tagNonHumanKiss of the Moon Ch. 08

Kiss of the Moon Ch. 08


Author's note: All characters and companies mentioned in this story have no existence outside the imagination of the author, and have no relation whatsoever to anyone or anything bearing the same name or names. Events portrayed in this story are pure invention and are not been based on any events that have happen in real life. All the characters involved in any sexual acts if their ages are not mentioned before hand; are over 18 years of age.Enjoy

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Thankyou to all those who voted and sent comments. I hope you like this chapter. For those who are wondering there are 11 chapters to Kiss of the Moon and yes I will be doing side stories for those who want to hear more about the girls and Grey-hawk. I would also like to thank my editor for her time and patience with working with me. Remember to vote and all comments be them good or bad are welcome.

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Chapter 8

Amy gently lit a candle, the Alpha's had decided to leave early, on day five of the introduction, the sooner they got back to their packs or prides the sooner they could put into action their plans to prevent the worst case scenario. Amy had made a suggestion during one of their meetings, it had caused a stir but after careful consideration, they conceded to it. They would be having weekly video and telephone conferencing to keep in touch and make amendments to their plans.

She blew out the match and approached Electra, the day before the last of the Alphas left; the gym was the first room to be converted back. Nathanael had suggested they slowly introduce Electra's eyes to light, although he said she might always have to wear sunglasses they were willing to try anything for Electra. Amy decided to use candlelight as it shed a small amount of light that was easily adjusted.

Electra grabbed Amy's hands as Amy went to loosen the blindfold.

"Do you trust me Electra?" Amy asked.

"Yes," Electra answered and released Amy's hands.

Amy undid the blindfold and removed it. Electra kept her eyes closed as she let her eyes adjust to the small amount of light. She squinted as she opened her eyes; it took her a few more moments before her eyes could focus then she glanced around the room.

"Every hour we light another candle until your eyes hurt. Then we stop, and then tomorrow we start with those candles and keep adding to the number," Amy explained.

Electra nodded, "Why are we in a gym...? I am assuming because I've never been in one?"

"We all need to learn to fight; Wolfgang is going to teach us," Amy told her.

Electra glanced around and spotted whom she could guess as Alanna and Maria. "Why..." Electra asked.

"We don't want to fight but a fight is coming. Self protection is the best," Wolfgang told her.

Electra nodded she could understand that, "So where do we start?"

"By getting your condition up," Wolfgang explained, "We start with sprints," he told them.


Amy slammed onto the ground and pushed her legs out kicking Wolfgang's feet out from under him. Amy rolled avoiding Wolfgang's falling body. She scrambled onto her feet and wondered again how she had managed to pick Wolfgang's name out of the sparing bowl, it had only been a month of training and already he wanted to start testing them. Wolfgang was on his feet moments after her. He was trying to gauge how well she was taking to fighting arts, of how much he would have to do to ensure her safety.

Amy kept low, knowing her small size was an advantage she would need. They circled each other carefully. Wolfgang spun in with a low roundhouse kick. Amy stood up, caught his leg and kicked out his other leg before he could react. She released his leg and stepped nimbly away avoiding his own attempt to floor her.

Amy smirked as Wolfgang got to his feet, that was twice she had floored him.

Wolfgang glared at her, "Control Amy you nearly destroyed my knee."

Wolfgang had noticed quickly that Amy could generate the same amount of force in her lean muscles that he could in his bulky ones. Mryddin and Taliesin had finally left Briton a month ago to be closer to Amy but to date they could not explain it, they could only shrug and put it down to her unknown half. Not only did Amy display a strength far beyond her size but she also had a natural feel for fighting.

"Sorry," she told him.

He didn't believe her, all was fair in love and war, as she had once taunted him.

Wolfgang closed the distance between them and started to rapid fire his punches, several Amy blocked or dodged. She allowed one hit, a stomach blow; before Wolfgang could pulled back Amy trapped his arm and dove feet first between his legs effectively throwing him over her body. She released his arm and glanced back to watch him sprawl onto the ground.

Amy got to her feet. Wolfgang sprung back onto his feet, "You deliberately took a hit to throw me?" he questioned.

Amy nodded, "You didn't expect it so it worked."

Wolfgang charged her, Amy stepped aside at the last moment her leg flying out to trip him. Wolfgang turned fast as lightning grabbed her arm and went down bringing her with him. Amy tried to roll free; in a wrestling match Amy knew she couldn't beat him. She may be able to generate the same kind of strength he could but she could not match his size.

Wolfgang rolled over trapping her arm beneath him; Wolfgang shifted his lower body to trap her legs. Amy twisted her body letting her arm fly smacking Wolfgang across the face. She managed to get to her knees under her and jerked up quickly sending Wolfgang flying off her.

She went to scramble to her feet but Wolfgang bowled her over; he landed on top of her and pinned her arms down. Wolfgang panted; he leant down and kissed her. Amy moaned against his lips.

Gillian cleared his throat, "Wolfgang phone," he said loudly to break the alpha pair up.

Wolfgang sighed, "Hold those thoughts," he told Amy.

"Rematch?" Amy asked.

"Yes, only a bed will be beneath us," Wolfgang said seductively. He got to his feet and left.

Amy smiled and stood; she walked up to a punching bag and gave it a couple of hits. Vivian walked in and smiled at Amy. Vivian walked up and held the bag still.

"Amy, Rhiannon would like you outside," Vivian told her.

Amy nodded and went outside with Vivian, Taliesin and Mryddin were standing with Rhiannon. Rhiannon tossed Amy a wooden practise sword. Amy caught it and cast Rhiannon a confused look.

"There is a reason the Welsh knew me as a warrior goddess. I will show you how to use daggers, swords and more," Rhiannon told her, "Let's see what you are capable of."

Although Amy had never held a sword in her life, she dodged Rhiannon's practise sword and slid her practise blade in.

Rhiannon stepped back, "Some are born to the blade; it calls to them," Rhiannon told Amy as she attacked and Amy dodged. "Some learn the blade and others die by the blade as the blade conquers them. I knew the moment you grabbed that practise sword that you were born to the blade," Rhiannon continued between slices and jabs.

Amy blocked and dodged on instinct, none of Rhiannon's blows came close.

"And where do you fit?" Amy asked as she stepped away and started to circle, she felt the urge to drop the tip of the blade down, opening her guard for attack. She followed her urge.

Rhiannon watched her for a moment, wondering if Amy was stupid or not, a warrior never let their guard down, never left them self open for attack, "I learnt the blade," she said as she charged.

Amy's arm snaked up, knocking aside Rhiannon's controlled lunge and tapping Rhiannon's neck with her practise blade. Amy stepped back and waited.

Rhiannon touched her neck as she corrected her balance, "Your guard was down," Rhiannon said stunned.

"No it wasn't," Amy said as she again lowered the tip.

Rhiannon smirked, "We'll see if that was just a lucky shot."


Wolfgang walked outside and smiled. Amy, Electra, Maria, Becky and Rhiannon were running around the house and gardens. Electra wore dark tinted glasses that hugged her eyes that were kept in place with elastic to prevent them from moving, it had taken her a month to get her eyes to desensitize enough to leave behind her blindfold. He watched as they approached, he leant against the wall his eyes focused on Amy.

She was wearing a pair of short shorts and a sports bra. Wolfgang shifted knowing he was getting aroused at seeing her sweaty and having no control over it, he was looking forward to the rematch she had declared yesterday. The gold collar hugged her throat; the excess length nestled between her breasts and continued down a little further. Amy and the group slowed, as they approached him they stopped and stretched.

Amy approached Wolfgang. Wolfgang wrapped an arm around her hips and pulled her to his body. He kissed her deeply. Amy moaned, her fingers tangled around the excess length of his collar and tugged on it. Electra and Alanna smirked, they were getting used to Wolfgang's possessiveness of Amy. He always wanted to hold her or touch her or be near her, it was a welcome change to what they were used to.

"Is there a reason you are disrupting our run?" Amy asked the moment his lips were off hers.

"Yes, someone wants to meet you. I've finally got the authorisation; we go ahead in a month," Wolfgang told her.

Amy sighed, she felt like time was running out. A month had passed, everyone was working hard but that still meant there was only two months to prevent an outright war. One month after they put their plan into action they would know if it had worked, but they couldn't do it any sooner; it had to be done exactly.

"Okay. So who wants to meet me?" Amy asked.

"A pack member, well two actually. One is a TV reporter who has organized the media coverage of our event, the other a singer who wants to hold a mini concert. It will be a double outing for them, first as Were then as mates," Wolfgang explained.

Amy smiled.

"Mind if we keep on running?" Alanna asked.

"No do as you please but keep out of mischief," Wolfgang told them, they chuckled. Wolfgang walked them inside.

Amy spotted Bastion, "Don't forget Bastion, tonight is my night in the kitchen... I want you out by four," Amy told him.

Bastion nodded, "I remember; I got everything you wanted. Whose turn is it to wash?"

"Alanna's and Electra's," Amy told him.

They continued on to the library. Amy walked in and her jaw dropped in surprise as both women turned to her. Amy turned and glared at Wolfgang for not warning her. Both women bowed their heads to the Alpha pair.

"Wow..." Amy said surprised. She stepped forward, "Eon Ripley lead singer of Random Fury is Were, I'm a big fan."

Eon chuckled, "No Random Fury is a Were band... there are a large number of us in the entertainment industry."

"And in the news, how do you think we keep Were matters so quiet," Mary Winslow said as she stepped forward.

"I love you on ACA," Amy told her.

Mary smiled, "Thanks. I pulled strings to make sure I'm the reporter on scene."

"Who would they have sent?" Wolfgang asked curious.

Mary growled gently, "A racist bigot by the name of Stan Jefferies," She replied.

"The same reporter who proudly wears an I want a Were registry badge on his coat," Wolfgang said angrily.

Mary nodded, "Every time he wears it, it costs him a grand in network fines. We are meant to be neutral, I don't wear a badge that says registry for humans, I don't blame humans for every crime imaginable even though I know a Were committed the crime like he does," Mary clinched her fists and took a deep breath.

"So you don't like him?" Amy asked.

Mary crossed her arms, "The human race will benefit from his death," she stated blandly, "But we do not kill because we simply do not like them, that is a human trait, we put up with the people we don't like," She corrected herself.

"Sit," Amy offered.

Bastion walked in with tea and set down some nibbles, and offered Amy a towel to dry herself with. She patted herself down, tugging at her collar trying to loosen it slightly to get the sweat that gathered around it. It moved slightly allowing her to slide the towel between it and skin but the moment she slid the towel free it tightened.

"Still not used to it?" Eon asked as she helped herself to tea.

"I don't think I am meant to get used to it, are you used to your waist-let?" Amy asked.

Eon shook her head, "No it annoys me to no end but the moment I touch it, it reminds me of my mate. So I live with it," she replied honestly.

Mary reached over and held Eon's hand. Eon smiled.

"So why did you want to meet me?" Amy asked.

They both smiled, "We wanted to talk about what's to come," Mary said with a smile.

"Yeah it's all well and good saying it, but what about wearing shirts proclaiming it. Not everyone there is going to be Were, some are married to Were, some are in the process of being turned, some are friends, so why not different shirts for different people," Eon explained.

"Yeah, we can sync it; everyone exposes their shirt at a certain time. It's all time synced anyway," Mary added.

"What types of slogans do you want to put on these shirts?" Wolfgang asked.

"I'm Were for those who are, I'm not Were but my mate is for those who chose to remain human," Eon began.

"I'm not Were, but I'm going to be for those who are being turned. I'm not Were but my friend is for those who are friends of Were," Mary finished.

"We think that covers everything," Eon concluded.

Mary nodded to her and they both turned expectant eyes to Amy and Wolfgang.

"You've forgotten the other races," Amy told them, "What affects us will eventually affect them. I've talked them into joining us in protest. Together we stand a greater chance at making humans understand."

"Okay, instead of Were we just insert the race, be they Ancient, the Folk, elementals, Nephilim, Centaurs and Vampires. Whoever you've invited."

"A good idea, we'll run with it," Wolfgang told them. Mary and Eon smiled.

Electra, Alanna and Rhiannon walked in. Electra squirted water into her mouth and collapsed into a chair, Alanna collapsed next to her, they both looked exceedingly pleased with themselves. Amy tossed Electra her towel. Electra pulled off her glasses and rubbed down her face. Alanna wiped down the lenses for Electra. Electra kept her eyes closed and pulled the protective lenses on. She then offered the towel to Alanna.

Alanna rubbed her face and tossed it to Rhiannon.

"So are you staying for the night?" Amy asked them.

Mary nodded, "That's if it's okay?" she asked.

Wolfgang smiled, "Of course it is, only it's Amy's night to cook."

Amy hit him hard thinking he was taking a swipe at her cooking.

"I like Amy's cooking," Electra defended.

"You like anything," Alanna retorted.

"I do not," Electra objected.

"Do to," Alanna taunted.

"I do not; I don't like stew or braised steak and onions or curry, looks too much like dog food," Electra retorted. Electra turned to Amy, "What are we having for dinner?"

"Tuna Mornay and salad," Amy replied, "Electra you will be helping me," Amy told her.

Electra nodded. Amy had been involving Electra in making meals to give her a wider view on food. Electra for the moment only liked her food if it wasn't mixed together, everything separate; Amy hoped that by getting Electra to make the meal it would mean she would eat it.

Eon gave Amy a bemused look, "You cook?" she asked.

"Yep, kick Bastion out of the kitchen once a week. My piece of normalcy," Amy told them wistfully.

Wolfgang chuckled; he reached out and pulled Amy onto his lap. He ran his nose against her neck, feeling his body respond. He growled as he nipped, sucked and kissed the delicate column. His lips found the sensitive hollow behind her ear.

Amy squirmed in Wolfgang's arms and managed to pull out of his arms.

"Do you ever think of something else?" Amy demanded.

Wolfgang smiled, "Yes, until you walk into the room then yes that is all I can think about."

Amy rolled her eyes and left the room.


Wolfgang woke a few nights later. He frowned as his stomach growled. He sighed and got up pulling on a pair of boxers. He watched as Amy rolled over into the spot he had just left snuggling into his warm spot. He smiled then rolled his eyes as his stomach made another demand for food. He walked quietly from his room and down the hall, he was careful of the creaking top step and went down stairs and into the kitchen.

He turned on a light and squinted. He rummaged in the fridge for a moment finding left over sliced pork. He grabbed a tomato, some relish and lettuce. He put his spoils on the centre bench then went to the breadbox. He grabbed the rye loaf and a cutting board then cut two thick slices and returned to the breadbox. He went to work making his sandwich. He poured himself a large glass of milk and sat to eat his midnight snack.

He sighed when he downed the last of the milk and quickly tidied up the mess he had made. He yawned and turned off the kitchen light and went to return to bed.

Wolfgang paused outside of Alanna's room hearing a tussle. He heard her cry out and opened the door. She was fighting the blankets in the middle of a nightmare. Wolfgang raced forward.

"Alanna," he called out only loud enough for her.

Alanna didn't react. Wolfgang tugged the blankets free releasing her from their tight wrap.

"Alanna," he grabbed her leg and shook it trying to wake her before she hurt herself. "Alanna," he tried again but she was too caught up in her dream to notice him. She started to thrash around. Wolfgang grabbed the blanket, threw it over her and then wrapped his arms around her.

ALANNA WAKE UP, he shouted into her mind.

Alanna's eyes shot open and she started to struggle in Wolfgang's arms.

"Alanna it's me Wolfgang," he told her gently, "You're safe Alanna," he continued, trying to help her calm down.

Alanna started to cry. Wolfgang released her and went to get off the bed.

"I'll..." Wolfgang went to get Amy. He felt his foot step on something soft. He picked up Rufus and offered him to Alanna. "Here," he tucked Rufus into her hands. He hesitated, he didn't know what to do, he wanted to go and get Amy but he also didn't want to wake her.

Wolfgang sat on the edge of the bed. He didn't reach out to touch her knowing she didn't like it. "Want to talk about it?" he asked gently knowing that would be what Amy would try to do.

Alanna clutched Rufus tighter and shook her head.

"It'll make you feel better," Wolfgang pushed gently, knowing that if he pushed too hard he would get nothing.

Alanna didn't say anything, she was afraid to. Wolfgang sighed and made himself comfortable, leaning his back on the bed head and crossed his fingers over his tummy and waited.

"I'm just going to sit here until you go back to sleep. If you want to talk I'll listen," he offered.

Alanna took a deep breath, "I was there again," she said softly, "I could smell him. I tried to hide but everywhere I went to hide he was there," she shivered and rubbed her face against Rufus. "I thought I was free but then he had me. He was beating me, I was trying to fight him off but he was trying to tie me down."

Alanna quivered, "I... can I stop now?" Alanna asked shakily.

"Nathanael says all the time that wounds have to be aired if they are ever meant to heal right. Do you want to heal Alanna?" Wolfgang asked.

"I don't want to be afraid any more," she answered, "I want to forget but Amy says I can't just forget what happened to me."

Wolfgang sighed and pulled Alanna into his arms to hold her. She was tense for long moments but slowly she relaxed as Wolfgang gently stroked her hair.

"Emotional wounds can fester for years, you have to talk about it, air it, accept it and begin to forgive yourself and him, if you don't, you will always be afraid, you will never know true freedom," Wolfgang explained.

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