying tit fuck, I knew I'd not keep looking for the big one. I did find time for the married couple and a few other guys who happened along and of course Martin the old geezer was there too, but no need here to repeat that episode. I mention all of this because by the time I did get the package and the instructions from Alan I came hard rubbing my pussy while I looked thru the contents and read the instructions. Happily it was all to take place the following day, so I skipped the park and spent the night prepping for whatever was to come with Alan.

I showered, lingering in the hot water caressing my tits and fingering my puss and arse, washing my hair and wanting to be clean and ready in the morning. Unfortunately after going to bed I could not help playing with my self again and again so another shower in the morning became necessary.

Alan had sent the clothes I was to wear and while I initially thought he's guessed the wrong sizes, after wiggling into the shorts and top I saw how fucking slutty I looked and knew Alan had made no mistake. I was only surprised by the hiking boots, but after reading the instructions closely I understood that whatever was going to happen would happen outside (a favorite for me) in a wooded area near here (love the woods) and that I'd need to hike a bit to get to my ultimate destination. Alan had provided cab fare as the area was some distance away and as I exited the cab and started up the trail, I realized that the shorts were so tight that they were rubbing against my clit with each step. A hundred steps into the hike I felt the beginning of an orgasm and had to stop for a second to control it. I'd no panties or bra on, just the shorts, the t-shirt and the boots. About ten minutes into the walk I saw my name on an envelope nailed to a tree. Opening the message I learned that the t-shirt was to go. I slipped it over my head and dropped it and the note to the ground and continued up the trail.

Alan had provided some bottled water and insisted I consume it as I walked, for hydration he'd said. It was a warm day and I managed to already drink two of the four bottles he's provided. Thankfully, walking topless, my tits in the open air cooled me down in some ways, heated me up in others. While the wood seemed deserted it wasn't private property and the chance of seeing and being seen by strangers was not impossible. Of course the constant rubbing of my clit by the tight shorts kept me hot in that way too. A bit later on another note in a tree and off came the shorts. Now the remainder of my hike would be nude except for the boots. I was glad to have shaved my puss clean the night before, the cool air blowing between my legs and cooling my wet hot pussy felt good. It also felt good not to have that constant rubbing from the shorts, though enjoyable, stopping it was a relief.

A short while later after consuming the last of the third bottle of water I took a turn in the path and came to a clearing. In the middle of the clearing was Alan, standing naked with his cock held by his left hand. He was slowly stroking it and my eyes fixed on it as I neared him. Knowing he was seeing me naked for the first time I wondered if he approved of my body. With my hair down and tits swinging freely as I walked the rise of his cock told me he approved and I smiled at him as I knelt at his feet looking up.

"May I?"

I asked and he took his hand from his cock and nodded. I leaned forward with my mouth open and captured his un-cut cock with my lips tightening them about the foreskin covering the hard helmet. I so loved the feel of that bit of flesh and used my tightened lips to push it back and feel the warm smooth head of his hard cock on the roof of my mouth. Loosening my lips enough to free the foreskin I slid down the length of his pole stopping before it gagged me, not wanting that feeling just yet. Before I could pull back his hands held my head in place and I felt his piss streaming up his hard cock long before I tasted his salty piss shooting down my throat. I tried to pull back but his grip was firm and he filled my belly with his warm salty piss.

When he stopped he pulled my head back a bit and then pulled it forward, as his hips began to fuck my mouth. Forgetting the anger I'd felt at being forced to take his piss, I sucked at that cock and felt my own pussy dripping with my fluids, long before I'd expected to from sucking him off. Confused by how close I was to orgasm already I had to wonder if swallowing his piss had turned me on, much to my surprise I knew it had. I resumed my attention to his cock and forced my head down that rod, feeling an intense need to gag as his long hard cock passed into my throat. For the first few seconds I felt unable to breath and wanted nothing more then that cock out of my mouth but when Alan withdrew it and I felt the saliva that had accumulated in my mouth pouring down my chin as I let the gagging cough flow, I ducked forward and swallowed that cock and took even more if him into my throat. I was so close to orgasm that when he pushed me off completely I looked up and said

"Oh god please Alan, I need this. Please let me have your cock, please?"

"Kirsty, you must trust me, I know what you need and what you want. Now have some more water and wash the taste of me from your throat."

He handed me a much larger bottle of water and put it to my lips and tipped it forcing the water into my mouth. I kept swallowing and swallowing as he held that container up and emptied more then half of it into my belly. Between his piss and all the water I'd already drank I felt stuffed and shook my head when he offered me the rest of it.

"You need to finish this Kirsty, do as I say."

I didn't want to, I was full but his soft voice and his hard cock hanging there made me more then willing to obey him, wanting to take whatever he'd give me, wanting more then not the orgasm he'd interrupted. I let him put the bottle to my lips and I drank till it was gone. Then he had me lay on the soft grass and knelt between my legs bending over and placing his mouth on my hot wet pussy.

I've had many men eat me but Alan seemed to use his tongue in ways I'd not experienced and soon the orgasm that had faded was re surfacing with vengeance and I arched my back feeding Alan my cunt, wanting him in some way to devour me. His tongue danced on my cunt, on my clit and dipped often into my asshole a sensation that only made me hot and needy. When he suddenly stopped and pulled me up I wanted to cry at the lost opportunity to cum but as he lifted my right leg and put his still hard cock up to the entrance of my pussy I forgot my need and let his naked hard cock penetrate me. When he lifted my other leg, sitting me on his hard cock it drove deep inside me and filled my pussy completely. He walked with my like that and I did my best to rock my hips up and down his cock as he took me to a grassy area under a large oak tree. In the shade now he put me up against the rough bark of the tree and began to drive his cock in and out of me.

"Oh god Alan fuck me, fuck me hard Alan. Oh yes more, oh yes deeper yes,"

I could not stop mumbling and pleading with him for more and he kept pounding my cunt, over and over. My belly full of piss and water hand made it to my bladder and without thinking about what I was doing I began to pee and my piss flowed down our legs as his hard cock fucked me and fucked me hard. Realizing what I was doing I came and came hard. My whole body shook as his pole filled my spasming pussy and my piss flowed. What a combination of feelings as my orgasm consumed me and the relief of pissing added to it. If Alan would just cum now, spray his hot white jism inside me, let me feel that warm fluid pumping inside me while I came and pissed I'd be in heaven. Alan pulled me from the tree and turned us about and as I came and dreamed of his cum filling me I felt something invading me from the back. A sudden and intense pressure gripped my asshole as a hard fat cockish thing pushed into me from behind. Still being held in Alan's arms and riding his cock I had no way to resist whatever or whoever was now filling my ass.

The initial pressure of that insertion disapated and now the feeling of being double fucked consumed me and from nowhere I began to piss again. So much stimulation, a cock in my puss, a cock in my ass and piss flowing so easily, my orgasm hit me like a speeding locomotive and I lost it. I came and screeched and screamed in joy as overwhelming pleasure filled my every muscle. To the extent my body could, it jerked and shook as the orgasm of my life didn't flow but more like flooded me. When Alan's cock spewed inside me I passed out in bliss and hung like a rag doll in his arms. Oblivious to everything but the feelings running amok inside me I almost didn't feel the cock leaving my fucked asshole. Yet I felt it missing and wanted it back. When Alan lifted me off his cock and laid me down in the grass, I was helpless to do anything but lay there, legs spread a mix of cum and piss oozing from my fucked and sore cunt. When I finally opened my eyes and saw a pussy squatted above me, a strap on cock affixed to it I knew what had been in my ass. When that pussy began to piss on my face I opened my mouth to greedily grab as much of that hot pussy piss as I could, gulping and swallowing the pungent fluid, happily enjoying the dirty act. When she was done she put her strap on against my piss covered lips and I opened my mouth and took that ass covered plastic cock in my mouth and another orgasm topped the one still coursing thru me as I tasted the musky flavors of my own ass.

I felt a warmth pouring on my belly and knew that Alan was pissing on me as I cleaned the cock in my mouth, and still another orgasm piled on top of me and I writhed on the ground totally lost in pure pleasure. No rest for the weary I was rolled on my hands and knees over the strap on that I now knew was strapped to Alana's beautiful body and on instinct alone I lowered my well fucked pussy onto her as my head rose up to suck on her nipple. It wasn't long before Alan pushed his resurgent cock into my ass and was soon fucking me in rhythm to Alana's strap on.

Over the next several hours they continued to fuck my holes, not forgetting my mouth and I remained in a state of constant orgasm. I took Alan's cum in my ass and his piss in my mouth, Alana's strap on in my ass and cunt and mouth over and over again. They both stood over me and pissed on me, then resumed fucking various holes then pissed again. When the sun set and the temperature dropped I watched them dress and first Alana left then Alan came to me.

"Kirsty, I hope I managed to give you all I promised you. You'll find some clothes and money for a cab by the tree when you're ready. You're welcome at the pub any time, but this day is now for your memories. I do hope it was good for you, you were very good for us."

Then he bent over and kissed me once on my lips and once on my forehead. He walked away and I was left naked and covered with piss and cum, dried grass congealed with the drying cum stuck to my tits and body. When I was able I crawled to the tree and found the shorts and t-shirt I'd worn coming here and struggled to put them on. I'd nowhere to wash off the pungent aromas or the dried evidence of my experiences and instead wore them as a badge of honor as I found my way down the hill and to a waiting cab.

At home I resisted the urge to shower, wanting to enjoy the smell of sex and urine that pervaded my nostrils and the memories of the sex that filled my body and my day. I slept in my soiled body and finally showered at noon the next day crying to see the dried cum and bits of grass flowing down the drain. I'd no desire to log on to the internet, no desire to visit the park. I dressed later that afternoon, in a short skirt and thin blouse, nothing more then a pair of shoes to walk in. I want to Alan's pub and found both him and Alana enjoying a pint and joined them. Alan ordered me a pint and after taking a large drink I looked at the two of them and simply said.

"Thank you, it was and will remain the most exquisite day of my life."

They both smiled at me and took a hand in each of theirs and the Alana said.

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