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Krissy Loves A Good Interview


A couple of parts of this story are true, the rest a wonderful play on what could have been. I'll let you decide which...

Krissy and Tom had been meeting up for coffee and a chat for a few weeks after first meeting at their gym. He clearly had the hots for her, and she in turn was intrigued by him enough to keep meeting up. He was good company, always full of schemes and ideas. Her wicked side also enjoyed the fact that she knew her mere presence was a tease to him.

Eventually though he had gotten her interested in a role within a new business he was involved in. He was working for a firm of wedding planners who owned a private chapel that straight couples could marry in. Inventively, they were now organising gay wedding ceremonies as well. The business was owned by a couple, Danny and Ella who were based about a hundred miles away.

Tom had told Danny and Ella about Krissy and that he thought she would be a great face to front up things in her area. She was the right age and looked the part with her blonde hair and smart dress sense. More importantly, she was also possessed with enough confidence to deal with what was a pretty quirky product.

They agreed that she sounded ideal, so Tom asked Krissy if she would like to come and meet the owners at their house that week, and that they in turn had suggested that she stay over and enjoy dinner and a few glasses of wine before heading home the next day.

For her part, Krissy knew that Tom had other motives as well as his recruitment role. That said, she was not in any kind of relationship that was worthy of the name, so hey, if he hit on her, so what? She agreed to go.

As they pulled up at the house in the mid afternoon, Krissy could see that the couple were clearly doing well for themselves. The house was large and private, well kept and tasteful, a good first impression. Tom had taken a call from Danny earlier to say that both them had gotten badly held up at their meetings and would be late back a bit later than they had intended, so just to let themselves in and he would get there as soon as possible.

Inside the house was just as beautiful. The décor was classical without being cold, every sofa inviting you to sit on it. Tom showed Krissy up to her room for the night and it was huge. The bed was a full queen size, just like her own at home - with a bathroom en suite. The shower was one of those with no doors, just a huge tiled area. Krissy dropped her bags and decided to grab a quick shower, while Tom trotted off to his own room; though not before hanging round Krissy's to chat.

Krissy knew the score and decided to take charge from the start.

'Any chance of a drink around here?' she asked knowing that this was the sort of house that would be rammed full of the stuff. 'I really fancy a glass of something cold and sparkly...'

Tom got the hint and was back minutes later with a bottle of bubbly on ice and a couple of glasses. Krissy had run for the shower while he was gone and heard him return. 'Go ahead and pour, I'll only be a minute' she called through to him. She knew this would be teasing the hell out of Tom having her naked just the other side of the door from him.

Coming back into the room dressed only in a towel wrap was an obvious and provocative come on to Tom. She was teasing and using him, but what the hell, she was up for some fun. His temporary embarrassment was equally obvious as he averted then resumed his gaze at her near naked form. Glasses were toasted and tasted, then Krissy ramped up the heat.

'So Tom, we have the place to ourselves. Why don't we use the hospitality more fully till they get back?' Her hand stroked his leg. 'I think you know what I mean don't you?' and she idly began to undo his belt. Suddenly gripped by some confidence again, Tom leant in and began to kiss Krissy. Not bad she thought, not bad at all. The towel was allowed to slip gently away.

Tom pulled away from the kiss to stare at her naked body. He loved a boyish figure on his women and Krissy's tiny tits and athletic figure were a perfect example. Krissy was ready to move on at a pace and began to undress Tom. Shirt buttons and belts were easily undone.

'Stand up and show me what I have been putting off for so long' she teased. Eagerly he did so, dropping his clothes where he stood. He had a decent figure, nothing special, but blessed with a lovely cut cock, already semi erect and clearly keen to play. Krissy tipped her head forward and took it in her mouth, demonstrating her little party trick of taking the whole of it back into her throat and drawing it up to an almost instant erection of its full length.

Tom gasped his approval – this girl knew how to suck cock. She only allowed him a couple of minutes of this treatment as she knew he wouldn't last and that wouldn't be fair on either of them. She lay back on the huge sumptuous bed and invited him up to join her. Initially he just lay on top of her, and tempted though he was to slide straight into her, he knew that was the wrong thing to do – in any case they had at least 24 hours together to enjoy before they were due to head back.

Sliding down her body, he stopped and spent some time on her breasts, at the same time reaching down and playing with sparsely haired pussy. Her tits, though small, were incredibly reactive and jumped to attention at the first uncertain touch, the nipples swollen and hard and her breath instantly shorter and more urgent. Krissy's pussy, still wet from the shower, was already lubricating itself in anticipation of what was to come.

Having played and suckled on her breasts for a few minutes, whilst at the same time tentatively exploring below, Tom decided to return the oral pleasures that Krissy had given him. Once down and licking enthusiastically, if somewhat average with his technique, she thought this was good manners at least and settled in for a bit of self indulgence. She knew she would never cum like this, especially given some of the expert attention she had received recently from Julia, but good messy wet sex was on the cards at least and she was going to enjoy that.

After a few minutes of Tom's well intentioned attempts, she cried enough but with the encouragement of 'I want to cum on your cock, not like that'. His eyes nearly popped as Krissy began to reveal the true sexually up front nature of her personality. She rolled him onto his back and straddled him. Reaching back she grabbed his cock, probably a decent seven inches, and began rubbing the circumcised head up and down her slit, sodden with her juices and his saliva.

Tom was moaning and gasping his approval, unconsciously thrusting his hips up toward her, though Krissy was too strong for that and easily kept him from forcing his way into her. Not that she made him wait too long. Starring straight into his eyes, letting him know that this was going to be on her terms only, she positioned him at her opening. Gently at first she started to let her weight fall, allowing first just the head to slide through the opening. She held position for a moment, relishing a new cock entering her body. His eyes were clamped shut, desperate to absorb every sensation that was there.

Gradually the warmth of her pussy covered his straining cock as she slid all the way down, resting her entire weight on his pelvis. Then began the grinding, the tiny rocking back and forth that would give her relief in no time at all, yet keep him ready to fuck her longer. His hands roamed all over her body, squeezing her tits and ass, holding her face and stroking her sides. Not the greatest lover she would ever have, but far from the worst.

Feeling her climax arriving, Krissy leant forward, kissing him fully and passionately on the lips, but more importantly getting the maximum pressure applied to her clit. She could feel the stem of his cock rubbing her back wall and the head her g-spot, almost a perfect combination. Within a minute her orgasm washed over her, pussy pumping and clenching his cock trapped inside her. She knew how to extend the feeling with little movements each time the wave began to break.

It was his turn now. In Tom's mind the pressure was off now. He knew she had had some satisfaction now and need not contain his excitement much longer. Krissy was on her back, by now the wrong way round on the bed, with her head towards the bottom of the bed and the bathroom and door to the room. Tom rolled on and unceremoniously into her. Krissy liked the abruptness – perhaps he wasn't so much of a shy boy after all.

His thrusts, initially paced and controlled, soon increased in intensity. Her legs were lifted up and put on his shoulders, then released and Krissy rolled onto her side. Surely he wasn't going to last long now? Krissy decided to help him along and lay back again. As he re-entered her, she reached down and began to play with his balls, at the same time rimming her fingers around his cock, feeling it going in and out of her. Occasionally she would slide a finger in alongside his cock. This was driving Tom wild.

She loved to feel herself, her wetness, her soft lower lips; indeed even her masturbating had become far more frequent of late, especially since her first group sex encounter with Julia and the guys. It seemed like she was permanently horny and desperate to cum with anyone, almost irrespective of who they were.

On this occasion it would be different. Suddenly, before Tom had cum as she expected he was about to do, she was aware of someone else in the room. She looked towards the door of the bedroom and standing there grinning at the scene before him was a tall, well built and handsome man, in his thirties, who she guessed was also their host, Danny. She took from his look that he was anything but unhappy about finding this going on in his house. Indeed Tom knew Danny was there and had barely missed a stroke.

'I see you did make yourselves at home then, and you must be Krissy – Tom was right about you then...' he said in an almost nonchalant manner, though as he did, he was already starting to undress himself, then with only a pair of boxers left on, he began to walk towards her.

Krissy's head was spinning now. Tom had just kept fucking her despite her prospective employer and his boss walking into the room. A few weeks ago she would have bolted, but her natural reaction now was to just go with the flow. Equally, he was a good looking guy so fucking him would be no hardship, though she was even more interested when, as he stood right in front of her face and dropped the boxers, she was faced with a thick and long cock, bigger than the guys back home even. It hung there, not flaccid but thick and full and semi ready. She was wide eyed at the prospect of enjoying what was now definitely not going to be an ordinary fuck.

Danny moved towards her face and she understood what she was meant to do. Krissy opened her mouth and simply let the weapon drop into her mouth. As she sucked on it, Tom continued to screw her unperturbed by the new and bigger arrival- if anything it seemed to excite him more, his pace seeming to increase in its urgency.

Meanwhile, Danny was growing and Krissy's expert head was clearly being enjoyed. She in turn was luxuriating in his gorgeous cock. Her wicked mind was already sending a message to the rest of her body to prepare for a fabulous fuck that would surely follow. She was intent on making him as big and hard as possible for that moment.

Suddenly Tom's excitement could no longer be contained and he announced that he was going to cum. All Krissy could do was moan her approval, her mouth so stuffed with Danny's huge cock. She could feel Tom jerking uncontrollably as he fired a huge amount of his seed into her.

As soon as he was finished she eased him away and clamped her legs shut. This would provide a fabulous filthy lubrication for Danny's much larger demand. Of course she didn't know if Danny would be up for it at first. With Tom now lying by her side trying to regain his breath, she pulled the cock from her mouth.

'Fuck me Danny, show Tom what a real cock looks like in me'. Her cuckolding comment spurred Danny to instant action. His large and athletic physique was immediately between her legs. Surprisingly he first stuck a finger into her, quite unceremoniously, as if to check the lubrication – surely he must have realised Tom had not withdrawn.

As he withdrew the finger and offered it to Krissy she smiled – he knew damn fine that she was full of semen and pussy juice, but wanted to see her taste it. She was more than happy to oblige, delighted that he had the confidence to touch another man's cum, and so eagerly sucked the finger clean.

As she did, she felt his tool nudging her entrance. Her shaved lips offered no resistance even to a cock as large as this. As Danny's weight rocked forward, Krissy took his whole length in one go. 'My God, that feels good', she gasped through gritted teeth – 'Tom, that is amazing, your boss is huge – he is filling me right up, ahhh'. Krissy was already starting to head towards another peak and would now ignore Tom, unable to focus on anything but this new and wonderful insertion.

Danny was no expert either, but he took his time and his size was a real bonus. For her part, this modest expertise really didn't matter to Krissy. She knew how to get what she wanted. Using her muscles she gripped him tightly, his face contorting with the extra sensation. At the same time she curled her hips forward, exposing her clit to his pelvis rubbing against her. She could feel his length hitting the back of her vagina, though she was plenty warmed up enough to not feel any discomfort with this.

They began to kiss passionately, the taste of the finger she had just cleaned, obvious to them both. Her eyes closed, locking her mind into the feeling pulsing from her pussy. Her mind pictured Danny's huge cock pounding through both her and Tom's cum. Yes, that did it for her, her orgasm surging across her body, her conscious being now totally subverted in this temporary ecstasy.

Sensing her orgasm, Danny picked up his pace too, making no effort to hold back now. As the final stages of her cum began to subside, she felt his release, the jerking hips and the grunts muffled by their locked mouths. As soon as they had both had their moment of pleasure, he rolled off. Krissy' mind was spinning. She felt totally drained from the experience. Glancing down she could see Danny's deflating cock covered in cum.

She cast a finger down to feel for her self how wet she was. Her pussy was gaping, sodden and swollen in the most delicious way. She left her finger down there, idly playing with the cum filled hole. A final glance over at Tom saw him open mouthed and starring at the pair of lovers next to him on the bed. She closed her eyes to enjoy the sensations, the blissful descent, and slowly drifted off to a light satisfied sleep.

Her dose was short lived but so refreshing. She was alone on the bed. She could hear the shower running and figured the guys must be getting cleaned up. A quick test with her finger, finding the cum still warm and wet around her pussy, confirmed that she must only have drifted off for a few minutes. Her libido began to grow again as she began to touch and gently rub her clit and entrance. She was tempted to bring herself off there and then, but thought of the two guys she seemed to have at her disposal just the other side of the bathroom door. She thought especially of Danny's huge cock and how she just had to have that inside her again.

Easing down the bed, she was able to see through the open door. Expecting to glimpse one of the guys at least, she was shocked at what she saw. Both of them were in the massive walk in shower. Danny was pressed against the wall and Tom was facing him, actually soaping him down. He was boldly working up a lather around his bosses cock and balls and Danny was clearly loving him doing it.

Now it dawned on her- it was no wonder Tom hadn't bolted - they were obviously both bi, and more than likely had figured that she might have been up for some fun. It all made sense now – the gay wedding company idea; Tom's quick finish and then leaving Danny to it; Tom's cum being offered to her on a finger and Danny not minding the taste when they kissed. It had clearly been turning each of them on as much as it had Krissy.

Krissy was riveted to the developing scene in front of her. She had seen guys with each other before, but as she had been involved herself that time, she hadn't been able to enjoy the ringside view that she was getting here. She felt the familiar spark of excitement down below, and allowed her hand to trail down then a finger to begin to trace a path through her sticky cum-soaked slit.

Danny, undoubtedly the dominant one here, was talking to Tom now. 'Show me how much you love this cock Tom.' Krissy could see that Tom's soaping down had already caused Danny to regain his impressive erection. Tom for his part wasted no time in dropping to his knees and plunging the huge cock into his mouth. Danny's hands pushed his head down further, forcing Tom to deep throat his boss. To Krissy's eye, he appeared somewhat more expert at this than he had been licking her...

The reaction he was getting from Danny verified that. He was now slumped against the shower wall, his cock fully engorged, guttural moans pouring forth his approval. Krissy was loving this – her hand was playing more purposefully with her clit and vagina, fingers pressing then dipping inside, drawing out the copious lubrication left by the fucking she had just enjoyed.

Knowing he would not last, she was not surprised when Danny hauled Tom off. She thought he would now return the pleasure, but no, he quite brutally spun Tom around and forced him to spread his legs with a press of his own muscular thigh between Toms's. Danny then took his lovers hands and placed them above his head, palms flat to the shower wall, like a police search position.

Krissy knew what was coming next. Danny quickly rubbed the soap up and down Tom's ass crack, lubricating him for the obvious insertion of Danny's cock. My God Krissy thought, surely that is too much. But Danny was not going to relent. This was the first time Krissy has seen his cock clearly and guessed at 9" of thick hard meat. No wonder she had enjoyed it so much.

Positioned at the entrance of Tom's ass, Danny began pushing. Tom's head was dropped, his eyes closed and concentrating on taking the cock into his body. Danny was urging him on obscenely. 'Take my cock you pussy boy – feel it splitting you open? You really do prefer this to girls don't you? Look how hard you are just from getting fucked'.

Sure enough, Krissy could see his erection bobbing up and down as Danny slid ever deeper. Shockingly, Danny suddenly pushed his last three or four inches in with a single push. An involuntary gasp shot out of Tom – that must have hurt she thought – and instantly Danny began a brutal fucking of his employee.

Watching the merciless onslaught, Krissy began frigging herself hard. She was going to have another cum for sure. As if to replicate what she was watching, she slid a couple of fingers from the other hand into her own ass, so thoroughly wet with cum.

Not surprisingly, it took Danny only a few minutes to be at the point of no return. Krissy was on the edge, holding herself back, not wanting to cum until Danny did. With a final animal thrust he pushed deep into Tom and began to unload, filling Tom's bowels with what Krissy imagined as a massive load of semen. That was the signal for Tom to drop a hand to his own cock and with just a few swipes, he too came, his cum spraying up the wall of the shower.

Krissy closed her eyes and allowed her self to go over the edge, two fingers buried in her ass, twisting and stretching her back hole, two more ravaging her clit. This unexpected turn had been so out of left field as to add the most delicious edge to the moment.

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