tagIncest/TabooKitty Tales: Uncle Johnny Ch. 02

Kitty Tales: Uncle Johnny Ch. 02


EPISODE 2 part 2: Uncle Johnny

This story is the second part of Episode 2: Uncle Johnny. It is better to read the first part of the story in order to understand the storyline more fully. As with all of my stories, this one is true with appropriate name changes.

My uncle Johnny looked at me with a "What the fuck are you thinking girl?" expression. I had just invited his three golf buddies to fuck me in order to protect my Uncle from the rumors that were sure to spread if his buddies weren't implicated within our incestuous sexcapade.

With his admonishing stare haunting my thoughts, my eyes averted any contact. I was mortified and nervous. I didn't want to lose my Uncle's respect. I loved his so much. But I also didn't want our earlier encounter to cause him any pain and grief. He had experienced enough of that in his life. I wanted...no, I craved...his love and affection.

Of course, his buddies were beaming at the prospect of fucking a 30-something niece of their golf buddy. The three old geezers probably hadn't had a good fuck in years, and now they were hitting the lottery. I'm sure the only thing they could have wanted more was for me to be barely legal.

I invited the boys to have a seat, and asked them if they wanted some beers. With their orders, I headed toward the kitchen, so they could talk about what they were going to do with the young pussy that had fallen into their laps.

I noticed my Uncle following me as I was entering the kitchen. I was preparing myself for a real ass chewing from him. But I was determined to protect him, even if I had to fuck his 50-something buddies.

To my surprise, my Uncle was pretty cool about it. He told me that I didn't have to do this, and he appreciated the sacrifice I was willing to make. He then said something exceptionally sweet. He told me that he didn't want to "fuck" me in front of them, but he did want to make "love" to me without his buddies present.

I looked deeply into his eyes to try and decipher the emotion behind the words. What I encountered was a caring, loving man who wanted to make love to a woman who loved and cared about him. I realized that I would do anything for this man. All he had to do was ask.

I tried to explain my thoughts to him about the whole situation. I believed that if we could involve his buddies they would be more hesitant to ever utter a word about catching us having sex by the pool. Uncle Johnny half-heartedly agreed with my arguments, but wanted to make sure that I understood fully what I was getting myself into.

I told him that Manny, Moe and Jack would have the times of their lives and I would promise them more of the same the next time I visited. I was sure that the opportunity to fuck me on more than one occasion would secure their confidentiality. There is no way they would screw up a chance for a continual stream of young pussy.

I put my arms around uncle Johnny's neck and whispered in his ear that he could fuck me any time and any place he wanted. I whispered that I wanted to spread my legs and wrap them around his body as his cock pumped his cum into my pussy. I wanted to feel the muscles of his loins as his cock pushed its way through my pussy's grip. I wanted to massage his cock with my pussy as he came in me so that I could milk all of his cum from his balls.

I reached down and slipped my hand into his shorts. I found his cock, and began to stroke it. He closed his eyes and breathlessly moaned as my hand worked it to full erection. His cock was warm to the touch and I felt is spasm, as my hand squeezed its head. I then pressed my mouth to his and explored him with my tongue.

I felt a hand on my ass. His other hand slid down my shorts as he sought my pussy, which was still moist from the earlier tongue-lashing he had given me. He parted my lips and found my clitoris. His fingers pinched it, which sent a shiver throughout my body. His fingers probed the folds of my pussy until he found the spot from before. He'd remembered how my body had reacted to being touched there.

We stood in the middle of the lighted kitchen kissing and exploring each other's mouths and bodies until Manny, Moe and Jack broke the trance. We had forgotten about our guests, but they had not forgotten about us.

All three of them were standing in the doorway to the kitchen witnessing the foreplay in which my Uncle and I were so engrossed. When we reluctantly separated to address our voyeurs, I noticed that my shorts had unsnapped. I was within an inch or two of giving the boys quite a view.

I looked at each of them and decided that they should get to see the merchandise before buying, so I pulled off my top and dropped my shorts to the floor. There I stood naked in front of my Uncle and his three golfing buddies.

Now, I don't consider myself as model material, but I still get a few looks, and I was in my prime back when this experience occurred. For those who aren't familiar with me, I am about 5'7" and 115 lbs. I have small breasts (b-cup) and ass, and large nipples. My bush is a light brown and thick, so I have to trim it continually. If you want a visual, look at my picture in my Literotica profile. It's a fairly recent picture of me.

Standing naked, I raised my hands above my head and slowly turned around so that the boys could get a good look at my body. I knew they were thinking about how lucky they were to have a chance to fuck me, and I was getting excited about fucking all of them. I could feel my pussy getting wetter as the boys cheered and clapped as I slowly turned.

Once I had my back to them, I decided to take my exhibition one step further. I spread my legs a little so they were about shoulder width, and I bent over at the waist, placing my hands on me knees. This position gave them a great view of my pussy and ass. I then stuck two fingers in my pussy and fingered myself for a minute or so. I finished the show by standing, turning around so that I was facing them, and sucking the pussy juice off of my fingers. To say the least, the boys were eager.

I told them to grab their beers and suggested we talk about how this was to take place. I wasn't overly worried, because they were all middle-aged men who probably didn't have much stamina. But I wanted to set some ground rules before I fucked them. I imagined that a quick blowjob or fuck would probably fit the bill for each of them, but I was wrong. That's why I call them Manny, Moe and Jack: They turned out to be the PEP boys.

As we sat around the kitchen table, I started the conversation. "I will fuck each of you tonight or give you a blowjob if you forget what you witnessed earlier," I offered "I will give each of you a repeat engagement whenever I visit my Uncle. But, if any rumors are spread I will tell your wives about you fucking me."

Both Moe and Jack readily agreed with my terms. They promised to never utter a word of this to anyone. It was clear that they just wanted to get some pussy. Unfortunately, Manny was not as compliant.

As I mentioned in the part 1 of the story, the Moe and Jack were nice and polite. To be honest, Moe reminded me a little of Mr. Wimple from the old Charmin commercials. On the other hand, Manny was not nice or polite. He was a conniver from way back. Manny had done well in business because he was a shrewd bargainer. My impression of Manny was that he was a control freak who had to have everything on his own terms.

With a tinge of gruffness in his voice, Manny told me, "If you want me to agree to this, you will have to meet three conditions. If you don't meet them, then the deal is off. You can take your sweet ass up to your Uncle's bed and fuck his brains out for all I care. But you can never be sure that something accidentally won't leak out"

Moe and Jack about fell out of their chairs when they heard Manny's veiled threat. They just wanted to get laid, and Manny was fucking it up. My Uncle looked furious. I know he wanted to take a swing at Manny, but I put my hand on his forearm to calm him. I wanted to assure him that there was nothing that these men could do to hurt me emotionally.

Piquing my curiosity, I asked Manny what were his three conditions.

Manny continued, "I want you to fulfill one sexual fantasy for each of us, I want to do this tomorrow morning, rather than tonight. But I want a taste before we leave this evening."

These conditions threw my plan into a bit of a tailspin. First, I had thought that they would be satisfied with a blowjob or a little fucking. Second, since it was almost eleven on a Saturday night, I didn't think that they time to do much before they had to get back home. My plan was now in the crapper.

As I thought over Manny's proposition, I felt like an escort negotiating the fucking of three clients. Interestingly, I didn't feel degraded or humiliated. Rather, I was getting excited about being treated like a prostitute.

I quickly examined the alternatives that were present. If I refused Manny's conditions, Moe and Jack would be pissed that they missed out on some young pussy. The problem was that Manny would probably spread the rumor now because I had challenged him. He'd do it out of simple spite. However, if I gave in, Manny would be a hero to Moe and Jack. Plus, I would wager that Manny would have additional conditions for me to meet when I visited.

Rather than allow the negotiations to come to an impasse, I made a counteroffer to Manny and the boys, "I will agree with your conditions as long as you all three agree to a condition that I have."

"Let's hear it," Manny retorted.

With a little trepidation in my voice, I countered, "If you want to play with me like a whore, then you have to pay me like a whore. I am planning on leaving my husband and I need to build a financial safety net. I want $1500 from each of you every time I fuck you, starting tomorrow. I will give you a freebie tonight as an act of good faith."

I knew that $1500 was high, but all of them were professionals with businesses. They could easily afford it, and they could just as easily hide the payments from their wives. Hell, they probably blew that much on strippers each month, and I would fuck them better than a stripper would.

As I anticipated, Manny countered me. "I don't have a problem paying you like a whore if you fuck like a whore," he said. "But I think that $500 per fuck is more in line with the going rate for whores in the area."

To his caddy remark, I replied, "I had already planned to fuck you like a whore. I will do whatever you want, but I need at least $1000 per fuck. If I get $1000, then I will voluntarily become your fuck slut for the time you paid. If not, then we are just wasting our time. Keep in mind that you get to fuck your buddy's niece each time. That has to be worth the extra $500."

The boys all looked at each other and I knew the deal was done. I was to get paid $1000 from each of them every time I fucked them. Cementing the deal, Manny stated, "Do we all agree to meet here around nine tomorrow morning, and does everyone agree to bring $1000 cash to pay the whore?"

All three of them nodded to the agreement, but I added, "Since my son is staying with some friends for the night and will be back tomorrow afternoon, we have to be finished by noon."

No one had a problem with this, so I asked, "What kind of taste did you have in mind for tonight?"

Without another word spoken, Manny stood up and rested his large hands on my shoulders. "Well missy," he stated. "I think you should hop on the kitchen table and show us your pussy. That's right, I want to see those pretty thighs spread real wide like the whore you are."

I knew that I was in trouble when Manny made those comments. He was pissed that a woman would stand up to him, and he was going to make me pay for my insolence. I was in for a rough time, and I hoped that my Uncle would step in if things got out of hand. By the way, Manny was over 6 foot tall and weighed over 250 lbs. To me, he was huge and could easily hurt me if he tried.

Manny pulled me from my chair and lifted me to the table. He then positioned me so that my ass was half hanging off the table. As he did this, Moe positioned an armchair so that it was facing my pussy and I could rest my feet on the arms.

Manny pushed me down on the table and leaned over my face. With a wry smile told me to masturbate in front of them. He wanted to see me cum before he tasted my pussy. He just loved a juicy pussy to eat. It reminded him of eating at Wendy's. They all laughed at his little joke.

Without a word from me, I slid my hands down to my pussy. Hell, talk about wet. I was causing a fucking flood. God! I wanted to be fucked so badly. I was so frigging turned on by all of this that having an orgasm was not a problem.

I started finger fucking my pussy with abandon. Manny laughed about how the whore loved it, which I did. I fingered my slit and massaged my clit for only a couple of minutes before I came. Pussy juice was flowing down my ass and was dripping on the table and floor.

Manny nudged Moe and Jack out of his path so that he could gain access to my pussy. He took a seat and pulled his chair forward until his face was within tongue shot of my pussy.

Instead of licking my pussy lips as I had expected, Manny nipped my pussy lips and clit with his teeth, which sent shivers of both pain and pleasure cascading through me.

My pussy lips and clit were quickly becoming sore from the abuse, but I kept on flowing. I was actually building to another orgasm as he assaulted my pussy. Before I could cum, however, Manny stood, grabbed me by the hair and rolled me over on my stomach.

I was now leaning over the kitchen table with my ass exposed to the view of Manny and his comrades. Manny grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled them as far apart as my body would allow.

"Man, check this out boys," Manny exclaimed. "That is one fine looking piece of ass. I can't wait to fuck it. That will be my treat tomorrow. The bitch's pussy is my treat tonight."

His finger was playing with my anus, but I didn't expect what he did next. Without any warning, he jammed his thumb up my ass. Since I wasn't expecting it, I didn't have a chance to loosen my sphincter. It naturally tightened when the intrusion occurred. A white light of pain streaked through my body and I let out a whimper of complaint.

"Ah, is the fuck slut in pain?" Manny questioned. "I thought fuck sluts liked it up the ass."

As I regained my control, I loosened my sphincter so that Manny could thumb-fuck my ass without causing me any discomfort. As I was just getting used to the thumb up my ass, I heard Manny tell Moe to bring over the spatula from the kitchen counter.

I used that spatula making dinner and I remembered that it had a lengthy, thick handle. It didn't dawn on me what he planned to do with it until Manny told the boys that he was going to see how much ass fucking a whore could take. I was scared shitless; he could hurt be badly if he really impaled me with it.

Petrified of what was coming next, I felt Manny preparing to shove the handle of the utensil up my ass, when my Uncle stepped in and stopped him. My Uncle grabbed the spatula and told Manny it was fine to get a little rough, but he was overstepping the limits.

Manny mumbled something inaudible, and then slapped my ass. It was not a playful slap. We are talking about a knock you on your ass slap. It hurt like hell. I wondered if I would have to explain a bruise on my ass to my husband.

The next thing I heard was a zipper. I knew what was coming next, but my pussy was so wet that I didn't believe that I would have a problem taking his cock as long as he wasn't hung like a Clydesdale.

I was right, his cock slid right in my pussy. But the fucking I got was purely animalistic. He fucked my like a dog in heat. He pounded my pussy for all he was worth. Hell, the damn table was actually moving across the room from the force of his thrusts. He fucked me so fast that I couldn't get any kind of rhythm, so I decided just to ride it out until he finished. I could then milk his cock with my pussy muscles after he finished.

"Damn, this is one tight pussy, and man is it hot inside her. How did you get such a hot pussy?" Manny asked me. "You boys are in for a treat when you fuck this split tail. Her pussy feels like a fucking hothouse."

A small smile crossed my lips as Manny continued his assault of my pussy. I had heard on a number of occasions that I had a tight pussy, and that it was incredibly hot. I had no idea why my pussy was always hot. Maybe it was because my natural body temperature runs a little higher than average. Whatever the reason, it certainly was one of my assets.

I soon felt Manny's cock preparing to drop his load in my pussy. When he did cum, it was a quite a copious amount, and much more than I expected. He must have saved that one up for weeks. He climaxed with three or four strong strokes and then started to rest his deflating cock in my pussy. At least he had the common decency to allow his cock to atrophy inside my pussy and didn't just pop the damn thing out.

But I wasn't finished with his cock just yet. I used every muscle in my pussy to milk that son of a bitch until it was too soft to grip. I made sure this whore gave him every dollar's worth. I wanted every ounce of cum out of his fucking balls. Maybe there wouldn't be much spunk tomorrow, I reasoned.

Once he was finished fucking me, he demanded that I stand up. I started to move, but I guess that I was a little too slow for him. He pulled me up and pushed me down in the chair.

"Damn, look at that. My dick has all kinds of cum on it. I can't let my wife smell that," he remarked. "I guess our slut should lick my dick clean. How about it slut? Want to clean my dick?"

Hell, I never have a problem cleaning a cock after sex, I actually enjoy the taste of my pussy juice and a man's cum mixed together. I covered his entire cock with my mouth as I ran my tongue over every inch. I actually got a reaction out of him as I rolled his cock in my mouth using my tongue. I then slid my face under his cock so that I could clean his balls of any cum that had trickled down. I guess I didn't get low enough because Manny pushed on top of my head so that I could lick him clean just above his asshole.

When he had enough oral ministrations, he pulled his cock away and zipped his pants. "Damn, look Johnny, the slut's pussy is leaking cum on your chair. Something should be done about that," he commented with false concern.

I looked down and sure enough, some of his cum was trickling out of my pussy onto the chair. It wasn't much, but enough to get noticed.

With a look of pure joy, Manny told me, "I want you to put your fingers in your pussy and pull out all of the cum you can. Make a puddle of it on the chair."

I did as he asked and succeeded in creating a small puddle.

"Now, my little fuck toy. Get on your knees and lick it up," Manny demanded. "I want you to eat every drop of my cum. I don't want to see even a trace of cum on that chair."

I crawled out of the chair and got on my knees. As I looked up I saw my Uncle staring at me. The look he gave me seemed to be a combination of lust and pity.

As I licked the sperm/pussy juice cocktail from the chair, I stared at him with the most "fuck me" look I could muster. I wanted him to know that I wasn't upset and I was not affected by Manny's attempts to humiliate me.

After I had finished my chore, my Uncle told the boys that they had to leave. He rationalized that if they wanted to fuck me in the morning, I had to recuperate from tonight. (No shit!)

Jack and Moe weren't very pleased with not getting a taste, but I consoled them by reassuring them that they would get plenty tomorrow.

Manny looked at me and spat, "Tomorrow sweetmeat, I am going to fuck you until you plead for mercy. I'm getting my money's worth out of your pussy, ass and mouth."

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