tagNonConsent/ReluctanceKristin's Nightmare

Kristin's Nightmare


Kristin had been working in the large DVD/Video section of Best Electric long enough to earn a senior staff position. For a 19-year old that wasn’t going to college this wasn’t a bad job. The pretty redhead would strut around; enjoying the way men would watch her 36-DD chest jiggle as she walked. Her glasses made her look a couple years older, especially with her long red hair pulled back into a ponytail. She carried a few extra pounds in her butt, though not enough to detract from her looks.

Charlie worked in the camera section of the same store. His best friend, Barry, had recently been fired as a result of Kristen after she caught him allowing another of their friends to shoplift a couple DVD’s. Both men had thought that Kristin would simply take back the merchandise and not report it. But she had informed her supervisor who had Barry fired and pressed charges against their friend, Leo.

Since Charlie had not been involved, and supposedly knew nothing of Barry’s actions—a tribute to Barry’s willingness to remain silent—he was never implicated in anything. But he had little desire to remain friends with Kristin afterwards.

In fact, Charlie was certain that Kristin wasn’t beyond taking things herself. And in an effort to avenge his buddies he set about to find a way to catch her in the act.

Kristin was fond of taking personal calls after closing in the back office. Being the only girl during closing allowed her the opportunity to use the Manager’s office to change into and out of her blue uniform top. Kristin used this to her advantage to hide away while the other guys had to complete their tasks.

Charlie believed that Kristin would sometimes take some merchandise into the office and hide it amongst her belongings to take out after closing. So, with his knowledge of cameras he snuck in one evening and hid a camcorder in the room in such a way that it would not be noticeable. Later, just before closing, he sneaked back in and hit the record button. On queue, as soon as Kristin had completed her tasks she went back to the manager’s office and “changed” for about twenty minutes. After leaving, Charlie wandered into the back and removed the tape, slipping it into his baggy pocket before returning the camera to its proper location.

When he got home that night Charlie found more than he bargained for on the tape. He quickly called Barry and Leo and had them come over.

When he played the tape for them his friends were quite surprised. They watched as Kristin entered the room with what appeared to be three game disks, and slip them into her purse. That would be enough to get her fired, but Charlie just told the other two to watch and wait.

Next, Kristin grabbed the phone and called someone while changing her shirt. The three men’s mouths hung open at the sight of her large breast in nothing but a bra. They weren’t pleased when she covered herself with another shirt.

From what they could hear she was talking to her boyfriend. And the topic must have been a good one for the next thing they saw was Kristin unbuttoning her pants and sliding her right hand inside them. A couple minutes later she was pulling her pants and panties down and was sitting against the desk, her pussy in full view of the camera lens, fingering herself while talking dirty on the phone. This lasted for several minutes until she brought herself to a boisterous orgasm. When the tape was over all three men were sitting there with painful erections.

“Man, this is better than just catching her stealing.” Leo said.

Charlie agreed. “Fuck, we can make copies of this and drop them off everywhere. Not only will she lose her job but she’ll be humiliated knowing that everyone can watch her wank herself off whenever they want to.”

Barry shook his head. “I don’t think you guys are seeing the big picture here.”

“What do you mean.” Charlie asked.

Barry rubbed his crotch absentmindedly. “Shit, guys. We can use this to blackmail her into letting us fuck the shit out of her. That would be much better than just costing her her job and embarrassing her.”

With that Barry offered up his plan.

* * * * * * * * *

The next evening Charlie told Kristin that he needed to talk to her. Knowing that this was probably about her testifying at Leo’s upcoming trial made her hesitant. At least until Charlie insisted that it had only to do with something important that happened at work the day before. Not having a clue as to what he meant she agreed to talk privately after work had finished.

Later, with everyone but the retail manager gone, Charlie asked Kristin to come back to the break room to clock out, saying that they would not risk being overheard by the retail manager back there.

Once in the room Kristin asked, “OK, Charlie. What the fuck is going on?”

Charlie walked over to the small, 19-inch TV in the break room. Kristin noticed that he had a camcorder wired up to it. “I think you ought to see this.” He said, producing the tape from his pocket and putting it into the camcorder. When he pressed play Kristin watched as the picture of the manager’s office appeared. When she saw herself walk in with the three games she felt her heart begin to race.

“Oh fuck.” She said softly.

“Oh fuck is right.” Charlie said with a grin. “But keep watching.”

Kristin’s face turned crimson as the sight of her masturbation began. She fought back tears as Charlie made her watch until she had climaxed.

“What do you intend to do with that?” She inquired nervously.

“Oh, I don’t know.” Charlie said. “I would think that you would lose your job, both for theft and for fingering yourself in the bosses office while on the clock.”

“And you’re willing to trade that tape if I don’t testify against your friend Leo, right?” She asked.

“Fuck Leo.” Charlie said. “He got himself into that mess. I’ll make you a better deal. If you suck my cock right now I’ll give you the tape.”

“You can’t be serious!” Kristin exclaimed.

“It’s either that or I let everyone else see it.”

Kristin was mortified by the suggestion. She never thought of Charlie as being attractive in any way. The skinny 18-year old was pimply-faced and looked a couple years younger. She was positive that the boy was probably still a virgin. Now he was attempting to blackmail her into giving him a blowjob.

“What’s it gonna be, Kristin?” He continued. “A quick cock sucking now, or the world watching you finger yourself on-line. And your job lost in the process.”

Kristin didn’t know what to do. She wasn’t a virgin; She had slept with four men in the last three years. And she performed oral sex on her boyfriend and enjoyed it. She thought to herself that if she just closed her eyes and pretended that this was her boyfriend that she could get through this quickly. She had to get that tape away from Charlie before he had the chance to show it to Barry or Leo.

“OK, you win.” She accepted.

Charlie motioned Kristin to come over to where he stood leaning against the table. He took the liberty of fondling her large boobs while she just stood there feeling helpless.

“Undo my pants.” He told her.

Kristin unfastened his belt, then undid his pants and allowed them to drop to the floor. She could see the bulge in his briefs.

“Lower them.” He said.

Kristin placed her hands on either side of his hips and slid his underwear down, lowering herself to her knees in the process. She was now eye level with his 7-inch erection.

“Lick my balls.” Charlie insisted.

This wasn’t what Kristin had expected. She hesitantly began running her tongue under his balls while Charlie leaned back, enjoying the pleasure of her licking his sack. After a couple minutes of this he raised himself up partially onto the table and leaned farther back.

“Lick my ass.” He ordered.

“Fuck you.” Kristin said in disgust.

“Fine, then the deal is off.” Charlie said as he began to get up.

“N-no, please.” Kristin begged.

“Then lick my ass.” He ordered.

Kristin fought the urge to gag as she ran her tongue between his butt cheeks and began licking his tiny puckered hole. Charlie moaned softly as she continued doing so. Finally it seemed that he had tired with humiliating her and slid back down off the table.

“Ok, suck my cock now.”

Kristin took his rod into her mouth, relieved to finally get this over with. She ignored Charlie’s vulgar comments as she greedily worked his shaft with her mouth, trying to get him to cum as quickly as possible. Charlie moaned even louder now, feeling his balls tighten as his climax approached. Kristin knew that he was about to cum. She picked up her pace, hating the knowledge that she was increasing his pleasure by working so hard to get him off. But she wanted this to be over with. Charlie’s hips bucked forward and she felt his cum begin to spew into her mouth. He fired several blasts into her mouth then pushed her head away, grabbing his cock with his right hand and jerking it, sending two more blasts of cum into her face. The first struck the glass of her right eye and began running down her cheek. The second caught her on the bridge of her nose and ran down over her lips in both directions. He then shoved her head back onto his cock and had her continue sucking him until he had grown soft in her mouth. Kristin could feel the cum slowly running down her face, and could not help but see the gooey wad stuck on her glasses on centimeters from her eye. But she continued working him until he was finished. She pulled away and removed her glasses, using her hand to wipe her face off before rubbing her glasses clean on her shirt.

“Give me the tape.” She said.

Charlie didn’t make a move to dress. He stood before her with his flaccid cock dangling. A small drop of cum barely hanging onto the head of his prick. He reached over and pressed the eject button on the camcorder and pulled the tape out, handing it to her.

“Here you go. Just as promised.” He said.

Kristin grabbed the tape and was on her feet heading out the door. “If you tell anyone about this you’ll be sorry.” She said as she fled.

Charlie allowed his breathing to become relaxed before pulling his briefs and pants back up. Then he walked over to the shelf along the wall and moved some plastic that had been cleverly placed to hide the second camcorder. He pressed the stop button then ejected the tape. He put it into the camcorder by the TV, rewound the tape a little and pressed play. On the screen appeared a good picture of Kristin, cum running down her face, while finishing giving him a blowjob. His face couldn’t be seen do to the angle of the close-up. But he knew that he had caught everything perfectly. He ejected the tape and put it into his pocket. Laughing at how Kristin had fallen for the suggestion that she now had the only copy of the tape from the night before.

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