tagExhibitionist & VoyeurKissing the Bride: The Mother

Kissing the Bride: The Mother


Ruth had just returned home to find her daughter, Kimmy, half out of a slutty wedding gown. I was dressed only in shorts I had hastily pulled up to hide my erection , created by Kimmy vamping me as she told tales about her wild days as a single woman. Kimmy hoped her confessions would inspire me to convince Ruth to agree with her preference of dress.

After Kimmy left the room, Ruth and I ha d chuckled about the situation. Our marriage thrived on openness, and Ruthie had just confessed that she had stayed out the entire afternoon to see if I could enjoy the favours of her daughter.

Now Ruth wanted to continue our discussion in the bedroom.

"You didn't get laid?" I asked as we walked hand in hand to our master bedroom suite at the opposite end of the ranch house from Kimmy's quarters. Kimmy's fiancé, Eric's, Dad was rich, so they had figured out that by offering to pay, they could call the shots about the wedding. Still, we did nicely enough, between my accounting practice and Ruth sleeping her way to the top of her stock brokerage firm. We earned extra cash running a porn website out of the spare room. Ruth loved bringing her conquests home and secretly taping them as new product to web cast. She had also enticed many young women into posing for nude photo spreads. Our biggest remaining ambition was to recruit Melody Ann Thomas, who we knew liked sex, but whose rivalry with Kimmy had always created barriers. Melody Ann had all the right stuff to be a best selling player on the site. Since Kimmy had arrived a few weeks ago, though, the site was running on autopilot, with no new additions. Adding Melody Ann would be just what we needed to get the credit cards chiming again.

"No. It would have been nice. Like I said, I wanted to give you time alone with Kimmy. Since you aren't her Dad, she likely would resist the incest taboo less than if a scene involved me. Or even me knowing."

"She did seem nervous about that part. Though she did say 'As if squared'"

"Huh?" Ruth was having a hard time saying much more as I was kissing her roughly, my hands pulling the hem of her dress up her hips.

"She was telling me about her and Wendy. And said 'As if Mom would be shocked.'"

"What about her and Wendy? And why squared?" Ruth moaned as I unclasped her bra, immediately squeezing her big breasts tightly together. Kimmy really had lucked out genetically.

"Squared because she wants her cunt pierced as my wedding gift to her. I told her I would need to watch. She said as if I hadn't seen everything by that point."

"Had you?" Ruth asked as I ran my tongue across her nipples. The absence of whisker burn confirmed her lack of male action this afternoon.

"Not the thrill of seeing her respond to the erotic pain of piercing. I think I'll need to wear a cock ring to keep from coming in my pants if I watch that." I nibbled Ruth's right nipple, sliding my hand down her belly towards a pussy that undoubtedly was damp. I wondered if she sensed I was imagining she was Kimmy. Or whether that might turn her on a little bit extra.

"So, what else did you learn?"

"I'm not telling until you fill me in on your day." Listening to Ruth's recaps of her adventures never ceased to excite me. Sometimes, imagining it was even better than watching.

We tumbled back onto the bed. The plush four-poster offered versatility for all sorts of bondage play, and peek a boo games. Ruth had cameras in the corners of the room, and one with a wide angle lense directly over the bed. Before Ruth lay back, I stripped her dress completely off. She unzipped me and licked at the tip of my cock, drawing a fresh spot of precum onto her tongue. She kissed me again, sharing the taste. I couldn't help but wonder if Kimmy's love of swapping cum with Wendy was also a trait inherited from her mom.

Ruth stroked my cock gently as we snuggled on the bed, like two gal pals at a slumber party. "Well, first Eric's Mom, Greta Mason, and I met the caterers for the final food sampling. God, that woman is a tightass. I would love to get a strap-on up her butt for an hour. Ohh…what's this…your cock liked that image."

I restrained myself from telling Ruth she could borrow a strap-on from Sadie Thomas, Melody Ann's mom. Though I sorta wondered if she already knew. Ruth had so many adventures that despite our 'no secrets' policy, she didn't get around to telling me about all of them right away. Ruth rewarded my surging shaft with a squeeze, and then bobbled my balls in her tiny hand as she continued.

"There was one really cute serving girl. 'Danica' her nametag said. Just over from Lithuania apparently. Hardly spoke any English. The manager was afraid Eric's mom would be concerned, so he made Danica put on a bit of a show. I was getting damp watching. She was nervous, and the tip of her soft pink tongue kept poking out licking her lips as a nervous tic related to her concentration. I started imagining her tongue on my tits just like yours is now."

"What was she like?"

"She was tall, blonde, thin, athletic legs, great shapely calves, but with wide hips. Hardly any boobs, but what she had rode high and tight. She wasn't wearing a bra- she wouldn't need the support- and at one point Greta noticed Danica's nipples getting hard. She complained to the caterer. Told him it's all right for Danica to serve at the reception, but she has to wear a bra."

"Now why would her nipples be hard?"

"It just might have been because she was leaning close pouring my coffee, with the table hiding her from Greta or her boss. I quickly ran my hand up her skirt, to see what sort of panties she had on."

"If she's a new immigrant, I bet they were cheap cotton bloomers."

"Hush, silly man. She might be new, but I bet she got her job the old fashioned way. I felt just the teeniest bit of lacy thong covering her crack. She was damp already. As soon as I touched her slit, she started gushing. After, she made a point of being the one to help us with our coats, mumbling apologies in broken English. Greta thought it was about the hard nubs. I figured it was abut my fist getting dampened. While Greta yelled some more at the manager, I reassured her as best I could that the pleasure was all mine and I looked forward to doing more than just seeing her at the reception. I promised her a really good tip."

"Like my tip?"

"Ha. Ha. Funny man. Maybe if you area very good boy. Ohh….your cock really likes that idea. It's getting even stiffer."

"Seymour. Kimmy named it."

"How cute. What a nasty little daughter I have. Gotta love her. What else did she say?"

"First, tell me about the rest of your day."

"How about a little kiss for Seymour first?" Ruth slid down the bed and ran her tongue around the edge of my corona. "Did Wendy do that?"

"Not to me. The only touching was when she put these on." I reached to my discarded shorts and pulled out the butterfly clamps. "And this." The cock ring.

"Those are cute, but after I split from Greta, I went over to the new sex store behind the box stores, and bought you a treat. Pass me my purse."

I had to get out of the bed. As I climbed back in, Ruth quickly shoved my entire shaft into her mouth. She had a talent for running her tongue around it without gagging. She did it only briefly. I lay back beside her as she showed me a small pair of what looked like battery clamps, connected by a rubberized wire. In the middle were a little switch and a plastic box. Ruth attached the teeth over my nipples and flipped the switch. A tiny current buzzed through my nipples, running down to my cock.

"Hmm…Seymour likes that, I see. They work on the principle that you have nerves that connect your chest and your groin. Of course, I had the sales girl demonstrate them. First on her, then on me."

"Was she cute, or just some pimply faced plump little Goth wannabe?"

"Her name was Delia. Tall. Pale skin, like Goth, and wearing tight black leather pants with stiletto heels."

"And on top?"

"A see-through red top, with a black half corset with red lacy trim lifting and displaying her naked breasts under the shirt. It was stunning. Her hair was brown, but with dynamic highlights the same red as the shirt and the lace. Her makeup similarly ran to reds and black to set off her features and tie the look together."

"Her breasts deserved display?"

"I got a better look in the playroom where she demo'd the clamps. She had a ring in the right nipple, dangling a tiny ball of jade. Her nipples themselves were small, but perky, poking straight out and easily aroused. To show up under the shirt, she rouged them. Her tits might be a bit saggy and cone shaped without the corset, but they were pushed up into a stunning rack."

"Did you suck on them?"

"No, she wouldn't let me. Store policy, plus she didn't want the rouge smeared. She did fondle mine nicely. And then she demonstrated this." Ruth pulled another gizmo out of her purse. It resembled the set on my chest, but had a third wire.

"Hook me up, Jeff. The third clamp is tiny, because it juices up the clit directly."

Ruth squeezed my balls tightly and tickled behind them with her pinkie as I played electrician for her.

"Did she lick your clit?"

"She advised against that actually. Risk of a shocking experience for the tonguer. She showed me how it's more fun to get your asshole rimmed. Then she shoved a nice vibe up my rear to finish me off."

"I bet you wanted to return the favour."

"She was afraid another customer might come in and notice. But while she was wrapping up the purchases, she whispered how much I turned her on. She said no mature woman ever got her so hot, and that pussy juice was running down her legs."

"Too bad she was wearing pants, and you didn't get a taste."

"I did get Delia's home number. She does private parties. Once Kimmy moves out again, I think I'll see if she wants to be a web porn star. I'd love to see if I can train her to a leash, and make her your pet."

"Sounds like she would be a lovely Christmas present. Was that the end of your adventures?"

"Hardly. Delia's attentions were like cockteasing must be for a guy. She left me even wetter and hornier than playing with Danica had. I sat in my car wondering if I should drive out the Highway to Sappho's."

"The lesbian joint?"

"Yeah. I had visions of a finding a lonely blonde hard body in a tank top just waiting for me. But reality is the place would be full of desperate lonely old bull dykes that time of day. Then I realized that to a pretty young thing, I am one of those lonely old dykes. That just made me hungrier. By this point, I was cruising past my office, looking to se if anybody's car was in the lot, who might want a quickie."

"But if they were in on Saturday, wouldn't it be to do stuff too urgent to take a sex break?"

"You'd be surprised. A bit of afternoon delight can really perk up your energy. Remind me sometime to tell you that story. But I want to hear about Kimmy and Wendy."

"Tell me about your afternoon first."

"Well, there was no car in the lot. I was pretty peeved by then. Wishing I had stuffed my Ben Wa balls in before I left the house. I was about to give up and drive home, but…" Mid sentence, she stopped and dipped down to run her tongue around the base of my cock like an ice cream cone.

"But what….?"

Ruth blushed. That was unprecedented. In our ten years of open marriage, anything had gone. Nothing embarrassed my Ruthie. "Well, I was driving around, not sure what to do, when I saw Melody Ann Thomas hitchhiking."

"But no one hitchhikes any more. It's not like when we were kids." What I was really thinking was 'how does MA hitching embarrass Ruth?'

"When I pulled up, I saw Melody Ann was crying. She was wearing a really short green minidress. Up close, I could see she had no bra or panties on. Her nipple rings were flapping in the breeze. It took me a second to realize she was standing outside the Gonzo Bonzo."

"The old disco? I thought it was closed years ago."

"Yeah, but my firm floated a real estate trust to finance rehabbing it. Except this time it's opening as a strip bar."

"What was Melody Ann doing there?"

"When she dropped out of high school the day after she turned 18, Bob and Sadie insisted she find a job."

"I know that. She was waitressing at America's Best Waffles out by the Bypass."

"She got fired because the dried up old hag floor supervisor got tired of all the pervs hitting on her. As if it's Melody Ann's fault she's hot and men are all pigs?"

"The bitch was probably just jealous. Or maybe a dyke who wanted Melody Ann for herself."

"Brunhilda, Shewolf of the Flapjacks?" Ruth paused in her licking my cock to let out a real belly laugh. "Jeff, no matter how much I like sportfucking, I'll never leave. You always crack me up. Anyhow, Melody Ann was afraid to tell Sadie about it. Even though its miles away, she figured in she walked home down Main Street, she'd find a Help Wanted sign. The first place she saw one was Gonzo Bonzo. She was looking for a waitressing job. One look at her and they wanted her to dance. She was game, until they started pawing her and trying to get her to give them blowjobs. She may love sex, and be free and easy. But rape is another deal."


"Melody Ann was in no shape to go home. I took her to the ladies room at my office and got her cleaned up." Ruth blushed again. "I have to admit, we got a bit touchy feely there. I've never been with someone my daughter's age. It felt strange. Even more, it felt like I was taking advantage of her distressed state. As tempted as I was, I stopped with cuddling her a bit. Her dress was a lost cause, so I offered to take her to the Silken Images store down the street, but she was afraid to be seen in rags. So she told me her sizes and I picked the stuff up while she waited. Knowing how vulnerable she was, and that she is wanton at the best of times, I hurried because I imagined returning to find her tied to the boardroom table, blowing the boss while his secretary ate her. But, no one was there. She had regained her composure, and was nipping heavily on the flask of gin I had retrieved from the stash in the copy room."

"How drunk was she?" I asked as Ruth paused to slurp my cock head into her mouth briefly.

"Just enough that she fumbled with the clasps on the bra."

"Let me guess. She asked you to help."

"Yes. How did you- ohhh! She seduced me! Now I feel better."

"Seduced you?"

"Sure. I had to tuck the nipple rings inside the bra cups. I had never done that before. At first I was clumsy. Then I jus kept playing, flipping them in and out, and trying to get the right look. Of course, her nipples responded."

"What were her nipples like?"

"Ticklish. They look pretty average except for the silver rings- rust coloured, a size bigger than a pencil eraser, rashy little bumps speckling the areola. But as I touched them, she giggled, then spurted then burst out laughing. Meanwhile, the tips grew outwards. I had never seen such small nubs reach out so far as they got hard. I started fondling the underside of her tits. Her nipples started getting puffy. Her laughter stopped. Her breath slowed. She slowly leaned in and she initiated the first kiss. It was tender and romantic. The heat flowed from her lips to my heart, then out to the ends of my fingers and tips of my toes. Like my first time kissing my girl friend Sally Armstrong under the bleachers, all over again twenty-five years later."

Ruth grasped and blushed again, chewing her lip. "I have a confession to make."

"What?" Ruth's story was getting me close to coming. I didn't like the interruption much. Especially when I had my own story- well, Kimmy's story- to share as well.

"Kissing Melody Ann made me wonder if Kimmy was kissing you with the same hunger." More blushing. Another lick at my peehole. Ruth was dithering, which was very out of character. She resumed her confession. "Soon, I was imaging it was me that Kimmy was kissing passionately. What was worse, the thought made my knees tremble and my cum flow. I had to hug Melody Ann tightly not to fall over. Am I an evil woman, thinking like that about my own daughter?"

"Not at all. A rich fantasy life is healthy. You know Kimmy loves sex. She's all grown up now. The wedding plan makes you see her in a brand new light. Reevaluating boundaries is natural."

"As if squared."


"As if I have many rules. And as if that justifies incest."

"Fantasy is not incest. Channeling those thoughts into play with others is actually a good outlet to avoid repressing the attraction. And there's no denying Kimmy is attractive."

"Downright edible in that sexy bridal gown. But you still have to tell me about Wendy and Kimmy if you want your stepdaughter wearing that dress to her wedding."

"Finish your story first."

"When I recovered from the orgasm, I was back in the moment with Melody Ann. I took the initiative, drawing her nipples into my mouth. The sensation of the nipple rings- the texture, the metallic taste- was odd, but not unpleasant. You should try it sometime."

"As if squared."


"As if Melody Ann would want me to. And as if I wouldn't just be another creepy old perv taking advantage of her."

"Hmmm…play your cards right and I bet she'd love it. And if she wants it, then you're not taking advantage. As for the perv part- if the condom fits, wear it." Ruth was in good spirits again. "I was using one hand to hold Melody Ann's tits up to my lips as I suckled each in turn. She grabbed hold of my free hand and guided it down her body, making me caress her. That girl is a real hard body. I recognized suddenly that she was just the sort I had hoped to find at Sappho's. This redoubled my hunger. By then, Melody Ann was using my fingers to fuck her pussy. She was just as wet as me. Once I no longer needed urging from her to stroke the inside of her pussy and tickle her clit, she released my hand. A moment later, she started dragging her nails along my clit, toying with it. With her other hand, she cupped my chin, lifting me from her tits for another deep tongue kiss. I was quivering al over. One quick twist of my clit and Melody Ann gave me my second orgasm. By then, we were both weak kneed. I steered us over to a couch. Thank goodness leather doesn't stain. Her juices drenched the seat, and she hadn't even cum yet. I set out to remedy that. I knelt on the floor beside her and slowly spread her knees apart. Melody Ann responded by lifting her hips up to greet my lips. I swallowed Melody Ann's labia, drinking the flesh like a ripe peach. The pinkness of Melody Ann's pussy lips contrasted perfectly with her pale thighs."

"Was her pussy shaved?"

"Trimmed with scissors I think. She had just a wisp of hair above her clit, not really a bush. She had a tattoo of a heart inside her left thigh, borne by two cherubs with wings of gold. I paused for a second to admire the art. I instinctively kissed that spot, and then drew my tongue across her thigh without lifting it. Melody Ann had her own right index finger diddling her clit, with her thumb rubbing down the inside of her pussy. So as not to interrupt, I just paused and blew on her clit with my moist warm breath. This made it burst upright, like your cock is right now."

"I know. I'm close to coming."

"Not until I'm ready to enjoy it, Jeff." Ruth reached under her pillow and, for the second time in one day, I was imprisoned by a cock ring. "I didn't make Melody Ann wait long. Like I said, her hips were already rising up to meet me. I rolled her clit on my tongue, enjoying the sweetness of her young flesh. Her juices flooded the couch. As I rotated her clit, I added a finger, flicking it across as well as around. As her hips lifted, I snuck my other hand under her butt. When she landed, she had my finger stuck up her like she was getting assfucked. That made her bounce faster against my tongue, though I think the anal stimulation was having greater effect. Her cries of ecstasy would have woken the dead. When she finally collapsed, panting that she was dead, or actually, 'let me die now, I'll never cum so well again.' I didn't stop immediately. I slowly cleaned the fluids off her thighs, occasionally flicking my tongue teasingly along her slit. I slid up her body and sucked slowly on her nipples as her convulsions subsided. I wanted to soak up the heat radiating from her young ripe body. We lay there as she cooled down. I stroked her curves. She ran fingers through my hair. We kissed again, this time at my instigation. Melody Ann loved how she captured her own taste off of my lips. On the way home she remarked how sweeter it seemed that way than off her finger. No one had ever gone down on her and then kissed her before. The kiss was languid, our tongues lazily exploring each other- like an old married couple tussling for blankets, not tiger cubs at play. Melody Ann wanted to 69 but we heard the security system beep as someone else entered the office. While she quickly got dressed, I phoned our personnel director. At first, he only would offer Melody Ann an interview. I promised him a threesome with her and me on Monday in return for her getting a three week trial on reception. When I dropped her off at home, she went in to tell her parents that she quit the Waffle job for office work."

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