tagLoving WivesKomaki's Creampies

Komaki's Creampies


I've always had a thing for small breasts. I'm not entirely sure why but it might be a reaction against the huge battering rams attached to the front my mother's chest. Whatever it is, my eyes naturally look for a slender figure with barely a handful of breast rather than the strangely composed figures women seem to think men want, with fleshy cones full of silicon.

My wife's tiny breasts were one of the things that initially drew me to her. Komaki's very slim and really only has a couple of puffy nipples on her chest. But while she might not have the kind of breast meat found on the girls you'll see on Babestation, she's definitely a sex pot and I am very much in love with her.

We met by chance in our mid-20s when we both moved into the same block of flats on the same day after our previous relationships had ended. At first it was obviously quite irritating to have two vans blocking the entrance and two sets of movers carrying stuff in through the relatively narrow corridors but we both laughed at the chaos and that evening we both shared a curry which we had delivered to my flat as I had the living room sorted with the furniture all in the right place. But we ate it from her plates as she had her kitchenware unpacked and sorted, unlike me.

By 10 o'clock we were cuddling and before 11 we had christened my sofa.

Komaki looked so sexy in her plain, white cotton knickers and halter vest. All my fantasies come true. Soon enough we were kissing and licking each other all over. I payed particular attention to her deliciously small little AA-cup breasts and the puffy, little conical nipples, watching them change to a darker olive brown with pink tips. Soon we were into a state of high excitement and started getting down to some fairly frantic fucking.

First I lay on top of her and she pulled me into her and locked her knees behind my back. Then I rolled over so that I could take her from behind and get deeper into her so that my cum splattered against her cervix as I came. But I think Komaki was both shocked and excited when I rolled on to my back and pulled her into a sitting position on my face and began to lick my cum from her almost hairless pussy.

"No-one's every done that to me before," she gasped, "not when I'm full of cum, anyway."

I was too engrossed in what I was doing to reply right away but when I had sucked up all the sperm I could find from inside her pussy and on her lips I replied.

"You're kidding!" I was shocked that a 25 year old woman had never had her creampie eaten.

"It's something I love to do," I continued. "It's just a shame I can only manage a couple of time a night... myself."

No-one said anything after that final word but I think the kinky implication had sunk home. If she wanted more than I could give she'd have to get the creampie in from someone else and I could clean it up for her. She just sighed and I pulled her closer and wrapped my arms around her.

The next morning I had to leave my flat for breakfast, so I knocked on Komaki's door and asked her weather she fancied joining me at a local café, rather than having to worry about cleaning up messy plates. After all, we would both be spending most of the day emptying boxes, filling shelves and learning how capacious the local council's recycling bins were.

20 minutes later we were sitting down in the cafe with plates in front of us.

"Were you serious?" she asked as I tucked in to my omelette.

"Serious about what?" I replied.

"You said, 'I can only manage a couple of time a night... myself', last night. There was a clear implication — or at least I inferred that there was a possibility of an alternative supply. Did I get that right?"

I could feel the blood rushing to my face as words said the previous night in the afterglow of some unexpected and enjoyable sex were brought up again. I stuttered and stumbled as I tried to answer.

"Err, well. Ahem, well I suppose..." I trailed off. "I, I mean..." but I didn't get any further as Komaki's hand had snaked under the table and felt the bulge in the front of my jeans. I was clearly excited and growing fast at the prospect.

"Finish up here and I'll see you back at my place in 15 minutes."

I quickly finished off my omelette and sprinted back for another 90 minutes of licking, sucking, fucking and lapping before we both had to return to the more mundane task of unpacking boxes and sorting out our new homes.


Of course it wasn't as simple as going out and asking people whether they'd be interested in inseminating Komaki so that I could lick their cum from her. It's all very well to talk about bringing in someone to squirt their gametes into her tight, juicy little pussy but finding someone to do it wasn't as simple as becoming erect at the concept.

"Hello, would you mind coming home with me. I'd like you to fuck me and squirt in my unprotected pussy so that my neighbour can lick your cum out before he fucks me himself — no, it's just not going to work." Komaki sighed as we cuddled together in front of the telly that night. I took the remote from her and turned the screen off so we could talk.

"So what are our options?" I said, "we can either try some kind of matchmaking service on the Internet, join a club of some kind or you could go out, to a bar and try exactly that. I bet you'd do quite well. A 50% hit rate or maybe even better."

"I don't know about that last one. Maybe a club?" she asked. "I don't really want to start approaching strangers who might go all weird and moralistic on me in a public place. I definitely don't want to hit on anyone at work and the problem with going on-line is that we won't get a chance to see who we've met up with until they actually show. Do you know any clubs?"

"Not yet but I'm sure we can find out about some places neat here. How hard can it be these days? They're probably on Facebook!"

So, in our down time after sex we searched the web for sex clubs near where we live. We found several, read reviews and talked about where we wanted to try and the next month we found ourselves outside an unmarked door. Komaki was in a tight black dress and just a tight black dress. There was nothing beneath it but skin as earlier that afternoon I had helped her shave off her few wisps of pubic hair. I was in a tux: smart but definitely not upstaging my beautiful Japanese companion.

Her little breasts made tiny, two-part bumps in the material covering her chest. The flattish bulge of her AA-cup breasts and then the conical shape of the aureolas and nipples surmounting them.

Once we were inside we were handed champagne flutes and began to mix with the very smartly dressed crowd. After about an hour I was starting to get worried. There were lots of great looking people there and some sexy entertainment but it was either going quite slowly or I was so nervous that time was passing very slowly. Fortunately, it wasn't long after that moment that Komaki saw someone she liked the look of and tugged on my arm before heading towards him.

"Hi, I'm Komaki and this is Frank. We're new here. Who are you?" It was a pretty direct approach but I suppose Komaki's a pretty direct sort of woman or I wouldn't have ended up having sex with her the first time I met her. A few minutes later the three of us were entering a little side room with a commodious couch at one end of the room and wooden clothes hangers and fluffy white towels at the other end of the room, along with a basin, soaps and a large mirror.

We took the hint and undressed and hung up our clothes rather than just chucking them in a corner. Komaki took a good look at Paul's cock and gently pulled him by it towards the couch. She sat down in front of Paul and placed the tip of his penis between her lips and gently licked it. As she moved her lips and tongue his member slowly became engorged and his foreskin drew back from the head of his cock, allowing Komaki to rim his most sensitive areas and encouraging a few drops of precum which she played with, seeing how long the strands could stretch before snapping.

Next she lay back and spread her legs and Paul lay down to lick at her pussy. While he did that I lay on my back and put his cock in my mouth, licking and sucking his cock and sucking down the precum he produced. It was both sweet and masculine and encouraged me that eating his ejaculate from Komaki's pussy would be a joy.

Soon enough Komaki was ready and they both knelt on the rug, leaning over the couch, and he entered her from behind. Paul started with a slow and steady pace, giving Komaki time to adapt to the girth of his cock. While he did that I lay on my back, perpendicular to them and pushed my head up so that I could lick them both as he pistoned in and out of her well greased passage.

I suppose the fact the slow pace of the evening had left resulted in a build-up of pressure and it needed to be dissipated quickly because just four or five minutes after he started, his movement became more spasmodic.

"Nearly there," he creaked, a good octave higher than his normal speaking voice.

"Inside me. Please come inside me!" yelled Komaki in response.

I just lifted my head again and fixed my mouth over the join where his cock entered Komaki's pussy. Soon I could hear him grunt and my tongue could feel his cock pulse as he came inside Komaki's unprotected pussy. Twice, three times and more. As he pulled out I moved my head in place to catch each drop of his sperm as it gently rolled out of her pussy.

The taste was incredible. The sweetness of Komaki's pussy juice combined with the taste of the ocean in Paul's cum was a wonderful combination. But what was even better was that as I was savouring each drop of his seed, he had moved around and took my cock in his mouth. He pushed my foreskin down and took my penis into his very wet mouth and gave me one of the best blowjobs of my life. The combination of his mouth on my cock and his seed in my mouth was too much, though. I didn't last long, just a couple of minutes and I pumped what must have been one of the biggest loads I'd ejaculated since wanking over porn mags in my early teens.

There was more licking and more sucking that night, including Komaki's beautiful puffy nipples on her tiny AA-cup breasts but nothing as explosive as those first few orgasms.

We have kept in touch with Paul but Komaki likes variety, so we have brought plenty more men into our lovemaking.


Komaki and I had obviously found our life partners in each other. We both loved the other's company. We were sexually compatible and we shared an interest that seems hard enough to find in other people that when you do find it you hold on fast. So it was no surprise that barely a month after our first visit to a sex club and two months after first meeting, I proposed. In fact, I'm actually quite proud of how I went about it.

One Friday I told her to arrange to take the day off as I had a surprise for her. I met her outside the block of flats with a carry-on bag I had carefully packed from her wardrobe earlier in the week, her passport and two ticket for a weekend in Toronto. We hightailed it down to Heathrow, got on the plane and due to the hectic nature of the working week we both dozed almost all the way there.

I had forgotten the shoes to go with her slinky little black dress. I suppose men don't pay attention to shoes so much. But I hadn't forgotten the clothes I felt are important, so there were some full-backed, white cotton kickers for when she was wearing jeans and a pair of black holdup stockings for the dress. The effect was slightly diminished by the ordinary shoes she wore with it but the smile on her face said the romantic gesture counted for more than my male inability to think below the knees.

We went straight to a hotel on landing to shower and change for dinner. Early dinner for Toronto but we'd be back in London on Monday morning, so it wasn't a problem. At the restaurant I got down on one knee, got the ring out of my jacket pocket and asked her to be my wife.


The exclamation made me very happy and the few other people in the restaurant applauded politely while I got up and we both had a polite, chaste kiss before returning to our meal.

An hour or so later we were back at the hotel and Komaki said that she wanted to celebrate while wearing her new engagement ring. I was to stay in the room while she went down to the hotel bar and tried to pick up "a lumberjack or whatever it is that the hunky men in Toronto do," as she put it. I wasn't sure if she'd watched a lot of Monty Python as a child and was looking for cross-dressers or whether she was seriously intent on finding a lumberjack in city of over 2 million people.

What she found was two men who were in town for a sporting good trade show and clearly believed in using the equipment they distributed. They were both at least 15 stones of toned muscles and looked like they would know how to keep a lady entertained in the bedroom.

Chad and Jerry were excited to find Komaki's slit was shaved and already quite moist. I was happy to see that they both packed good looking cocks and was already dreaming about slurping their seed from Komaki's slit. But we both started by taking a cock, placing it in our mouth and getting a few drops of precum as a delicious hors d'oeuvres.

"Do you want us to fuck you both, or what?" asked Jerry.

"Just me," said Komaki. "Frank just likes the taste of cock. It's me who likes the feel of it inside her. When you're finished he's going to eat your cum out of my pussy."

"You two are the kinkiest couple I've ever met!" Chad exclaimed when he heard that. Jerry's smile just went so wide his face started shaking.

"OK. Who's first?" I asked, and Chad said he wanted to go first.

"I've never had a Japanese girl before," he said as he entered Komaki.

"Well I've never had a black guy, either. So I guess it's a first for both of us," she replied.

Chad and Jerry had both been in the bar for a while before they came up to our room with Komaki, so neither of them was going to go off like a rocket for a while and Chad was pumping away with the strong, regular pace that his workout equipment had prepared him for. So while Jerry put his cock in Komaki's mouth and let her be her own fluffer, I sucked at her puffy little nipples. Her small breasts almost completely sink into her chest when she lies on her back and if she hadn't been so excited that her aureolas were fluffy and pink you could almost have missed them entirely.

After almost 10 minutes, Chad came deep inside Komaki as she and he grunted their ways to almost simultaneous orgasms. I lifted my head up from her tits and moved to go down towards her pussy to lick out Chad's cum but Jerry said to stop.

"I've never had sloppy seconds before," he said. "I want to feel what it's like to slide my dick into a pussy coasted in someone else's cum."

Who was I to stand it the way of such a beautiful and poetic fantasy. I told him to go ahead and changed direction to clean up Chad's cock with Komaki, instead.

Komaki had never been fucked by a black guy before and as I'd sucked Jerry beforehand, this was the first time that I'd had a black guy's cock in my mouth. It was wonderful. I could taste his sperm and I could taste Komaki's juices on him but there was also something else, something spicy and I liked it. He was soon hard again and I wanked him off into my mouth, getting a good three or four spurts before leaning down to kiss Komaki and share the sperm he given me in a snowball with her.

The extra slippery feel of plunging his cock through Chad's sperm might have helped Jerry stave off the inevitable for a while but seeing Chad pump his cum into my mouth must have brought him to the edge. He made one long, loud groan as his buttocks clenched and he pumped his sperm into my bride-to-be's unprotected womb. As soon as he was done we all moved again. I pulled Komaki down the bed and into my face as Jerry took his cock up the Komaki's lips to be given a thorough tongue lashing.

Her pussy was a complete mess. I'd never seen any pussy quite as messy and full of cum before. But although there was a lot of it, both inside her pussy and all over her lips I could see that it came from two different men. Chad's was thicker and whiter, almost the consistency of shampoo while Jerry's was translucent and thinner but much, much more copious.

I licked at the brace of briny fluids as they leaked from my beloved's pussy and slowly moved my body around so that Komaki could suck my cock and I could get my relief. And as I felt her pushing my foreskin back, so she could bathe the most sensitive part of my with the sperm and saliva in her mouth I saw Jerry and Chad quickly pulling on their clothes for a fast getaway. They could tell we were settling in for a long night of couple sex, now that we'd got off to a turbo-charged start with the help of two strapping young Canadians' cocks.

We fucked each other throughout the night and barely got up at all on Saturday. Although when we did finally get up we went out to an adult store with video booths. But that is a separate story.

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