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K's Eleventh Playground


Disclaimer: This story, entitled K's Eleventh Playground, and the people, places, and events depicted in it is an original work of fiction, hereafter referred to as THE STORY. Any resemblance of people, places, or events in THE STORY to actual people, places, or events is coincidental. Any resemblance of people, places, or events in THE STORY to people, places, or events in another work of fiction is coincidental. The author of THE STORY has done some research of real techniques, theories, and methods in order to craft THE STORY with details that may help suspend disbelief for any person or persons voluntarily viewing or accessing the content of THE STORY in part or in whole, hereafter referred to as THE READERS. These details are solely for storytelling purposes. THE STORY and the events depicted in it should not under any circumstances be construed as support or encouragement by the author or any other person or persons of any action or actions by any person or persons anywhere or at any time.

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This is my final chapter in my story inspired by Kate's Playground by MyJimmy. Once again, please don't try this at home and I hope you will enjoy this chapter as the action between Krissy and her father comes to a head.

Chapter 3

But it could be chapter 11, if you know what I mean...

I woke up the next morning to find myself alone in bed. The smells of breakfast were wafting thru the air, so I quickly jumped into the shower and got dressed, then headed downstairs.

Krissy and Susan were sitting at the breakfast table, my wife in her robe and Krissy in a pair of sweatpants and a pink t-shirt that exposed her tanned, toned belly.

I felt my cock twitch at my daughter's display of casual sexiness. Krissy, who was facing the entrance to the kitchen, smiled at me.

"Morning daddy," she said, nibbling on a piece of toast.

My wife swiveled to look up at me.

"Morning honey. Thought I'd make breakfast to say thanks for cooking last night."

Behind her my daughter pulled up her t-shirt to reveal she wasn't wearing a bra and jiggled her tits at me, grinning. My dick was standing at full attention.

"Wow. Um, thanks," I said, my eyes going slightly wide.

Krissy quickly jerked her t-shirt back down and picked up her fork as my wife gestured to the pans on the stove.

"Eggs and sausages on the stove if you want them," she said, turning back to smile at our daughter.

"So you had a good time last night?" she asked Krissy, picking up her coffee and sipping on it.

"The best. Probably the highlight of my summer," Krissy smiled.

"Really?" her mom cooed. "Well now. I'm guessing that means you met a new cute boy?"

"Well," Krissy said thoughtfully as I made a plate, watching her, "not a new boy. More like a really cute guy I've known for a long time but just started to see as the sexy hunk he is, you know?"

"I do," Susan said. "It's always so exciting at the beginning, isn't it?"

I glanced down at my wife. Something about how she said that sounded...I don't know, a little too fresh. Krissy must have noticed it to. Her smile faded a little.

"Yah. Well, you know. He's such a good guy. He's kind of under-appreciated by some of the other girls. But once you start to really see who he is you can't help but love him."

"Well I'm happy for you, honey. Just don't get too attached because you'll be leaving in a month and those long distance relationships never work out."

"I've thought about that," Krissy said somewhat sadly. "He's the kind of person I'm sure I'll always be close to my whole life, but our relationship might not be the kind of thing that can go on when I leave."

I sat down at the table with my plate.

"If he's as good of a guy as you say he is, he'll understand," I added, aware of the subtext. "If he cares about you, he just wants to see you happy. And you shouldn't worry about him. He'll find his own happiness. That's how life works."

"Your father's right. And don't worry, you'll find another guy that makes you happy. Probably someone just like your father, if Freud was right," Susan grinned.

"Hmm. Marry my daddy, huh? Dad, you ready to get hitched?" Krissy joked at me.

"Fraid' I'm spoken for honey," I smiled back. "But when the day does come, I'll be there to walk you down the aisle. And it will be the happiest day of my life."

Susan smiled and rubbed my shoulder affectionately. "For both of us," she added.

Krissy smiled wistfully. "Well, until I have to leave I'm going to make the most of our time together. Better a few days than none at all," she said looking me in the eye.

"I think he'd like that. So, what does everyone have on their schedule for today?" I asked.

My wife got up from the table. "Well I have to get back to work, unfortunately. This project is really dragging on."

I nodded, not really caring past the part where she would be gone all day. "Krissy?"

"I need to go to my summer job for a while. Then I thought I would just spend some quality time with my friend."

"And I've got some work to do as well," I said. "Ok. Well, everyone have a good day."

We cleaned up the kitchen and my wife headed upstairs to get ready for work. Krissy lingered downstairs until Susan had left and came over to me as I dried the dishes. Stepping up behind me she put her head on my back.

"I have a special new outfit that I think would look really cute," she said.

Her hands dropped down and stroked my cock thru my pants.

"And after I figured we could play a little. I've got a lot of needs that have to be taken care of."

I closed my eyes and moaned softly.

"Sounds like a plan," I said.

Half an hour later my wife had left for work and I had gotten the camera out and ready. I waited in the living room, wondering what outfit my daughter had picked out for today.

When she stepped into the room I gasped in surprise. She was dressed in a lacey white dress. A wedding dress to be specific. But not a real wedding dress, a sheer affair that clung tightly to the curves of her body and revealed her flesh strategically all over.

White garters held up sheer stockings and delicate white silk gloves went up to her elbow on each arm. The ultra-mini skirt didn't cover her at all, and see-thru white lace panties showed the blurred image of her shaved pussy underneath.

It was a strippers prop, I realized. A faux gown that was really more like lingerie topped with a translucent bridal veil. The image was stunning, innocence and naughtiness combined into a single temptress package. I very nearly burst right then and there.

"Oh my god," I whispered, my mouth hanging open.

"It's my wedding day, daddy!"

She posed innocently, fluttering her long lashes and holding a small bouquet of silk flowers in front of her.

"Ready to give me away?"

I sat there, nonplussed, for several seconds. Krissy grinned.

"Guess I don't need to ask if you like it."

Finally getting a hold of myself, I grinned and raised my camera.

"Wait!" Krissy ordered. I lowered my camera back down.

"Go put on your suit."

"My suit?" I asked, not sure where she was going with this.

"Yes. The theme for today is 'wedding night'. And since we'll be doing plenty of point of view shots," she paused to let her meaning sink in as my cock throbbed, "you need to look the part. A tux would have been better, but your good suit will work, I think."

"My suit it is," I said.

It took a while to dress myself as requested. When I came back downstairs Krissy was applying a shiny red lipstick to herself in the hallway mirror.

As I came down the stairs she looked up at me and gently licked her lips. "Ohhhh, perfect," she sighed.

"You look so handsome, daddy."

"You look like an angel, baby," I said, holding out my hand.

Her face was flushed as she held up her delicately gloved arm. I lead her into the living room.

While I had been upstairs she had moved all of the furniture aside so that the middle of the room was empty, and soft music was playing on the stereo. I understood what she had been going for. Leading her to the middle of the room I bowed.

"Do me the honor of the first dance?"

Krissy had a dreamy look on her face.

"Of course, daddy."

She pressed her body next to mine and we held each other, gently swaying to the music.

"I love you so much daddy," Krissy whispered.

"I love you to baby girl," I replied, holding her head to my chest and inhaling the scent of her hair.

We danced like that for several minutes, lost in a trance. Eventually the song ended and I reluctantly peeled away from her.

I held her at arms length and studied her. Even in this dress, she seemed so innocent and pure as she gazed at me with those big, liquid eyes.

After soaking in her beauty for a few seconds I stepped away from her and picked up the camera. Switching the music to something more sensual, I turned back to her.

"Let's get some wedding night pictures," I said.

We started with some pictures of her swaying around the room, bending over and sliding around like she was on stage at the strip club.

Eventually I had her remove her panties to reveal her glistening pussy as I snapped off picture after picture. Not long after that I had her lying back on the sofa, one leg draped over the back of the sofa and the other on the floor as she played with her pussy in those long white gloves.

"Let me see the lust in those eyes baby," I said taking a picture.

"Like this daddy?" she said, eyes half lidded in animal lust.

"Perfect!" I said, taking several more pictures.

I unzipped my fly and fished out my enormously hard cock thru my pants.

"Time for some point of view, I think."

"Mmmm," she said, licking her lips. "I was hoping you'd say that."

I walked over and placed my cock next to her face. She wrapped a gloved hand around it and looked up into my eyes, softly chewing on her lip. I shuddered, letting out a soft moan.

Looking through the viewfinder I snapped off a string of pictures as she ran her hand up and down my shaft, then leaned forward thru the veil to give my cock a long, wet lick.

My pre-cum mixed with her saliva to create a sticky, wet strand that connected her tongue to my cock as she pulled away.

"Mmmm. My husband doesn't taste as good as you do, daddy."

I groaned, trying to remember to keep taking pictures. Krissy smirked, still stroking me.

"I knew you'd like that."

Then she got a lustful look on her face and hungrily lowered her mouth on my cock. I snapped off crazy, out of focus pictures as I began swiveling my hips, sliding my cock in and out of her mouth.

Her lips formed a tight suction around my cock as noisy slurping sounds filled the room. Her tongue swirled and danced along my cock, licking here, pressing there.

We were both moaning uncontrollably now. Krissy pulled her mouth back until only the sensitive purple head of my cock was in her mouth, her lips forming a tight seal around the base of the head and her gloved hand jacking my cock up and down.

Then her tongue started flicking quickly across the opening at the tip. I can't describe the feeling. My knees started buckling and I saw stars. My balls tightened and I prepared to unload in her mouth when suddenly she jerked my cock free.

Thick strands of cum blasted out onto her face, into her open mouth and onto her outstretched tongue. Errant spurts splashed onto the lace veil as her gloved hand furiously jacked my cock. I almost passed out, still clicking the camera but not sure if I was even pointing it in the right direction anymore.

My whole body was quivering. She had a load of cum on her tongue that she held there while I started taking pictures again. Slowly, staring straight up at me, she brought her tongue back in her mouth and swallowed the load. Then she brought her hand up to scoop up globs of cum off her face and suck those into her mouth as well.

"Mmmm. Daddy's cum. Tasty."

She smiled before finally putting my cock back in her mouth to suck the last few drops out of me.

I stood there panting like a dog, my legs felt like rubber. The clicks from the camera were the only sounds as she licked my dick clean. Finally she leaned back, but still held my cock in her hand.

"That's going to look amazing. Now give me the camera."

I handed her the camera, not really sure what she had in mind.

"Get down there and do me daddy," she ordered.

"You want me in the pictures, baby?" I asked surprised. "If someone sees that it's your father..."

Krissy experimentally played with the camera, examining the buttons to see how they worked.

"Don't worry daddy. All they'll see is the top of your head. And if there's too much of your face showing we'll just keep those for our personal use," she said winking at me.

That was explanation enough for me, and I lowered myself down to eat my daughter's pussy out.

I started with a few long licks up and down her slit, hearing the clicks of the camera as Krissy took pictures of me going down on her.

Then I popped her clit out and started licking it in slow, gentle circles. With my other hand I began slipping a finger inside of her, moving it in and out slowly. Krissy hissed and put down the camera, pulling the dress down a bit to free her tits which she began to fondle, her fingers pinching and rubbing her nipples.

"Oh man," she chuckled, "you really know your way down there!"

"Maybe I should teach your husband how to eat pussy?" I joked, rejoining the earlier line of fantasy role play that Krissy had started.

"Nah, it'd take too long," Krissy laughed. "Maybe you should just move in next door so that I can pop over for a...pop!" She emphasized this last word with a moan. "Whenever I need it."

"I think your husband might get suspicious," I said before moving my lips over her clit and forming a seal, sucking gently in and continuing to stroke it with my tongue. Krissy's hips were starting to buck up and down as waves of intense pleasure rolled over her.

"Fuck him then!" Krissy growled thru gritted teeth.

Her breath was coming out in short, fast gasps and she was groaning loudly now. I could tell she was getting close, so I started stroking and massaging her G spot.

"Unh! What do I need him for anyway when I have my...DADDY!"

She came hard on the last word, thrusting her hips forward and jamming her pussy hard against my face. I continued licking and sucking her juices down as fast as I could; Krissy tasted amazing and I wanted every last sweet drop!

I moved up from her thighs, crawling in between her legs. Krissy was staring at me with lust filled eyes. Her face was flushed red, her long blond hair hanging in sweaty strands.

Her desire was etched into her face as I stroked my once again hard cock just inches above her wet, puffy labia.

"We can't," she said, shaking her head.

"We're not," I replied, sliding my cock against her pussy, feeling the hot juices coat it. "It's just my baby girl and her husband on their wedding night. Hand me the camera, honey."

Krissy handed the camera back to me, still shaking her head and silently mouthing 'no'.

But her legs were still spread wide, so I started taking pictures of my cock sliding against her slippery pussy. The image of my daughter in a virginal white wedding dress, her legs spread wide while I slid my hard cock against her, was incredible.

"Oh god, this is so wrong," Krissy moaned as she began massaging her tits again. "So wrong. We have to stop, we have to stop!"

I leaned back and widened the angle to get her whole body in the picture and continued snapping photos.

"These pictures look so amazing honey, you wouldn't believe it!" I encouraged her.

Krissy moaned, then reached down and grasped my cock. She bit her lip, fighting an internal battle.

"Oh my god, you're so hard!" she said finally with breathless wonder as she began rubbing it against her pussy herself. "You want me so badly!"

"Of course I do," I said, trying to convince her to give in. "You're the most beautiful woman in the world to me. And it would complete the photo set perfectly. Your customers on the Internet would go crazy for it. Think of the money you'd make."

Krissy slid the head of my cock into her folds, almost accidentally. Every nerve in my body wanted to surge forward, to bury myself inside of her, but with a supreme effort I held back. This had to be her decision.

She sighed deeply as she rubbed the head of my cock against her clit. A bit of pre-cum oozed from the tip and she smeared it inside of her.

"I can't believe we're doing this..." she said as she slid another half-inch inside of her.

I continued to snap pictures. I tried to calm myself down; I was dangerously close to blowing and I wasn't sure if I would ever get another chance at this.

"Maybe just a couple of inches wouldn't be so bad?" she tried to rationalize as she gently moved a full two inches of my cock inside of her.

I continued to take pictures as I began to slowly swivel my hips, feeding those two inches of cock in and out of her pussy. I could feel her vaginal walls going crazy inside of her. She was close to orgasm, but the stimulation was just maddeningly short of being enough to send her over the edge.

She was panting, her eyes transfixed on my cock sliding into her. It was the perfect shot, I realized, so I continued to take pictures.

"You look like you need to cum baby," I said gently. She looked up at me, a tear of desperation in her eye.

"I do daddy. I need it so so bad!"

"Let daddy help you with that," I said, putting the camera down.

She was ready. I leaned over her and ever so slowly slid my full length inside of her hot wet passage. The sensation was incredible, better than any pussy I had ever felt before.

Krissy moved her hands up to my waist and as I bottomed out inside of her we both groaned loudly. A few seconds passed without either of us moving, then suddenly I could feel Krissy spasming beneath me as she tipped over the edge into a glorious orgasm.

"Oh fuck!" she sobbed.

I held my ground, not wanting to blow my load just yet. I let her writhe for several seconds, keeping myself fully buried inside of her.

As she started cooling down I started moving in and out of her again, causing her to tense up as her sensitive nerve endings carried her to new heights of pleasure.

I leaned down to give her a long, slow kiss which she returned with incredible eagerness. I began to increase my pace, grunting as I felt my balls smacking her on each down thrust. Krissy grunted and groaned, her eyes closed.

After barely two minutes she arched her back and had her second orgasm, her pussy clamping down on me like a vice. Summoning strength I didn't know I had, I resisted following her a second time, instead just making small strokes in her and waiting patiently for her body to cool down. Then I slid out of her and leaned back on my heals, slowly stroking my cock.

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