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Kissing Cousins


The night sky was that sort of clear that only living in the country could bring. The stars were bright and full, stacked on one another in layer atop layer to the point where one could almost feel the unfathomable depth of the cosmos beyond. Eddie had always believed it never had an end and that made him feel lost, a bit scared. However now he knew, as he picked along across the Blackmoor Estate, that there was a Heaven and there was a Hell. Perhaps then the cosmos had a finite curtain and if one pulled it back as illustrated in renaissance art they would see God peering down? His brows furrowed and he nearly stumbled on the flat and grassy yard before him. More formulae sifted through his gray matter and the mathematician had to stop and just breathe. Rubbing at his eyes helped, until Eddie pondered exactly where Heaven and Hell would be if they were part of the physical universe? Maybe The Black Hole got it right? Taking in slow and steady gulps he listened to far off animal sounds and tried to clear his head.

Pi had some 'devilish' business to take care of this evening because apparently the local area was ripe with Satanists, go figure! Eddie wasn't quite sure what to make of that, or even if it was true. However the curvy succubus insistently apologized for having to go out and smooth a few things over. In the long run she'd assured him it would better for them. The geek wasn't really very fond of confrontation so who was he really to complain? Besides he wanted to talk to Abby alone and smooth things over there too.

The issue there was while Eddie knew his exotic cousin was home but she wasn't anywhere to be found in the house. He'd checked her studio, her room, the kitchen, the living room, even parlor. Next the nerd had tracked all the way out to the carriage house but both cars were still sitting there. That left two options: either Abby had been abducted by aliens which Eddie would usually not consider or she had went out to the unused barn at the back end of the property. That was where Eddie was heading now.

"Friggin weather." Back home by now it would have been starting to get a bit on the warm side and there wouldn't be so much damn moisture clinging to everything. Here in England he had been told that every summer was this damn miserable. His shoes were already drenched just from left over dew and the occasional puddle. Suddenly stopping when he heard some rustling in the trees the human looked that direction, narrowed his eyes. All the starlight dancing about really didn't help at all. It was just too dark for him to see anything. "Aphex?"

No answer came, no sound or further movement. Eddie was pretty sure the perverted imp was out with Pi anyway. Sighing he shook free a case of the heebie jeebies and proceeded along his way. The farmhouse loomed not too far off now. What appeared to be lamplight oozed between its cracks, under shuttered windows. There was something definitely going on inside. As Eddie neared the door he strained his meager mortal senses once more. He was pretty sure he could faintly hear that Celtic stuff that Abby listened to filtering out and his nose caught a mixture of burning incense. He wasn't sure exactly what the earthy smells were but they were pretty soothing, his mind relaxed. The heavy mathematics trying to invade it almost immediately dissolved.

Reaching out he hesitated before creaking one of the front doors open. Its pitted and splintered wood creaked. His lips curled together and brows lifting with curiosity. There were half-a-dozen hurricane lanterns set about on old haystacks and atop stable posts. After adding in a few candles atop pie plates that were arranged in some sort of mystical matter and the whole barn had a warm and dreamy glow. Several ceramic tiles had burning sticks on them, their lovely smoke curling into the air and mixing. In the center of it all was Abby atop a pair of spread out blankets. The covers weren't any sort of comfortable ones; they looked thick and worn, probably wool.

His cousin had a rumpled appearance tonight, nothing serious. Her dark hair was down, its waves tumbled together. Clad in a short skirt that had ridden most of the way up her dusky thighs and an untucked white schoolgirl shirt Abby didn't noticed right off the bat that the door had opened. Several of the buttons were undone, showing a tempting tease of chest and lacy white bra along with the fine boned curve of clavicle. Her delicious legs were folded up and had a rather large tome spread open between them. Still Eddie's gaze was able to trail along tempting thigh flesh and catch just a hint of pristine panties. Immediately he was struck recalling Pi's fingers wedged deep inside her, the way Abby sounded when she came, how her body quaked and shook. Thusly he decided to back out and take a few cooling breaths as lust cascaded through his veins. His light cough though caught the artist's attention. Her stark eyes lifted...

"Eddie?" Abby shifted with a crinkle of her skirt. As she moved to her knees she turned the grimoire around, still open, to rest beside her at the center of the circle. Its cover was pretty thick, covered with dark brown leather stained with age along with oddly scrolled rivets. Likewise its pages were yellowed and made from a weighty stock to stand the ages. She giggled light when he looked back and crooked a finger to beckoning him in. Of course from the way she stretched forward Eddie was able to see right down her top at barely constrained tits. Abby even arched his back a bit. "Come in, this concerns you too."

"What does?" Not being raised in a barn Eddie closed the door behind him as he was drawn inside by the fetching picture and posh accent of his cousin. Here and there candles flickered with ominous ripple. For a moment Eddie was sure he could hear the building exhale.

"Well come here." Back on her haunches Abby just fixed him with a languid look and waited until he was close before patting the cover before her. Then it was back to leaning on her hands, shirt sliding from luxurious colored shoulders and this exposing more cleavage. "I just want to make sure first you're okay."

"I'm okay." He settled before her and fought down a flush along with wanton thoughts. "Why wouldn't I be okay? Hey! What are you doing?"

The last exclamation came when Abby reached forward and rather brazenly started unbuttoning his shirt. The mathematician's high pitched question didn't slow her art trained fingers any. Within seconds she had the shirt loose and was spreading it open. Leaning close her body heat as well as breath mixed with his. "Hush. I'm checking you over for devil marks." Work blunted nails pulled at the flesh of his nipples. "One, two... you haven't grown another one somewhere the last few days have you?"

"Not that." Eddie tried to muffle his moan. There was nothing he could do about the way his skin pebbled. "Not that I've noticed. Careful, that tickles."

"This tickles?" Dragging her nails in slow circles against Eddie's stomach Abby cast her spiced gaze up into his and grinned plush. The edges of her stark blue eyes shone as the rest grew darker, serious. Those hands flatted and slid back up to push shirt from shoulders.

There was no way that Eddie could hide his groan this time. "Yes."

"Come here." Not that Abby gave him most of a choice. Once she had a firm hold of his shoulders with art-calloused hands the Englishwoman pulled him into her even as she leaned up. She shook, gasped when his chin settled between the sinful flesh of her chest and scruffy facial hair grazed. His warm breath teased at her breastbone. All the while she tried to concentrate and as the shirt was removed picked here and there over the plane of Eddie's back to see if there were any odd marks, scars or divots. Everything looked fine.

"Abby." It wasn't a complaint the nerd muttered against his distant cousin's rack but a barely contained whine of want. His hands moved to curl strong around her biceps with the intent of pushing away. On reflex the sculptor craned her back to brushed covered breasts directly up against his face.

"Hush you." Desire laced Abby's throat so thickly it made her voice hoarse. "I am going to need to check every inch of you."

"Are you, trying to seduce me, Abby?" For all the world Eddie hoped she was going to say yes. Just in case she didn't he leaned his head back lightly so lips didn't graze against her skin as much as they wanted to at the moment.

Her hands quickly recoiled from his back and Eddie kicked himself internally figuring that was the answer. Abby however reached back, wiggling until she got the damn bra hooks free and slipped straps down her shoulders. Thus the top loosed and started to slide from nipples. "Get rid of that while I work on your pants."

"Oh! Okay." No longer interested on putting distance between them Eddie let fingers fall from the supple skin of his cousin's arms to the side of the bra. They curled against the lace, feeling the texture for just a second before thirteen year old fantasies took over and he pulled it away from her chest. Dark nipples were already hard and needy once revealed to the night air. This time even the lanterns wavered as power disturbed its way through them. Eddie was too busy lapping slowly at one of Abby's nubs to notice.

While breathing in small hitched hiccups Abby managed to reach down and pop the button on Eddie's jeans. Her hands wasted no time tugging down the zipper and spreading fly away from heated underwear. As good as it felt to have her nipple being rolled about between Eddie's lips as he suckled, as fantastic as it was to have his hands kneading at the sides of her tender globes... where was she going with this again? Right! Shaking due to rushing blood Abby pushed him away with a saucy smile and urged him to lay back.

"Like I said." Humming she loomed over him and walked fingers down the front of his hidden dick. "Check every inch of you."

"Oh yeah!" His hips bucked a bit and fingers curled into the scratchy fabric of the wool. Eddie was sure that the contrast of it and her fine flesh was going to be maddening. It was then his fingers brushed against something... a cup... maybe under the covers. He was too distracted to care when Abby tossed her shirt to the side fully and brushed dark mane into place. With a motion the exotic girl got him to lift his hips before slipping his jeans and under things off. They were tossed near her clothes in a motion that Abby did purposefully so he'd see the long lines of her body stretch. Then she wiggled out of the skirt but not her panties and tilted forward. One hand brushed over his balls before flattening on the ground to hold her weight.

The recovering witch took her sweet time looking over his legs with both eyes and fingers, occasionally lips. One leg was lifted and Abby used her teeth at the back of his knee, his shin, making him laugh. The ritual was repeated on the other leg. Popping out a swirl of air she set them back down. "You look clean."

"Well I'm pretty sure I am." Eddie propped himself on his elbows. "So what's a devil mark?"

Abby moved with feline precision to loom over him once more, knee sliding between his even. She reached out and curled a hand along his shaft. The front of her panties darkened as needy juices now flowing in earnest. "You have no idea." Said as the artist took great care stroking him, thumb pressing along the main vein. "How jealous I was of Pi that morning, to have the courage to take you in her hand."

"It felt really nice to be coated in your cum, Abby." Letting his head fall back Eddie breathed in deeply all those beguiling scents. It occurred to him now that there might be some sort of aphrodisiac mixed into all of it. Had Abby planned for him to come out here? He didn't care. The barn breathed again and his chest rose and fell with it. Abby's hair brushed at his thighs as she bent down and flicked her tongue at the underside of his head. She took the time to wallow on salted desire.

"Nice enough that you will give me your seed." She pressed a slow full lipped kiss to the crown, and then breathed out slow and sensual. "Eddie?"

Whimpering hard Eddie lost the ability to form words until her adoring lips moved. Just as he was about to speak however she swirled her tongue over him again. Stomach muscles bunched and chest heaved. "I need to cum in you."

Abby made a small squeal in delight at both his words and how his cock lurched before her eyes when he imagined what it was going to be like to spray into her depths. Inching over him her knee brushed at his sac before she straddled him and smiled somewhat shy down into those deep green eyes. He couldn't stop looking at her chest or the slow drop down to covered sex with shuddering anticipation. While the human woman was sure she wasn't nearly as seductive as Pi it was good to know that he was so turned on. Her hand took command of his member once more.

"Abby." Leaning up as she held him Eddie brushed his lips against her chin, and then demanded a kiss she was all too pleased to give. Instead of jerking him off more however she angled that stiff bit of male to lineup with her aching sex. There was of course still cloth between which she used to brush the tip of Eddie along. It felt good to have him that close but not in her yet, just as it felt wonderful to be slid across sopping fabric. Eddie could feel the heat of her desire invading its way deep into the flesh of his cock. In an urging motion he lifted hips but she didn't budge much more than pressing him into fabric covered folds and rocking her hips back and forth.

"You make me so wet, Eddie." She didn't need to really say what Eddie already felt. Her arms twitched, hands wishing they could stop supporting her weight and pulled panties aside so he could fill her.

Licking at her lower lip Eddie didn't pull away immediately afterwards but took a good long moment to rake teeth over the delicate skin. "I wanted to take you on that wheel that morning so badly."

"To press your hips into mine." Abby turned his male meat so the flat of shaft would saw at her with each grind. "To stretch the walls of my cunny and drive me down again and again into the hard surface. Is that what you wanted Eddie?"

"Yes. Yes it is." His shoulder tensed and Eddie closed his eyes, only to reopen them when Abby's gaze demanded it. She gave him a sweet smile and nipped along the line of his jaw before letting go. Her fine boned cheek first pressed to his shoulder, thus bosom dragged against his chest and down to stomach as Abby's face followed the same trail. When pert chest encased Eddie's manhood he arched into the sensation and she laughed against his ribs lightly.

"Such enthusiasm." Not that Abby was chiding him. She rolled her spine slowly to stroke him that way. It wasn't a tight fight but pillow-like in pleasurable sensation. Nor did Abby let it linger over long. She couldn't afford at this point to have him blow anywhere else but inside of her. Around them the ground slowly heated up from gathering power. Licking at her lips she caught his gaze before slipping away from his body with a serpentine motion.

"Where are you going?" Eddie sat up fully and groaned.

Not answering Abby eased onto her knees and bounced her brows. Then back she rocked to sit on the open tome with her lovely rump. For a long moment she just watched Eddie as if trying to make a decision. Shaking her head the artist puffed out breath before laying back and spreading her legs wide. Her own fingers snaked down from the summit of one breast, along the valley of her stomach, before pulling the bulwark of panties to the side of ripe sex. Unlike Pi her cunny was smooth, freshly shaved and glinted with fresh need. Shaking off the mystification of the sight Eddie shifted and moved to her.

She smiled up at him with a hazy air and about them the candles burned brighter, hotter as he ran his hands over the shape of her knees and then down inner thighs as the rest of his body pushed between them. Reaching back the exotic beauty hid the nervous shake of her hands by bunching up wool in them and pulling a good pile of it over to support her neck. Abby moaned when Eddie adjusted his cockhead through her folds and the first press of pressure against her opening.

"Right there." The words were breathed out when the brown haired man was on target.

Eddie nodded just a smidge before pushing his hips. He and Abby fitted together as easy and smooth as man and woman should. Groaning the sculptor lifted her already elevated hips into the sensation of her inner muscles being stretched, then trembling as they adjusted to his girth. One thing was for certain her cousin was a pleasant fit. She reached out with one hand she played it across his stomach and her coy smile returned.

"Nice and slow if you, oh, would not mind? Slow but hard." Down into his pubic hair Abby's hand wandered, caressing along where they met for a moment as he followed directions given. Hips rolled against one another and she kept her legs splayed, knees hitched up, and feet twitching against the ground. Once Eddie was moving, and clearly was enjoying himself, her hips and sex squeezed. Abby swallowed as much air as she could in between pleased gasps. Her hands took a hold of his thick wrists and guided them to either side of the tome but not past its edge. The circuit between them had to be complete. Not that it could get any more intimate than it already was now could it.

While Abby tried to focus through the pleasure of having Eddie plow her fertile depths Eddie was completely given over to the moment. Shoulders curled inward and head hanging he focused on keeping his pace relentless instead of giving into the need to push as hard and as fast as he could. It was evident that his swarthy lover enjoyed rough friction as her breath skipped at the zenith of every drawn out thrust. The angle was a bit weird over all, but not unpleasant, not even close. He was pretty sure he'd started off rather deep from the get go. Also taken into consideration was the way her ass slid as the book's paper shifted. He didn't want to tear what looked like an heirloom and at least for now lust had not overpowered his good sense. How long that would last was anyone's guess. Abby felt so damn good.

He tilted down and gazed his lips over the swell of quivering breast before taking nipple between teeth and grinding. There was little Abby could do but squeak and squirm against his unyielding pace. For a moment delight injected its poison in her willpower and the witch was sorely tempted just to give into the moment and enjoy every last hedonistic drop. It had been so long since she'd done any workings and that part of her brain felt so rusty that for a serious second under Eddie's weight she nearly lost all concentration. This opportunity was too important to let go, she couldn't let herself or Eddie face this demon unprotected. Sucking in air she stifled the next two bubbles of bliss and moved her fingers to stroke up and down Eddie's arms in a rhythmic motion hoping he would match it as she slowed her hips down. One thing for sure no matter how brainy Eddie was he was damn good at keeping a beat.

Letting held breath out first Abby's kiss bruised lips started to move as she separated her mind from what her body was doing, and what a delicious doing it was. One by one widdershins the hurricane lamps extinguished themselves. Shadows writhed in time with their bodies before closing in akin to hand fisting up. Eddie cried out as he hit bottom, his pubic bone crushing against hers. His hands lifted from the book and stroked along the side of hips, up leg, before slapping back down into place to hold his weight. His face didn't rise from her beasts for he was all but hypnotized by the way they swayed beneath him. It was amusing to him though that Abby wasn't a screamer but instead a mumbler, it didn't even sound like she was forming words.

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