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Knock Knock


I knocked lightly on the door, she didn't know what to expect. The last time I was over I was her teacher, telling her how she could bring her mark up; before that I was an angry pimp, and she my whore, and the time before that I was the landlord come to evict her.

This time when she opened the door, I rushed in, clad in only a ski mask, and jogging pants. She gasped in surprise, but before she could utter a word, I had placed her face down on the bed and quickly bound her wrists together.

"Do as I say, and I will eventually let you go." I whispered into her ear.

She opened her mouth to reply, and I slid the strip of fabric I had with me across her mouth, and tied it behind her head. I then climbed off and pulled her shirt over her head, and left it bunched about her around wrists.

"No bra?" I thought to myself. "Perhaps she knew what to expect?"

I then removed her yoga pants, and again I was impressed, no panties, and shaved. If she could see my eyes, she'd see that she wasn't the only one surprised.

I quickly composed myself, rolled her into a sitting position, and replaced her gag with my manhood, since that first knock I had been hard, and I couldn't keep my trouser snake under wraps any longer.

Although she lacked the use of her hands, she did quite well; she licked, and eagerly sucked. She was a true pro, there was no doubt about that. Once she had moistened my tool thoroughly enough, I placed my hand on her head, and pushed hard! She fell back upon the bed, and again I leapt at her, taking a leg in each arm, lifting her up to line her feminine parts for the thrust I was going to give her.

With the tip at the hole, I could feel her wetness, she wanted it badly, and despite being bound, and held in place, she was pushing her hips towards me.

I didn't plan on giving her a quick release; instead I wet the head of my snake, and withdrew it. I repeated the process slowly, inserting a little more each time. Her quiet moans slowly grew louder, almost in an animalistic way, begging for more.

Once my anaconda was fully inside it's new lair, I halted my slow thrusts, and through the slits in my mask, I looked her in the eyes.

"Fuck me!" She said, "Fuck me HARD!" she yelled again as she pushed her hips into me, demanding more, in both actions, and words.

I had forgotten to replace the gag when I pulled my member from her mouth; her words reminder me to put it back in, as I flipped her onto her stomach, with me laying on top.

I knew it was time to make things much more interesting. With her hands bound behind her, and my legs intertwined with hers, I also had one arm about her neck, and the other holding her head in place, I whispered in her ear.

"If you can stand up, I will eat that pussy of yours!"

With a grunt, she bucked, and with all her strength she tried to throw me off! I had her secured too well for that to work. She next tried to shimmy down, but her legs were locked.

She attempted to speak, but the gag was doing its job all too well, I however knew what she was trying to say, since her divorce years before, she hadn't had sex, let alone enjoyed the pleasure of receiving cunilingus.

I picked up the pace of my thrusts, bringing her to one orgasm, soon followed quickly by a second one. Her squirms, and attempts at escape were soon forgotten, I too felt the tingle that indicated that I was headed towards orgasm, and again I changed tactics.

I turned her head to one side, cleared my throat, and slowly let a tiny spittle drip from my mouth, and onto her nose. The string was long, and clear; once it touched her nose too, it rolled off, and pooled on the bed sheets.

"How bad do you want it?" I asked her; again she struggled, and although I was able to restrain her, it was a challenge this time.

"You might want to close your eyes." I said as I let a second dip of saliva descend from my mouth, onto her face.

She squinted hard as my second volley landed on her face; splashing upon her eyelid.

I planned on putting the third volley into her mouth, and I removed her gag. With closed eyes, she began her plea. "I need this badly! I haven't been eaten in years!"

"When you want it badly enough, you'll be able to stand up." I replied, and wrestled her down, I was slowly losing this fight, but wasn't ready to give up!

She tried to speak again, but she felt the glob of fluid land on her cheek, and then slowly flow into her mouth.

"Please stop doing that, you're distracting me too much to escape!" she pleaded, as I continued my rain of saliva on her.

Again she bucked, and fought, but the inability to use her hands, hampered her efforts.

"I give up!" she shouted, and then laughed, as she said, "can we negotiate?"

"You don't seem to be in a position to bargain with me." I replied, as I moved my hands from holding her, to holding her breasts, a nipple pinched between my fingers.

Again she grunted in frustration, and pleasure, I could feel another orgasm growing inside her. Somehow she mustered the strength to say, "I'll let you cum in my face."

With those magic words, I dismounted her, replaced her gag, and flipped her onto her back... It was time for me to eat!

"Oh!" she muffled out as I attacked her feminine parts with my tongue, lips, fingers and teeth.

Her orgasm began to pick up speed, and her moans increased in volume, as I continued my assault. I developed a rhythm where I licked at her clitoris, whilst I moved my middle finger back and forth on where I supposed her G-spot to be.

During this time, I prepared for my final attack, with my spare hand, I stroked and rubbed my long dark anaconda, waiting for the right moment to spill it's venom.

After several minutes of my oral assault, she muffled out screams of joy, I could feel her fluid expel in a steady strong hot stream, I did find her G-spot! While she was on her high, I again straddled her, and lined up my black spear with the top of her forehead; with a few quick strokes, I had begun to blanket her with my seed.

Like a fireman, battling a raging flame, I moved my hose back and forth, saturating the fire with my soothing liquid. A thick line of sperm went across her forehead, and two large clumps were left on each cheek, oozing all about her face.

With both our fires put out, I collapsed next to her on the bed; and pulled her sweaty, and cum covered body next to me, and a tight embrace.

We both chuckled, as I removed the gag, "I'll untie you in a moment, let me catch my breath." I said, as I hugged her close to me.

Suddenly a loud knock was heard on the door... the door to her house; it was quickly followed by a ring on the door bell.

"Shit!" she said. "That's my best friend! She said she was coming by, and I told her not too!"

We could hear her friend banging on the door, and shouting and laughing, "I know you're in there! I bet you have a man in your bed!"

"You have to dress fast, and jump out the window; I don't want her to know about you!" she hissed at me in a panic as I struggled untied her. "She won't leave, she's seen my car, and knows I'm home!"

I quickly pulled on my clothes, and slipped on my coat and shoes. She put on a house coat, closed the bedroom door, and left to greet her friend.

I had parked down the street, as I always had; and her house being a bungalow meant I could easily steal away undetected.

Before I left, I could hear her friend say loudly, "Why are your wrists so red, and is that cum on your face?!?!"

I didn't wait to hear the rest, I leapt out the window, and ducked low below the living room window. Once on the street, I started to whistle a song to myself until I realized that I had forgotten my ski-mask on her bed! Surely her friend would see it when she searched the house for me...

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