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Knock Knock


It was Saturday afternoon and Melanie had just got out of a late afternoon shower when she heard someone at the door. She had, had her mom pick their kids up Friday evening. Brad, her husband and she had planned a long romantic weekend, as the kids would be away at grandma's.

No sooner had Melanie's mom picked up the kids and left Brad's cell phone rang and listening to the voice on the other hand, he looked at Melanie with a little guilt. He had to leave town for a sudden meeting which had been called by the partners and the attendance of associates and partners was mandatory. He tried to reason with Melanie but she just blanked him out and told him to leave. Brad left early morning without any sex last night and Melanie stayed in bed. She was damn pissed with him since she had planned a whole weekend with him and she just got off the phone with him when he promised her that he would be home by Sunday evening, but she knew better as this had become a routine ever since Brad was promoted as an associate.

Brad was 40 and Melanie was 38, they had met during the senior college year, when Melanie had just broken up with her high school boyfriend and Brad was known to be a player among the college women. But, as destiny had things in store for them, they ended up getting married after a few years had been married for the last 12 years now. Brad worked as lawyer with a big law firm and had been recently promoted to the post of an associate. He was doing very well for himself professionally and had provide more than ample for his family with a big house and fancy cars.

Melanie on the other hand was a trained accountant but had left her job after their son was born. She had been at home since tending to the kids (now they had 2 daughters and one son), and providing Brad the much needed emotional support. Melanie had always been a looker and after the kids grew up and she had not much on her hands she went back to her passion for swimming and yoga and at the age of 30 had a nice decent figure. She was 5'-7" in height and had a bra size of 38c, waist 28 and ass 36. She had shoulder length silky blonde hair.

"Knock Knock"

Melanie rushes down from the steps wrapping her white robe tightly without drying herself, bare feet. She opens the door a few inches and sees Adam standing in the doorway in a full sleeve white shirt, sleeves folded to the elbows and she recognizes him from the new couple who moved down the street a couple of weeks ago, as Brad and her say hi to Adam and his wife (Sheetal) every morning while jogging at the park.

Melanie opens the door and says (smiling), "Hi Adam how are you doing today, how come you here in the afternoon today, we generally see you in the mornings."

"Oh hi, Melanie, is Brad inside, we had made plans to take the kids swimming at the lake today afternoon, so I just came to reconfirm if everything was on schedule and I should get my gear."

"Brad is such an ass sometime," Melanie says fuming, "we had sent the kids to their grandma's last night and we had plans for the weekend, and he has ditched me and gone for some partner's conference to Boston, early morning."

Adam was an architect and had been friends with Brad ever since he and his wife Sheetal moved in the neighborhood. Though Melanie and Sheetal hadn't met much, still they used to talk like friends whenever they bumped into each other. Adam was half Indian origin and had a tanned body, which Melanie always admired in men. Sheetal was fully Indian and she and Adam had met when he visited India to meet his maternal family 6 years back. She was very good-looking tanned 5'-2" in height, 34c-28-38 with waist length black hair. Adam was 5'-11" shorter than Brad's 6'-3" inch frame, but Adam was very well built. Sheetal had started working in the same firm as Brad a week after they moved here. They did not have kids.

Adam says, "Oh I was looking forward to spend time with Brad and the kids since Sheetal is also out on a conference and I am alone too."

Melanie jokes, "I hope she is not with my Brad at the same conference" and starts laughing.

Adam smiles and looks down the robe at her wet cleavage, as her robe is slightly open. Melanie looks at him looking and feels good that a 30 year old guy still admires her body; she does not cover up and looks up at Adam, who blushes.

"Sorry to have disturbed you though, seems like you were a little busy and having a bath, I would not like to keep you from your appointments since I am free, but looks like this weekend we both were stood up by our spouses," he says nervously.

"Adam its ok, I was through with my bath and just needed to dry myself, but you are most welcome, to come in, I am not doing anything today or tonight, as your friend didn't left me with any options. Come in, and join me, it's so rude of me to make you stand on the doorway, I will just go and change quickly into something more presentable", says Melanie giggling and walking inside as Adam walks behind her. He walks in but can't help staring at her ass through her wet robe which is half open exposing her creamy white thighs, he gets a hard on in his jeans which he tries to adjust while walking inside living room, Melanie closes the main door as he enters.

She tells him to be comfortable and she would be back in a jiffy. Adam shifts on the couch uneasily with images of her boobs and her ass in his mind he tries to conceal his hard-on before Melanie spots it. He hears footsteps and she walks back in the living room wearing a white sleeveless tank top, her nipples erect and her breasts outline very visible through the tight tank top, he sees her boobs bounce a little and realizes she is not wearing a bra. So much for trying to conceal the hard-on he thinks to himself. She is wearing a tight blue pair of jeans which define her tight ass well, and Adam thinks she mist be working out a lot to maintain that kind of body. He makes a note in his mind to tell Sheetal to ask Melanie about her workout regime and follow it. Lost, in his thoughts he does, not hear Melanie asking her if he would like a drink, until she puts her hand on his shoulder and says jokingly, "Hey Adam, are you thinking about Sheetal." He comes back and thinks, hardly, and says he's sorry and would like a cold beer if they have one since it's so hot. Melanie gets to bottles of beer and hands one to Adam and takes the other one and sits on the couch in front of him.

"So Adam, you don't work on Saturdays?" she asks him and he nods his head that he doesn't. "Well I am kind of bored myself on weekends if Brad is traveling which he has been doing a lot lately. How come he never told me you guys were planning to go swimming, he knows I love to swim. Maybe he just did not want you to see that I was a better swimmer than him, hehe. We haven't been to the lake in so long ever since the kids grew up. I bet a lot would have changed I bet."

They both finish the beer and Melanie gets 2 more from the kitchen.

"I was thinking of going alone Melanie but if you are not too busy and if you would not mind, would you like to go to the lake with me, tonight, since we are both alone and ditched," laughs Adam.

"Oh I would love to, plus that idiot hubby of mine is not here to take me to the lake ever now, I hope Sheetal would not mind if I went with you."

"No not at all, infact she would never go with me coz she hates swimming, and such a hot day I would love to spend swimming," he says.

"Great then pick me up in half and hour and I will get ready and pack some food and drinks for our getaway, hehe."

Half and hour later Melanie hears honking in her driveway and she rushes to the main door and opens it. She looks at Adam in his sleeveless grey t-shirt and shorts with floaters getting out of his white convertible Jeep. "Hey you need help with stuff," he calls out. Melanie nods and he walks towards the house and picks up the stuff and puts them in the back of the Jeep. He looks at Melanie and cannot take his eyes of her, as she is dressed in a blue sundress with yellow lines and her boobs seem to have grown in the last half hour, he shakes his head and goes back to picking the stuff, it seems to him Melanie is modeling her legs for him whenever he bends down to pick stuff. After packing everything in the bag he helps Melanie in opening the door for her and she smiles as her dress rides up when she puts her legs in the Jeep, giving Adam a nice view of her white thighs.

The Jeep hits the road and it takes them one hour to clear the city traffic at that time of the day, combined with Adam being distracted by Melanie's fragrance she is wearing and her dress riding up her thigh time and again. As they hit the highway, the Jeep picks up speed and Adam start driving in the fast lane.

A bunch of college kids drive past them in a red convertible beamer with teenage girls. The guys who are big and appear to be footballers, look at Melanie and whistle at Melanie admiring her beauty and her body, they signal for her to remove her dress straps and give them a view by lowering their t-shirts down to their chests. Their girls in the back are giggling at their boyfriends and do the same to their tops taking out their titties and wiggling them, making Adam hard. Melanie looks at the tent forming in Adam's shorts and smiling at him lowers her straps like the girls did just moments before, and lowering her dress just above her nipples wiggles her boobs to the boys, they clap and showing them the thumbs up sign whiz away. "Some one got really freaky today," Adam says looking at Melanie.

"There's always a first time for everything, Adam," Melanie says looking at Adam's hard cock.

Suddenly a large truck honks and starts running alongside their jeep and Adam sees the driver looking down at Melanie and stroking something below, making it obvious what he is doing in his rig, as Melanie has not yet pulled up her straps to her shoulders. Looking at her deep 38c cleavage from his truck, he keeps stroking his organ inside his truck, while Adam tries to speed away Melanie puts her hand between his thighs and squeezing his left thigh, blinks her eyes as if to tell Adam to relax and let the trucker enjoy the view. Adams hard-on grows and he puts his hand between Melanie's thighs and cups it around her crotch feeling her panties getting wet and he starts rubber his fingers between her panties while the trucker watches. Melanie starts getting wet and rests her head back on the seat letting both the men enjoy at what they are doing, unknowingly her hands tightly grips Adams cock through his shorts and Adam presses on the gas and speeds away from the truck, thinking the trucker would be in for a few long nights from what he got to see of this decently lady sitting next to him.

Rubbing her pussy through her panties and getting Melanie all wet and messy on the seat, Adam pulls back his hand to take the next exit of the highway. After a few miles he turns right to hit a dirt road with marshy vegetation on both sides. Soon he enters a forest with tall trees on both sides, driving by the thick forest into a small dirt track surrounded by trees the Jeep reaches the end of the trees. Melanie is back and up and a little bumpy from the dirt road. As they reach the end they see a vast area of flat land with neat grass with a lake in the middle, the other side of the lake also has a forest and no access route. The flat land is protected by fencing so that no wild animals stray in and the only opening is where the road ends. Adam parks his Jeep right there at the entrance just in case if anyone else comes by, he would have to honk for him to get past the Jeep, this way they get the much needed privacy, he thinks to himself.

Melanie gets off the Jeep first and then Adam from the other side and both start unloading the stuff from it as it is already 5 in the evening. Adam says, "Melanie I have an idea, why don't we camp here tonight since the sun would go down soon, and we would not have much time to swim today as it is."

Melanie says, "Well Adam I guess you are right, but I did not get any clothes and wouldn't Brad or Sheetal be worried if they called back home and found the phone ringing."

"Well I have a spare in the Jeep that Sheetal keeps, and that solves your clothing problem and as for them calling we can call them first from my cell phone and tell them we would be out, separately of course," Adam says smiling at Melanie. She smiles back thinking this might be Adams plan but she is enjoying her self and what the heck.

They decide to go ahead with the plan of camping there at night, as neither her hubby nor his wife is going return till Sunday evening. They go back to unloading the stuff and the two man tent, but, as soon as the stuff is piled up in the centre of the land Adam sees Melanie running towards the lake removing her sundress and throwing it on the land to strip down to her thin strip bikini. She is wearing a white bikini which looks a size tighter to her actual size. The top is tied with 2 strings at the back and 2 triangles covering the nipples in front. The lower is a panty with 2 strings running around the waist with a piece of cloth to cover the pussy.

Adam feels his cock stir to life again on seeing Melanie dive into the lake. Seeing her breasts bounce and jiggle as she runs towards the lake, he starts to pull down his jeans to reveal his black swimming trunks which already have a wet patch in front by the previous events of the day. He takes of his t-shirt and runs behinds Melanie diving behind her in the water, realizing its cold and feels so good.

Adam swims up to Melanie and holds her from the back putting his hands and arms around her waist and she starts giggling. Cupping her breasts from the back Adam realizes the nipples are getting harder and he presses his own nipples in Melanie's back, must be the cold water he thinks. He holds her already taut nipples between his forefingers and thumbs and start caressing them through her bikini top, making them stand up. He then releases her and she swims to the middle of the lake which has a small island kind of piece of land and a single tree. Swimming up behind her, he puts his hand around the shore of the island and holds her captive between his body and the shore, pressing his crotch in her perfect ass crack through her bikini panty, feeling the blood rushing to his cock and making it rise against her ass. Melanie turns around, and Adam lifts her from the water holding her waist so that she can sit on the edge of the land with her feet dangling in water. Melanie knows what to expect now and she drops her head back and her hands on the shore slightly parting her legs, this would be the first time in 12 years, she has never cheated on Brad, Adam comes up closer and pushes himself gently between Melanie's thighs.

Adam opens her thighs with his hands and kisses her inner white thighs fully with his lips.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, unhhhhhhhh", a moan escapes Melanie's lips, holding her thighs and putting them above his naked shoulders Adam kisses pussy, through her bikini panty which is very wet. Kissing it gently around her cunt lips so as to not touch them, he keeps teasing her kissing her through the folds of her panties, and then he take out my tongue slightly between his lips and rubs the tip of his tongue along her pussy slit starting from below going all the way up until he reaches her panty waist band and wiggles his tongue there.

"Oh my goddddddddd," Melanie screams out, "It's been ages since I have felt this way, oh Adam don't u dare stop now, stop teasing me you naughty guy and just eat me, uhhh god no, this feels so good, oh please Adam stop teasing." She holds Adam's head from behind and pushes his face into her thighs, catching him off guard, Adam squeezes her pussy lips between his lips as she presses his head inside her making her moan harder.

"Oh Adam remove my panties darling, please"

Adam puts his fingers around her panty strings and pulls them down throwing them to the right side on the island and kisses her naked pussy lips for the first time with his lips, he loves the taste of her shaved wet pussy, making her moan again with his dry kisses careful not take his tongue out yet. Melanie starts to whimper as she feels his lips rub against her freshly shaved pussy (she had shaved it for Brad last evening). Adam feels the pussy getting wetter and works his tongue out of his mouth and start to rub the outer pussy lips of Melanie's vagina.

"Fuck, this is so good," Melanie says not believing the dirty words coming out of her mouth, "Fuck Adam you are such a wild pussy eater, push your tongue in my married cunt you bastard."

Hearing Melanie get all wild and worked up Adam moves in rubbing his shoulder on her thighs and pushes his tongue like a snake into her waiting wet pussy, making her dig her nails into the back of his neck. He starts fucking her wet pussy with his tongue now wriggling it in and out of her pussy, making circular movements, until he licks it all the way up like a dog and touches the tip of her clitoris with his tongue. Melanie starts to buckle wildly and crashes back on the ground as her hands cannot hold the weight of her upper body. She holds her boobs together through her bikini top and squeezing them together looks down to see Adam now flicking her clit with his tongue. He hold her clit in between his lips and starts to rub his lips around it making it erect like a small nub, he then sucks it into his mouth and gently bites her clit between his teeth.

"Aaaaaaaarghhhhhhhhhh, Adam, I can't control myself, Brad has never done this to me," she screams holding his head with her left hand and caressing her boobs with her right hand, "Adam my pussy is yours baby, please make me cummmm, oh don't stop please"

"Mmmmmmmmmmphhhhhhhhh" she hears Adam say, in between squishy sounds.

Melanie feels the grass blades rubbing her pussy's underside as she rocks against Adam's mouth, and Adam inserts a finger in her slippery wet pussy while sucking her clit, sending shivers up Melanie's body. She rocks violently against his mouth and hand and Adam increases his tempo with his finger, he's amazed the way her cunt walls are clutching his fingers and realizes she is cumming on his hand now. Melanie lifts her ass from the grass as her orgasm lets loose flooding her pussy and getting Adam's finger wet, he feels her juices on his chin as he is sucking her clitoris and he bites her clitoris again, making her scream on top of her lungs.

"Make me cummmmmmmm, you naught bastard, oh my god I am cumming like a whore, unhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, please don't stop, I can't stop cummming, Adam I love youuuuuuuu," pressing his head down to her pussy she keeps talking, as Adam pushes another finger in her making her orgasm like never before she has experienced in her life.

She holds his head with both her hands and lifting her ass, and arching her back lying down on the grass in just her white bikini top, she lets go and finally cumms till she has no energy left and collapses back on the grass, breathing heavily with a smile. Adam looks at her and lifts him self with his arm onto the grass and lies besides her stroking her navel and making circles with his forefinger around it.

"Melanie lets swim back to the land and assemble our things hun, it's already 7 and it would be getting dark soon. We also need to call our respective spouses remember," Adam says smiling at her.

At the mention of spouses, Melanie remembers she has a husband who's working hard for her and she experiences momentary guilt. Melanie searches for her panties and wearing them back they both get back in the water and swim back to the shore. Melanie calls up Brad.

"Hi baby, this is me honey, how are you doing?" she speaks into the cell phone, "what's all that noise?"

"Oh ok, listen I am going out with a few friends, and would be back a little late since you I am alone, and oh yeah Adam came by, you had supposedly made plans with him too," she starts getting a little annoyed that Brad left her alone over the weekend, "Will speak to you tomorrow, you take care, muah."

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