tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKitten Gets Blackmailed

Kitten Gets Blackmailed


A/N: This story focuses on the humiliation of our beloved Kitten as she gets blackmailed. Of course, this is just fiction, like my other stories. If you're looking for straight up sex, check them out. Please feel free to leave or send feedback. Happy wanking! :)


After being violated in her own apartment by the stranger the night before, Amber decided to have a fresh start the next day by first taking a shower. She limped her way to the bathroom.

The dried cum around her cat tail butt plug had stuck to her skin and the plug like plaster, and she gingerly pulled the tail out, leaving a pinkish circle of skin around her asshole. Amber felt like she was taking a dam out as the stranger's cum leaked out onto her legs and the floor. The stranger had slammed the plug into her ass after he had filled it to the brim with his cum, and she had left it there for the rest of the night.

Shivering, Amber quickly turned to lock the bathroom door...just in case. She felt vulnerable, especially after the stranger had somehow managed to sneak into her apartment to use her body. She hopped in the tub and took a long hot shower, rinsing away all the bodily fluids that coated her skin.

Her forearm brushed against a sore nipple and a pang of guilt ran through her as it hardened. She remembered the way he teased her body. Amber's fingers lingered near her lower abdomen for a few moments as she reminisced the way his fingers and his cock stretched her and filled her in a way she never thought she needed.

Hurriedly, she shut the shower, wrapped a towel around her body, and attempted to tame her long dark hair before deciding to let it air dry instead. She pulled on a simple black pair of panties with a black lace trim and a matching bra before slipping on a skirt and a top.


With a coffee in one hand and a backpack on one shoulder, Amber made her way to the library. Despite her college midterms being over, she already had a bunch of homework assignments she needed to get started. Besides, she didn't want to think about last night and the busywork was a welcome distraction.

Swiping her student id to enter the library, Amber went in through the lobby. She paused briefly at the elevators but decided to take the stairs down to the basement instead. It was quieter down there, and she wanted to be alone at her favorite study spot.

She made her way down the flight of stairs, waved at the student library assistant going up, and then walked past countless bookshelves. At the far back, there was a cozy looking study corner with a beanbag chair on the ground and a single carrel desk with high sides and a single wooden chair.

Someone had left a few books on the carrel so she stacked and pushed them against the side of the desk. Sitting down, Amber plopped her backpack on the ground and placed her coffee on the desk. She bent over to unzip her backpack.

Before she had even taken her books out, Amber felt her phone in her pocket vibrate. She fished it out and checked it. It was an unknown number.

X: How'd you like the cum enema I gave you last night?

How'd you get my number?

X: Do you feel how swollen your pussy is? Is it uncomfortable to sit?

Amber shifted uncomfortably on the hard wooden chair. Her pussy was swollen, and she hated how she could feel it pressed against the hard chair. The stranger bringing attention to it definitely didn't help.

But how did he know I'm sitting? Amber looked around her but all she saw were rows and rows of bookshelves. There was no one around. The windows were high up since she was in the basement and all she could see was sky. Besides, someone was bound to notice a person lying down on the sidewalk outside during the middle of the day and call the police.

Her phone vibrated again.

X: I bet if you took off your underwear and lifted your skirt, the cool chair would feel really good against your hot, swollen pussy.

She looked around again and up at the windows. Still no one.

X: You're mine, kitten. I know everything about you.

I'm not yours, asshole.

X: Then why did you sleep with my cum plugged inside of you?

She didn't respond. She bit her lip as she felt turned on. His cum had been steadily dripping out of her since this morning when she took out the tail. Her underwear was coated with his cum.

As if reading her thoughts, she received another text:

X: Besides, that way your asshole won't leak what's left of my cum onto your panties.

Amber cursed and tossed her phone into her backpack. Her cheeks were flushed red with embarrassment. She hated how cocky he was and hated how he had violated her. Above all, she hated how her pussy throbbed right now both from being fucked sore and from being turned on. Fuck him.

She rifled through her backpack and pulled out her biochemistry textbook and a notebook. She turned to the 12th chapter and began to read and take notes.

A few minutes later, a male student walked by and searched a nearby shelf for a book. Amber peered over the sides of the carrel at him. Is that the stranger? After a few minutes, he found the book and left without even sending a glance her way. The sides of the carrel were high enough that he would've been able to see only the top of her head.

She tried to concentrate on the words and molecules on the page in front of her but she kept shifting uncomfortably on her chair. Reaching a hand down to rub her skirt between her thumb and pointer finger, Amber hesitated for a second before slipping her hand under and tugging at her panties.

Amber quickly peered over the side of the carrel and surveyed her surroundings while she slipped off her underwear and hastily shoved it in her backpack as another student, female this time, walked through the shelves in front of her and disappeared within them.

She let out a soft sigh as she felt the cool wood against her hot pussy. Much better. She turned back to her textbook and began reading again. After a half hour, Amber felt her eyelids drooping as she struggled to stay awake. The chapter was boring and her throbbing pussy had finally felt sweet relief against the smooth wooden seat of the chair. Maybe just a quick nap. She drifted off to sleep.


Meanwhile, the student library assistant made his way to the back carrel. One of his duties was picking up books people left lying around and placing them back in their proper places on the bookshelves. He was skinny and still moved awkwardly as if he was not yet used to his six foot height. He had a huge crush on Amber, the upperclassmen that occasionally studied at the library, but as a freshman, he knew he probably had an extremely slim chance of ever going out with her. Still, he was working up the nerve to ask her out.

As he approached the carrel, he didn't see the top of anyone's head so he assumed it was empty. He made his way around the sides of the carrel and stopped in surprise when he saw Amber dead asleep with her head resting on her open biochemistry book. He felt his stomach twist and drop at how adorable she looked with her cheek pressed against the page and her scrumptious cherry colored lips slightly parted. Her dark hair was spread across the desk and some of it lead tantalizingly down her low cut white top. He could see the outline of her bra through it. Her hair, still damp from her morning shower, had made the top see-through and the black lace bra was easily visible from the wet spots on the sides. He had noticed it earlier when they passed each other on the staircase and he had wondered if she realized she looked like a complete slut the entire morning. Men must have been ogling at her shamelessly. Amber also wore a light blue skirt that reached her mid thighs and her legs were slightly parted. Although her calves were slim, her thighs were thick enough to grip and slightly parted. He suddenly wished that the desk didn't have sides.

While sighing wistfully, he was slowly backing away to not disturb her when a few books pushed to the side of the desk caught his attention. The book on top was on cat mythology and symbolism across cultures, which contrasted greatly with the drawings of molecules in Amber's textbook and notebook.

The person before her probably left them there, he thought, I might as well take them while I'm here.

He reached over her and picked up the stack of books. When turning them so that their spines faced him, he frowned. The book on top about cats didn't have the library's number system on them. Maybe it isn't one of ours. He flipped open the front cover and dropped the book in surprise. The pages were partially cut out in the middle and a strange device was in it. It looked like a vibrator. The book fell loudly as it hit the side of the desk before bouncing off to the ground, although the vibrator stayed inside.

He couldn't believe it. Could it have belonged to the beautiful girl in front of him? Then again, he wasn't too surprised that she had a dirty side from the way she was dressed. He felt his dick shift in his jeans and his heartbeat racing at the thought of Amber pleasuring herself in the library. He had always held her in high esteem but knowing this new information made him realize that she might just be a dirty, hungry slut.

Amber mumbled groggily as she slowly open her eyes at the sound of the book hitting the ground. She lifted her head off her textbook and turned towards the assistant.

"Oh, hi.. um, Bryan, right?"

"Uh. Hi. Yeah, I'm Bryan. I'm really sorry about waking you up."

Bryan bent over to pick up the fallen book and handed it to her.

"Oh and I'm sorry. I-I...," he stuttered, "I didn't realize this was yours. I accidentally saw what was inside."

Bryan mentally reprimanded himself. He should've just pretended to have seen nothing, but the nervousness she made him feel made him let it slip.

"What's inside?"

He opened the book and held it out to her. Amber looked down and saw what looked like a pink dildo. It had an arm that reached forward so she assumed it was actually a vibrator that was meant to tease both the inside of a pussy and the clit. However, it didn't seem to have much of a handle to grip it or any buttons to turn it on.

Bryan's dick hardened as he saw Amber's face turn red. Flustered, Amber slammed the cover of the book closed.

"It's not mine!"

"Um. Don't worry. I won't tell anyone about it," he lied. He was definitely going to tell all of his friends about it.

"No, I swear I've never seen this before!"


From the security room, the stranger laughed. He had signed up for the boring job of watching the camera feeds, but he didn't actually need the money. He could easily see the entire basement and the carrel that Amber was in. However, since there wasn't a camera that was in a spot that could see behind the carrel sides, he had carefully placed one outside by the windows above her and one underneath the desk. He could see everything that happened in the carrel... and under it. The man had a perfect view of her naked, swollen pussy lips pressed obscenely against the wooden chair.

He knew she had tossed her phone in the backpack so he made sure to set it up so that it seemed like the whole incident with the library assistant was her fault. From working here the past two weeks, he knew the assistant's schedule like the back of his hand.

While he watched the assistant making his rounds to collect books lying around, he sent a series of texts:

X: By the way, I left you a little present in that cat mythology book. I thought you would like it.

X: I see you're not answering me. Well, I hope you see these texts before some poor soul finds it. ;)

He chuckled to himself as he watched the library assistant open the book and drop it. He almost felt sorry for the stunned student. Things just got interesting.


"Look, Amber. It's really nothing to be embarrassed about."

Amber knew that it was useless trying to convince Bryan. Her cheeks felt hot and she just wanted to get out of there. She stood up and bent over to hastily shove the book and vibrator into her backpack, unknowingly flashing the Freshman a clear view of her naked and hairless pussy. He could see her swollen lips slightly parted and all of her pink folds between them.

He quickly looked away and shuffled to the side as Amber then stood up and stormed towards the staircase.

Bryan couldn't get over the mental image of her pussy, slightly glistening with juices and stood for a few more moments in shock. He placed his hand on the seat where she sat and was unsurprised to find that it was still slightly wet. He lifted and sniffed his hand. He felt his cock straining against his jeans from the knowledge that he was smelling her pussy juices.

As his senses returned to him, he realized that she had left her biochemistry textbook and notes on the desk. He looked up to tell her, but she was long gone.

Either she was having some dirty dreams or she was really turned on by embarrassment. He didn't know whether he should just return the books to her or if he should use them to his advantage.


Amber checked her phone when she got back to her apartment and cursed. The stranger had texted her about the vibrator, and if she hadn't ignored his messages by tossing it into her backpack, the whole embarrassing incident wouldn't have happened in the first place. What do you want from me?

X: I want you to enjoy your little gift.

Leave me alone or I'll call the police!
Her phone vibrated again, and Amber opened up her texts to see a lewd picture of herself. He must have taken the picture when he shined the penlight at her pussy last night. She was on her knees and on all fours with her white fluffy tail lifted and cum leaking obscenely down from her plugged asshole to her red and swollen pussy. Worst of all, she was looking back at the time and although it was fuzzy, it was clearly her face. Her eyes were slightly glazed and her mouth parted in an "o" shape, as if inviting a cock to thrust into it.

She felt her body going cold and her heart pounding so loudly that she could hear blood rushing in her ears.

"Fuck. Is he trying to blackmail me?" she cried out incredulously. She didn't know what to do. If that picture got out, she would have to explain it to her family. Just as bad, she dreaded what everyone on campus would think of her and act towards her. Already, Bryan thinking she carried around a vibrator was bad enough.

Her phone vibrated again.

X: Don't worry kitten, this can be our little secret ;) X: Of course, this depends on if you're a good kitten.

What do you mean?

X: Why don't you do a few things for me?

Do what? And for how long?

X: It depends on how good you are at listening. Go back to the library at noon tomorrow to the same spot as today. Wear a dress.

Amber chewed on her bottom lip nervously as she contemplated whether or not to actually go. She didn't know if he would even pull through on his end and delete the picture. On the other hand, she didn't have much of a choice unless she wanted the picture released.

How do I know you're going to delete the picture?

X: You don't. Be there. On time. Bring the book.


The next day, Amber put on a lace cream colored sundress and made her way to the library. She took the back staircase in order to avoid Bryan. After setting her backpack down under the carrel in the corner, she texted the stranger.

I'm here. What now?

X: Open your backpack and take out the gift I left for you yesterday

She had not opened her backpack since she stuffed the cat mythology book in it and did not realize until now that her Biochemistry book was missing.

"Fuck. I must've left it here yesterday."

She dreaded having to talk to Bryan. She hoped that someone else was working today and her books were simply in the lost and found by the assistant desk in the basement.

Amber took out the cat mythology book and placed it on the desk. Hesitating for a brief second before opening it, Amber looked around again to make sure the coast was clear despite the carrel's high walls.

She opened the book and carefully took out the pink vibrator. Underneath it, there was what looked like some sort of chastity belt. Instead of the medieval metal ones she had seen before on the internet, it was made of leather. The belt was adjustable and had a lock at the front. She didn't find a key in the box. Amber had a vague idea of what the stranger had in store for her. Worst comes to worst, she could just cut through it. She had a pair of scissors in her backpack, and although it would take a while, she knew she could probably do it.

Her phone vibrated again.

X: Take off your underwear and insert it inside of your pussy. Of course, the arm goes on top of your clit.

There has to be something else I can do. I can give you money

He sent her the picture from last night again. She frowned. Seeing the picture again and having the vibrator in her hand made her feel a familiar tight feeling in her lower abdomen. Cursing again, she looked around before slipping her panties off and stuffing them in her backpack.


From the security feed room, the stranger chuckled at his dirty kitten's obvious embarrassment. He could see from the camera below her desk that her pussy was glistening. He knew he picked the right victim. She was already betrayed by her body and turned on.

The man made sure the security room's door was locked again before unzipping his pants and taking his cock in his hand. He watched as Amber lifted her bare pussy off the chair before placing the vibrator underneath her. She slowly impaled herself on it, and he wished he had a mic there to catch the soft mews that were coming from her lips. On the other screen, he could see her face filled with lust. Above all, he wished that he was there to slam her hips down fully onto the vibrator. He wanted to hear her cries of pain and pleasure.


Amber gasped softly as she slowly impaled herself on the vibrator until it was fully nestled inside of her. It was almost as thick as her fist and she felt both guilty and relieved that her pussy was already slick enough to make the insertion easy. The arm curved perfectly against her clit. Without a handle, the vibrator reminded her of a plug. It slightly elevated her off the seat but not by much. She felt completely full and her pussy, which was still a little swollen from the stranger's ruthless fucking, throbbed around it.

Her phone vibrated again.

X: Remember to wear the chastity belt!

Amber took the leather chastity belt out of the box and slipped her legs into them. She adjusted the straps until it pressed snugly against the vibrator and around her hips. She fingered the cold lock and hesitated briefly before pressing the hook down and locking it.

Although no one was around to see her, she still felt embarrassed and stupid. It felt like she was wearing an oversized diaper. It didn't help that whenever she moved around in her chair, she felt the vibrator moving around inside of her and also pressing against her clit simultaneously. It was sickening, but it also felt delicious.

Amber squirmed in the chair and savored the feeling. She reached a hand down to play with the vibrator only to pause as her fingers hit the belt. There was no way to get herself off.

She checked her phone.

X: I hope you locked it...don't even think about trying to cut the belt off ;) It might be leather on the outside but there's a sheet of metal in the inside.

Amber cursed. That ruined her plan of getting it off.

X: Now be a good girl and do your homework.

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