tagIncest/Taboo"La Machina" or "S.A.M."

"La Machina" or "S.A.M."


Suzie was 21 today. She had waited for this day for a long time. Finally, no more fake IDs, no more sneaking into bars and clubs with her friends and guys she didn't know. No more stupid bouncers telling her to come back in a few years! The fuckers! She was going to go to every one of those bouncers, dressed to kill, and tease their pricks through their pants, then walk away. Well, she would have if she hadn't accepted the drink from that stud at the first bar she entered anyway. Damn it! He had obviously slipped something into it when he handed it to her because she could tell by the way she was dressed, or was that NOT dressed, that she wasn't likely in that bar anymore! She could feel, without looking, that something was wrong. She couldn't feel her clothes, she COULD feel restraints, and she could feel that she was on a very smooth table of some sort. It felt smooth like glass, and she could hear the whirring and humming of machines, several of them, all around her. She could hear the scratching of a pen or pencil on some sort of paper nearby; she wasn't alone and the person on the other side of the pen wasn't talking.

As she regained full consciousness, she realized that her eyes were covered by some kind of blindfold with a strap holding it tightly to her face. Four of the restraints were oddly padded in fur and held her ankles and wrists outward. Two more restraints, made of leather, held her thighs spread-eagle. There was even leather padding under her head which would keep her from banging it on the table to make noise.

'Wonderful,' she thought to herself, 'finally 21 and I can't even go an entire night without getting into trouble.'

"It wasn't anything you did. We selected you out of all of the women at the bar. You are the chosen one," a voice told her. It sounded like a European woman and it didn't come from the direction of the pen or pencil that was scratching.

'Great, Miss Cleo is here reading my mind while I'm tied to a table, spread-eagle, and semi-conscious. I wonder if she knows who I am,' thought Suzie.

"Suzie, my name is not Miss Cleo, I can read your mind (although I also knew who you were based on your ID), and I do know who you are. In fact, I know everything about you. My name is S.A.M."

"Well, Sam, you obviously know who I am, so I will skip the introduction and ask you a few questions, like why the fuck do you have me strapped to a table, naked, God knows where and what do you plan to do to me?"

"Well, Suzie, I am here to make you happy; I am here to make you feel good; I am here to do you favors."

"What the hell do you mean by that?"

"Perhaps, a demonstration is an order."

The whirring and humming was suddenly replaced by a few beeps and chirps, then louder humming and buzzing. Suzie couldn't see what was happening, but could sense that something was about to happen. Suddenly, the buzzing that she heard seemed to touch her, in a place that she wasn't so sure she wanted touched at that moment, and Suzie jolted at the feeling of a device entering her from between her legs and pressing against her clit. Suzie couldn't do anything to resist due to the restraints and she was forced to accept the lumpy device into her dampening vagina. A warm liquid was then slowly pumped into her from the end and through the small bumps on the shaft of the device. It felt very slick, like some kind of oil, which eased her tension and created a calming effect on her, then warmed further and created some kind of tingling. The device then slowly began to spin inside of Suzie. The bumps spread the lubricant around the walls of her vagina and also stimulated her like the bumps on a dildo might. The device began to pull out slowly, and then push itself back in, creating a sensation of being fucked. Suddenly, Suzie felt another device touching her. It attached itself around her clit and began flicking, sucking, and vibrating on her. Suzie was in awe, a state of ecstasy, and a sense of overwhelming pleasure filled her body. The device inside of her began to pick up speed and, as the rhythm increased, so did Suzie's pleasure. Suzie felt tingling in places that she had never touched herself, places that had never been touched by anyone else, and places that she never knew could be touched. As her body began to rise toward her climax, Suzie was suddenly doused by a torrent of thick, lukewarm liquid and the devices quickly retreated and fell silent.

'Figures,' she thought to herself, 'just like my ex-boyfriend.'

"Yes, I understand what you mean, but you enjoyed it when he used to cum all over you; so, how do you feel now?" asked S.A.M.

"What do you mean?"

"We've just dumped about five gallons of cum all over your body. You should see yourself; you look like a glazed doughnut."

"What do you mean, 'five gallons of cum'? Are you serious?"

"Well, artificial cum. We can't seem to find enough real cum fast enough to use the real thing. I only use the real thing in special circumstances. I'm sure you understand."

"Well, yeah, but..."

Just then, Suzie was interrupted by the reentry of the device into her vagina and the reattachment of the second device onto her clitoris, followed by two more devices attaching themselves to her breasts with suction, pulling them away from her body, then letting them go and starting all over again. Suzie continued to feel that excitement that brought her closer to orgasm, the muscles inside of her began to tense, just as the device inside of her shot a warm liquid inside of her in quick squirts, followed by all of the devices again withdrawing before she could reach orgasm.

"Aaaarrrgh! Why do you keep stopping if you are supposed to be giving me pleasure?"

"You cannot tell me you were not feeling pleasure before the device shot cum inside of you," S.A.M. replied.

"What? It shot cum inside of me?" Suzie cried.

"Not that time, still artificial. That was a mixture of warmed milk and yogurt, mixed to the same consistency of cum. It is perfectly safe for a woman's vagina and can, in fact, be quite cleansing."

"Oh my God, I was so scared. I thought..."

Just then, the table began to shake slightly and a man's body covered hers. A ball-gag was slipped over her head and into her mouth. The man then slowly massaged her entire body from head to toe with his hands, tongue, and every bit of his body. This massage lasted several minutes and Suzie began to relax, feeling that she would not be hurt. Soon, however, the massage stopped and the man slid down between her legs and began to rub the head of his cock along her slit. She could feel his hard cockhead pressing against her opening and slowly, gently sliding in. It felt much larger than the device, much warmer, and much softer. It was pure masculinity and it felt good inside of her. The man it belonged to was extremely gentle as he filled her pussy with himself. He lowered himself completely inside of her and pulled himself up toward her breasts. His hard cock was pulsating slightly as he began a slow, fucking motion. Suzie should have been scared and should have struggled, but she was so frustrated from her lack of orgasm with the devices that she didn't feel anything but desire. She wanted to feel this man inside of her and she didn't care what his intentions were at this point. She simply wanted to feel him bring her to a shuddering orgasm. Suzie did her best to help the man drive himself into her by attempting to bounce herself on the table to meet his thrusts. The man continued to push hard into her as he pinched and sucked her breasts and nipples and kissed her neck. His thrusts became longer and harder as Suzie felt him plunge deeper and deeper inside of her. The man ground his pelvis into her clit as he rocked back and forth on top of her, causing her to quickly approach orgasm; her third attempt in an hour. Suddenly, the man sucked her earlobe into his mouth and flicked it with his tongue. It was something that drove her crazy and pushed Suzie over the edge. Her entire body tensed as she began to cum harder than she had ever cum before, her own cum leaking from her pussy and all over the man's cock which was still pummeling her. She hadn't felt this good in quite a while and her body was quickly stirring again. The man atop of her continued to pound her pussy and made her feel as though she was about to burst. Soon, she was sweating again and was just beginning to cum when she heard the man grunt her name...

"Suzie, my love! I'm going to cum inside of you!"

Suzie's eyes got wide and she couldn't help but shut them as she felt him explode inside of her, causing her to cum as well as she felt her father's cum splatter the inside of her womb and almost certainly impregnating her. As they both lay there, winding down from their orgasms, Suzie was confused. When her father removed the gag, Suzie had several questions.

"Why, daddy? Why did you do this? Why did you cum inside of me?"

"Suzie, I got a call last night from the bartender telling me that you were passed out at his bar and that you had been drugged. I've been working on this machine, S.A.M., for quite a while and I figured that I needed to test it on someone...so, why not you? I wanted to teach you a lesson for getting yourself in trouble by making you think you had been kidnapped and I wanted to seduce you with the machine so that you would always know that you could have fun at home, but then I saw how beautiful you were when you were being covered in the artificial cum, how incredible you looked being filled with more artificial cum and how much you seemed to enjoy being fucked, and I couldn't help myself; I had to have you myself."

"But, Daddy," Suzie asked again, "why did you cum inside of me? I completely understand everything else you felt, but why would you risk getting me pregnant?"

"Three reasons, Suzie: First, you have to learn your lesson for being so irresponsible, and second, I want to test S.A.M. on a pregnant woman, and third..., well, I want to drink the milk from your breasts. Surely you will let me do that?"

"Oh, Daddy, I wish that you had asked me first! I would have enjoyed this so much more! But I did enjoy the thrill of the unknown and I would love to be your sexual guinea pig! Just promise me that you will never hurt me, Daddy!"

"I'm sorry, Suzie, I can't do that. In about 9 months, you're going to kill me when you are pushing that baby out of you."

"Daddy, who is Sam?"

"S.A.M. is an acronym for 'Sexually Aggravating Machine'. It can tell when you are aroused to the point of climax, and then it shuts itself down instantly and tries to degrade you by cumming on or inside of you. I gave it a female's voice to try to soothe the user into believing that everything will turn out fine."

"Daddy, I think I know who I want you to use S.A.M. on next!"

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