tagRomanceKyle's Porch Ch. 08

Kyle's Porch Ch. 08


These are not "Stand alone" Chapters. I suggest reading from the beginning.

Part eight of eight: A family is born

This story is the product of a diseased and febrile mind. As such, it is fiction. Having said that; All my stories are true, even the ones I make up.

Copyright 2007 L_D_Darrow

I wish to thank Wolv_Project for taking the time to edit my offering. All mistakes are mine solely, whether planed or not.


"Bonnie? Seriously now. Are you going to be around a while?"

She thought a moment and deliberately turned toward me spreading her legs a little and letting the shirt up. I could easily see the curly blond patch of hair.

"Kyle, look at me. No not my eyes. Do you like what you see?"

"Yes, I've liked looking at you, even from the first. I have liked every thing I've seen so far."

"Do you want to keep seeing me, although I'm really not ready for sex with you unless I'm drinking?"

"Sure. Here's proof of sorts."

I handed her a small key ring with two keys. "Gate and house, come and go as you need. Even if I'm gone."

She lay down in my arms then. "Kyle, I need to heal, this is a good place to do that, can you be patient with me?"

"I've waited many years for you. I can wait more, as long as I know you are still interested."

"I am. And I will be. I just need to get that creep out of my mind first."

"My work schedule is on the calendar inside the door. I leave before dawn and am back in early afternoon. Set here and heal. You don't have to stay or leave for when I come home. If you really need time alone here, I can stay home, at my parents. Let me know, and let me know you are still interested."

"And then will you poke me?" She said with a wicked smile.

"I might just do that. It's your call."

She said we could go in her car, it would use less gas then my truck. She put her slacks on and went home. I took a shower and dressed. When she came back she had a summer short top and shorts on with a bra. "You look good to me, let's go."

As predicted thirty seconds after mom and her met they were friends, I went to find dad, he was in his den. He didn't look as good as I had hoped. "Dad is there something you haven't told me?"

"Well... Yes son, my heart isn't good. I've been having some problems, the Doctor, mother and I have been working on it. It's one of the reasons we took the long trip when we did. I wanted to see and be remembered as a well person. I will not be able to keep it from you though."

"Ok dad, just keep me informed."

"Mother will be ok if I go, financially at least. You will have to take over the long view for her. She can't see beyond tomorrow. Now, tell me about the lovely creature you brought with you. Is she the one?"

"I can't tell yet dad, I only found her Friday in front of my place with a flat and a bad lug wrench. I have hopes, I'm tired of looking."

"So you brought her for mother to pry open?"

"She's good at that."

"We didn't do so good on Kate. What does she do?"

"She says she's a substitute teacher. I'm going to try to talk her into moving her work down this way. She was in TUSD."

"She is a pretty thing. Time will tell and mother won't be so blind to this one."

Dinner was about two hours late, so mom really had taken the time to talk to Bonnie. They were working together in the kitchen, a good sign. Mother caught me as we were getting ready to leave. "Kyle I like this one. I really like this one. Don't let her get away from you."

The sun was really low on the horizon when she got us back to the house. We left the gate closed but not locked. She would get that when she left tonight.

We settled on the porch with just tea. I offered her a beer and she shuddered "No, Kyle I don't like beer all that much right now. I think you burned me out on that." She did take my hand to hold.

"Good. Did you and mom come to terms then?"

"Oh God!, I blabbed my whole life's story to her. Even the things I never told my parents or friends. She just kept saying 'Oh yes dear, go on' and I did. When I was done she told me about you, all the things that you probably didn't want me to know. She came right out and said. 'Kyle will want to marry you sometime soon I think. Be sure it's what you want too.' Kyle, is that how you feel after knowing me just two days?"

"Mom is usually right about these things, and yes it is the way I feel. I don't want to scare you away though, I'll wait for you to know yourself. One way or the other."

"Thank you Kyle. I know how I want to feel, but it's got to come around so I'm in complete agreement with myself. If that makes sense."

"Oh yes. It makes good sense."

"What time are you going to bed?"

"I'll have to boot your pretty little curly blond bottom out of her by 9, maybe 9:30. Certainly by midnight or so."

She laughed. "I'll leave at 10 then. No later. Your mother said I should move my RV here at the end of the month."

"Was that a question? Keep in mind I never argue with my mother."

"I'll ask you again at the end of the month. It was the way she said it though that got my attention. She said 'You might as well move it there, you won't be staying in it anyway.'"

"I'd say she has accepted you in to the family, if that doesn't scare you."

"No. That's the funny thing, I'm not scared at all. I keep thinking I should be. Kyle I'm going to be here everyday this week, but I'm going to go home before you come home. I'll leave you a note every day to tell you I care. Your mother told me how dangerous your work is. You need to keep focused for that. Friday I'll be here waiting for you. Your mother said she'd call me here during the week to talk. She gave me her number too... Kyle what's wrong with your dad?"

"He wasn't too specific, but he went over the long range plans for mother if he suddenly isn't here any more."

She looked at her watch, and jumped up. "It's after 10 I'd better go. Will you walk me to my car?"

"I'll walk you to the screen door, I don't have on my shoes."

"Oh, ok."

We kissed for a while, actually, it was our first real kiss. She broke away and ran to her car, but waved before she got in.

Her notes that week were short and to the point. "I miss you.", "I wish you were here.", "Why did I promise to stay away?" That type of thing.

Wednesday I there was a letter from Olive and Candy in the mail. It was a carefully neutral letter. Saying they had joined an expedition to the southern tip of South America with a French team. Writing might be a problem because everything went first to Europe, and only every other month. That's why I hadn't heard from them as much.

So, it was ending. I left the letter out for Bonnie, I pulled all of their letters to me out of the closet also. I left her a note saying. "Read these if you want to, I don't want secrets to become an issue. My letters to them are on the laptop."

Her note to me was;

Kyle, I read them all in chronological order, it took some doing. The end result, was to make me miss you so much I lay in your bed and cried. I do agree that you won't be seeing them in the near future. And that's not a green biased feeling. One more day to go. Bonnie.

I went into my bed and I could still smell her fragrance on the sheets. One more day.


My hands were sweating and my mouth was dry as I pulled in next to the garage. Her car was parked inside it. I tried to calm myself as I walked to the porch. A cold front had moved in over night and it was too chilled to be on the porch. I opened the door to the house and she was standing there, one of my t-shirts on, only. She held one hand to her throat, the other over her mouth. I closed the door softly behind me. Then she practically leaped into my arms, in fact she wrapped her legs around me, I had one arm behind her back, hand on her head as we kissed. The other hand was supporting her butt.

When we came up for air I asked. "Did you forget something?" I was lightly playing with one bare cheek.

She shuddered and said. "Oh. God... No, you need a shower. I'm going to help."

I called mom Saturday. "Hi mom, how's dad?"

"He's fine Kyle, you're calling to say you won't be over tomorrow. I suspect Bonnie doesn't feel comfortable enough to see us just now."

"Right as always mom."

"When are you going to ask her to marry you?"

I think she thought she was kidding me. "Gotcha mom, already did. Two Sundays from tomorrow. I invited her parents to stay in my room. They will be down the Friday before from Flagstaff."

"Mom, you there?"

She was crying! "Kyle, I'm so happy. I don't care how she feels, you both be here tomorrow. No excuses. Now, I've got to break this to your dad, slowly. Goodbye my son and my daughter."

Bonnie said. "She knew I was listening in?"

"I'm sure, and we have to go tomorrow."

"I know, and it doesn't bother me now, Hey, you're kind of cute, want to poke me?"

I found that her previous sexual education had missed several key points. Female orgasm was one.

Dad not only survived the announcement, he looked better then he had in weeks. He stole Bonnie from mom and I and they were seen walking around the farm, arm in arm.

The Friday before our wedding I met her parents for the first time. I was put at ease immediately, her mother was crying and hugged me hard, her dad shook my hand and slapped my back. Bonnie had told them all about her fall and my rescuing her. By Saturday night my parents and her's were as thick as thieves. Mom kept Bonnie over night and kicked me out quite early. I had my orders not to reappear until the wedding time. Dad wasn't supposed to drive so her father and dad came over to see my place in the morning and to keep me from running. We spent some time setting on the porch of course. Talking about little. I was having trouble keeping my mind on the conversation, causing grins from both my dads.

Her parents were going to stay at my place, Bonnie and I were going to her parents for our honeymoon. We would be back the next Saturday.

As we got in her car after the wedding, she said. "There, that wasn't too bad was it?"

"As long as I only have to do it once in my life, it will be fine."

"Once is usually enough."

"How far is it to your parents?"

"Seven hours or so." She sighed.

"I can't wait that long. This car's a bit small."

"There are bound to be motels along the way, silly."


It's been four months now. From the first, I told her to toss the BC pills, and we would take our chances, no counting days either. She had no problem with that. She transferred to the local school system and started working, usually a few days every week. I haven't caught her just yet, but we both enjoy the practice.

Bonnie handed me a letter from the South American French team when I got home. I opened it and she sat on my lap to help me read it. Much of it was in French. Bonnie remembered enough of it to translate.

Dear Kyle Brown, It is with a deep hurting heart that I must write to you. I have to tell you of the disappearance of the supply plane that Olive and Candy were passengers on. We have had no sign of the plane since it became overdue. The earth at this location is much broken land and sea. If they managed to land, the supplies on board will keep them alive for many months. My government along with the local authorities are supporting an extensive search for them. I will not give up hope. I write you because of the stories they have always been free with, involving you, and their stay with you near their blind where they studied the birds of your land. The standards they set as an example of your friendship causes despair for the males in our camp. I have only dared to operate Olive's computer to obtain your address and that of their parents. I know you will join in our wishes to find them before the snow storms set in. With prayers, Jon Paul.

As we were translating our way through the letter I had time to get used to what it said, without really having it slapped in my face all at once. Dear Bonnie wrapped her self around me, and let me cry it all out, not trying to soothe me. But being there for me.

At my request, by boss allowed me to go back on hardware until I could think clearly again.

Bonnie and I talked it over that weekend. She had been confused about Jon's reference to the snow storms, but figured it out on her own. Jon's reference to the "near by blind they had studied from" showed the respect they had for me. Bonnie said there must have been no sexual references made by them in their stories.

We crafted a letter to Jon in both English and "sort of", French, thanking him and pleading for any further information. We signed it Kyle and Bonnie Brown.

The end of April Bonnie missed the start of her menses, the next week the Doctor confirmed, and set the target date as January 18. She called her mother, and I called mine.

In May we got another letter from Jon. Candy was alive, though in bad shape. The pilot and Olive had been killed on impact. Candy would be back in the states in late June to her parents in Phoenix.

Bonnie spent several nights hand writing a letter. She said I could see a copy, after she had sent it. She scanned it in to the computer and took me to bed. As soon as I got home the next day she let me read the scanned letter. It was a very long letter, explaining our meeting at my gate, and many private details. She told of reading the framed "Dear John" letter and how she felt after reading it. There was much more. Then she pleaded for Candy to come here to heal, to be with friends.

There were several more letters that Bonnie sent, I wrote several also. Candy finally agreed in part because her parents wanted to hide her from life. Candy was going through reconstructive surgery for her face. They had to reset her arm. A misleading term for rebreaking her arm, then traction and braces.

She came in on an Amtrak train. We were there to pick her up.

"I'm not very pretty now Kyle." She said, her jaw still stiff.

"Where can Bonnie and I kiss you Candy? It's you that we love, not just your roughed up face."

It must have hit home that we weren't kidding. She broke down and cried.

Still it wasn't easy for her, it was hot. The cast on her arm itched terribly. The couch although comfortable, wasn't private. Bonnie took care of that one night by literally dragging Candy to our bed and striping the clothes off her. I offered to help, but Bonnie said calmly. "No Kyle, she needs to know I want her here too. We already can see you want her here with us."

As the time went by Candy became a part of our family. None of us looked back, other than to remember Olive.

Mom. How could I ever explain? Bonnie said. "Leave that to me." We had taken Candy with us to visit mom and dad the first weekend. We didn't explain anything then, we just introduced Candy as an old friend of ours, one that needed time to heal. Mom and dad took to her and more significantly, never asked any questions. Bonnie went over on a Saturday and told mom the whole story. While Bonnie was coming home mom called me and said. "Kyle I'm okay with your arrangement. And I'm proud of you. Now let me talk to my new daughter."

Candy's face no longer scared people, in fact I thought she looked fine. She was a great help for as Bonnie got heavier. She wasn't as heavy as she should be. The doctor, mom, Candy and I all tried to keep her on track.

Candy appeared in a school "Futures" presentation to talk to the kids about all the opportunities available for both boys and girls. Bonnie and I were her loudest applause.

Candy switched to teaching at the local high-school, in the fall semester Bonnie would start as a full time teacher there too.

The girls sat me down one night and announced that we had another baby on the way. Due in June. I broke down and cried with joy.

The next weekend I started the five room expansion to the house on the garage side.

"Why five rooms?" The girls wanted to know.

"Because that's all that will fit on that side, the rest will have to go on the other side." I said.

Dad lived long enough to change the diapers on his grandson a few times. We named him Jason, my dad's name. One morning getting out of bed he said. "Honey, I'm sorry." He lay down, gone.

The girls, my son Jason, and I moved in with mom for a while, I know it helped her. Finally after almost a month she told us. "I love all of you. Thank you. Now go home... Stay in touch."

Candy delivered my daughter Alicia, my mother's name, in June. The following year in May, Bonnie delivered Olive.

Both girls and mom were ecstatic every time a missed period was discovered. Mom loved all the grand kids. I moved her in to the far wing of our house. A room of her own. The farm house was just too much for her to keep up. We sold it soon after mom passed away quietly one morning, surrounded by the babies on the porch.

There have been rough nights for each of us throughout the years, periods of self doubt, and such, but each time, the other two, and the older kids, would surround the person and vanquish all silly such feelings away.

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