tagLoving WivesKissing His Cousin

Kissing His Cousin


For years whenever they made love he wanted her to talk about other guys she had fucked. It made her uncomfortable at first. She would tell him about past lovers and he would get harder and fuck longer. She learned over time that if she saved the best part of the story for the right moment, she could control his orgasm to match hers. She realized that even though he thought he was in control, she was the one with the power. She began to invent stories, "remember" lovers or encounters that she never told him about before. She would make "confessions" that may or may not have had a grain of truth. Some were just fantasies; others were brilliant flickers of thought to get his cock big and hard.

One of the recurring story lines had to do with a cousin of his, Mark, that hit on her before she married him and continued to do so at family functions and an occasional visit to their house. This subject had a particularly hardening affect. She saved these and only used them sparingly. She was afraid that he may say something to this cousin and possibly cause family problems. Lately though, it was the only storyline he was interested in. It was the most recent and the most real to him. He started to watch his cousin at family events and even fantasized about what might be happening when neither she nor Mark were in sight. He would ask her while she was sucking his cock, "Did he touch you?" "Did you feel his cock?" "Do you want to fuck him?" Sometimes she didn't even have to answer him and she could feel his already hard cock grow in her mouth.

At one particular party at their own home, he asked if his cousin could come over during the week to help remove a carpet. He seemed a little surprised that his cousin did not hesitate and even seemed excited to help.

Later that week he showed up ready to work. She answered the door and found herself staring at his arms and chest in his sleeveless t-shirt. She realized at that exact moment that she did want to fuck him. No, she wanted him to fuck her and she almost thought she could do it. He could see this in her eyes. She had hesitated to long when she answered the door and took too long to make eye contact. His smile gave it away. Ray, her husband, called from the basement, "Is that Mark? Send him down." She stepped aside, knowing that they had just made an unspoken agreement. He walked passed her and went to the basement.

For the next couple of hours she watched them both work and her fantasy grew from getting a good fuck from Mark, to having both of them at the same time. She would bring them a beer and as they both stopped to rest she gave them both an unspoken command. She turned and walked to the bedroom and, after a short moment, was surprised to see Mark walk in by himself. He had been sent, she knew it, she knew that Ray had sent him in and she knew that this fantasy would soon become the new bedroom talk for later.

She stood by the bed and turned her back to Mark as he approached her. "He sent me," was all he said. She could feel him come closer and for a moment wondered if this was a wrong decision. Ray knew. He had sent him in knowing what would happen. He wanted her to fuck Mark.

His hand gently touched her shoulder and brushed her hair aside. Leaning in to kiss her neck she found herself giving in to the lust. He turned her slowly to face him and he kissed her mouth. It tasted different that Ray, it was saltier and softer. His hands slowly slid down her back and slipped off her shorts. He reached for her already wet pussy. Gently he guided her to the bed and laid her down. He kneeled on the floor and kissed her stomach, then her wet pussy. He glided his fingers in and out slowly while kissing and sucking her clit. "I'm gonna make you come, Baby," She knew that would happen.

She suddenly became aware that Ray was still in the house and she heard a soft moan in the hallway. Was he watching? Was he jealous or upset? She was caught between the sublime pleasure of the lustful caresses of Mark and wondering what her husband was doing and thinking at the moment. Did he expect her to stop Mark?

Mark seemed to notice the distraction and he reached up for her hand. She sat up and he put her hand on his shorts, swelling with his huge cock. She slid down his shorts to reveal the hardness reaching for her. She seemed to forget her distractions and wrapped her lips around the shaft. He caressed her hair and now the only moans she could hear were Mark's, enjoying the warmth of her mouth gliding back and forth over his engorged cock. She showed him all the tricks she had created over the years for Ray. He had always told her that if she ever sucked Mark's cock he wouldn't believe what an incredible blow job she could give. Just as she lost herself to the lust Mark lifted her up and laid her on the bed. He lifted up her legs and slid into her. The most pleasurable pain shot up through her as this huge throbbing shaft stretched her tight pussy. Thrusting in and out he offered gentle kisses to her face and neck. He cradled her head in his hands. He said her name and asked her if she was ok. She was lost in lust and was not ready to come back.

As she reached out for the bed post she felt another arm. It was Ray; he was there, on the bed, watching her face. He was enjoying the sight. He bent down to kiss her face. Mark pulled out and guided her to turn on all fours. She was facing Ray and he showed her his hard cock. She wanted so badly to suck on it. Ray put it in her mouth and she began sucking wan tingly. She suddenly felt Mark's cock slide back into her from behind. A fantasy fulfilled. The fucking and sucking went on all day. They were exhausted and satisfied.

As Mark began to get dressed Ray said, "Hey, can you come back tomorrow to finish, the carpet, I mean." "Sure, I'll come again," Smiled Mark as he walked out. She knew that the carpet may take days to get done.

That night Ray made love to her gently and never asked her a single question. She had never felted so wanted and was going to enjoy the ride as long as it lasted.

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