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This story is the fifth in a series of events that have actually taken place over the last two years. Although most names are fictitious to protect the ‘not-so-innocent’, places and events are factual. I have put ‘pen to paper’ for three reasons: i) to preserve the images and memories in our minds; ii) to share the images with you. Had I not experienced these events first hand, I would not have believed what is written, and probably treated these words as fiction; and iii) what has happened over that last couple of years has injected even more excitement into our sex lives – so much so, that even as I trace back over the images and transpose to text, I have to periodically stop and relieve myself – with the help if my lovely wife, Tanya, of course. So, read and enjoy in the knowledge that the words are relating true events; and when you feel stirring in your loins, feel free to relieve yourselves of any stress that may be swelling up.


It had been seven months since that fateful day of the accident. My leg had fully healed and the slow healing process took their toll on our sex life. Our sex life had been virtually non-existent, and had only begun to recover following Julie’s therapy session. We were both desperate to get things back to where we were before the accident. Tanya and I were open when it came to discussing our feelings, and we longed for the sex drive we found in Tenerife that was lost seven months ago.

“I think we need a break,” I said as we held each other, wishing we could make love. “We’re due a holiday, and you’ve worked your fingers to the bone over the last ten months.”

“A holiday would be nice. Where do you think we should go?”

“I saw Ronnie in the pub last Friday. He’s just back from Koh Samui, Thailand. He reckoned it’s the best holiday he’s ever had. The food, the sun, the beaches, the sea, all out of this world – and it was cheap.” Ronnie was our postman and we had met in the local pub the previous evening. Ronnie had taken his wife to Thailand for their 25th wedding anniversary. “I’ll do some surfing the ‘net tomorrow and see what I can find.”

“Okay lover,” Tanya whispered as she kissed me goodnight.


The 13-hour flight to Bangkok seemed more like 24. I was glad that I could stretch out my stiff legs after being cooped up on the Boeing 747 Thai Airlines Jumbo. The Thai hostesses were absolutely gorgeous and couldn’t do enough to keep you comfortable throughout the flight.

We arrived at Koh Samui in blazing sunshine and temperatures high in the 90’s. A mini bus took us to our hotel at Chaweng Beach, a small town on the east coast of the island, and we checked in with the assistance of another Thai babe. Everywhere we turned, we were confronted with either young, divine creatures, or, old haggard females that had been through hell and back, (judging by their wrinkled, tarnished faces).

It was early afternoon and, although tired after our long journey, we decided to relax a little on the hotel’s beachfront. Local youths waited on the tourists hand and foot, supplying ice-cold beers, soft drinks and water. You didn’t have to leave your sun lounge to go to the bar, just raise your hand and your drink was replenished. Our laky was Dom; he spoke very few English words, but the words he did speak were enough to keep our needs supplied. We absorbed the sounds, smells and heat shaded by huge coconut umbrella shades. The occasional dip in the sea was more like a bathing session in a Turkish bath; the water was so warm.

The long day’s travel and the heat made us sleepy. After dinner at the hotel’s beachside restaurant, we retired for the night, leaving our adventuring for tomorrow.

The elevated air and sea temperatures, along with the clean, unpolluted air, functioned like an old fashioned tonic; ‘just what the doctor ordered’. By the following night, Tanya and I felt like new people, all our worries began to wash away – we made love for the first time in weeks.

The following afternoon, we decided to head up to the north end of the town. It took all of twenty minutes to stroll from our hotel lobby to the last of the street stalls. The shops had some pavements in front of them, but what pavement there was, was taken by the street sellers, erecting corrugated stalls to shelter their wares from the sun’s harsh rays or the occasional heavy tropical rainstorm. Anything and everything was for sale – CD players, watches, laser pointers, woodcraft, food, clothes, it was a regular Pandora’s box, a hive of mixed colours, shapes and smells. The sellers wouldn’t just accept your money either; if it had a price tag, you still had to haggle; it was an instilled ritual.


It was another hot day and the sun beat down on the road, causing it to shimmer as the heat haze bent all reflected light. We were thirsty again, and, as we hadn’t eaten, it was after lunchtime, we decided to have a little liquid lunch.

We came across an Irish bar with traditional Irish music piped through to all corners of the thatched coconut roof. Sitting at a table, we absorbed that atmosphere; bustle, noise, dust, music, the smell of stale alcohol ingrained in the dirt that substituted for a carpet.

“Back home, this place would be closed and pulled down for contravening the health and safety regs,” Tanya commented.

“Yeah, but back home you can’t by a Heinekin for twenty-five pence!”

We both laughed and something clicked. We didn’t realise it at first, but some of the old magic was coming back. I noticed Tanya checking out all the tourists in the bar, especially the younger guys. “I wouldn’t say no to some of that,” she grinned as a 6’6” bronzed athlete ordered another drink at the bar. I hadn’t seen it at first, but Tanya had clocked his curled-up oysters when he had strolled to the bar. I guess the sun agreed with her – it wasn’t doing me any harm either.

Two girls approached Mr Athlete and they began to chat. They were local girls, probably prostitutes, though I must say, we hadn’t seen much prostitution so far. Mr Athlete laughed at something the girls had said as he turned his back on them and he walked past us, sitting back down with his girlfriend, ‘Miss Athlete’. She too had a fit body, tanned and firm. I guessed they might be German or Scandinavian from their looks, we couldn’t hear them speak over the piped music and general noise coming from the street.

“She’s not bad either,” I told Tanya, retaliating to her earlier observation. We bought a couple more drinks and relaxed in the shade of the bar. A group of girls wandered in from the street – backpackers with Australian accents. They were having a great time, teasing a couple of lads sat at the bar.

“I wouldn’t mind being set amongst them,” I teased.

“Ha! You wouldn’t stand a chance. They’d eat you up and spit you out,” Tanya laughed.

Mr and Mrs Athlete stood to leave the bar. As they brushed by Tanya, Mr Athlete accidentally tapped Tanya’s elbow as she was about to take a sip of her drink – it spilled all over her white cotton summer dress.

“Oh, I’m, I’m sorry,” apologised Mr Athlete, trying to wipe Tanya’s drink from her dress. Tanya didn’t know how to react to the shock of having an ice-cold beer poured down her cleavage. Her nipples stood instantaneously as the cold liquid cascaded over her breasts and onto her lap. Mr Athlete’s attempt at mopping up the spill resulted in him gently brushing his hand against Tanya’s breasts – I don’t think he realised at first what he had done.

Tanya, as quick as a flash retorted, “Hey, you can spill my drink over me anytime as long as you’re prepared to mop it up!”

Apologising again, and looking extremely embarrassed, he offered to buy us another drink.

“Why don’t you join us,” I asked as Tanya started lifting the material away from her flesh, trying to air it but succeeding only to give anyone who happened to look, and I think most of the bar was looking, an eyeful of her breasts and erect nipples.

Erik and Joli were from Finland. They were former national gymnastic champions and were former members of Finnish Olympic Team, six years earlier. They had come to Thailand to chill out after three years of working in Saudi Arabia for a state school, teaching rich Arab kids how to vault wooden boxes.

“How long have you guys been married,” Tanya asked after noticing Joli wasn’t wearing a wedding band.

“We are not married, we are brother and sister,” answered Joli.

“We are very close,” added Erik as he sipped the top off his beer and settled down, placing Tanya’s replacement drink.

There was something in the way Erik and Joli interacted. It was closer than brother/sister. After an hour’s conversation, they asked us if we would like to join them for dinner that evening at their hotel. We accepted and waved as we watched them leave the bar.

The backpackers were still teasing the lads at the bar, and were now very drunk.

“Let’s head back for an hour or two to relax on the beach,” I said as I took Tanya’s arm, helping her stand.


Walking along the beach, the bright sunlight highlighted her stained dress, “That’s gonna take some washing,” I told her as we skirted the shore, the small waves lapping at our feet.

“Washing? You got to be kidding me,” she replied as she playfully thumped my stomach and ran for the water. Tanya cast off her sandals then took a dive, completely plunging herself in the warm, salty water. She slowly waded through the water back towards me. The stain had all but gone, but the water had made her dress almost transparent revealing her black g-string. She looked like an angel as she picked up her sandals and walked up to me. Tanya kissed me passionately and I could feel my cock begin to swell. She hadn’t realised that everyone on the beach could see the dark circled areole surrounding her large erect nipples, and the black underwear through the clinging wet fabric.

“Let’s get back to the hotel,” I whispered in her ear. We sauntered along the beach; barefoot, the hot sand giving way to our footprints that were systematically washed out by the waves as they gently kissed the sand. Every male along the 500-yard walk turned his head to watch Tanya pass by. She knew exactly what she was doing and loved it as every pair of eyes burned into her body. I was content, knowing she was all mine, and that I could share with whomever I pleased – if I wanted to – and Tanya would do exactly as I asked. At last, I struggled to hold back the second erection in weeks.


I opened our door knowing that this was it; this was our sex life getting back on the rails. Whoohoo!

I helped Tanya out of her damp dress. It had stuck to every nook and cranny of her shapely body. She lifted her arms above her head as I raised the hem up to reveal her g-string, her belly button, her breasts and finally her smiling face.

Tanya knelt in front of me and pulled down my shorts. My cock sprang out, slapping her face, leaving a thin trail of pre-cum that she quickly wiped with a finger and tasted. The Tanya took hold of my cock, and slowly pulling back on the foreskin, took in the musky odour as the helmet, damp and sticky, was revealed. She extended her tongue and teased the eye of my cock, then run her tongue down the entire length of its shaft, finally taking my balls into her hot mouth. I laid back on the bed and let her play with my hardness. Her head moved up and down slowly, her mouth slurping with each stroke. I could feel my balls tighten at the onset of an orgasm and quietly gave Tanya some pre-warning.

“Wait,” she demanded quietly as she ran into the bathroom returning with a small bottle that had once held nail varnish remover. “I want you to fill this,” she ordered. “I’m going to get this bottle filled and then, I’m going to use it as a massage lotion. I read, at work, that semen is good for the complexion.” She licked her lips, gave me a kiss, and then went down on me to finish me off.
”I’m cumming, I’m cumming,” I gasp as a pulse of semen ejected into the neck of the bottle. Tanya made sure that she didn’t spill a drop. “I can see this is going to take some time to fill,” she laughed.


We showered and dressed for our date. Erik met us at his hotel’s reception desk. “We have a table reserved for eight o’clock,” he told us, “so we have some time to kill. How about a drink?”

We accepted his invitation as he led us to the bar. “Joli is just finishing herself off. She wants to make herself look beautiful for our guests,” Erik added.

Joli entered the bar ten minutes later. Her blonde shoulder-length hair gently swayed as she passed one of the hotel’s air-conditioning fans. Her deep blue eyes contrasted her silky blue traditional Thai dress. Three-inch heels made her look tall and her figure was the exact proportions. I felt my cock twitch at the very sight of Joli.

Erik played the gentleman and held Joli’s chair as she sat with us. “What would you like to drink?” He asked.

“Vodka and Coke”

Erik stood at the bar, waiting for the barman to finish serving another guest. Joli stood and went to join him; she had changed her mind and wanted a gin and tonic.

“God, she’s beautiful,” Tanya let out.

“So are you babe,” I assured her. And she was, dressed in her favourite black leather mini-dress that was laced at the side. Tanya never wore underwear when she wore this dress, and with her long shapely legs accentuated by her four-inch patent shoes, she looked outstanding. I had already donated a second load to her collection bottle before we left the hotel.

Sitting between these two babes made me stir again. All through dinner, I couldn’t help but think of fucking both of these stunning ladies. We had put away four bottles of wine by the time the waitress offered us the sweet menu, which we declined. After paying the bill, which Erik insisted on picking up, we settled into a booth in the lounge adjacent to the hotel’s bar.

In the opposite corner, a DJ was setting up his equipment. Erik informed us that when the restaurant closed at 11pm, the whole place turned into a lively disco and karaoke bar. Sure enough, the lights dimmed as the last of the restaurant’s tables were cleared, and the DJ’s lights began to flicker and illuminate the dance floor. By now, the lounge/disco was busy, and all of the tables were taken. At the bar, people started to gather, and the dim red glow of the lounge-lamps interspersed with colours glancing off shiny metallic and glass surfaces, gave the lounge a distinct ‘70’s atmosphere. Even the DJ played music form the ‘70’s and ‘80’s – Abba, The Sweet, Slade, Alvin Stardust. Corny? It certainly was, but it was fun.

We found ourselves dancing to almost every song. People had begun joining in the sing-along as they took the karaoke microphone and tried to emulate their favourite groups of old. I even took the stage and sang along to Mud’s ‘Tiger Feet’.

My leg began to ache a little and I started to limp again. “What’s the matter?” Joli asked as we danced to a Tina Turner song.

“An old war wound,” I answered, “I’ll be okay if we just take a little break from dancing.”

We sat and watched Erik and Tanya twist and turn as he took her hand, allowing Tanya to pirouette and shimmy in beat with the music. “They dance well together,” Joli commented.

I nodded in agreement. Joli sat closer so we could talk without having to compete with the loud music. She smelt really good. Her perfume mixing with her perspiration allowed pheromones to effuse through my nostrils. I want this woman. And judging by the way Joli touched my arm as we talked, she wanted more than a little company.

“So, tell me about this ‘old war wound’,” Joli requested.

I told of the car crash, John’s death, the coma and finally, how I had recently overcome my impotence. Joli touched my forearm in a sympathetic nature, as if trying to comfort me. “I’m sorry,” she told me, a tear in her eye. I must admit, the memories were painful, and a lump was welling up in my throat. I quickly sipped my drink and changed the subject.

Joli moved a little closer, her thigh touching mine, her arm entwined with my arm, gently stroking the back of my hand with her free hand. She rested her head on my shoulder as she wiped away a tear from her cheek.

Erik and Tanya sat down, taking large gulps of their drinks. It was warm and humid, and they had been dancing for nearly half-hour.

“You okay?” asked Tanya.

“Sure,” replied Joli. She wiped her cheek once more then, “I’ve got to freshen up.” Tanya stood and accompanied Joli to the restroom.

Erik looked around the dance floor, admiring some of the young flesh gyrate to an Abba number. “I need some fresh air,” I told Erik, “I’m just going to take a little stroll to clear my mind.”

“Can I join you?” he asked.

“No, no. You stay here and wait for the girls. I’ll be back in about five minutes.”

The night air was cooler and evaporated the perspiration from my brow. I leaned against some railing at the front of the hotel and watched the street bustle pass by like a busy, fat millipede, wriggling through the dirt. American, Australian, European - all mostly white tourists. Occasionally a beautiful Thai female would walk by with a male companion, sometime two, attached to their arm. In the distance, across what looked like a small lake or large pond, were flashing lights. A van drove by with large Tannoy speakers announcing tonight’s Thai kickboxing fight, between some European champion and a local Thai champion. I thought about watching the bout, but changed my mind as quickly as the thought had popped in.

I felt a hand touch my shoulder. I turned to see Joli, “You okay?” she asked softly.

“Sure, just needed some fresh air.”

“Tanya and Erik are dancing again.”

I nodded, “Yeah, Tanya loves to dance; and she hasn’t done much of that lately. She deserves to have a good time. She sacrificed a lot, and put up with a lot, over the last seven months or so.”

“She is a very nice lady.”

I nodded in agreement. “Yes, so are you.”

Joli moved closer and touched my lips with hers. We kissed softly, tenderly. My arms lifted from my side around her back. She reacted by placing her arms around my neck. Our tenderness became more urgent. Our tongues began exploring each other’s mouths. My hands dropped onto her ass as she stroked my back, sliding a hand down and gently squeezing my right buttock.

“I want you,” she whispered as we broke away from our kiss. “I want you tonight.”

“I want you too,” I replied as I felt my cock begin to strain in my trousers. My right hand moved around to Joli’s breast and I gently rubbed her nipple between thumb and finger. She let out a gasp as I kissed her neck. She pushed herself onto me, making sure her stomach felt my swelling.


“Don’t worry about how,” I told her. “Tanya and I have an open relationship. Our sex life is uninhibited. As long as we are truthful with each other, we are free to explore. And besides, I think she wants your brother.”

Another gasp as my left hand squeezed her ass. “Our hotel room is only two minutes away.” Joli took my hand and led me into the foyer. Across the entrance I could see the dance floor. Tanya and Erik were in each other’s arms as the DJ play Neilson’s ‘Without You’.

“That’s my favourite song,” Joli said.

“Let’s dance,” I insisted as we changed direction and entered the bar. I held Joli tightly as we smooched on the floor. Erik and Tanya kissed, a signal from Tanya that I could do anything I wanted that evening.

“We’re going upstairs,” I told Tanya as the song finished.

“Wait, we’re coming too.”


The four of us almost lifted the door off its hinges as it burst wide open and banged against the wall. Tanya, holding Erik’s hand, dragged him onto one of the Queen sized beds and they both collapsed in each other’s arms in a passionate kiss. I must admit, I felt my stomach churn as I watch for what seemed like minutes but was only a couple of seconds. I felt jealousy, and yet, I felt passion, sexy, wanton; hell, I just wanted to fuck.

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