tagRomanceKnight in Tarnished Armour Ch. 02

Knight in Tarnished Armour Ch. 02


(Thank you to those who left approval on Chapter One. Again, my thanks to my editor, Jacuzzigal, and the rest of my support team. Remember. Your votes keep these chapters coming. Chapter Three will probably be a little while, fair warning. I have to keep up with work and life. Probably coming out in July sometime.)


As he walked around behind the fitting curtain, John's voice came over the top to Catherine's ears. "So what were you doing running through the woods, anyway? We try to host our events far from civilization, so as not to disturb people."

Catherine's eyes flared dangerously as she saw the apron lying over the top of the curtain, and she moved closer. "Well, mostly, running for my life. You mean why was I running for my life to begin with? My car broke down, and these guys stopped and started to tell me that they hadn't seen a girl looking as good as I was in a long time. Then they started grabbing me....and..." Her voice broke, and she started to quietly cry. "S-Sorry...I don't mean to..god, this is depressing..."

John rushed out and held her as she started to collapse, his arms wrapping around her body as he helped her move to the only place to sit, the bed. While he was worried about Catherine, part of his mind was wondering why fate always seemed to tease him. His arms gently held her, his mind admiring her trim waist and beautiful body as he tried to come up with words to reassure this damsel in distress that all would be okay. "Shhhh, Catherine, it's okay, my lady... no one will hurt you. I'll protect you."

"I don't NEED protection, damnit.....oh, just shut up and hold me, okay? Thank you." Her words were muffled as she collapsed into his arms, feeling them wrap tight around her and rub her back gently. John realized he didn't have a shirt on as he felt her tears wet and then dry, on his skin. He jerked his eyes down and was reassured that, at least he -was- wearing pants. He smiled and simply shifted a little so that his stiffening erection wasn't pressing into Catherine's body. John grinned, and held her close, his lips moving closer to her neck, his tongue flicking over them nervously, feeling Catherine starting to slide her hands up his torso, towards his rock hard nipples...

"Hail the camp! John, you in there?" Sam's voice intruded onto the scene, and the two muttered, "shit" at the same time, then fell to a fit of the giggles. John released Catherine and slid behind the screen. She heard rustling as he began to dress.

Sam came in. "Oh! Hello Cathy! How are you?" Sam looked around, confused. Were those tears on her cheeks? Why would John have hurt her? "Are...you okay?" His voice filled with concern.

"Sorry, Sam. I just got a little emotional. John's getting dressed right now. By the way, call me Catherine, okay?" She smiled and, taking a handkerchief from her purse, wiped her eyes, then took out her compact and tried to repair the tear damage.

"Done, M'lady. John? You should hurry. What are you planning to wear? Lily wants to know to match the decor." Sam chuckled. "Women, you know?" He smiled as Catherine glared at him and threatened him with a tube of lipstick.

"Sam, I'm gonna wear silver and black tonight. Maybe a little bit of blue...Depends." John's head stuck out around the curtain, then was followed by his shoulders and body, covered in a tunic of forest green. "What are we eating?"

"The usual...wait..Silver? Black? Blue? You sure?" Sam's voice was filled with curiosity.

"Yeah, I'll break the armour out of the containers. Special night, you know?" Catherine looked at the two in curiosity as John answered. What were they talking about?

"Okay. Roses, then." Sam smiled, then bowed to Catherine. "You're in for a treat. Don't be late! Sunset!"

Catherine looked out at the sun, beaming gently over the horizon. "John? How much time do we have, and what is he talking about?"

"About 50 minutes, and you'll see. It's kind of a surprise." John's voice seemed to light up as he walked over to the parking lot and brought out some boxes. Clanging, he moved them to the tent, disappeared behind the curtain again, and talked to Catherine as he got suited up.


As John finally emerged, he seemed to light up the room. His armour was amazing. The sheen of the silver was contrasted nicely with the black coat over it. The breastplate, tempered a light blue, shone brightly. Catherine giggled as she realized the effect.

"You made a tuxedo out of armour? What in god's name did you do that for?" She laughed and smiled at this crazed, but delightful man.

"Sam and Lily's wedding." John smiled and offered her his arm. "He also has a suit, but his breastplate is white. I don't like white...VERY hard to keep clean." As her arm slipped into the crook, he checked them in a mirror. "You look amazing. I look....adequate." His voice was muffled as Catherine reached up and kissed his cheek.

"What was that for?" he asked, his voice, startled, but pleased.

"THAT was for dressing up and coming to dinner with me. If you're very lucky, maybe I'll give you a reward for saving me later tonight. The Knights aren't the only ones who are very grateful, after all." She smiled and watched his face blushing, changing to the same colour as his hair.

"Catherine...I don't know what to say." John smiled and then slid his sword home into the scabbard, picked up his shield and offered his arm again. "I'm flattered...but maybe wait until you're sure it's because you like me, and not because you feel you owe me for saving you, okay?"

"Jesus...You really DO take this whole knight thing too seriously." Her voice sounded a little disappointed. "It's not like I asked you to marry me. It's sex. It's supposed to be fun, remember?"

"With me, it's never just sex." John's face stiffened, and his feet moved a little quicker, as if trying to leave the subject behind.


At the dinner, John was embarrassed at how much adoration he got for his rescue. He started to get annoyed but then he realized that his friends really appreciated the way he positively represented the knights as much as they did his rescuing Catherine. He had kept his cool around most of the camera men, and the Knights were pleased more with his showing restraint and making the Knights seem reserved and kind, rather than the crazed psychopaths that ran around killing people. So in a way, they were thanking him for keeping his temper, as well as going to the aid of the damsel in distress. As the minstrels played on, and on, John glared at Sam and muttered out of the corner of his mouth. "You couldn't resist. You HAD to tell them to write a ballad about it, didn't you...I'll get you for that."

"Yes, and the day you do, Satan will be skating to work." Sam smiled as John dexterously flipped a piece of gristle at him. He dodged it, and it fell to the ground to be chewed up by one of the various dogs that prowled the room in search of snacks. John smiled and stood, raising the silvered goblet to the roof of the beautifully decorated tent. The roses seemed to offset the blue on his chest and he looked magnificent, a throwback to an earlier, simpler time.

Although the ballad embarrassed him, John wanted to thank them and to thank his friends for the evening. He stood and said "My thanks, minstrels. I would propose a toast. To good songs, good food, and good company. And, to the few who would serve others instead of themselves and fight to protect the weak. May we remember to pass this legacy down to those who follow. To all the knights of the future, and to the future of the Knights!

He raised the glass. "To ALL of us, wherever and whenever we may roam. To the Knights!

The roared reply shook the heavens. "To the Knights!"

- - -

Sam walked, arm in arm with Lily who was beautiful in her white dress, her blonde hair decorated with white lilacs and red roses. She was so lovely. Her long, flowing hair cascaded down her back, past her thin waist and finally ended just as it brushed her pert, tight bottom. Her eyes glowed with love and happiness as they walked, her long legs matching his stride. He smiled, watching her bosom heaving lightly with each step and breath. Lily turned her head and caught his glance, then looked down at his armour covered body.

"Someone seems to have been inspired by John's speech...You are going to take that off -first- this time, though. I still have the bruises from your last little 'let's just dally here in the bushes' episode mister!" Her smile deflected any concern Sam had over her comment.

"Want me to kiss all those bruises better, then?" He smiled.

"That would be an excellent start." Lily opened the door to their cottage, and smiled at Sam. "I have a corset to get off, and you have that armour to place NEATLY on the rack. Race you! Last one done has to make the other cum with their tongue!" She smiled as Sam's eyes lit up, and then the lust flared, and she started to undress.

The clanging as her dress rose up over her head told her she had better hurry if she wanted to win. As she dropped the dress to slither into a pile of silk on the floor, she quickly realized that taking the corset off cleanly would ruin any chance of winning this impromptu striptease. She reached out and took a knife, slicing quickly through the tough fabric, and then leaped onto the bed, victorious.

Sam looked at her. Even after 10 years of marriage, she still looked as beautiful as she did when he met her at 20. He marveled at her body. Her blonde hair now trickled down her naked body, caressing her womanly curves, emphasizing the curve of her breasts, the delightful fullness of her waist, and her glorious limbs. Her arms and legs looked like pieces of ivory as they glistened in the light of the flickering embers of the fire. Her nipples sat erect like two rubies on an alabaster cloud. Sam licked his lips and moved forward, seeing the last flickers of light sparkle off the wetness between her legs.

"Cheater!" Sam glared mockingly at Lily as he mounted the bed and slid between her legs. He started to rain kisses on her long, pale legs as his hands began to caress her round ass. He slowly trickled his tongue along the line of her ankle. Lily whimpered as he slowly reached up and took her panties in his hand.

"Cheater." he murmured and threw them to lie in a pile of silk with the dress and remains of the corset. "You were supposed to be naked." His breath teased her calf as his lips brushed it. His fingers brushed over the downy pubic hair as he teased .her. Lily jerked and moaned as his teeth lightly nipped the back of her knee, then groaned as he licked and kissed his way up her left thigh. Her moans became groans of desire as his finger touched her sex, gently rubbing the lips as his tongue flicked over her neatly trimmed bush. He planted a deep, long kiss on the very tip of Lily's clit, then moved back down to her right foot and, grinning, looked up.

"You do realize I have to punish you for that little bit of cheating, right? You're going to have to BEG me to let you come." His tongue played with her toes, drawing little gasps of pleasure from Lily as his hands still gently caressed her pussy lips.

"Please, Sam." Lily moaned as Sam kissed his way, a little quicker this time, to her thighs, taking the time to properly explore her right knee with his tongue and lips. The fire cackled friendly, sending little scents of smoke towards the passion filled couple on the bed.

You can do better than that." His voice was almost cut off as his tongue flicked over her clit again, then Lily felt his tongue start to play around her opening, tasting her juices. Then he stopped and his lips moved higher, up over her mound and up...he darted his tongue in and out of her belly button, playfully teasing her with what was to come. reminding her of his cock sliding in and out of her tight pussy. His lips trailed kisses higher, across her stomach, until he reached her breasts. His right hand firmly grasped her breast as his lips attacked the erect nipple, licking and nibbling at it, his teeth nipping firmly across the areola, and then licking gently around the whole of her breast, teasing her. His left hand firmly massaged her slit, keeping her on edge, but every time Lily tried to rub firmly against him, Sam slid his hand out of the way. Lily looked deep in his eyes, and closing her eyes, slowly breathed deeply, forcing her breasts out, into his hand and face, then, whimpering softly, let her breath out in a deep, rough plea. "Pleeeeeeeease? I need it, lover." Her voice, husky to begin with, was now ragged in between her gasps for breath and her little moans as Sam slid back down, trailing kisses and smiling at her.

Finally, he slid his tongue inside her and tasted her. Her juices, tart and wonderful, spread out over his tongue as he felt her muscles contract and clench around it, her smell driving him mad with desire. She felt his tongue slide around inside her and groaned, deep and wanting. His hands started to play, one finger running over and around her clit, while the other hand moved over to her ass, cupping gently and letting a finger slide down and right up against her clenched asshole. His lips curled up in response to her hands clenching against his brown hair, pushing his face tight against her, and his tongue started to plunge deep inside, then slowly, flicking everywhere. His finger slowly, covered in her juices, started to slide into her ass, and she started to gasp, feeling the warm explosion starting.

Lily's screams started, her voice expressing the sheer joy as she finally came, her joyful shouts spreading across the green forest and startling a few sleeping animals, and arousing a few couples who were watching the stars.

- - -

As John walked next to Catherine on the way home, he saw she was tired, but seemed puzzled about something.

"M'lady, what it is?" He asked, not knowing if he wanted the answer.

"I just don't get you all. How can you live like this? How can you play games while there are real problems in the world?"

"Problems like crime, poverty, inequality and violence? We all work in our own way to stop them. Sam works to keep us together, in the sense that a family doesn't hurt each other. I just try to make beautiful things, and to help those who cannot help themselves. I teach armour and weaponmaking, as well as fighting skills. I'm not the best with larger weapons. I lack the self control for them. I prefer to go all out when I fight. I do, however, try to teach small, concealable weapons skills to many of our members. Many women seem to be afraid of swords, but most of them can handle a knife quite well with training, and a knife is an easily concealable weapon. So I try my best to help them understand how to use them, as well as how to conceal a weapon until you need it." His voice seemed to sadden, then brighten as he talked about helping others.

"So you teach people how to hurt others?"

Her words were a slap in his face.

"No. I teach them to defend themselves. If you had known what most of our ladies do, you wouldn't have had such a problem with those...ruffians." John's voice filled with scorn when he mentioned the assailants.

"So where do most of the women keep knives and such? In their blouse?" Catherine seemed curious.

"No...Hey! Rose! Come here for a second." John called to a tall brunette who was walking with a pair of gentlemen ahead of John and Catherine. She walked over, and John smiled at her.

"Catherine was wondering where you ladies keep your weapons. Catherine, any guesses?"

Catherine looked carefully at Rose. Her hair up in a coif, her exposed neck, and long neckline held more than a little attraction for Catherine, but she repressed the urges and searched Rose's dress with her eyes. Her breasts were forced up gently by her corset, and exposed quite a bit of themselves, but there seemed little room for anything in between them. Her long arms held possibilities, but Catherine doubted there would be easy access to those spots. She pointed these spots out. Rose smiled at her, then, twirling, came out, arms in an attack posture, carrying two thin, long bladed knives, her hair now down and trailing along her body.

"One is normally kept attached to my upper thigh, a surprise for anyone who tries to feel me up...the other was in my hair. I use it as a hair pin normally."

"Do you walk around in real life like that?" Cathy's voice showed her bemusement with the concept.

"Honey, this is practice. No one ever gets hurt here. The 'real world' is where we need these the most." Rose sounded tired, and John smiled at the two lanky men escorting her. Twins, they seemed bright and happy, smiling and nodding slightly at John.

"Sorry to use you as an object lesson, Rose. Should I let you and your two gentlemen get back to your home?" His voice seemed a little worried.

"Thanks John. I'll try not to keep you up. Or should I be the one asking you two to keep it down tonight?" She looked over at Catherine and let her eyes dance up and down her form. "We're neighbors, honey. If you ever need a cup of sugar, let me know." She winked, and then walked off.

"Little firecracker, isn't she?" John smiled and offered his arm to Catherine. "Shall we?"

"Shall we what?" Catherine responded happily as she took his arm. "Try to make enough noise to bring all three of them over?"

"I was referring to walking, actually." John smiled. "The other thought...well, can I take a rain check on it until we know each other better?"

Catherine smiled and shook her head. "You're a strange one, John. I think I'll keep my eyes on you...I do have a favour to ask, though."

"What's that?" John said as he fixed his gray eyes on hers, looking piercingly into her.

"Could you...would you, rather...teach me to fight?" Catherine looked beseechingly at this man. What was it about him that drew her to him? What was it that he hid from the world, shrouded in the pain hidden deep in his eyes?

"It would be my honour." answered humbly.

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