tagGroup SexKissing the Bride: Wedding Gown

Kissing the Bride: Wedding Gown


"Kissing the bride is such a sexist tradition."

"You would prefer that guests just fuck the bride?" I joked.

Kimmy's reply shocked me. "You would just love that, wouldn't you Jeff?" Then she stuck her tongue out at me. "You are such a perv."

Though no prude, she was by all appearances conventional about sex. I enjoyed teasing her about the contrast between her gender liberation and her sexual conservatism. Occasionally, I hinted at the 'open marriage' lifestyle I shared with her mother, but never to explicitly. There were certain rules that Ruth, my wife, Kimmy's mom, insisted on. Not letting family know was one of them.

Like her mother, my step daughter liked to defy expectations. Ever since she was a young girl, life played by Kimmy's rules, not the other way around. Now as she her wedding approached, her mother, and her future mother-in-law, wanted to run it all. Kimmy would have none of that. So, since her biological father was again half way around the world on an oil rig, she turned to me to mediate.

My reward was watching her, now a week before the wedding, model gowns for me. The stuffy traditional model favoured by the mothers, and the low-cut backless sheer designer gown she preferred. With both of them, she wore stay up stockings and an under wire half cup bra. I was so busy bobbing my eyes from her legs to her chest I barely registered the dresses. Still, while she switched back into her casual clothes behind her half shut door, I had sensibly agreed with her choice.

When she emerged, tiny diamond glistening in her 'slut gut', I had a hard time not preferring the loveliness of her tan legs bared against the ivory hose, and her extraordinarily large but naturally firm breasts hardly needed the enhancement of the bra. 'But why,' I puzzled, 'did she want the demi-cup? What if her nipples got stiff?'

As quickly as her tongue snaked out to tease me, it hid again in her pearly white teeth, as we sat in the kitchen to await her Mom's arrival. Kimmy's full lips turned up in a tiny 'just kidding' smile. Images of that tongue tip caressing the slit of my manhood made my cock stir in my shorts. Kimmy's knee chose that moment to bump mine. Did I just imagine her hand brushing my knee?

"Which would you like better, Jeff, your turn fucking the bride, or watching everyone else do it first?"

Kimmy leaned back in her chair, away from the kitchen table. Her breasts bounced with a nineteen year old's firmness. This time her cheeks flushed, not blushed. Then, she saw an opening to put me back on the defensive.

"Like my titties, do you Jeff? I bet you wish Mom had big boobs like these. I'm lucky the women on my Dad's side gave me favorable genetics."

If she hoped to embarrass me, she turned it on herself. My semi tumescent organ surged to full erection, the tip ticking my leg at the edge of my shorts. Her nipples stiffened as she contemplated what she had just said. The red of her face deepened to scarlet. Time to cool this down or I would be in real trouble.

"Well, it's too bad your Dad isn't here to help control your mother."

"No one can control Mom, you know that. His attempts to try to control her are what split them up. You are so much smarter to treat her with respect for her independence. I respect you so much for that. Mom can be such a pain in the ass."

"Well you inherited that from her, I guess."

Kimmy shoot her tongue out from her teeth again, letting it linger a bit longer.

"So, do you fantasize about fucking brides in general, or just me?"

That question definitely gave Kimmy the upper hand. I felt my cheeks blush warmly.

"I bet you pretend it's me when you fuck Mom. Don't you, you old perv?"

I was too shell shocked to answer. My cock started shrinking from shame, but then images of how Kimmy might look naked, bent over the kitchen table, my eight inches plowing her doggy style, returned me to full erection.

"You do. I knew it. Does Mom know?"

"There's nothing to know."

"You liar."

"It's not like I've ever seen you naked. How much fun could it be fantasizing about you?"

"You mean you wish you could see these?"

Kimmy whipped her T shirt over her head, holding her arms up. Her braless breasts rose with the motion, pink nipples extended towards me.

"Kimmy, your Mom will be home any minute."

"So? I bet she'd get really wet if she came in and saw you licking my cherries."

Still, she let the shirt fall back down her body. My cock drooped as it dropped.

"There's nothing cherry about you." Renewing the banter made fresh blood surge into my cock.

"Oh, yeah, Mom's been great about letting Eric and I fuck in my bedroom. Too bad we had to wait until I was eighteen before she would allow it. My Dad would have freaked, and doing it in Eric's compact car would have sucked, so we had to wait. I'm really lucky Eric was patient."

"Did you at least blow him in the car?"

I couldn't believe I was having this conversation. Kimmy had never lived full time with us, but in the ten years I had lived with her mom, she had visited often, sometimes for extended periods, since her dad traveled to job sites often. She was not quite a daughter to me. I had never tried to be a Dad. I had never disciplined her (except in my dreams). Still, we were too close for this sort of chat. My mentioning her blowing her boyfriend created disturbing pictures in my mind. I had never seen Eric's cock naked, but judging from the bulge in his pants, it was medium length but fat. In my twisted brain, I imagined Kimmy's lush lips stretched wide, her head bobbing up and down, swallowing his cock whole, her fist pumping the shaft on the up strokes of her head, squeezing his balls on the down strokes. When I was fucking her Mom and thinking off Kimmy, it was my cock in the fantasy. Putting Eric in the picture was a new taboo. It made my cock throb harder.

"No, I never did. I told Eric that if we started down that road, either I would do something I would regret, and resent him for, or he would get really frustrated. Being older, he had lots of experience with older girls. So I just told him to get his on the side. That was Mom's idea."

I wondered whether her Mom had recommended getting some on the side with a testimonial based on personal practice.

"Are you paying attention, Jeff? Where's your brain?"

My brain was too busy picturing Eric's cum dribbling from Kimmy's lips.

"But you won't quite be a virgin bride."

"The only thing virgin about me is my anus. I told Eric I'm saving that for the wedding night. Eric ass fucked that slut Melody Ann Thomas, and was all hot to bugger me, but I made him wait. Do you think I'll like it?"

I'm sure my face was crimson. My cock was now so hard that instead of snaking down the leg of my shorts, it strained the top button. I stroked it without thinking whether Kimmy would notice.

"Does Mom like anal?" Kimmy asked, now looking sheepish.

"I think you would need to ask her that."

I wasn't about to tell her that her Mom had a bad experience with a boss with too big a cock, and had sworn off anal years before we met. Especially since the boss had been her lover while still married to Kimmy's Dad.

"Has Eric been your only lover?" I asked, trying to turn the focus away from her Mom and me, and our odd marriage.

Kimmy blushed again, hanging her head. Her bangs hid her face but not her embarrassment.

"You remember how Eric and I had that big fight after he sided with his Mom about holding the wedding at the castle? I already agreed to include that bitch Melody Ann as a bridesmaid just to even out the numbers, because Eric's mom wanted all those guys as ushers. I was really angry. Wendy took me out drinking to calm down. Instead of cooling off though, I got really horny dancing at Chico's."

Chico's was the latest dance club popular with kids. I felt like a grandpa every time I went there, but had stopped in often enough to now that the driving music, the heaving boobs in slinky tops, the guys in tight jeans, all spelled troubling amounts of pheromones in the air. I had no luck finding women there, but often brought new fantasies home to Ruth, or whatever fuck buddy I was stopping off to see on the way.

"So, what happened?"

"We met these guys. Firemen. We were so drunk; we thought it was funny when they offered to show us their hoses."

"There were two guys?"


"Did you…?"

"Yes. They were married guys, so we got a hotel room. There were two double beds in the room. Wendy paired of with one guy, Warren. He was the oldest, about thirty. Red hair like Eric, but not as tall. Very muscular. At first, I just sat on the other bed in between the other two guys watching and Wendy making out. You know how Wendy has smaller tits than me?"

I just gulped. All my blood had rushed to my cock. There was none to power my brain. "Wendy's chest always looks nice to me." I admitted finally. "But , of course, I've never seen her naked."

"Yeah, Warren liked them too. They don't droop at all even braless. She got his shirt off first. I almost came looking at his pecs. Dennis having a paw inside my bra tweaking my nipple helped too."


"The guy on my right. Blond. A rookie. In fact, Warren was his training officer. They had told their wives it was night orientation. The one on my left was Hispanic. Cruz. He was compact, tight, all muscle."

"You were saying about Wendy's tits…"

"Warren finally got her sweater off. She was braless of course. Her cherries really are the color and size of maraschinos. If I hadn't seen them after she showered, I would think she had rouged them."

Imaging Wendy showering was almost too much. I was now openly rubbing my cock through my shorts. I noticed that Kimmy's nipples tented her T-shirt even further as she continued. 'What did these girls do on their sleepovers?' I wondered. I would soon find out.

"Watching Warren cup Wendy's wonderfully firm puppies in his big strong hands really got me going. He leaned over and almost inhaled her left nipple. His flaming hair contrasted with her porcelain skin just as sensuously as her raven hair. I couldn't hold myself back. I dropped my drink onto the carpet and started kissing Dennis. Cruz didn't want to get left out, so he started kissing my neck and ear from behind. Four hands practiced at working together quickly stripped my halter over my head, and loosened the zipper on my miniskirt. Dennis started with my left nipple. Warren was doing the same to Wendy. She saw how excited I was getting, so she blew me a stage kiss. Cruz noticed it. He took his hands out of my lap, where he had been trying to get my panties down. He walked across to the other bed and dropped trou. Wendy lay back. Warren didn't miss a beat, licking down her body as Cruz fed her his cock."

"What were you doing then?"

"Struggling to watch and get Dennis' pants off, without Dennis having to stop what he was doing to me." Kimmy paused. "You really like this, don't you? You are a total perv. I thought Mom was due home soon."

"Don't stop. If she gets home, I'll just…."

"Jeff! Am I your fluffer now? I get you hard so you can fuck Mom?"

"Uh, no, Kimmy. That's not what I meant." I blushed.

"Better keep it in your pants though. In case she objects to me seeing it." She giggled, and resumed her story. "By the time I got his pants off, Dennis was fully hard. Even though Eric was the only guy I had fucked, I had seen other cocks. Like one time, Eric and I did it in my room while Wendy's boy friend fucked her on the floor. Dennis' was longer than those, but narrow. He saw me staring at it. He said 'Never seen a perfect ass fucking cock before?'"

"What is it with you guys and ass fucking anyway? ' Its not going in my ass' I told him."

"That chilled him a bit. He kind of lay back pouting. So I watched Wendy deep throating Cruz. When she fucked her boyfriend, they skipped the oral. This was the first time I saw her giving head. At least to a guy. Her technique was better than mine."

"Maybe it was just different," I offered.

"Well, Mom taught me with a banana. But I kind of wish she had shown me using you or Eric. I've gotten better, but Wendy was a real expert. She took a firm hold of it, staring out with a single long flat tongued roll around the rim at the bottom of the head. Then she stuck her tongue into his peephole. His butt flexed as she did that. The most amazing part was she did this while Warren rimmed her navel. He was soon kissing her tummy. In one big gulp, she chugged Cruz' length into her mouth. She bobbed up and down just a few times. Then, she ran her tongue around the whole head, in slow motion. All the while, she never let go of the base. The pulsing of his cock must have hurt. He was moaning, like begging. She teased him, trailing her tongue down to the bottom of his shaft. Warren nibbled inside her left thigh and she accidentally bit Cruz' scrotum. He jumped."

"What were you doing?"

"I had three fingers of my left hand in my snatch, silly man, what else? Oh, I was using my right hand to tweak my nipples, teasing poor Dennis. He was still slumped in the corner, but now he was stroking his cock. Sorta like you're doing now, except naked."

I gulped, trying hard to breathe. I prayed Kimmy finished before Ruth got home. But should I finish or save it for Ruth? In part, that depended on what she was up to while out. If her shopping had included a good fucking, she would let me eat the cream pie, but might be too sore for more. If she had found girly action instead, she would be craving cock, the harder the better. I noticed Kimmy was now leaning back in her chair, fingers lazily tracing circles inside her left thigh as she continued.

"Jumping hurt Cruz more, because Wendy never released his meat. His cry startled Warren, who paused to lift his head, then dove back between Wendy's thighs. She licked the top of Cruz' shaft, then offered to kiss his balls better. Of course, he liked that idea." Kimmy grinned at the memory. Her fingers now slid up under the school uniform skirt.

'Why is she wearing that on a Saturday?' I wondered, and then grinned myself. I realized this was no accidental event. Kimmy was really no innocent. Seeing her Mom leave, she had obviously decided to seize the opportunity. Maybe Ruth had even been part of the scheme. It had her touch to it. I sat back, waiting to se where this all lead. Kimmy's fingers moved faster as she picked up her story.

"Wendy twisted around. Warren lost contact with her pussy for a moment. But firemen are trained to react to the unexpected. Instantly, he was on his back underneath her, licking up the juices sluicing down her thighs. I knew then what I needed to do. I dropped to my knees between the beds. I unzipped Warren's pants. His one-eyed monster burst up so fast it almost hit my chin. I copied Wendy's style. Warren seemed to like that."

"What did Eric think when you came home with new moves?" Ruthie's philandering habits had been betrayed by new techniques. I wondered if Kimmy's beau would be as adaptable as me. I sensed marriage would never rein Kimmy in.

"I brought Wendy over, and we play acted her teaching me. Eric loved providing the demonstration cock." Her hand lifted her skirt as her fingers eased under the edge of her lacy thong. She smiled, as sweetly as the little girl I first met a decade ago. "I see you like this."

"Go on."

"I was concerned that Dennis might try fucking my ass as I knelt there, so I didn't polish Warren's wood for long. Instead, I climbed right atop his upright hose. I was so wet he sunk in up to the hilt without a pause. He was so big it hurt until I got my rhythm going. Dennis was still in the corner. He seemed unable to decide whether to stare at my tits flop up and down, or Wendy suctioning Cruz down her throat. So I took pity on him and called him to get his cock over for tonguing. His cock hit the back of my throat, but it was thin enough I could breathe around it pretty easily. Even though his was only the third cock I had swallowed, I figured out how to deep throat him. He had been wanking so much, he came almost immediately. Meanwhile, Wendy proved those years of ballet lessons were worth something. She spun around to sit on Warren still, but facing me. She never stopped sucking Cruz."

Kimmy's skirt was bunched up around her waist. Her thong was shoved aside. Her long index finger stroked her slit progressively faster as she spoke. Her eyes moved from mine, traveling down my body. "I don't care if Mom likes it or not. I need to see your cock, Jeff. Staring at that lump in your shorts has got me wet, but even if you need to save your load for Mom, please let me see it. Or I won't continue."

"Why do you want to see your old step father's cock? A cock is just a cock."

"Seeing how pervy you are has turned me on incredibly, just seeing it will help me cum. I bet you'd like me to touch you. Lick you. Swallow you. Then fuck you. Gawd, you must imagine that I'm as big a slut as Melody Ann. Which I'm not. I love teasing you, but I never thought of going even this far before today. You've been so kind, and you're not even my real dad. But know, we're getting carried away. Besides, even if I would let you do those things, we don't have time for all that before Mom gets home. Please show me? Pleeeease."

She licked her lips wantonly, but then gave me that little girl pout she used for years to get treats. My resistance melted away. I stood and slowly teased her unzipping my shorts. Kimmy leaned forward in her chair, her giant boobs squashed together, displayed to my gaze. Her breathing was shallower, her nipples even stiffer.

I paused, my hand holding the zipper. "Say more to see more."

"Seymour? Should we call your cock Seymour, Jeff? I think that's its new name."

"What happened next? You had Dennis in your throat, Warren in your pussy. Wendy was on Warren's face, with Cruz in her mouth."

"Warren was so worked up he didn't last much longer. Watching Wendy's perfect tiny white tits with those huge red nipples sticking out at me had me even more excited. I was really anxious to lick them, but first, I wanted to trade cumballs with her. I came a few moments after Warren."

"Hold on. Trade cumballs with Wendy? Was that something you had done before?"

"Show more Seymour before I tell more."

I lower the zipper another inch. The helmet of my organ was now half exposed, straining to be released. Kimmy licked her lips.

"We screwed in the same room, like I said, but because the guys were there, we didn't kiss. We only do that in private. No point freaking the boys. But I wanted to kiss her so badly that time in my room that when Dennis painted my tonsils, I knew we had to share."

Kimmy grasped her right nipple in her fingers and pulled it hard, twisting at the same time. Her left hand was deep in her pussy. "Your nipples are so neat, Kimmy. Ever think of getting one pierced?"

"No. That slut Melody Ann has two nipple rings. I never would copy her. If I get another piercing, it'll be in my pussy lips. How about that for a wedding present from my step dad?"

"Lets seee…"


Kimmy leaned back, and lifted her ankles onto the table. She opened her legs as far as possible and with both hands pulled her pussy wide. "I thought right about heeeere….".She caressed a spot just below her clit on her inner labia.

"I can't tell if that's the lip or the clit hood, let me lean in closer."

"Not yet, you dirty old man." Kimmy dropped her feet to the floor. Her finger continued stroking inside her lips, but the table hid them from my view. I watched how even this gentle hand motion translated into playful bouncing boobs.

"It's a deal if I can watch you getting pierced. Now tell me more about you and Wendy. Quickly, before Mom gets home."

"As if squared."


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