tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKitty Tales: Blair Pt. 04 Ch. 01

Kitty Tales: Blair Pt. 04 Ch. 01


Episode 4 Part 1: Yvette

Yvette was and still is a hottie. She has long black hair — well over her shoulder. She has an olive complexion that accentuates her raven hair. She is a significant contrast to my blonde hair and fair complexion. We would never be mistaken for sisters. Kissing cousins, maybe.

Yvette is as tall as I am — around 5'8" — and with a similar build. At the time when the incident took place, she and I both only weighed about 100 lbs. Yeah, we were both very thin, with small tits, but with long legs and tight asses. Believe me, you'd have wanted to fuck us, especially together.

Yvette and I were very close, but we had never had sex together. I had been playing with other girls for a number of years at the time and was well on my way to becoming a diehard bisexual. Not a lezzy, mind you. It's not that I don't like lezzies. Hell, I've had sex with lesbians. It's just that I like men almost as much as I like women. In fact, I've been called a tri-sexual. I'll try anything once, which I pretty much have done through the years.

Of course, Yvette knew that I fucked women and men, but she could not have cared less. Although she was a straight arrow when it came to sex, she never condemned me for being so sexually liberated — a euphemism for being a slut.

Believe me, I wanted to slide between her long, tapered legs and lick her pussy, and I tried a couple of times to seduce her. Finally, I did have a little luck at a sleepover at my house one night. I had invited a number of girls from school and work over for the night, and one of the girls brought some booze. I think it was Boones Farm or some other crap like that. Hey, when you aren't used to drinking, Mad Dog 20/20 would work.

All of us girls got tipsy and of course the conversations turned quickly to boys. You know the kind of stories: What have you done? Who have you done it with? How did it feel? How far will you go?

Well the stories got wild as comparisons were made. Of course a little experimentation was in order. We did just a little kissing stuff, nothing dramatic. We had to practice doing our French kissing. (I wonder how many girls do that at slumber parties? I know we did.)

Soon, my panties were getting wet and I was sure that the other girls could see it. Heck, see it? How about smell it? I had to excuse myself to change or face the future of being branded a lez.

I was fishing for another pair of panties when Yvette peeked into my bedroom. She was well on her way to being drunk and was unsteady on her feet. As she stepped into my bedroom, she tripped and knocked me to the floor. As I started to rise, I grabbed her leg for support. My hand naturally slid up her thigh to her panty-clad ass.

I almost pulled my hand from her leg in fear of losing her friendship, but she didn't make a move when my hand touched her silk. I looked up at her for some reaction, but none was forthcoming. She just stood there with her eyes closed slightly swaying from side to side.

My face was now level with her pussy, and my hand was involuntarily massaging her firm ass. I took a chance and pressed my mouth to her mound, still covered by her panties. I smelled her pussy and tasted her wetness through her panties. To my surprise, she was also wet.

My fingers pulled the elastic of her panties to the side so that her swelling pussy lips were exposed to my mouth and tongue. I was just about to slide my tongue into her slit, when she pulled away from me. She giggled and was off down the hall.

I fell to the floor from frustration. I was so close to licking her pussy. I even had a little pussy juice on my index finger from when I pulled her panties aside. I sucked that finger until my fingernail polish wore off.

I had to return to the party since I was the hostess, but I entered my living room with trepidation. I didn't know how Yvette would react. My reputation was on the line. Back then, that was important to me. Now, I couldn't give a fuck what people think of me.

My concerns were unwarranted. Yvette acted like nothing had happened. As soon as I entered the room, she grabbed a pillow and attacked me. Soon all of my party guests were wrestling around. There were a few quick peeks at exposed assess and pussies during the wrestling, but nothing happened that would be of carnal interest.

I will tell you that I masturbated often thinking of that night and what could have happened. Little did I realize that my fantasy would eventually come true, but with a penalty attached. I guess the saying "be careful about what you wish for because you might get it" has some truth. At least it did for me.

Yvette was living with her boyfriend du jour. They had a small, two-bedroom apartment in a not-so-nice part of town. Her boyfriend, Darren, was a slime ball. He could only hold down odd jobs, and then not very long. He was always looking for ways to make an easy buck. This bad habit was the direct cause of the night from hell.

I didn't understand what Yvette saw in this dweeb. He was cute, but a thorough jackass. God knows I love her, but Yvette to this day has bad taste in men. If there is a rotten one in the barrel, Yvette will find him. Darren, the dweeb, was no exception.

Let me tell you how bad this man was. A few years after they split, Yvette told me a story about what he had done to her. It all started at a strip bar one night. That was not bad by itself. I like them, but that is another story to tell.

Yvette didn't care for them much. She went along with it because dweeb boy wanted to go. Well, this strip bar had a real seedy reputation. You know the kind — way too close to a military base. Along with the strip bar, there was an upstairs with rooms. Couples could go into these rooms and fuck. Men would pay to watch through a glass window. I assume there were some glory holes, but I'm not sure. Yvette wouldn't know what a glory hole was anyway, so I doubt that she would notice.

She told me that she saw at least a dozen men crammed around the windows to watch him fuck her. It must have been something to see. Yvette is simply beautiful and her body is to die for. I can picture a dozen dicks pulled out and being stroked as Darren fucked Yvette.

Darren pushed her down on a scummy couch and lifted her skirt above her ass. He pulled her panties down her legs and pulled them apart. He stepped aside so that the men watching could get a good look at Yvette's pussy and ass.

Darren then pulled her around until they provided a sideways view for the peanut gallery. Darren pulled out his cock and jammed it into her without any foreplay. Yvette yelped at the invasion, but soon got wet enough so that the fucking was smooth and delightful. Being the exhibitionist that she is, I know Yvette got off on being watched while fucking. It's a huge turn on for her and me, for that matter.

Yvette said that Darren pulled his cock out of her pussy before he came and slid it into her mouth. She almost drowned from the cum Darren spurted. He was one horny bastard.

The next thing she remembered was Darren motioning to a couple of the men who had been jacking off while she was getting fucked. It looked like Darren wanted to make a deal with them to fuck her for a couple of bucks. She tried to get off the couch to avoid a gangbang, but Darren and two strangers quickly pinned her.

The next thing she felt was a cock in her mouth and one in her pussy. While she was sucking on the unfamiliar cock, she looked up and there were four more men pulling on their cocks waiting for their turns with her.

Of course, fucking her mouth and pussy was not enough. Some of the bastards had to fuck that sweet, tiny ass of hers. I'm sure that Darren charged them extra for that hole.

Now, I am the kind of girl who absolutely loves having her ass fucked. I have a real ass fetish. I love to lick anyone's asshole and having mine licked before it its fucked. I love the feel of a hard cock pushing against my rosebud and sliding into my ass, pushing past the sphincter and filling me to the brim. Heck, when I masturbate, I like to use two vibrators — one for my pussy and one for my ass. I love it when a guy slides a vibrator up my ass while he fucks my pussy.

Yvette also likes anal sex; at least that is what she has told me. But the thought of these jackasses dry fucking her ass pisses me off. That kind of fucking hurts like a son-of-a-bitch.

Before they wore out, at least three of them fucked her ass. They didn't slide in nice and slow to let her ass get accustomed to the intrusion. They just aimed their dick heads at her rosebud and pushed on through. I suppose that after one of them came in her ass, it was not as painful when the next one ass fucked her.

Over the next hour or so, Yvette was fucked in all three holes by at least six men. Darren watched it all and collected the money. Once the men had filled her mouth, ass and pussy with their cum a few times, Darren picked her up and dressed her. He gave her panties to one of the men who had fucked her as a souvenir of the night's entertainment.

What I could not believe is that she didn't kick his ass for doing this to her. In fact, she kept on dating him and he continued to use her, which bring us to the second part of the story — the part where I get Yvette, but we both have to give it up to three rather unsavory men.

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