tagInterracial LoveLa Vita Dolce Ch. 12

La Vita Dolce Ch. 12


Natasha bounded down the stairs, her hair still wet and curling around her face. She dressed in jeans and a white t-shirt. Gianni had dressed quickly and had already slipped from the room, dropping a quick kiss on the top of her head.

Morgan and Lacey were perched upon stools around the island sipping coffee. A basket of assorted muffins and bagels sat on in the center of the granite counter top.

"Good morning!" Natasha said as she hopped up onto a stool and reached eagerly for a blue berry muffin.

Lacey looked at Natasha speculatively, a knowing smile spreading over her lips. "Yeah, I bet you had a good morning. It sounded like it anyway."

The muffin stopped halfway to Natasha's mouth and her eyes widened.

Lacey took a sip of her coffee, smiling in smug amusement.

"So that's your man candy?" Morgan asked, looking at Natasha with renewed interest. She shrugged. "Hey, I don't blame you. He looks like the kind of man to make a girl scream."

Natasha blinked at her.

Lacey coughed, choking on her coffee and abruptly set the mug down, the brown liquid sloshing over the rim of the mug.

Natasha blinked before clearing her throat and turning to Lacey. "So..." searching for a change of subject, "Where are the guys?"

Lacey grinned. "Chopping wood for the fireplace."

Natasha stared at her. "It's August."

Lacey gestured to Morgan. "Morgan wanted a fire tonight."

Natasha's gaze slid to Morgan. The redhead tossed her hair over her shoulder. "I thought it would be romantic."

Lacey made an unladylike noise in the back of her throat and resumed sipping her coffee.

Natasha slid off the stool and went to the sliding doors off the kitchen which overlooked the deck. Morgan came to stand beside her, crossing her arms over her ample chest. She cocked her head to the side. "Wow," she breathed.

Natasha tilted her head, mimicking Morgan's posture. "Yeah," she breathed.

Gianni and Colin were off to the side, near the woods. Both had axes and stood before two chopping blocks. Natasha's brows lifted, her breath leaving her just a little bit.

The two men were shirtless in low-slung jeans. A sheen of sweat covered their skin. Both men had broad muscular chests which tapered to narrow hips. Their abdomens rippled at their movements. Their arms were heavy with muscles.

Gianni ran a hand through his damp locks, brushing the hair back from his face. Natasha sighed.

"Where did you say you found him?" Morgan asked absently.

"Italy," Natasha answered vaguely.

"Nice souvenir," Morgan commented, tilting her head the other direction, her gaze sliding appreciatively over Gianni.

Natasha frowned slightly. "Back off, Morgan."

Morgan switched her emerald gaze to Colin. "Don't worry, honey. I like my men homegrown."

"What are you guys gawking at?" Lacey came to join them.

Both, Morgan and Natasha mumbled noncommittal noises,.

Lacey pulled a face. "Ew," and spun on her heal. She went back to the island and drained the last of her coffee. "If you guys would like to close your mouths and quit drooling, we could go have some fun of our own."

Natasha and Morgan looked over their shoulders as Lacey dangled a pair of keys from her fingertips. "Why don't you two go put on your bathing suits." Natasha grinned. ***

The girls emerged from the cabin clad in bikinis and flip flops. Colin was still chopping wood. He straightened as the girls approached. "Taking the Sea Doos out?"

Lacey nodded.

"Where's Gianni?" Natasha asked. Colin motioned towards the woods. "Shed. Grabbing some more wood." His gaze slid over her. "Just follow the path."

Natasha followed the narrow trail through the woods into the clearing where a small shed stood. Gianni was no where in sight.

"Gianni?" she called.

He came around the side of the shed, his arms laden with wood. His face broke into a grin when he saw her. He bent and set the wood down before coming towards her. There was a decidedly predatory glint in his gaze as his gaze roved over the expanse of golden brown skin revealed by the bright yellow bikini. Her full breasts pressed against the triangles of fabric. A bright jewel gleamed in her belly button. Her legs seemed to go on forever. Her dark curls were pulled up into a haphazard ponytail, some wisps framing her face. Taking her hand he turned her in a small circle as he allowed his gaze to roam appraisingly over her body. A small smile spread over his lips as he spied the small outline of a star on her hip that peeked above the top of her bikini bottoms. The sweetly curved underside of her bottom was revealed by the small bikini. Upon completing her turn he looped an arm around her waist and pulled her against him. Heat instantly blossomed south of her belly button as their heated skin came in contact and her breasts were pressed against the unyielding hardness of his chest.

"Hey, Bella," he nearly growled. His free hand slid down her side, his fingers drifting to toy with the ties of her bikini bottoms. "This is a cute little thing."

Natasha laughed a little breathlessly and attempted to squirm away from him but he held her firmly. He lowered his head and his lips deliberately covered her own. He pressed her close, one hand firm on her lower back, the other moving to the back of her head, holding her immobile as he plundered the heat of her mouth.

Natasha groaned against his mouth and slid her hands over his broad muscular chest and up around his neck as she pulled herself closer to him. His hands moved down her back to cup the firm roundness of her ass in his hands. He pulled her firmly against the growing bulge in his jeans.

Still cupping her bottom in one hand, he allowed his free hand to drift to her bikini top, pushing away one triangle of fabric and cupping the soft roundness of her breast in his hand. She gasped as his thumb brushed over her taut nipple.

"Tasha?" Lacey's voice rang out through the trees.

Natasha made a panicked strangled noise in the back of her throat and jerked abruptly out of Gianni's arms. He let her go easily and watched in amusement as she frantically straightened her askew bikini.

Natasha shot him a look of moderate irritation, thought it was mostly at herself. The man melted her brain cells. He smirked and leaned against the side of the shed, crossing his arms over his chest. His low-slung jeans accentuated the muscles tapering down into his thighs. A thin trail of dark hair disappeared into his jeans and drew his eyes to the prominent bulge that was still present at his center. The grey-slate eyes smoldered and his lopsided grin was positively sinful.

Lacey emerged from the trees. "You coming Tash—" she cut off as her eyes slid to Gianni. Her mouth formed a little pink 'O'. She glanced at Natasha, "Wow."

A low chuckle rumbled from Gianni's chest.

"Let's go!" Natasha said a bit too brightly as she hooked an arm through her friend's and dragged her friend back towards the house. Lacey giggled and tossed a look back over her shoulder.

"Well if he didn't look like the big bad wolf," Lacey commented. "Lucky girl."

Natasha flushed furiously and pulled Lacey along. ***

When Gianni emerged from the woods he was met with the distant sounds of engines and water being kicked up. He set the wood down next to Colin who had also paused to watch the lake.

Straightening as he put down his load, Gianni couldn't help the smile which spread over his lips. Natasha never ceased to surprise him. Despite her beauty and poise, she didn't hesitate. The Natasha Gianni had met in Rome in all her designer finery was undoubtedly exquisite. But this girl was infinitely more real to him. The Natasha he'd found in California dressed in jeans, graphic tees and converse sneakers most of the time. She surfed and goofed off with her friends. She tramped around in the woods and rode jet skis fearlessly across the water. The Natasha he had met in Rome, he thought, would worry about ruining her make-up. He was finding out differently.

It didn't make him feel disillusioned or disappointed. He didn't feel as though he didn't know the woman he had come to care for. No, he felt as though he were discovering her all over again. It only intrigued him further. It only made him want her more.

His grin broadened as he watched her zigzag across the water, kicking up spray as she, Lacey and Morgan chased after each other.

Colin was watching him closely, his face thoughtful. "You care a lot about her don't you, man?"

Gianni was intent on watching Natasha. "Of course," he answered absently.

"You love her?"

Gianni turned his eyes to Colin. His grey gaze searched Colin's serious expression. His voice was low. "I do."

A muscle twitched in Colin's clenched jaw and Gianni understood. "And so do you."

Colin made a curt nod of his head. "I do."

Gianni turned his face back towards the lake, crossing his arms over his chest.

"I was her first, you know."

Gianni's brows drew together and his own jaw clenched tightly. He said nothing.

"But she loves you," Colin continued. "I tried to take her from you."

Gianni turned to look at him once more. His face was impassive though his eyes were hard and assessing as he looked at the other man. Colin shrugged, tucking his hands into his pockets sheepishly. "I mean, can you blame me?" His voice softened as he tracked the girls' movements across the water. "But she loves you." The sheepish smile from slid from his face, replaced by grim seriousness. "You won't let anyone hurt her?"

Gianni paused, studying Colin intently. "No I will not."

Colin return his solemn gaze and merely nodded. "That goes for you too."

Gianni lifted one dark brow. "Pardon?"

Colin looked at him hard. "I'm not some Mafioso. I've never shot a gun. But if you hurt her...there's no place on this earth you can hide from me."

Colin was surprised to see a wan smile spread across Gianni's lips and the other man nodded in approval.

Gianni extended his hand to Colin. "Understood."

The two men shook firmly and went back to their work. ***

Natasha's heart was racing as she turned the Sea Doo sharply and sending up a spray of water and foam. She watched Lacey and Morgan laughing and chasing each other not far away.

She swallowed hard. Her heart was beating too fast. She took deep breaths attempting to slow it's beating. She felt dizzy. She gripped the handle bars and shook her head attempting to clear the black spots that dotted the edges of her vision.

Gritting her teeth as the Sea Doo lunged and she headed towards the dock.

Gianni straightened as Natasha abruptly brought the Sea Doo next to the dock. She hurriedly tied it off before clamoring up onto the dock. A heavy feeling settled in Gianni's chest. Something was wrong.

Natasha stumbled and fell forward onto her hands and knees, her dark hair falling over her face in damp ringlets.

"Natasha!" he took off running, is steps pounding the deck. Upon reaching her, he reached down under her arms and hauled her to her feet.

She stumbled against him unsteadily. She clung tightly to him and buried her face against his chest as she silently willed her legs to work.

Gianni's arm tightened around her, his other hand gently stroking her hair back from her face. "Natasha, baby, what's wrong?" he murmured, the concern and confusion evident in his voice.

Natasha merely shook her head, her face still against his chest.

"Baby, you can tell me," he coaxed.

She stood mutely and stiffened in his arms. She suddenly drew back, tossing her hair back from her face. She smiled at him, offering a somewhat abashed expression. "I just got a little dizzy, maybe a little seasick riding around out there."

Gianni frowned slightly as he searched her features. She was lying to him. Why?

Natasha beamed at him and reached up to trace the strong line of his jaw. "I'm fine baby." She pulled out of his arms and stepped around him, trailing her hand down his arm. "Really, I'm fine," she assured him as she strode towards the house.

Colin stood by the glass doors waiting. "Tash—"

"I'm fine, Colin," Natasha said to him as she slid the door open.

He caught her wrist, halting her. "I've never seen you get 'seasick' out there before. What's up with that?"

She exhaled heavily and met his gaze. "Colin, please." She glanced back to where Gianni stood watching them intently without seeming to."

Colin nodded solemnly, his thumb caressing the inside of her wrist before he released her. Natasha slipped into the house. Her shoulders sagged as she trudged up the stairs to her room.

She pulled the throw from the bed draped it around her shoulders before sinking into the large armchair in the corner.

She didn't feel well at all. Her vision darkened. The room tilted crazily. Her stomach was unsettled. Closing here eyes against the onslaught to her senses, she allowed her head to drop back against the back of the chair and let the darkness take her. ***

She awoke in darkness, tucked into her own bed. She shifted slightly only to found her movement rather restricted. A smiled a small smile as she realized that Gianni was curled around her, cradling her body against his own. She was naked and she could feel the warmth of his skin against her back. His face was buried in the curve of her neck, his arm slung across her hip pulling her tightly against him. She smiled in the darkness and lightly traced her fingertips over the corded muscles of his forearm.

Gianni sighed contentedly in his sleep and rolled onto his back. Natasha turned and snuggled against his side. His arm tightened around her as she slid her leg over his own and placed her arm across his bare torso. She laid her head upon his chest.

He turned his head and brushed a light kiss across her brow. His voice was wonderfully husky with sleep. "Awake, Bella?"

Natasha nodded against his chest.

His finger trailed soothingly up and down her spine. "Are you alright? You didn't even stir when I moved you."

"I'm just a little exhausted is all." She trailed her fingers over his chest and pressed her palm flat against his heartbeat.

"I know, luv." He sighed. He lifted his hand to cover her own. "Get some sleep."

She exhaled and allowed her eyes to drift closed. "Right. Sleep," she mumbled.

Gianni listened as her breathing slowed and deepened. ***

Gianni reached for Natasha in his sleep only to find that she wasn't there. He sat up with a start. The sheets beside him were cool. She hadn't been there for a while. The room was empty, the bathroom vacant.

He flung aside the covers, the hardwood floor was cold beneath his bare feet. He tugged on a pair of jeans. He padded into the darkened hallway and down the stairs. The embers were dying in the fireplace. He checked all the locks. The doors were locked.

He was fighting panic when he noticed the light was on in the bathroom off the living room. He pushed the door open to find Natasha within. She was sitting on the bathroom floor, knees drawn up to her chest. She hiccuped when she saw him and blinked away the wetness in her eyes. He was shirtless and barefooted. His grey eyes were dark slate and heavy lidded with sleep. His dark hair was mussed and stubble shadowed his cheeks. She thought he looked wonderful. "Hi," she whispered as she gazed up at him.

He stood in the doorway as she hurriedly wiped the tears from her face and she stood quickly to her feet.

She fully dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. He looked quizzical. "Where have you been, Bella? What's happened?"

She hiccuped again and a lopsided grin spread over her face. "I ran out to the grocery store with Lacey. We needed to pick up a few things." She brushed by him. "I'm okay really."

Gianni sighed and caught her wrist as she passed by him, stopping her. He looked at her. "Natasha, bella, it's four in the morning. Please don't lie to me."

Natasha tugged at his grasp. "Let me go." Tears welled in her eyes and she began to tug frantically at his hold on her when he didn't budge .

Concern was etched in his features as he pulled her struggling form against him. She cried harder, beating at him feebly with her fists. Gianni held her stood immobile until she slumped against his chest, her sobs dissolving into mere hiccups once more as she clung to him. "You suck," she mumbled petulantly against his chest as he stroked her hair soothingly. He couldn't help the grin that spread across his face and he was reminded of how very young she was. At twenty-one, she was nearly six years his junior. He tended to forget that until those rare moments occurred when she actually acted her age.

He lifted her easily into his arms and strode to the sofa. He deposited her there and then turned to the fireplace. Natasha watched silently as he piled more wood in the hearth, grabbed some newspapers and coaxed the fire back to life. When the fire was sufficiently casting its glow upon the room he came to stand before her.

She gazed up at him in slight apprehension. He could be slightly intimidating at times though she knew he wasn't attempting to frighten her. He was huge. The top of her head reached only to his collarbone. The fire at his back only served to more clearly define the strength of his outline and the hard planes of his body. He leaned over her, bracing his arms on the back of the couch, sufficiently trapping her. Her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open slightly. He smiled at that and then his mouth swooped down. He gently sucked her lower lip before fully claiming her mouth and stealing the air from her lungs. She was breathing hard when he pulled back.

His gaze was unrelenting. "You're going to tell me what's going on."

She lowered her gaze, suddenly taking an interest in his collarbone.

"Natasha," his tone brooked no argument. Her dark azure gaze met his own. "I'm pregnant," she blurted suddenly.

His face portrayed no outward flicker of emotion as he continued to look at her consideringly. He straightened, keeping his eyes on her before he turned away from her to face the dying flames in the fireplace.

Natasha's heart dropped into her stomach and she felt as though her heart would break as it constricted in her chest. He was not pleased.

He kept his back to her as he spoke. "How long have you known?"

She sat with her hands in her lap. Her voice was soft. "I've only known for about a half an hour really. But I've suspected for a couple weeks." She paused. "Say something, please."

He said nothing. He raked a hand through his dark locks.

She was doing everything in her power to hold herself together. She swallowed thickly. "You're upset with me," and when he didn't correct her, she reacted as she was wont to react when someone hurt her. She grew angry. "Well that's just fine, Angiolini. I don't need you for this. I can do it by myself." Her voice wavered and he finally turned to face her.

He came suddenly to kneel before her between her thighs. He pulled her to him so that her body was pressed against his own. Her eyes drifted closed as she couldn't bear to see the censure she might see in his face.

He reached up and traced his fingertips tenderly over the smooth golden brown contours of her cheek. Her skin glowed like deep burnished gold in the firelight. He moved to smooth the dark hair back from her face as it spilled over her shoulders. His gaze roamed over the raven arch of her brows, over the thick fringe of ebony lashes which fanned against her cheeks. His gaze traced the shape of her piquant nose above the full lush lips which never failed to entice him or haunt his dreams.

He gently traced the pad of his finger town the straight slope of her nose. Her dark lashes flickered and lifted. He smiled faintly. Her gaze so often caught him off guard in its color and intensity.

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