tagSci-Fi & FantasyL.I.T. World Ch. 02

L.I.T. World Ch. 02


Chapter 02: Proud Pussy

Wilburn Black walked toward the shuttle port with mixed feelings about his new position. On one hand he was grateful for the promotion and he felt that he was well able to do the job; on the other hand he did not like what happened to the last man to hold his position with the company. Thinking of Nolan put a bad taste in his mouth, and, if the truth were to be told, a touch of fear in his belly. Wilburn had worked for Nolan for the best part of two years. He had found Nolan to be a hard but fair boss; a man who wanted to get the job done but also wanted his men to be well treated. Wilburn had a hard time convincing himself that he could have been so deceived by Nolan. But there seemed to be no other way to make sense of the meeting today and the events afterwards. It had been a well planned and brilliantly carried out execution, the way Karen Bates had exposed and destroyed the man.

Checking his phone, he saw he was a little early so he stopped for a coffee at the shuttle-port canteen. Swiping his phone across the vending machine's scanner, grabbing a box of Sweetnlite coffee he went to the counter beside the viewscreen, shook the box of coffee, and sat it down to give it time to warm. Wilburn loved this view, and came by for a box of coffee every time he passed just to gaze at this viewscreen.

Tonight it was especially spectacular because the last of the pods were in place for the launch tomorrow morning, leaving only a scattering of equipment where the three hundred humanoid clone pods and one hundred and fifty supply pods used to sit. Each pod stood nearly twenty meters tall making the prep field look like a city of five story buildings. Tonight it was just an empty field, all the pods having been fitted into the honeycombed interior of the giant cylinder shape that was the transport ship, visible in orbit above.

Almost big enough to qualify as a moon in its own right, Transport Ship Seventy Five was bathed in the bluish light of earthshine, six hundred meters long and over two hundred meters in diameter, With the solar sail's control arm sticking up like a dorsal fin and the slope of the storage space for the solar sail itself, the ship looked like a giant whale. Furthering the illusion of fish under water, the small ships working around the giant were invisible until they caught the light just right to reveal them with a bluish flash of reflected earthlight and then they would wink out again. Wilburn sat there watching as his work was packed away to await delivery to a far off world some sixteen light-years away from here and now.

Almost as a reminder that time was passing, the sun's light suddenly broke over the horizon of the moon, making the ships all shine with a hot golden color. The number of ships winking in and out of the light was so great that they made the big ship look like it was giving off sparks.

Wilburn had adopted the habit, like most of the other 'Moonies', of thinking of the viewscreens as windows. Since he was at least ten meters underground a real window would be useless but it was easy to let yourself believe you were looking out a window, and all the Moonies enjoyed this shared fiction many of them referred to the viewscreens using the term 'window' instead. As far as he knew, there was not one single window on the moon, yet window was a commonly used word.

His 'window' tonight was filled with a scene as dramatic as anything any human had ever beheld. The flat lunar plain stretched to the base of a tall jagged mountain range that crossed the plain some eighty kilometers away, though they looked much closer. No vegetation to break up the stark empty beauty of the sharp edged ridges and peaks, no atmosphere to blur the view. Overhead the diamond studded black velvet of space stretched to infinity behind the world's biggest and most expensive sparkler. As breathtaking as it was though, it was all just a fancy background for the drama which he had watched play out today.

Looking back at the sequence of events, Wilburn saw that the news of the contamination of the pods was just the opening round, like an artillery barrage on a beach before landing the troops. Nolan, who was hopelessly out-classed from the beginning, had played right into Bate's hands when he called the meeting today, gathering everybody who mattered to his career into one room. Looking back, he remembered thinking that it was unusual for the two ambitious women to voluntarily take a back seat at a conference table.

What he had thought was a surprisingly respectful 'lets not crowd the men at the table' attitude, expressed by sitting away from the table over by the door, was really Karen Bates and her security person blocking the only exit from the room. Remembering the stern expression of the old woman, and the almost cocky smile of the younger woman, they had both made it clear they were not people to be trifled with. The calmly confident way the younger woman moved made Wilburn think she had been a cop, or in the military at one time. The way she had winked and given that 'see, you didn't need me after all' look to Bates when Bates had led Nolan into the room naked, made Wilburn think that she could've single handedly 'ganged up' on Nolan.

Nolan, the last man to hold Wilburn's job had been trapped from the time he checked his mail this morning. Nolan wasn't stupid. After having worked with the man for two years, Wilburn had formed an impression that Nolan was very smart. He had a long string of successful missions that proved he was a man who was aware and alert to the things around him. But tonight Nolan lay in a cell somewhere, naked and with a torture device embedded in his bowels. They had wiped him out so fast, it was over, before he ever saw it coming. He had been spattered like a bug on Karen Bates' windshield.

He checked his phone, sucked up the last of his warm coffee and dropped the container into the degrade unit as he stepped through the door. He didn't want to start this relationship off on the wrong foot by being late.

Wilburn followed instructions and went to the security office where he was ushered through and passed along into another passageway, a small narrow tunnel, which he had been unaware of until tonight. Being underground, like ninety-five percent of Moon Base City, made it hard to be sure, but Wilburn thought he might be going parallel to the main passageway to the shuttle-port. He soon arrived at a plain metal door, it carried no adornments of rank, nor did it boast a number, only a solitary button. Wilburn pushed the button, heard the buzzer inside, and nervously waited at the dead-end of an empty tunnel.

Sylvia's strong fingers worked the muscles in Karen's neck and shoulders. Karen was in the large bathing tub in the bathroom of the master's cabin; Silvia knelt on a cushion beside the tub. Sylvia's left hand supported Karen's forehead while the fingers of her right hand kneaded the muscles just behind and below the ears. The oily feel of the modified water like baby oil on her hand, Sylvia's fingers worked their magic, relaxing the tightened muscles in her Mistress' neck. Other than the soft sighs emitted by Karen and the gentle splashing of water, the room was silent. The only light in the room was the flickering flames of the four scented candles, filling the damp air with the sweet smell of honeysuckle blossoms. Both women closed their eyes and let the moment rule for as long as it could.

The two women enjoyed a few precious minutes of this form of communication that could only be shared by lovers. As their skin touched, their souls intertwined joining their minds on a level so much deeper than words could ever reach.

Karen allowed herself to relax for the first time since the chase had begun four earth days ago. When she had discovered the videos from the security cameras and Nolan's involvement with the SCM's, now that was all behind her and she was going to allow herself tonight to unwind and relax. Once they had finished up with Black, Karen had plans for sweet Sylvia. A broad smile spread across her face as she reconsidered, why wait?

"Sylvia, get behind me and let me lean back against you, I want to feel your arms around me, holding me tight."

"Yes Mistress, I'd love that too."

Sylvia stepped into the tub and slid down the backside until her Mistress sat between her legs and leaned back against her chest as she wrapped her arms around the thin childlike body of the woman she loved. The two women lay silent and content enjoying the moment for nearly twenty minutes before Mistress moved Silvia's hand placing it over her sex. No words were needed; Silvia knew what her Mistress wanted. She began to slowly stroke and tease the area getting close but never touching her hidden pearl, skimming the lips of her sex with her fingers as light as butterfly kisses.

Silvia's left hand caressed and stroked Karen's breast, while the lucky fingers of her right hand felt her lover beginning to open to them as they began to slip inside the satiny slick folds of her vagina. Silvia let her fingers accept the invitation and began to push inside only to withdraw after only half an inch, still teasing, still avoiding the magic pearl. Silvia felt a true sense of accomplishment when she heard her Mistress' low moan of pleasure as she relaxed and let herself drift on a sea of sensual delights.

Karen's scent filled Silvia's nostrils as she nuzzled along the neck of her Mistress, stopping to kiss and lick at her earlobes. All the while her hands were making love to the body they held and were feeling that body respond to their efforts. Mistress now rolled her head back and forth on Silvia's chest as she sighed and sometimes seemed to almost purr like a stroked cat. The slave in Silvia purred with happiness to be able to give these moments to her Mistress.

Lying like they were, Silvia could see her Mistress' frail old body; it looked like a young child's body wrapped in an old woman's skin. The arms and legs were impossibly thin; she had lived off-world so long that her body had lost most of its muscle-mass which was used mostly for combating the effects of gravity. Karen's breast, which had seemed so pert back in the belt, now hung heavy on her chest, and this was just moon gravity. Earth gravity might actually kill her.

As if she had shared the thoughts that Silvia had been thinking, Karen stirred and began to stand up in the tub. She turned to face the still seated Silvia. "Come here baby," she said as she pulled Silvia's face into her wet sex and held her there as she felt the younger woman's lips and tongue working on her most sensitive parts. Karen continued to hold her head tight against her body even though she could hear her struggling to breathe. Holding her because she needed her so bad, loved her so much and loved her submission, holding her head tight in her crotch until her first orgasm rocketed through her.

Silvia was a bit surprised when Mistress didn't let go of her head, but she didn't, so she kept loving on the pussy in her mouth, running her tongue from clit to ass, licking and sucking.

Karen could feel two events about to collide, one was her fast approaching orgasm, the other was her legs were about to give out. Using Silvia's head for balance Karen put her leg over the shoulder of her slave.

"Silvia baby, cup my ass cheeks in your hands," she said.

When she felt Silvia's hands lifting her ass Karen put her other leg over her slave's other shoulder. "Now baby, I want to feel you loving that pussy until I tell you to stop." Feeling her lover's tongue following her command she added, "Oooh, you sweet bitch, you sweet, sweet bitch."

Silvia had no trouble supporting her Mistress' weight, she couldn't have weighed more than thirty kilos or so, and she found the position very sexy as she held her mistress before her and ate her pussy. Both her hands were occupied, so she couldn't do anything about her own satisfaction, she could only give to her Mistress, worshipping like a devout slut at the altar of her proud pussy. A pussy that hadn't bowed to the will of a man for nearly sixty years, a lifetime of demanding pleasure instead of giving it, a pussy that now demanded its slave to please it now.

Silvia shivered with delight as she loved with everything she could bring to bear. Using her thumbs, she pressed Karen's pussy lips against her tongue as she tongue-fucked her tight muscular cunt, her wet upper lip extended so it touched the now de-hooded clit of her Mistress. Silvia squirmed her hips a bit in the water, yearning for somebody's touch, so close to her release, but not now, she would have to wait. Now she could only give and she did give with all her love and received satisfaction of a sort when she felt the ass in her hands jumping and twitching as her Mistress came for the second time. This one was a hard one that took a few moments to pass.

When it was over Mistress said, "Set me down gently, I'm too weak to stand."

Silvia stood up lifting Karen in her arms and ducking her head under one leg and turned Karen around, her hands holding her Mistress like she was a wet puppy until the mod water slid down their bodies, the boosted cohesiveness of its molecules making it look like sheets of clear plastic dissolving back into the tub. Silvia stepped out of the tub, her Mistress held like a child before her. She had barely got her Mistress settled when she heard the door alarm ring.

Sylvia leaned in to give her lover a kiss just below her ear, under the lobe, her voice a sexy vibration in Karen's ear as she said, "Take your time Baby, I'll take care of Mr. Black for a few minutes."

Silvia slipped into a pair of training pants and threw a tee shirt over her head snuggling it down over her small breasts, accentuating her nipple rings. She checked herself out in the mirror, slim, tall, and boyish with a thatch of blonde hair combed over like a man's with a part. Shoulders too wide, arms like a man's, face too square jawed and mannish for her to ever feel 'pretty' yet Sylvia thought for a fifty year old, she made a very sexy package. Her green eyes in the mirror smiled at her with an expression of pride as she locked the braided gold collar around her neck.

She was proud to be Karen's slave. "See you in the office, Sylvia said, turning to leave.

"Wear a jacket, look official," Karen's voice brought Sylvia to a stop like a jerk on a leash, "don't give him any reason to doubt us. He is important to my plans, so you walk easy." Her voice carried the hard edge of command, and then in a softer voice, "Come here."

Sylvia stepped closer to stand beside her Mistress' chair. Karen reached for Sylvia pulling her down to her lips where she could suck the breath of love from her with her kiss. Demanding and insistent Karen's kiss gave so much, yet promised so much more. Sylvia surrendered to her lover, opening her mouth, her heart and her soul, caressing her probing tongue with her own.

For Sylvia it ended too soon as Karen pushed her away saying, "Now go and see to our company, and behave yourself, when I decide to show you off, I will have you serve Mr. Black and I dinner in the nude." Karen flashed a quick smile at her lover.

"But for now, go and take care of our Mr. Black. I'll be out in a few minutes."

Wilburn Black's finger hovered before the button ready to push it again. He was a little unnerved by being at the dead-end of a deserted tunnel, somehow he felt at risk all alone down here with no witnesses to report any wrong-doings. Looking all about him, seeing nothing but empty tunnel, only increased his sense of fear. After what had happened to Nolan, well something like that changed the way you looked at things. He decided to push the button once more and give it two minutes and then leave. Just as his finger touched the button to buzz again, the door was opened by the young security person.

"Mr. Black, do come in" the woman warmly greeted him, stepping back and making a welcoming gesture with her arm. "I've been expecting you, please step into the office and I will begin to bring you up to speed."

The tall woman turned and walked into an exterior airlock and waited for Black to join her. Barefoot and dressed for lounging she waited in the airlock which opened to the outside, watching Wilburn to see what he would do.

Wilburn hurried over to join her, trusting her instincts over his own, which screamed at him not to go into an airlock unless you were dressed for what waited on the other side.

The woman seemed to understand what he was thinking because she smiled at him and said, "It'll be alright," and vented the system, blowing the Moon Base City atmosphere out, replacing it with whatever atmosphere filled the domain of Karen Bates.

The inner door of the airlock opened and they stepped out into a beautifully decorated room. To be more correct a beautifully but extravagantly large and spacious room. A counter ran alone one wall, and there was a sunken conversation pit with two couches and a table between them. The couches were large enough to serve as bunks, Wilburn thought, trying to justify the wasted space.

A viewing screen, four times the size of the one in the canteen, filled one wall with input taken from a security camera showing the area Wilburn had been admiring from the canteen. The pod container ship was easily the brightest thing in the sky, but the light had changed, now instead of fish or sparks, the small sliver dots seemed to swarm around it like bees around a flower.

The hypnotic effect of the scene was so great that it took a moment before he became aware of the woman standing beside him seemingly as entranced by the scene as he was.

"You know you can work on this stuff night and day for years and it is all just building pieces, you know you never get to feel the pride of the finished thing." Wilburn's voice trailed off as if his train of thought had lost steam.

Bates and this woman had come here on a troubleshooting mission, to find and fix a problem. They had accomplished that with the surrender of Nolan, they didn't need to hear him bragging on the results of his work.

Sylvia dimmed the lights until the reflected earthshine from the viewscreen was the only light in the room. "Mistress Bates and I sit in here and watch with the lights off. It is the most peaceful feeling, looking out at this barren landscape of such jagged edges and points, a thousand hues of grays and blacks sitting below the starry blackness of space."

Wilburn turned to look at the woman, picturing in his mind the two of them here together watching the viewscreen in the dark. The thought forced him to reconsider the bodyguard's importance as a player. He let his eyes go back to the ship in orbit but an image of Sylvia and Karen holding one another here in the dark stayed in the back of his mind.

"Somewhere" he said, "sixteen light-years away from here, sixteen years from now, that thing up there is going to fire those pods at the surface of a world where no life has existed before." Wilburn had trailed off into thoughtful contemplation, silence filled the room.

Before they had left the space station Sylvia had gone through the records of everyone at the meeting today. When she had given her report to Mistress, of all the personnel, Wilburn Black had been her first choice as most trustworthy. Now, she studied him as he admired the work taking place in orbit above them. Five feet nine inches tall, one hundred and sixty five pounds, balding grey hair, blue eyes, she had all the details.

Black was forty-five years old and had worked for the company for the last ten years, three of them here at moon base. He and she were both going to be strong right arms for Mistress Bates, they needed to get along. There were many unanswered questions but overall, Sylvia felt she could work with this man.

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