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Kollany Thirty-Five Ch. 01


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Kollany Thirty-Five is an Erotic Novel in Eight Parts. It is set in the future on a deep space colony and follows the life of Princess Shumara Seven from the time that her plot to assassinate her father, King Humana One, fails to the day of her sentencing and judgement one week later.

During that time she endures a series of punishments that involve forced nudity, humiliation, body transformation, mind-control, forced masturbation, orgasm denial, forced orgasm, spanking, beating, flogging, donkey-girl forced labor, electro-torture, golden showers, freezing showers, snow torture, and being forced to eat cold oatmeal (gruel). Through these many punishments and rewards, Shumara Seven discovers her true sluttish nature and eventually accepts and welcomes her final punishment and status.

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Chapter One - A Failed Assassination Attempt

Princess Shumara Seven stood naked before the full length mirror in her bedroom gazing at her perfect body. Her body was indeed perfect, as everything on Kollany Thirty-Five was perfect. She was the perfect height for a person of the ruling class. Her skin carried that perfect golden glow that declared to all who saw her that she was one of the rulers of Kollany. Her hair was just the right shade of golden brown as befit her status. Her eyes were the perfect shade of emerald green that could show every emotion from the intense warmth of love to the cold cruel depths of hatred. Even the cleft of her womanhood was the perfect thirty-two degree angle with just a hint of the outer labia showing to create the most appealing appearance for her sex.

Princess Shumara Seven was as perfect as the DNA sequencer and controller could make her, and yet there was a flaw. There was one defect within this perfect princess. She was overly ambitious and cruel. The line between the genetic traits that create a good ruler and the genes that create a tyrant is a very thin line. Shumara Seven, if she had ever been allowed to fully rule, would have definitely been a tyrant - a beautiful, seductress of a tyrant, but a tyrant never-the-less.

As she stared at her regal image in the mirror, Shumara could not see her arrogance or her cruelty or her lack of compassion. Even if she had been able to see these traits within herself, she would not have considered them flaws. They were, for her, a part of being royalty - a part of having the genetic right of kings and queens. It was her right to be arrogant. It was her right to be cruel. It was her right to inflict pain on lesser beings..., and in princess Shumra's mind everyone and everything was less than her.

For Shumara, the only flaws that she could see as she gazed intently into the mirror at her perfect body were the tears that were streaming down her face and the control collar that encircled her neck. The control collar was there because her elaborate plan to kill her father, King Humana Two had failed and she was now a prisoner awaiting punishment. The tears were primarily because she had been caught.

The one thing that the collar could not, or perhaps would not, control was her tears. Since the moment that she felt the collar slide around her throat and heard the click of the latch sealing her fate, her face had been continually wet with tears. There were tears for the beautiful clothes she would never wear again. There were tears for the looks and words of the lowly servants whom she had once ordered about with her own cold commands. And now that the collar had brought her back into her own room and stood her before her mirror to gaze upon her perfect body, there were tears aplenty for herself and for her perfect body.

None of the tears which flowed freely down Shumara's face, however, were for Prince Humara Nine, whom she had seduced and led into her treachery. Humara had been an essential part of her perfect plan. He was the one who was to poison the king. He was the one who would be immediately killed by the king's guards if he was discovered trying to slip the poison into the king's wine. On the other hand, if he had succeeded and slipped the drug and poison into the king's drink unnoticed, he would still be dead, killed by a guard that Shumara had paid in advance not with silver, but her golden body. The plan was perfect.

Shumara had known all along that Humara might fail. He was weak; he had been easy to seduce into her plans; he was stupid; and he was expendable. He never suspected that succeed or fail, he was a dead man.

Shumara's stooge among the king's personal guards was no stronger of will and not much brighter. It never crossed his mind that there might be a third traitor ready to kill the one who killed the one who killed the king. He even believed that Shumara loved him as he stood ready to act when Humara acted and insure that Shumara's role in this remained secret.

No one should have ever known that Shumara was involved at all -- except for one small mistake made by the princess herself. It was more of a necessary risk than a mistake, but it was done and it was Shumara's undoing.

The weakest point in a plan is often where it fails. The king, like Shumara, had a perfect body. The king's perfect body would shake off any ordinary poison. The only way to kill the king by poison was to use a DNA modifier especially formulated to remove his resistance to poisons. That combined with a common, slow acting poison would kill the king within a day. They might find traces of the poison, but once the transformation was complete it would be almost impossible to detect the modified DNA, let alone trace its origin.

Shumara knew an old hag who sold black market DNA modifiers. A lot of people purported to sell modifier capsules, but when purchased from most people, these fake black market drugs did nothing. The pills that the old hag sold, however, would indeed increase your penis size or your bust size or remove various imperfections from your body. It was said that she could even change your genetic class - for a high enough price. It was rumored that she was one of the "old chemists." That may have been so because she knew the true formulae and had access to forbidden equipment that could sequence DNA modifiers for whatever you desired.

Shumara told the old hag that she wanted to make herself susceptible to the common cold to see what it was like to experience the misery that some of the lesser classes suffered from so regularly. To make her story sound even more believable, she even ordered a modifier to restore her resistance.

The old hag, however, could read Shumara's twisted soul through her emerald green eyes and knew that the modifier was for some evil purpose. She knew that Shumara planned to use it, not on herself, but on someone else. And since it was to be developed for Shumara's DNA it would work only on her or a very, very close relative... like her father, the king.

The old hag was loyal to the king for many reasons, so before she ever began to sequence the genes or prepare the modifier, she reported the purchase to the watchers, and the watchers reported to the king's council, and the king's council reported to The One. And The One set in motion a plan to capture Humara Nine in the very act of putting a fake genetic modifier in the king's drink.

Shumara had not counted on The One's truly perfect plan which made it possible for Humara Nine to be captured alive. That should not have happened. Those who attempted to harm the king or others of the ruling class were almost never taken alive. If they did not die in the attempt, the guards would often, in a frenzy of anger driven by their genetic need to protect the king, kill them outright. But with so many extra watchers and watcher guards hiding nearby, that did not occur. The guard whom Shumara had bribed with the gold of body was afraid to act. Also afraid to act was the guard which she had anonymously bribed with silver to kill the first guard as soon as he killed Humara.

So Shumara's plan failed, but The One's plan succeeded. Prince Humara Nine was captured alive in the very act of attempting to poison King Humana Two. He didn't even have the dignity and honor to try to take his own life when he was caught. Instead, faced with the evidence, he began weeping and confessed everything - including the involvement of Princess Shumara Seven.

Later that evening one of the watchers, who had recently been assigned as Princess Shumara's personal bodyguard, placed the control collar on her neck as she was in the middle of upbraiding a servant for being late bringing her some trinket or another. From that instant, Princess Shumara Seven was a prisoner.

She no longer controlled her own body. With the control collar around her neck, her body belonged to The One. There was no need for a trial. The One had all the evidence it needed to be sure of her guilt. At the appropriate day and time, The One would decree its sentence and all of Kollany Thirty-Five would see it carried out. Until that time, the collar controlled everything.

Later in the day, with the collar securely around her neck, Shumara had walked out of her rooms in the palace apparently of her own free will, but in reality with every slight muscle movement controlled by the collar. She walked down the royal hallway and came unannounced into the king's throne chamber where the king was in the middle of his weekly vid-report to the people. He and his guards had been fully briefed and were expecting her appearance. The vid-cam operators had also been informed that there would be a "special guest" and were instructed to be ready to cover everything that might occur.

The home audience, and those in attendance who were not aware of the earlier arrest of Prince Humara Nine, watched with amazement as Princess Shumara Seven walked up beside King Humana One, waited quietly for him to complete his remarks, and then announced to him and to the entire population of Kollany Thirty-Five, "The watchers have uncovered irrefutable evidence that I attempted to poison our prime ruler with an illegally obtained genetic modifier. I have been convicted along with Prince Humara Nine and will be publicly sentenced and receive my final punishment one week from now, exactly at noon, in the city square of Kollany Thirty-Five Prime. The sentencing and the beginning of my official punishment will be vidcast live at that time."

The collar continued to speak through her, "Since I am now a convicted criminal, I may no longer wear the clothing of the ruling class." Shumara's body trembled as she struggled against the collar's control, but her arms and hands were no longer hers. They moved as if on their own to unbutton the front of her exquisite gown and slowly slide it from her body. Soon her blouse and underslips followed so that she was left standing in front of the vid-cams in nothing but a lacy bra and a very brief pair of panties.

Her arms shuddered once again as she resisted their movement behind her back to release the bra. They shuddered even more as they moved downward toward her final brief article of clothing. It is a tribute to the power of her will that she almost broke free of the collar's control when her hands moved to the sides of her panties. But the unlimited power of The One controlled the collar and so the collar continued to control Shumara. Under the collar's direction, her hands slid the panties downward until she was standing naked before the populace of Kollany Thirty-Five.

Her voice was slightly husky, but still loud and clear as she once again spoke, "Since I am not yet a member of any other gene class, and to what class I will be re-assigned will not be announced until my sentencing in one week, I will remain naked and classless until that time as a reminder to all of what I have done. It will also be a lesson to all that wrongdoing will be punished severely by The One who ultimately rules us."

She paused and faced the cameras squarely. The vid-cam operators zoomed in to a tight shot of her face as she continued, "In that time I will be subjected to special forms of instruction which will show me the errors of my ways and remind me - and all of you - of what I have given up by my actions. I will also be led to at least symbolically make right the many wrongs which I have committed in the past. If this time granted me by The One is fruitful, perhaps my punishment will be lessened by my contrition and remorse."

Princess Shumara Seven, now merely Shumara Seven, then walked slowly out of the room with the vid-cams following her every move so that all the inhabitants of Kollany Thirty-Five could see every aspect of her perfect body. The final vid was a tight closeup of her perfect ass cheeks as she went out the door.

What Shumara did not yet know, but would quickly learn over the course of the next week was that the control collar not only controlled a person's body by taking over control of the nervous system, it also read memories. Or, to be more accurate, it allowed The One to read a person's mind including, not only current thoughts, but also any and all memories of past events. The collar, or The One who controlled the collar, now knew every wrong thing that Princess Shumara Seven had ever done. The One also knew her schemes and her dreams, her fantasies and her fears. With this knowledge, the ultimate punishment which The One would decree would not only fit the crime for which she was convicted, it would also fit the way that she responded to the collar's attempts to force her to right previous wrongs that she had committed.

Following her public admission of guilt, Shumara had been confined to her room in the palace by the collar except for those times when it led or directed her elsewhere. At mealtime, it would lead her to the great hall where she had once sat at the main table with the elite of the elite. On the first night, she was forced by the collar to crawl naked among the tables begging for food like a common house dog. Many women whom she had once thought to be her friends laughed heartily as she knelt with her arms before her like a puppy and they threw scraps of food at her open mouth.

Thankfully for her, this forced puppyhood was for the first night only. The next morning she was led to a special table that had been prepared for her at the back of the hall near the serving doors that led into the kitchen. It was an old, rough, stained, wooden table and bench that rubbed uncomfortably against her naked ass, but at least she was not on her knees on the floor.

Throughout the day, the collar would have her walk the hallways of the palace and the attached government office buildings, stopping in each room or office to announce, "I am Shumara Seven. I was a princess in line for the throne, but because I went against The One's rules for our society and for my gene class, I am now nothing. Please watch my sentencing and final punishment in seven days." The number in her announcement changed each day. It was a countdown to her final day of reckoning.

The routine of each day was basically the same except that the shudders and tremors of resistance decreased each day. Perhaps she fought less, perhaps the collar was fine tuning itself to her system, or perhaps it was allowing her to move more on her own. In any case her movements became more fluid each day and her voice sounded more and more natural as her naked body moved to places she would never go and her voice spoke words she would never say.

At the beginning and end of each day, the collar would bring her here, before her mirror, to gaze for an hour upon her perfect body and to think about what she lost by going against the will of The One who ruled Kollany Thirty-Five.

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