It was embarrassing, WildRose thought, that a villain this lame was proving to be this difficult to beat.

Of course, Sangria did have a little help this time. WildRose glared around her at the display of vacant smiles and unfocused stares, wondering which hero had been the one to make a mistake. If she had to guess, her money would be on Adventure Girl (currently holding WildRose's wrists over her head in a grip that was as casual as it was inescapable.) Sweet girl, great super-hero, but man, was she a sucker for crap like this. It came from being invulnerable--when tank shells bounced off your eyeballs, you tended to go into a fight thinking nothing could hurt you. She'd never developed the instinct to go for the throat the way WildRose had.

Or maybe it was Venus Ascendant (currently kneeling on the concrete and holding WildRose's ankles steady.) Sure, she was a little smarter than Adventure Girl...okay, a lot smarter. But she also had a bad habit of going easy on criminals. WildRose preferred understanding their inner turmoil when they were unconscious on the ground, but Venus was always trying to show them the error of their ways by demonstrating just how good it felt, yield to authority. Which worked with a lot of her enemies, and made her the most fun team-up partner in the whole world, but it would have backfired if she tried it on Sangria, big time.

Once she'd gotten her hooks into one of those two, Sangria probably wouldn't have had much trouble snagging Lady Ronin or the Living Doll...any more than WildRose had stood a chance a few minutes ago. One second, it was a quiet rooftop patrol before heading over to Sharpe's, then suddenly two women who could move faster than the human eye could follow had snagged her out of mid-air with about as much effort as she spent picking up her kitten. Not for the first time, WildRose really really really wished she had super-powers.

"Admiring my collection?" Sangria asked, her full lips quirking into a smug grin as she caressed Lady Ronin's cheek for a moment before walking closer to WildRose. "I'm going to keep adding to it, of course, but I really couldn't wait any longer to stop by Samson City and pick you up. Oh, I am going to enjoy this, my old nemesis. You have no idea how many times I've dreamed about--"

"'Nemesis'?" The look on Sangria's face told WildRose that she was a little pissed at having her speech interrupted, but WildRose couldn't help herself. "Oh, come on. We've fought nine times, and the longest any of those fights have lasted was thirteen seconds. I might be a nemesis to you, but you're just that chick who doesn't know when to give up as far as I'm concerned."

Sangria leaned in a little closer, her lips now curled into a pout. WildRose was a little fixated on Sangria's lips at the moment, for the same reason that mice tended to stare at snakes. "That's just because I've never had the chance to show you how good my special kisses feel, WildRose. You have no idea how many times I've dreamed about this moment, all those long nights in prison. How many times I've--"

"It's not that you never had the chance, it's that I never gave you the chance," WildRose broke in with an indignant tone in her voice. "What did you really expect me to do? Just walk up to you and let you kiss me? You've got no hand-to-hand training, a super-power that relies on flesh-to-flesh contact, and a glass jaw. I'm just taking what the defense gives me, here."

"But this time," Sangria snarled, "there is no defense. This time, I have everything figured out. This time, there is nothing at all to stop me from pressing my lips against yours and tasting you like I've dreamed of, so many times. All those nights in jail, I've imagined your eyes fluttering as you finally give in to the relentless--"

"Prison," WildRose corrected.

"What?" Sangria glared at her with fury sparking in her dark eyes.

"'All those long nights in prison', not 'all those nights in jail'." WildRose shrugged as best she could. "I figure you sound like you've been rehearsing this for months, the least I can do is help you get it right."

"Oh, you're a talker," Sangria purred out, her glare becoming triumphant as she leaned in closer. WildRose leaned back as far as she could, but Adventure Girl's grip was stronger than iron. "I guess I'm just going to have to shut. You. Up." She puckered her lips, her 'special' lipstick glistening in the moonlight.

WildRose almost ended it right there. She wasn't just trash-talking when she said Sangria had a glass jaw; when WildRose snapped her head forward as hard as she could into Sangria's skull, she thought from the way Sangria's legs wobbled under her as she staggered backwards that she really might have taken the other woman out. But her aim must have been thrown off a little by the way Sangria tilted her head to kiss, because she looked up at WildRose after a moment with an expression of mingled pain and fury and a right eye that was already starting to swell into a shiner. WildRose felt obscurely proud of that. She might not get away from this, but she sure as hell was going to leave some reminders of how hard she fought.

"Adventure Girl!" she snapped out. "Hold her head. Make sure she can't do that again." WildRose tried to struggle as Adventure Girl shifted position to hold both her wrists with one slim hand, but nobody would have been able to tell just by looking. Adventure Girl's arm didn't even tremble. Her fingers didn't even strain. She just reached down with the other hand, grabbed WildRose at the base of the neck, and held her gently but firmly with a grip that could bend steel.

Sangria stepped gingerly back over to her now truly helpless foe. "I tried to be gentle," she said. "I wanted your first time to be something magical. But if this is how it has to be..." She leaned in again, and this time, WildRose couldn't stop Sangria's kiss.

She felt an electric tingle of sheer pleasure when their lips met, a current of bliss that felt all out of proportion to the delicate contact. It felt like her lips had suddenly grown a billion extra nerves, and every single one of them was alive with pleasure in a way she'd never felt before. She strained against Adventure Girl's grasp again, but this time it was because she wanted to lean further into that kiss, wanted to press her lips as hard as she possibly could against Sangria's achingly wonderful mouth. She couldn't stand the thought of even a tiny fraction of an inch of Sangria's lips not touching her own. Not when it felt this good...

Sangria finally broke the kiss and leaned back, watching WildRose pant and shudder for a moment. WildRose flushed angrily as she realized that for all the pride she took in her indomitable will, Sangria was the one to pull away. She tried to tell herself that Adventure Girl had been holding her in place, but deep down, she knew the truth. Even without the hand on her neck, WildRose would never have been able to pull away from those lips. She felt embarrassingly relieved that Adventure Girl had taken the link with Sharpe out of her ear and crushed it between her fingers.

And Sangria knew it. WildRose saw it on her face, as Sangria said, "Was that good, pet? Do you want more?" She brushed her fingers possessively along WildRose's cheek.

WildRose bit her lip as hard as she could, feeling a trickle of blood mingle with the sweet taste of Sangria's lipstick. It was the only way she could stop herself from saying 'yes'.

Sangria's smile widened as she exulted in WildRose's struggle. "Oh, I think you do, my beautiful girl. I think you ache for my kiss." She leaned in closer, her breath tickling WildRose's face. "But I want you to ask for it, my sweet. It's such a simple thing, such a tiny thing. Just indulge me in this one little request, and you can feel my tender lips on yours again." She whispered in WildRose's ear, and WildRose shivered at the feel of it. "All you need to ask."

WildRose shook her head wildly. Well, she tried to, but it really came out more as slight twitches and a neck that would ache for days. "No, no, no, no, no!" she shouted, trying to force herself to believe the words through sheer repetition.

"No?" Sangria asked. "Oh, that's too bad." She pretended to pout again. "I was so looking forward to kissing you again, my darling. And you know my lips feel so good..." She brushed them against WildRose's cheek, causing WildRose to moan explosively at the brief, feather-like touch. "Feel so hot..." Another shadow of a kiss, the lips just nuzzling at WildRose's chin long enough to remind her of the pleasure they promised before darting away. "There's always more, my pet." Sangria stabbed in with her lips, kissing firmly but all too quickly. "All you need to do is ask."

WildRose hung limply in the arms of the other heroes, trying desperately to remember why she couldn't ask. She knew the chemicals in the lipstick didn't just feel good (feel so good), they did something to her, made it hard to think (feel so hot)... She knew that every kiss made the next kiss harder to fight even as it made the next kiss feel better (it could feel better? Her clit pulsed at the thought.) She needed to, needed to...

Her mouth opened, but no words came out. Sangria grinned savagely and kissed her full on the lips, clearly too impatient to wait for WildRose to beg. It wasn't much of a victory, but it was all she could manage.

Her lips felt like they'd become a second clit. She'd never even imagined a kiss could feel this good. She'd never imagined anything could feel this good. She heard Sangria moan into her mouth, and she wondered if it felt as good for the other woman as it did for her until she realized she was the one that was moaning. Then she moaned all the harder. She shook in Adventure Girl's grasp as tremors of pleasure washed through her whole body, wave after wave of bliss washing away at her will and eroding the foundations of her resistance.

Sangria broke the kiss again. It took WildRose what felt like forever to open her eyes again, and she still felt like they wouldn't focus properly. She saw Lady Ronin and the Living Doll, waiting vacantly for orders, and knew her eyes must look like theirs. Ironically, that helped to focus her a little. Knowing what awaited her if she gave in to the endless, seductive undertow of pleasure made it a little easier to fight that much longer.

"Mmmmm," Sangria purred, "I love watching you fight. I love watching you lose even more. You know that, right? You know you're losing? My kisses, sweeter than wine...they're making you drunk with desire for me. Soon, you'll be lost to them. You'll do anything I ask, my sweet wild rose, lost in the memory of my kiss..."

"Cuh...can't..." It was all WildRose could manage. She was shaking, sweating, panting with the effort of just getting out a single word other than 'please' or 'yes', and that was just from two kisses. If Sangria kissed her a third time...

"Can't what, pet? Can't resist?" Sangria leaned in, and WildRose braced herself, but the other woman just held herself tantalizingly close as she slid past WildRose's lips. Then just as she relaxed, she felt Sangria's lips press into the hollow at the corner of her jawbone, and she let out a strangled gasp of pleasure as her eyes rolled back in their sockets.

"Oh, I know, pet," Sangria sighed out between kisses. "Your lips are so sensitive, so luscious, you wanted me to kiss you there again..." Her lips worked their way down to the hollow of WildRose's throat. "But how could I confine myself to such a small part of your beauty, when there are so many delectable parts of you to kiss?"

Every kiss felt like a lightning bolt coursing through WildRose's nervous system, up to her brain and then right down to her clit. She was so fucking wet down there, she knew she'd have to wash this costume about three times if she ever got out of this (but she wasn't going to, she didn't want to, she just wanted to melt into Sangria's kiss forever and lose herself completely...)

No! She wasn't even aware she said it out loud until Sangria pulled away again. "Such a fighter!" she said gleefully. "I knew you would be no easy conquest, my love, but you have surpassed my wildest dreams! All those..." She smiled vengefully. "All those long nights in prison, I have imagined your eyes fluttering as you finally give in to the relentless pleasure, and I was so worried you would give in too quickly for me to enjoy it. Thank you, WildRose. Thank you so much." She gave WildRose a quick peck on the cheek. WildRose felt her eyelids flutter just like Sangria had described.

"But you will not, cannot win. This is my arena, sweet, not yours, and I think you will find that I have only begun this bout. The lips, the throat, they are ripe for the kissing, but not so ripe that you cannot resist me." Sangria unhooked WildRose's utility belt, letting it fall to the rooftop with a dull thud. "There are better places to kiss." She unzipped WildRose's catsuit, slowly peeling it away to reveal pale skin. "There are so many more nerves here, my pet. And every one of them aches for my kiss..."

Sangria kissed WildRose right on the sternum, brushing her lips down into the valley between her breasts, and only the fact that she was already straining wildly to lean into the contact kept her from bucking with pleasure. "That's right, pet," Sangria said, breaking the kiss again. She wiped a trickle of drool away from the corner of WildRose's mouth. "All those nerves, carrying the chemical messages to your brain, and what do they say?" She kissed the swell of WildRose's breasts at the very edge of the fabric. "They say, 'Pleasure'. They say, 'Surrender'. They say, 'Obey'."

"...obey..." The word slipped out from WildRose's lips like an echo. She didn't even realize she was saying it.

"That's right, pet," Sangria said. WildRose felt the hands around her body loosen their grip as Sangria waved away Adventure Girl and Venus Ascendant, but all that meant to her now was that she could help Sangria peel the rest of her costume off. Her legs felt weak and wobbly, and she wasn't sure whether the heat came from the warm, humid night air, or from her aching cunt. All she knew was that Sangria was happy with her, and that made her happy beyond belief.

Then Sangria wrapped her lips around WildRose's breast and began to suck, and that made her happy beyond understanding. Her legs gave out from underneath her, and she sagged gently to the concrete as Sangria guided her down. Sangria's tongue brushed against her nipple, but it was nothing compared to the utter, the ultimate pleasure of those lips against her sensitive flesh. She felt her nipples pucker and tighten into hard buds, and all she could think of was wanting more. She never wanted this to end. She'd do anything if only Sangria would keep kissing her like this.

But Sangria broke the kiss again. WildRose mewled and whimpered, twining her fingers in Sangria's hair, but Sangria only smiled gently and said, "Then you don't want me to find somewhere else to kiss?"

Just the thought of that made WildRose's mind go blank with pleasure, and she whimpered out, "Yes, please yes please yes please yes..."

"Then you want to make me happy?"

WildRose kept up her chant, knowing that begging pleased Sangria, knowing that pleasing Sangria meant more kisses, knowing that more kisses meant losing herself more in the pleasue of obedience but not caring anymore...

"You want to obey me?"

WildRose's hips bucked in ecstasy at the words, and her voice shuddered as she gasped out again and again, "please yes please yes please yes..."

Sangria kissed her way down WildRose's belly, each kiss deepening the mindless trance of pure bliss. She paused between WildRose's thighs, her breath so close as to tickle WildRose's labia. "Who do you belong to, pet?"

"Sangria!" She didn't even have to think about it. She couldn't think about it. Her whole world had been reduced to obedience and pleasure.

"Good girl," Sangria husked out, an expression of ultimate triumph on her face. WildRose could see that this was everything Sangria had imagined, the culmination of years of fantasies. "Good girl," she said again. Then she leaned down and buried her face in WildRose's cunt.

Everything went red. WildRose clenched her eyes shut, and stared sightlessly upwards as the pleasure overwhelmed her completely. She could see nothing but blood-red, sangria-red, and she wrapped her legs around Sangria's head and let out an animalistic grunt of pure, orgasmic pleasure as she came. She knew the lips were on her clit, but she was also too lost in the sensation of it to understand it. She just felt it, lost herself to it, gave in to it.

She never wanted it to end. Her fingers wrapped in Sangria's hair as she rode the other woman's face, her body so sensitized to pleasure now that it almost hurt. But even the pain felt good now. Sangria could whip her, spank her, flog her, and any of that would feel good. She wanted to beg Sangria to do all those things to her. She just wanted to beg Sangria, period.

Time lost all meaning. Once Sangria pressed her lips to WildRose's cunt, it felt like the world just stopped so that she could feel pleasure. They wouldn't be interrupted, she knew. None of the others had the will to do anything but follow Sangria's commands, and she wouldn't command them. Not with her mouth busy licking WildRose's pussy. WildRose clenched her legs together even tighter, wanting to make sure that she felt every centimeter of those perfect lips against her skin.

She felt another orgasm hit (fourth? fifth?) and her moans took on a desperate urgency. She'd always been loud during sex, but she'd never been this loud. But she'd never felt this good, either. "yes...please...yes...please..." They were the only words she could think, now.

Sangria's licks finally lessened in intensity, but WildRose still felt lips against pussylips and she shuddered again. She never wanted to stop, not ever. She knew that she would do anything to feel Sangria's kiss again. How had she ever imagined fighting this? Why would she possibly resist something that felt so good, so...

Something was wrong, she realized. She struggled to form thoughts despite the sea of neurochemicals that melted her brain into a puddle of desire. Something was odd, out of place. Sangria had stopped licking completely. Gradually, WildRose remembered muffled speech, too hard to make out underneath her own cries of pleasure.

She opened her eyes and looked down. Sangria lay limp between her thighs. When WildRose finally, reluctantly uncurled them, Sangria's head lolled sideways, breaking the contact between her lips and WildRose's flesh. Other than that, she didn't move. Her eyes were closed.

The confusion stirred more thoughts into WildRose's brain. Gingerly, she slid away from the other woman, letting Sangria's face smack onto the concrete. Right on the shiner, too, WildRose thought with a wince. That must have hurt when my thigh pressed right up against...

Thought and memory finally decided to work together, just a little, and WildRose realized what she must have done. She checked Sangria's pulse, and was relieved to discover that the criminal was alive, if unconscious. She looked around at the other women, all of whom remained blissfully vacant. "Um, yeah, sleeper hold with my thighs," she muttered woozily. "Totally did that on purpose." She wondered why Sangria hadn't run into the same problem with the others (or worse with Adventure Girl--yikes!) But she'd probably been a bit more cautious with them. Unlike WildRose, it hadn't been personal.

Part of WildRose still ached for Sangria's kiss, wanted to wait until Sangria regained consciousness and beg the other woman to take her again and again and again until she was a mindless, tongue-fucked thrall. But her pride helped her to ignore it. She'd never lost to an unconscious super-villain before, and she wasn't about to start now.

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