tagBDSMKnowing Better: A Marked Woman Ch. 02

Knowing Better: A Marked Woman Ch. 02


Stuart held onto Linda for a long time as he kissed her, and when he backed away at last, it was clearly against his natural instincts. "First things first," he announced. "Take your hand off your crotch, because whenever it is you're going to get lucky you know it won't be today." Linda suppressed a smile as she placed her hand behind her with the other one. Her knickers were starting to cling to her legs, she was so wet down there. She remained still as Stuart stood up and moved over to the desk. "Are you cock-hungry, Linda?"

She twisted in his direction, looking winsome and appealing. "Always, sir."

Stuart laughed and shook his head. "Yeah, right! You've started brownnosing a little early." He held up a warning finger. "You may end up permanently cock-hungry by the time we're finished. It's happened to girls before you."

"I'm happy to be convinced, sir."

"No. You come over here and convince me." Thinking he would never ask, Linda scrambled across the floor to him, licking her lips eagerly. She knelt in front of his crotch, waiting for him to release his cock and plunge it into her mouth. But she was going to be disappointed. "Are you expecting me to feed you?" Stuart demanded, pulling her back by the hair. She looked up at him with wide, puzzled eyes. Once again he shook his head. "You won't be getting fed this week, I'm afraid. This is a pleasure you'll have to wait for." There was another bemused silence, and Stuart spoke more slowly. "All I said is, convince me that you're cock-hungry. Show me you've got an appetite."

Linda wondered if she was supposed to beg for his penis. She had expected something like this sooner or later and had dreaded it, because she knew she would sound like an idiot. Stuart leaned back against the desk, his legs a little wider, tempting her to pounce on him. "You know that mouth of yours can't get through to it. You know you're not going to get fed. But that's no reason not to try." He placed his hands on either side of him and stared down at her, smiling benevolently. She could see a tension in him as he silently willed her to figure it out for herself. And suddenly she understood, and leapt into action.

With a burst of energy she pressed her face into his trouser bulge, rubbing up and down, left to right, in any direction she could. At the same time she opened her mouth and nostrils and breathed in hard, absorbing the heat and the smell. She felt the cockhead stiffen through the fabric as she glided her cheek across it. Before long it was pressing into her upper lip, right under her nose - and instinctively she nuzzled down onto it. Stuart laughed, and took her by the hair. "There you go. Right where you want to be." He held onto her firmly as she devoured his crotch with gusto, kissing and licking until his trousers were wet with saliva. She ended up underneath his balls, smothering them for all she was worth. Stuart allowed her to carry on until she was snorting in air, her breath hissing through the material.

Finally he pulled her away, and her cheeks flushed red as she stared up at him. "Now, aren't you excited about getting under there for the first time?" She nodded vigorously. "Yeah, you should be." He let go of her scalp. "Stand up and make yourself presentable. Unless you want to go out to your car with your knickers round your knees." Linda got to her feet and rearranged her clothing, Stuart watching every move she made. "Look at that, we did it without removing any of those respectable everyday clothes of yours. I don't really need to get you naked to treat you like a slut. Mind you, that's not going to stop me."

Hands clasped respectfully behind her back, Linda chanced her luck. "So will I be naked next time, sir?"

"Next time, and plenty of times after that, so make the most of your modesty while you've got it. Although you've just reminded me, I'm supposed to be getting you a new wardrobe. I'll need to know your measurements - and don't get creative, because I'm going to be buying a size too small anyway. You'll get plenty of exercise while you're wearing them, so you have to be able to breathe."

"OK," she smiled, and told him the truth. Then Stuart marched her briskly to the front door, keeping a tight grip on her arm. She'd not been there long, barely half an hour, but it had been a very long and eye-opening introduction to his world. "I'll see you next Saturday, same time - and then I can really start using you. I'm sure you've got some ideas of how you'd like to be used, and so have I, but I think it's best if we can... meet in the middle." To underscore his point, he wrapped his arms round her waist and gave her a long, overpowering kiss. Linda let her arms fall flat by her sides, and felt that same sensation of melting into him that she had before. When they broke off, she looked a little dazed, and Stuart had to point her a gentle one hundred and eighty degrees towards the door.

"Oh, Linda?" he called out as she reached for the handle. She turned round, once more at attention, and he gave her crotch a little squeeze through her jeans. "Be good."

"Yes, sir," she promised, and with a final swaying of her stomach she left. Everything outside was as quiet and still as when she had arrived, but she walked back to her car feeling like a marked woman. Stuart had certainly left his imprint on her.

The following morning Linda woke up and, as she reflected on the previous day's events, began to have a little play. She told herself it would be no more than that, a brief trawl through her memories. Ten minutes later she was on top of the bed, the covers thrown to one side, her knees up in the air as she rubbed frantically at her clit. She got very close, close enough to consider ditching the promise she had made to Stuart; after all, he would never know. But she managed to hold back at the very last moment, reminding herself that she was not a woman who dishonoured her promises. Reluctantly, she dropped her knees to the bed and relaxed her fingers. She twisted her head round and viewed the impatient, sweating body in her mirrored wardrobe door, its limbs twitching in fury at having been denied. She hardly recognised the look of grim determination on its face.

She survived the next day and the next week on autopilot, grinding through lectures and seminars while all the time drifting off into dirty little reveries. Sometimes when she was sat at her desk she found herself squeezing her legs together, her hand lingering close to her breasts, and wondered if some of them had noticed. A few of the girls seemed to pick up on it, judging by the looks she got. They knew that her mind was elsewhere, even if they didn't know where exactly.

By the time she pulled up at Stuart's house again, her imagination was running wild and she had to stop and remind herself that this could only go one way, whatever that would be. It might be better or worse than she had fantasised about, but she had to commit herself to it. She walked up the path vowing to give herself to him, mentally and physically. She was prepared for almost everything, except what was actually waiting for her.

When she rang the doorbell he took a long time to answer, long enough for her to start worrying about the prying eyes next door. This was a quiet street, and she was here for the second time at the same hour. She was on the verge of going back to her car and phoning him when the door opened and Stuart stepped out. She saw straight away that he was less sure of himself than he had been the first time; his body language was nervous, as though he needed to persuade her rather than order her inside. His clothing was a little more ruffled too.

"Hi. Is something wrong?" she asked straight away.

"No no, it's just... Come in." He ushered her into the hallway, then closed the door and leaned against it, addressing her in a discreet whisper. "I had a session booked just before yours, and we're overrunning quite badly."

"What, you mean...?" Realisation slowly dawned on Linda. "You mean you've got someone here, right now?"

"In the living room. We're very nearly done, so you can wait in the kitchen, or upstairs, or..." He took a deep breath, and now he really was nervous. "Or you can come in, sit down, and watch me discipline her for a while. If you think it would be useful for you."

She stared at him curiously, wondering why, if he had overrun, there had been no message telling her to come later. She smelt a rat; but it was more than that, more than just a wind-up being played on her. He wasn't asking her, he was pleading her, but trying not to let it show. This was clearly something he was banking on, and it all depended on her response. The power had suddenly been transferred to her, and it was an exciting feeling. She made him wait for her answer, but finally she gave a slow, simple nod. "OK. Why not?"

"You're sure?"

"Fine," she shrugged, trying to project an air of diffidence. It gave her a temporary edge on him, but inside her mind was racing as she wondered what she was getting herself into. "Whatever you want, sir."

Stuart folded his arms and tutted, suddenly back on firmer territory. "Don't give me that BS, Linda. I don't want to hear empty platitudes from you."

"Well, I know this is important to you... isn't it?"

"It is." There was a definite tension in his body.

"Yeah, and when I'm here I want to do things that please you, so..." Linda shrugged. "Let's do it. I mean, if she's OK with it." The thought had only just occurred to her.

"Don't worry, she'll do exactly as she's told. We'll save the introductions till after I'm finished with her. If I could just have your contribution..." He held his hand out, and Linda passed him his next fee.

"Um, do you want me to pay a little extra now someone else is involved?" She was really pushing it now, she knew it. Stuart glanced back and she thought she had gone too far, but he just gave her a part-amused, part-pained look, as if to say 'Give me a break.' He led the way down the hall and pushed open the living room door. Linda took a deep breath and followed him inside; she had literally no idea how she was going to react.

The room itself was just the same as before, except for the naked girl kneeling in front of the big sofa, arms behind her back and face fixed rigidly ahead. She didn't flinch or look round as they entered. Sensing that she should take her role as an observer seriously, Linda crept over to the armchair on the far side and perched without making a sound. She could see everything from here, and she meant everything

The girl was in her mid-twenties, with shoulder-length scrubby blonde hair, probably out of a bottle. She was on the thin side, but there was still a pronounced curve to her thighs and bum, especially from this angle. She had a sun-bed tan, glossy lips and thick eyelashes, and looked like she should be out on the pull with the rest of the Essex girl hunting pack. She was certainly not what Linda had expected from one of her fellow trainees, not that she'd thought about it in much detail. In case she had any doubts, however, the two thin chains that hung from the girl's nipples told their own story.

"Now then, where were we?" asked Stuart as he flopped down on the sofa, surveying his captive. "Remind me."

"You were teaching me a lesson about endurance, sir." She spoke in a low, flat Estuary accent.

"So I was. To be precise, I was teaching you how important it is to have endurance under different conditions. To be able to adapt to them." He leaned forward and clasped the loose chains, bringing them up till they were horizontal. "I've had you on your knees plenty of times, so many times I've lost count. I've played with your tits plenty of times. But not both together." He reached between her legs, pushing them further apart. "And not with this thrown into the equation too. This little organ that you do all your thinking with."

The girl dropped her head to her chest, apparently in shame, but Linda saw a smile creep across her face under the disguise of her ragged fringe. It was obvious that Stuart knew about it too, from experience more than anything else. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, forcing a sudden gasp from her as she was brought into his eye line. "You think you can do it, huh?" he muttered, a finger stroking her chin. "Multi-task the way you ladies say you can? I don't mean keeping track of all the conditioner and lip gloss on your weekly shopping list, I mean something really important."

"Yes I can sir." The smile was still playing at the edges of her mouth. She was enjoying every moment of this. Stuart sat back on the sofa, and as he did so the chains were pulled taut, just enough for her to wince. She bucked forward, her nipples sticking out prominently between the clamps. Linda watched her reactions closely. Her toes dug into the carpet, and her chest rose and fell steadily. She was preparing for action.

Stuart lifted one leg slightly, so that his knee was poised right over her chest. "Here you are. Here's what you need. You can manage with this, can't you? It's long and firm and it's not going to go soft on you." The girl nodded and adjusted her weight, shuffling forward until her legs were positioned either side of his knee, and suddenly Linda got it. She almost let out a gasp of disbelief, but managed to contain it. Instead she folded her hands tightly in her lap and watched. The girl thrust forward and began rubbing herself on Stuart's leg. As she did so, Stuart started to pull, very slowly and carefully but enough for her to feel it. She cried out as her tits were stretched forward, trying to keep her balance. The cries turned into a series of sharp pants, the strain showing on her face.

"If it's any help to you," Stuart said quietly, reaching out to stroke her cheek, "you've got a very interested audience here. She's trying not to show it of course, but she wants to see you suffer just as much as I do. I know that you're going to give her a good display."

"Yes I will sir," she promised, her gluteal muscles twitching as she rubbed harder and faster on his leg. She had just managed to get a good rhythm going when Stuart lifted his other foot and gave her a gentle tap on the knee. She stopped, rocking back on her haunches.

"Try a little lower," he suggested. She looked between her legs and saw his foot, resting on the heel, wiggling upwards at her. "It kinds of makes sense that your pussy ends up down there, doesn't it?" She eased herself backward and descended onto the tip of his shoe. Linda noticed that he took absolute care not to help her; this was going to be her work, and hers alone. "Knock yourself out. Same rules as always, any mess you make, you clean up."

He had loosened his grip on the chains to help her a little, but now he tightened it again, and even as she ground herself frantically on his shoe it was obvious she couldn't keep this stance up for long. Linda saw her face starting to glow with exertion. She gave Stuart an imploring look, her shoulders frozen rigid as she tried to keep her hands clasped behind her back. Finally he relented. "Hands on the floor," he said gently, "and keep your bearing. Remember you're a lady."

She sank gratefully forwards until she was spread out on all fours in front of him, her eyes fixed on his. She humped his foot like her life depended on it, while all the time he tugged at her nipples, challenging her to prove she could last the distance. Linda was still watching keenly, but she could no longer pretend to be merely interested. Her hands began to creep between her legs as she stared at the girl's body, at her quivering spine and her pink, glowing limbs. She certainly knew how to suffer.

She was getting close, very close, when Stuart pulled his trump card. "Of course, these are going to have to come off some time," he pointed out casually, lifting the chains. "Might as well do it while you're got something good to distract you. Help to sweeten the pill a little." As she realised what he intended, her face clouded and she gave a little shake of the head. "Look at me." The sharp rap of his voice brought her straight up. "You are safe with me. This strong body of yours is not going to fail you, or me. You are going to get what you deserve, and you're going to suffer for it, because you're a tough girl. Show me how tough."

With a deep breath she nodded, and focused herself once more on her task. Linda saw the signs, saw her chest begin to rise faster and her body shake. She still had her eyes fixed on his, but as she grew nearer they started to bulge wide in fear and anticipation. She pleaded quietly with him, her lips half-forming words. Stuart looked back at her calmly, his fingers clasping the chains in readiness. A part of her was trying to hold back, to delay her orgasm, but she couldn't contain the reactions of her body much longer. She let out a little whimper, followed by a series of rising gasps as the moment approached. Without uttering a word, Stuart tilted his head in her direction, and she remembered where she was. "Please may I come sir, please, please? Oh, God..."

"You may." He sat and watched it descend on her, waiting for just the right moment, when her eyes were screwed shut in the first ecstatic wave of her climax. Then he prised the clamps off her nipples in one swift motion. The gasps turned into a piercing scream as the girl pitched forward, tumbling to the floor in a mass of arms and legs. Her thighs spasmed uncontrollably, her feet slamming against the carpet to try and force the sensation out of her body. She buried her head deep in the fabric, thrashing from side to side, the noise dulled but still very audible.

Linda wondered for a moment if things had gone too far and she was in genuine pain, but Stuart had read her mind. He gave her a reassuring gesture, then shifted up to the edge of the sofa and placed his hands gently on the girl's head. The moment he touched her, the tension in her body seemed to lessen. Trapped between him and the floor, certain of her place and happy with it, she sank down flat on her stomach and let her orgasm gradually flow out of her. She lay there for a good two minutes, twitching every now and then, until she eventually lifted her head and looked her master in the eye. "Thank you, sir."

"You're welcome. And now you've been through it, what's your verdict? Being honest with me?"

"Pain is very good for my pussy, sir," she declared, and he gave a chuckle of delight and ruffled her hair.

"That's my girl. Now go over to our guest and introduce yourself, and thank her for sitting and watching so patiently."

She climbed onto all fours, making such an effort that Linda felt a little guilty. Slowly she turned and padded over to her, kneeling politely at her feet. "Thank you for watching me come."

"Um... thank you." Linda gave a nervous little shrug, as if to ask what else she should say at a time like this. The smile on her face was instantly matched by the younger woman.

"I'm Carly."

"Linda." She held out her hand automatically, and Carly took it and shook it, seeming not the slightest bit embarrassed. At this range Linda could see the grooves round her nipples where the clamps had dug into her flesh.

"Well, I sense a real meeting of minds here," Stuart announced, looking very pleased with himself. "You two have got an awful lot in common."

Linda raised her eyebrows. "You can tell that much about me from two meetings, you must be good!" She winced inwardly at how cheeky she sounded, and Carly gave her a wry look that told her as much. But Stuart was feeling playful.

"Oh, but we have so much time, Linda. So much time." He shuffled up the sofa to their end, so he was only a foot away from them. "We can get your positions swapped quite easily." You're not getting those things on my tits, thought Linda, feeling like an imposter just sitting in the same room as these two. She looked from one to the other, from Stuart's relaxed pose to Carly sitting expectantly on her knees. She realised that they were waiting, hoping, for her to come to their party; to prove that she was just as perverted as them. Once again, the power was all on her side.

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