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Kylie's Latest Squeeze


This story is contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. This is in no way connected with the subject. Don't use this without my permission. Now, on with the conclusion of the story!

Walking swiftly down a corridor, he thought how while this was a bit of a physical job sometimes, working for Kylie Minogue was a good place to be. Well, not all good. It was a pleasure and a torture for him. He adored Kylie, and he had fun with her during work, she was a lovely lady, but he would love so much more from her. It was a strictly look-but-don't-touch affair. She often flirted with him, though he was sure anything he could solidly define as flirting was just playful by her and there was nothing more behind it, unlike his own desires.

He wouldn't be dealing with it for much longer though. Like the job, he felt both relieved and saddened to be leaving her services, but he had a new job lined up and in the industry he simply had to take the next step up. It was his last day today, and he was just taking her a bottle of water she'd asked for. She gave her winning smile as he entered her room, extending her hand to receive the water.

"Thanks darling," she said cutely, taking it from him. He smiled back, hoping he wasn't blushing at all. She was dressed in jeans and a leather jacket, just getting ready to leave. Kylie opened the water and took a good drink, then flipped through her bag momentarily.

"Can you play fetch?" she said to him with a giggle.

"Sure I can, that's my job," he said with a laugh, catching her beautiful eyes.

"Good. Could you just go and get my diary, I think I left it in the dressing room I was using earlier, remember?" she said, cocking a fiercely sexy eyebrow.

"Of course, I'll go take a look," he said, hoping he sounded calm and cool as he turned and left her room again. Kylie giggled, marvelling at how cute he was. It was a shame to lose him, but he had to work his way up and she couldn't have him forever. But she'd left a surprise for him, and just hoped it'd work out how she'd planned.

Once away from her door, he jogged down the corridors to where she'd been situated earlier in the day. He opened the door and flicked the light switch. After the fluorescent flickered to life, he scanned the room, and spotted a notebook lying on the counter. He figured it was her diary and walked into the room and over to where it lay. He caught site of writing on the left page of the open book and something glinting in the light as he approached and slowed, stopping just by the counter. The writing was a handwritten note by Kylie, and on the other page lay a silver key. His heart skipped a beat and he reached out to pick up the key, his fingers feeling slightly sweaty as he did. He looked at it for a moment, then reached out with his other hand and carefully picked up her diary. Knowing he shouldn't be reading it made him read fast, and he quickly read her writing.

"My cute little assistant is leaving today, which is a shame because he's so good. I've seen the way he looks at me, it's great fun flirting and teasing him. Just a quick shake of my arse can get him up, since I've seen the way he has to stand after I tease him although it doesn't hide it. It'd be nice of him to give me one with that thing so I could see what he has in store for me. I wonder if he'll take a shot now he's leaving? I could do with a good hard fuck right now as well. Damn just thinking like this makes my pussy tingle, I better stop before I get too wet..."

Underneath was an address and signed off "Love Kylie x" as usual. His heart raced, breathing heavy as he tried to take it in. His cock was semi-hard now, her saucy entry turning him on with ease. He couldn't believe it. There was surely no way she thought about him that way, it was surely just a joke since it was his last day with her. He realised he was still holding the key, and looked at it again. There was no way to be sure if this was genuine or not, but he couldn't risk passing it up. He quickly flipped through the rest of the diary, and found it empty. She had evidently left this deliberately for him, so it only took a moments though. He tore the page from the diary, with her hot little fantasy and the address on. He folded the key inside it and stuffed it into his pocket, then folded the diary shut and headed for the door.

He flipped the lights off and closed the door, hurrying back to her dressing room. He entered, and she turned to him with another winning smile of hers.

"Thanks," she said softly, taking the diary from him and tucking it into her bag.

"So what's up?" she said, looking at him with a glance as she zipped her bag shut.

"...What do you mean...?" he asked after a pause and momentary panic.

"Well you look a little flushed is all," she said with a slight giggle.

"Um...well...I ran...you know..." he stuttered, trying to control his breathing.

"Sure, so you find everything you need?" she asked, looking him square in the eyes with a determined, wanton glint to her eye. He was lost in her stare for a moment before he responded.

"Um yeah, no problem," he said, trying to act casual.

"So everything's cool then? We're all set?" she said, a definite edge to her voice that he didn't usually hear. For a moment he dared think it may be true, that she really did want him.

"Umm sure," he said, not quite sure what she was expecting.

"Good. Maybe we should get together later or something, since you're leaving we could have a drink, you know, a send off," she purred, looking sexily at him from under her eyebrows.

"Yeah...uhh...that'd be nice," he mumbled, unsure what to say.

"Just nice? Thanks!" she said, mock insulted with a giggle. He laughed at her humour, one of the things he loved about the delectable Australian. He followed her out of the building to the car park, and he saw her car parked nearby as she turned to him.

"Drop by my place later and we'll have those drinks," she said. She leaned forwards and gave him a peck on the cheek, then turned and walked away. He held himself together, refraining from jumping up with a raised fist of triumph. He just smiled broadly as he watched her walk away, admiring her gorgeous arse in her tight jeans. Kylie looked back with a smile and gave him a wink, wiggling her fingers in a sexy little wave to him just before she got to her car. He smiled back and gave a slight wave of his hand in return, then headed to find his own car. Not quite so flash, but not bad for his earnings. He saw her blacked out saloon drive away past him as he got in, and couldn't stop his mind from racing with possibilities. He started up and headed back to his flat, pondering all the endless fantasies he could not keep from his hopeful mind.

A few hours later, after having eaten some dinner and taken a shower, he was ready to go out. He sprayed on some Lynx body spray, hoping the Lynx Effect would ring true, though it was blind hope. He wasn't sure if Kylie was standing him up as a prank on his last day, but he couldn't take the chance that it wasn't. If she really was offering him a shot, he wasn't gonna risk missing out. He took a breath, grabbed his keys, the diary page and her key and headed out. He jogged down the stairs to his flat block and to the car park, and got into his car again. Taking another quick read of the note to make sure he got the right place, he started up and headed off.

It only took him about half an hour to reach the address, which was a little out of the way. He pulled up at the address and saw a car in the drive. It was a small cottage sort of place, and there were lights on. He switched off his car and stepped out, locking it and walking slowly up to the door, unsure what to expect. He approached the door, and took the key from his pocket, looking at it for a moment along with her sexy thoughts before stuffing them back in his pocket. He took a deep breath and stepped up, then gave a knock at the door. Straining to hear for any movement inside, he waited with his heart in his throat, unsure what he was going to do whichever way it went. There was the thud of feet down the corridor, and he started mentally preparing himself to apologise to the innocent owner. There was the click and turn of the lock, and then it opened wide and bathed him in light from the hallway.

"Well good evening!" Kylie said brightly, smiling warmly at him. He stared, hardly daring to believe she was there. She had a long red silk gown on that dragged on the floor round her feet. He realised he was staring and better return her pleasant greeting.

"Um hey," he said, not wanting to risk insulting her by suggesting she'd stand him up.

"I gave you a key for a reason you know," she said with a sly smile, stepping aside and waving her hand to invite him inside.

"I...uhh...didn't want to be rude," he mumbled as he stepped inside.

"That's a shame," she said quietly as she closed the door behind them and locked it with a definite click. He glanced at her and saw her give a sly little smile as she breezed past him as he slipped his shoes off to lead him into the cottage. Walking behind her he took in how she was looking. She was taller than her barefoot self, suggesting she had high heels on under the gown though he couldn't imagine why. And she also seemed to be walking a little stiffly, very upright which seemed a little out of place. He followed her as she walked into her front room, noting when she glanced back that she was wearing bright red lipstick, and after a quick check bright red nail varnish. Her hair was looking good and she looked really dolled up, as if she was just getting ready to go out.

"This is a nice little place you've got here," he said, making idle conversation to prevent any awkward silence.

"Thanks, it's nice to be out of the way. Nice and...private," she murmured softly, looking back and cocking her eyebrow ever so slightly and suggestively. She led him into the front room, softly wiggling her hips as she did so, and he couldn't keep his eyes from her fantastic arse. Undefined through the robe, but his imagination filled in what he couldn't see and caused his cock to twitch slightly.

"Is this a like, leaving party or something?" he asked tentatively, genuinely unsure what was going on here.

"Sort of, I certainly got you a present," she said, looking at him with a smile.

"Really?" he asked, slightly taken aback but also elated.

"Yeah. Do you want to open it now?" she purred, looking at him from under her fiercely sexy eyebrows, ever so slightly licking her full red pout.

"Yeah I'd love to!" he exclaimed, his adrenaline rushing now with the excitement. His heart rate was increasing rapidly as she sashayed away from him and turned round, biting her lip sexily.

"Close your eyes," she said simply, with a slight commanding tone to her voice. His heart skipped a beat as he closed his eyes.

"No peeking," she teased with a sexy little giggle. He tried to keep his breathing steady as he heard the soft rustle of material and the sound of her feet shuffling on the floor. He heard a swish of air and felt the warm, soft gown hit him. It dropped into his shaking hands as his heart gave a lurch, his mouth going dry at the mere thought of what might await him.

"Open your eyes," she said in a smooth, enticing tone. He was almost too nervous to open his eyes. His hands squeezed her robe tightly as he snapped his eyes open to see what she had for him. His already racing heart stepped up another gear and his eyes almost bulged out of his head. A ragged gasp escaped him as his jaw literally dropped open. His hands almost tore the silk gown he held as he tensed with the adrenaline rush.

Kylie stood before him in a tight black and red leather overbust corset. It was a beautiful creation, mostly black with strips of bright red leather running straight up it at points round her slender body. Her already slim waist was laced tightly in, reducing it by at least 4" and giving her a super hour-glass figure. Her firm breasts were pushed tightly up, squeezing them high and making them look fantastic. His eyes travelled down her body, eyeing her prominent breasts, the black and red leather squeezing her figure so perfectly as it travelled to her now tiny waist before it flared out into her hips, which were now very clearly defined. There were two visible garters on each of her legs, running from the bottom of the gorgeous leather creation over her perfect, smooth thighs where they clipped to her stockings, framing her naked pussy, which sported a thin strip of dark hair. Lace topped black stockings were hooked to her garters and encased her magnificent pins, running down her lovely legs to a pair of very high black stiletto heels.

"Whatcha think? Am I a present you will accept, or do you want a refund?" she quipped, wiggling her tongue sexily. He snapped back to reality and looked at her, seeing her smiling naughtily at him, but couldn't stop his gaze falling back to the incredible black and red leather corset, eyeing her waist, so tightly pulled in and then down to her naked pussy which looked hot and willing.

"Hold on a sex, I mean sec," she said with a knowing smirk and then turned from him, stepping round on the floor, sexily rubbing her thighs together as she turned to face away from him. He let out a groan involuntarily as she showed her back, revealing it as a double laced corset. The stockings were attached to a further two garters per leg, bringing the total to four on each leg. Her arse looked absolutely stunning, tight and full, leading up into the red and black leather. Her back was straight, every inch of her body squeezed in. Two columns of laces ran up her back, the gold rings were in strips of red leather on either side of the gap which contrasted against the black beautifully, and strong bright red lace ran through the loops to tighten the corset. The pieces of the corset weren't completely together, meaning it could be tightened still further if she wanted.

"I didn't pull it too tight to start with," she said, as if reading his mind. He was still unable to answer, staring at her, trying to take everything in and simply being unable to form coherent speech at the same time. She pulled her legs together and bent slowly over, keep herself straight as she did so, her flexibility evident. Kylie's succulent arse was on full display for him, and her bulging pussy was peeking between her toned thighs. She slowly wiggled from side to side, the leather of her corset creaking in a fashion that only added to the tension. Kylie wiggled and shook her hips at him provocatively, looking back with an alluring smile. He still was unable to move from the spot, completely unsure how best to proceed as she slowly stood back up and turned to face him again. She spread her legs and put her hands on her defined hips, standing in a power stance with a determined look on her face.

"So whatcha think?" she said again in an imposing tone, her breathing sounding slightly heavier than it had been. He tried to speak, but only mumbled and murmured unclearly. He hadn't noticed because he'd been so captivated by the Australian beauty, but his cock was now absolutely rock hard in his jeans. Kylie smiled at the effect her corseted body was having on him, and glanced down at the huge bulge in his denims.

"That's all the answer I need," she purred sexily, approaching him slowly. Kylie sashayed towards him on her tall stilettos, slowly and powerfully wiggling her prominent hips and crotch as she did. Kylie reached out and took his trembling hands, placing them on her tiny waist. His cock twitched as his hands lay on the leather, feeling her own hands sliding onto his waist as she pulled in close to him.

"This is what you wanted isn't it?" Kylie whispered, looking up at him with a pout. She felt him squeeze her slightly and felt a familiar thrill rush through her. It was the same sensation and excitement she'd felt when she'd put the corset on earlier. A rush had gone through her body when she'd laced herself into the beautiful leather garment, the favourite of all her corsets. Kylie didn't wear it much, but it was fully worn in and perfectly contoured to her lovely form. Drawing the laces in tightly, she'd tingled and felt herself wetten as her waist had been squeezed in tightly and her breasts shoved upwards. After finishing with the corset, rolling on her stockings and heels had done nothing to diminish her arousal. She'd managed to resist finding one of her toys and taking herself to an orgasm, so now she was feeling the same sensations with him holding her she was even hornier than before.

"You can't tell but my nipples are rock hard," she whispered huskily into his ear, before dragging her tongue over it and off his ear lobe. She reached down and took hold of his hands once more, then pushed them down over the warm leather against the flare of her curvy, defined hips.

"I won't be able to get away if you hold me like this from behind you know..." she purred cutely. They were close together, and he looked down at her and down her tight corset at her perky tits. Kylie looked up at him innocently, giving him puppy dog eyes that just melted any tiny thoughts of hesitating.

"This is what you want isn't it?" she said, looking up at him with the innocent look and pout, before flicking an eyebrow and licking her full red lips with a sly smile. There was a moment between them and he slid his hands down over the leather to her incredible rear, holding his hands on the firm, toned cheeks over the garters. Her soft, feminine hands went with his, resting sensually on the backs of his far larger hands. Still fighting the nerves, he couldn't bring himself to take the step. Kylie smiled knowingly and squeezed his hands with her own, which was all it needed for him to give her magnificent bum a full squeeze. She let a groan escape her mouth as the warm sensation spread through her, which made his heart skip a beat, her eyes fluttering a little. Being so horny, it only took the tiniest thing to take her closer right now.

"Let's get started," she whispered, looking at him with a knowing smile and staring him straight in the eyes. He just nodded to her, and watched in awe as she slowly lowered herself to her knees before him. He just stared down, barely able to believe that Kylie Minogue was on her knees in front of him. Her slender fingers slid over the crotch of his jeans, rubbing him firmly on the bulge of his rock hard cock. With a naughty giggle, she dragged the zipper down, and undid the button with a quick flick of her wrist. His jeans went loose, and Kylie took hold of them and pulled them down to his knees, his cock springing up in his boxers, tenting them out in front of him. Kylie inhaled and her eyes widened as she saw his large cock through his shorts. She grasped his cock swiftly through his underwear, giving him a squeeze that made him grunt in pleasure.

"Oh this looks very interesting..." she said, looking up with a sexy little wink. Her fingers hooked into the elastic of his shorts, lifted them forwards and pulled them down to join his jeans, letting his cock spring free.

"Oh yes," she breathed softly, mesmerised by his hard shaft. He felt her warm breath on his cock and balls and shuddered slightly. His hips twitched slightly as she took hold of his rock hard, making her giggle as she started to gently stroke him. Kylie smiled up at him as she slid her hand up and down his length, rubbing her soft palm and fingers up and down his full 8" member.

"I think you've got something for me," she said with a smile, continuing to massage him. He smiled back at her lovely, flirtatious manner and watched in wonder as she pouted her full red lips and leaned forwards to plant a warm kiss on the head of his stiff cock. He gave a groan as she slid her tongue across the underside of his head and onto the shaft, curling the tip and dragging it up the underside of his cock and off the tip. She jerked him softly again and then held his cock up and planted soft, wet kisses all down the underside of his shaft to his balls. He breathed heavily as she kissed onto his balls, softly pecking and sucking at them before sliding her tongue onto them.

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