tagCelebrities & Fan FictionKnights of the Old Republic Ch. 02

Knights of the Old Republic Ch. 02


Hours before, just as the Ebon Hawk was streaking through the smoky skies of Nar Shadaa on its way to open space, Visas Marr had been sinking into a meditative trance, sitting on the floor in one of the Hawk's bunkrooms. She initially had been clearing all conscious thought out of her mind, working toward the restoration of her cognitive faculties. This was easy in the middle of deep space, especially after the surroundings offered on Nar Shadaa. People, their conscious thoughts screaming at her from all directions, had prevented her from truly restorative meditation. Here, with their small group, it was much easier. She reached out, feeling the bright spots of consciousness dotting the ship. Daynn, cognitively dim, was in a deep sleep. Reaching out further, she could feel Mira...although little conscious thought was found there either. Instead, she was overcome with her own personal echo of the pure lust being exhibited.

As Mira reached down to massage herself, Visas felt a hot wave wash over her, moving her out of the meditative trance. Moving her mind again, she watched through Atton's eyes as he finalized the course in the cockpit, and then started to check on the crew. This was the only vision she knew. As a Miraluka, blind from birth, the views of others offered to her through the force was the only true window she had into the outer world. She watched Atton flick the monitor over to her bunkroom...and was not surprised to see him manipulate the camera controls until her chest, concealed inside her vinyl bodydress, filled the screen. She felt the bodily attraction Atton felt as he stared at her; she could almost feel "her" penis stiffen at the sight of her own body. However, this was a small impression compared to what hit her as the screen switched again, this time to the site of Mira leaning back in her chair, playing with herself.

Visas felt the sudden urge to reach down and stroke a quickly growing cock. Knowing this to be an echo of Atton, she instead watched as he gave in to this need, masturbating while he watched Mira. Visas knew that she had the better "view" though; she simultaneously felt Mira tease herself with visions of Atton pumping in and out of her dripping vagina, moaning out loud. If the Miraluka had been more known for their humor, Visas probably would have giggled at the idea of Mira moaning out loud about Atton while he sat in the cockpit, listening in over the surveillance system and jerking off.

Of course, this humor didn't exist in Visas. She had been through too much, and was too well trained for it. Her own bodily needs hadn't been limited, though, and she also saw the wisdom in using the force to nudge Atton toward action, planting a suggestion in his mind. She heard the words almost as if she had whispered them..."She obviously wants to be fucked...you could probably go back there right now and she would let you use her."

Simultaneously feeling the ambition within Atton as he left the cockpit, and the adrenaline rush in Mira as she heard his bootfalls, Visas felt her own hormones kick in. Silently rising to her feet, she quickly stripped off her overcloak, leaving only her bodydress and hood to cover her. Sitting on the edge of a bunk, she unlaced her boots and leaned back on the mattress, feeling the strong lust eminating from the central room of the ship. Giving Mira a sudden hint of courage through the force, she watched through Atton's eyes as Mira seduced him easily. Spreading her own legs, she hiked the bodydress hem up from her knees to her hips, revealing a lack of panties. Her fingers knew the perfect motion and she wasted no time in applying it as she received pseudo-visual stimulation from Mira. She could almost feel Atton's stiff member surrounded by her tongue and cheeks, and had to apply self-restraint not to gag every time Atton "bottomed out" in Mira's throat. She could feel her own cunt dripping as Mira finally bent over for Atton.

Mira's perfect ass was displayed in Visas' mind through Atton's vision as he pumped into her. Visas slipped her index finger into her pussy, massaging herself as Atton gripped the waves of ass flesh in front of him. Visas gave Atton another nudge, moving his vision down to Mira's little pink-brown asshole. She could feel his lust at the sight, which was magnified by her own. Taking the dripping finger out of her pussy, she traced it down slightly, while propping her feet up on the end of the bed to allow better access to her own rectum. Slowly inserting the lubed digit, she felt Atton, of his own volition, surprise Mira in the same way with his thumb.

Immediately both Visas and Mira were set off by their respective anal penetrations, Visas feeling Mira's much needed orgasm as she trembled through her own. Of course, this was offset by Atton's strained sexual needs. He was fixated on the Mira's rounded anal opening as she pulled herself forward off of his dick. Visas could feel that he was about to explode, and urged, almost commanded Mira to get down on her knees in front of him, offering herself as visual stimulation for his orgasm. Knowing now that Atton lusted after anal sex, she fed loaded words to Mira, effectively speaking through her mouth as Atton jacked off over the young huntress in front of him. Visas let out a sigh of her own as Atton finally came, hearing his grunts through the door and hallway that separated them. She could feel the cum as it splashed on Mira's forehead, and was thoughtful enough to use the force to slow down the next shot so that it hit her on the cheek instead of stinging her eyes.

After Atton had finished, and with her own fingers removed from her own sweaty orifices, Visas got up from the bunk, not re-donning her overcloack but making sure that her hood sufficiently covered her blinded eyes. She felt re-energized but did not understand the small, buzzing sound that existed at the edge of her consciousness. She could feel it emanating from the cargo hold, where she was confident that the young Echani handmaiden was resting. Giving Atton and Mira no time to dress or otherwise regain their composure, she walked out into the central room. There they stood, sticky and sweaty. Through Mira's widening eyes she could see Atton's cock, still half-stiff, dripping with cum and saliva.

"I hope you are both feeling better now...I have attended to my own needs as well. But I fear that the others have not, and I know that we must use this time to fully rest before the trials we will meet on Telos," she intoned. She was turned toward Atton, knowing that he had never seen her stripped down to her bodydress and remembering his lust for her visage on the surveillance moniter earlier. "I feel that we should check on Daynn and Brianna, and make sure they are similarly satisfied." Mira nodded, seeing the wisdom in this and no longer surprised by their intruder, although she had not fully discerned that Visas had intruded long before her physical entrance here.

"I'll look in on Daynn," Mira volunteered, hoping that the older man would not want anything at the moment. She had not been entirely taken with him, although he was attractive. He was just a little too old for her, at 33. Seeing Visas' approving nod, Mira bent over to pick up her clothes, which drew Atton's gaze again to her exposed asshole. Leaving the scant thong on the floor, she wriggled into her tight hip-huggers and then tugged on the crop top. Smiling one last time at Atton, she walked out to wash the rest of the cum off of her face before waking Daynn.

Visas silently moved over to Atton, and grasping his right wrist while "looking" at his face, she brought the hand up to her mouth. Slowly, she wrapped her large, red lips around his thumb, which had so recently been plumbed deep inside of Mira's anal sphincter as she came on his cock. Drawing the digit out of her sucking mouth, she savored Mira's sweat and juices as Atton came to full realization of Visas seeming omnipotence aboard the Hawk.

Letting the hand go, she smiled slightly and said, "We need to check on the Echani. I can't truly feel her - only a presence within the cargo hold. I think she may be masking herself from me."

Verbally giving his assent, Atton strode out of the room, still naked, dripping with cum and sweat. His cock was again hardening at the sight of Visas large chest and her apparent anal kinkiness. She followed his lead, again watching through his eyes as they approached the door to the cargo hold. From within they could hear muted gasps and the sound of metal on metal. Atton keyed in the doorlock code, and as the door slid open, Visas was amazed at the view his eyes offered her...


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