tagLoving WivesLabor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend


My name is Jim. I arrived home from work about two in the afternoon the Friday of Labor Day weekend. Sally, my wife, had shipped the kids off to their grandmother's house right after school. She was due back home in about an hour. We had planned to have a nice bar-b-q, then go to our local bar for some drinks and play pool.

I went upstairs, took a shower, got dressed, and started the fire for the bar-b-q. I made a pitcher of margaritas and poured myself a drink. Just then Sally returned so I fixed her a drink as well. Sally wanted to know if we were still going to play pool after dinner. I told her yes. I had been looking forward to it all week long, especially with the kids being gone we had no time restrictions. I take that back. We needed to pick the kids up Monday evening about six. Other than that, we were free!

I asked her if she was feeling alright. Sally usually doesn't question plans we made a week earlier, and spoke about all week. She said felt fine. Gary had called earlier in the day. He was a close friend who had been recently separated and in the process of divorce. Sally said she spoke to Gary, she invited him for dinner and a game or two of pool. I told her it was fine with me, and pulled out a third steak.

Sally went upstairs to shower and change. There was a knock at the door. When I opened it, there stood Gary. I hadn't seen him in about a month. It looked like he had lost about thirty pounds since his separation. He said it was more like forty , but he felt good. I must admit, he looked pretty fit as well. He said he hadn't eaten very well the last five weeks and was looking forward to a good home cooked meal.

Just then, Sally called down and wanted to know if there was anything special I wanted her to wear tonight. I remember telling her anything was ok, as long as it was "LCST." I explained to Gary that "LCST" was just our little code. It meant low cut, see thru attire.

Sally came downstairs with just her bathrobe on to remind me Gary would be with us. I told her, it wasn't like he had never seen her dress "LCST" before. It was just the first time with out his wife being with him. Sally thought about it a moment, then agreed with me.

When Sally came downstairs and out to the patio she was dressed for the night. Sally had chosen to wear her favorite black fish net see thru tank top. The rest came down to "fit and feel." It didn't matter how provocative the top was. As long as it felt good, and fit, it was OK. Sally also put on her short light blue jean pleated shirt. I heard Gary asking Sally if it was hot in the house, or if it was just her? Sally laughed and gave Gary a big hug and kiss on the lips for being so thoughtful. She couldn't believe his wife was getting a divorce from such a nice guy. He continued on telling Sally how beautiful she was and how he enjoyed her company, especially dressed in that top.

The steaks were almost done, the table was set, and the drinks were poured. The high light of the evening was the crank Gary put in his pipe. It gave us all a lift after a long work week. Sally didn't work like Gary and I, but the kids ran her ragged. Besides smoking crank makes her horney, and I like that!

When dinner was over, Gary helped Sally clean the kitchen. I straightened up the patio and put the bar-b-q away. I didn't think too much about the fact that Gary was getting close to Sally while they were cleaning. It was always Sally's way to be kind of "touchy feely." She had always been that way, and most guys reacted to her the same way.

I must admit, I was getting a hard on listing to those two. They were complementing each other and going on and on. Sally had explained "fit and Feel" to Gary once before. She asked if he wanted to feel this fabric before I came back in the house. Of course he did! He reached from behind over each shoulder and placed both palms on her tits while feeling the material. I said I see Sally's having you feel her top material again! How was it? Gary remarked that it felt good, but we should be going before it got to be too late. We all agreed and got into his car and left.

Sally slipped on one of her short sleeve black see thru blouses to wear over the tank top. Gary remarked that at least with the blouse over the tank top, she wouldn't get arrested for turning all the guys on!! In the car, Sally sat in the middle and Gary drove. I sat in the back passenger seat.

It was about a fifteen minute drive to the bar. When we arrived, I had reached over Sally's shoulders and slid her blouse off her shoulders. I pulled her tank top down below her tits and had a hand on each one, playing. I was in the middle of squeezing both Sally's nipples when Gary pulled into the parking lot. He turned off the motor and faced toward Sally. He saw me playing, and I saw my chance for a little fun.

I asked Gary if we should have a quick contest to see who could get Sally's nipple the hardest first... After, we could go inside. I took Sally's right tit and Gary took hold of the left. It really was not a contest at all. Sally got so hot while letting Gary pinch and feel her tit and nipple, he won easily!

When we were done, Sally pulled her tank top and over shirt. up, and we walked into the club. The club had one bar an upstairs and one downstairs. The bar downstairs had smaller tables and stools around four pool tables and a couple of electronic dart games. Only one pool table was being used so we took a table at the end by the bathrooms.

Sally, Gary, and I were just about evenly matched so we decided to play cutthroat. Cutthroat is a game where we each had five balls. The last one having balls on the table was the winner. We played two games. In the third game, Sally went out first and Gary and I played to see who the winner of that game would be.

While Gary and I were finishing up the third game, a black dude came by the table and struck up a conversation with Sally.

The next time I passed by the table I introduced myself. His name was Dave. He was from Seattle, here on business. He had to stay the weekend as he didn't wrap his deal up on Friday. When Gary and I came back to the table Dave told me what a good looking and sexy wife I was married to.

I thanked Dave and introduced him to Gary and asked if he wanted to play pool with us. He said he would like that very much and bought us all another round of drinks. While we were waiting for the drinks to arrive, Sally and Gary went out to his car. When they returned, they had smoked another pipe of crank, and Sally had changed her tops. Instead of wearing a tank top and an over shirt, she had put on a semi see thru white top to go along with her short jean skirt.

I didn't know Sally had brought more tops. She said she had brought some others just incase it was hot in the club. She felt more comfortable in public with the white one. The black fish net tank top was just a little much by itself she thought. This blouse was made from cotton material. Puffy sleeves with a fairly low cut front and a lace tie down the front to keep it together.

Sally never tied the top off on any of her tops. She said the top would loosen and come open in the front but would stop by itself. When both of her tits were showing the most cleavage possible, the tie would stop coming loose. As Sally bent over, either one or the other tit would be completely visible! If a guy was lucky enough to stand front of Sally, he might catch a look both tits.

I felt myself starting to get excited again as Gary, Dave, and I began to play a new game. Sally decided to stay out of this game and just relax and drink her drink. It was probably a good idea for Sally to rest a little while. It appeared that the drinks and crank had really taken over Sally. She had started to slur her words, and was getting very sensual, both in speech and actions!

I noticed that both Gary and Dave were paying a lot of attention to Sally when it was not their turn to shoot. It turned out to be a close game. Gary eventually won. When we broke, all three of us went to the bathroom to take a piss. While we were washing up, I overheard Dave telling Gary what a thrill it was to be around Sally. Especially with the outfit she had on and the way she wore it.

Gary and I came back to our table. When we sat down, Sally excused herself to visit the women's bathroom. On her way, she met Dave leaving the men's room. She stopped to say a few words before she continued down the hall. When she returned, Dave had sat down, and it was apparent that Sally was getting drunk. Her top had come open some more, or she opened it a little more. One of the other, I never found out which it was.

Sitting at the table all three of us, Gary, Dave and I, could gander at Sally's open blouse and tits! I could feel my cock start to press harder against my jeans. From what I was able to see, Gary and Dave had the same problem.

Gary and I decided to play one more game. Dave bought another round of drinks. Sally still remained out and sat with our new friend Dave. Once in a while, I would glance over at Dave and Sally. I saw that he had moved onto the stool next to Sally. The stool I had been using. They were laughing while touching each other here and there. I couldn't see Sally's or Dave's hands under the table. By the look on Dave's face, Sally had to be rubbing his cock. I did see Dave's other hand playing with one of the lace ties on Sally's blouse. As he did I'm sure I saw him brush his hand across her tits more than once.

When our game was over, we decided to finish our drinks and make for home. Sally asked our new friend Dave if he wanted to come to the house. She said we would fix more drinks and shoot some darts. Dave wanted to, but he didn't have a car. He had walked to the club from his hotel. Sally said that it was not a problem, he could ride with us if he wanted.

We finished our drinks and went out to Gary's car. This time I drove. Dave, Gary and Sally sat in the backseat with Sally in the middle. As I got close to home I heard movement in the rear seat. I adjusted the rear view mirror to catch a glimpse of Sally with the blouse tie removed. Dave's hand was caressing Sally's left tit. It looked like he was just about ready to place his mouth on the left one. However before he could get his lips on her nipple, Gary reached over and began to play with her other tit at the same time.

I knew now that Sally was to the point where she would do just about anything we asked her to! By the time we reached home, both guys had their cocks our and Sally was playing with them at the same time. She remarked how thick Dave's was, and how long Gary's had become.

We got home and I pilled into the drive way. I walked to the front door. I unlocked the door and turned on the lights. I went to the front drapes and closed them while Gary and Dave helped Sally into the house. They placed her on the couch. I went into the kitchen to fix us another night cap and Gary filled his pipe.

When I came back with the drinks, Sally was hitting on the pipe, and Dave had his hand on Sally's thigh. One finger was reaching up under the material toward the opening between her legs. I must have startled Dave. He jumped a little and reached for the pipe and not Sally's pussy. After Dave took his hit and handed me the pipe, he said once again how lucky I was to have such a sexy playful wife.

He told me he didn't mean to offend anyone when he had played with Sally's tits on the way home. I explained to him that it was up to Sally as to what goes on. I told Dave I enjoy watching other guys look and sometimes play with Sally. I did tell him, however, it was up to her what happened and how far it went. He seemed to understand.

I put a porno tape into the VCR and turned it on. We set up the dart board and brought out the darts. We had plenty to choose from. Sally and I played darts quite often.

We decided to play "around the world" since every one knew how to play. We decided that the guys would chip in a ten dollar anti. Sally would offer a change of outfit to be picked out and arraigned however he would like it to be worn.

The first game went fairly quick considering there were four of us playing. I don't know if it was "home field advantage" or not. However, the outcome was me first, Sally second, Gary third, and Dave last. I already knew what outfit I wanted Sally to put on next. I went upstairs to get the new outfit while Sally split the twenty dollars from the other two guys between us.

I brought down Sally's blue jean coveralls and nothing else. I liked the way her tits showed on the sides when she walked or moved. I made her wear it with the top two buttons in the front left undone. This made the top of her tits visible from the top as we looked down the front. Basically Sally's tits would be hanging out except for a very small area at the bottom of each one.

The second game we played was preceded by another round of the pipe. I could tell Sally was getting higher and higher. She started to really slur her words and began to be unsure when she walked. Good thing for her, she stood still when the darts were thrown. The game ended up with Gary first, me second, Dave third and Sally last.

Dave and I each gave Gary ten dollars. Since Gary was the overall winner, he got to pick out Sally's next outfit. Sally took Gary's hand and pulled him upstairs to her closet. She showed him the area where the things she thought he might like were kept. It took him a few minutes to find something. When he did, Sally changes and let Gary arrange her top the way he wanted.

Gary picked out blue and black thong panties and a tie in the front white top. When Gary tied the top in front, he made sure both of Sally's tits were showing for all to see!

Sally decided to change her bet from a new outfit to five minutes of her time. This meant that the winner would have five minutes to play with her. I asked Sally if she was sure. She said she yes so the game began.

Gary won again! That made two times in a row. Sally was second, and Dave and I tied for third. Gary and Sally each got five dollars from us and Gary got his five minutes from Sally.

Gary took Sally over to the couch. He unbuttoned his shirt and removed his pants. He laid down on his back and motioned for Sally. He positioned her so her knees were on either side of his legs. He then reached up, untied her top and removed it. He tossed the top on the floor and reached between Sally's legs. He moved her panties to the side, and forced his cock against her pussy lips. When his cock was firmly against her pussy, he pushed up while playing with her tits and started to fuck her with all his might. Sally responded by pushing back.

I can't explain the feelings that came over me as I watched Gary playing with Sally there on the living room couch. I unbuckled my pants, and let them drop to the floor. I beat off, along with Dave until we both shot huge loads of cum almost all the way across the room. I continued playing with myself until Gary and Sally's time was up. I didn't think my cock would ever shrink down to normal size, but it eventually did.

Sally decided that she didn't want to shoot darts any more. She went upstairs and changed into an orange tank top. She put on another pair of thong panties and came back down stairs. She asked me to fix her another drink. While I was at it, I fixed us all another one. Gary reloaded his pipe. We sat around a while drinking and smoking. Sally on the couch with Gary and Dave on either side.

All of a sudden, Sally sat up and asked Dave if he would like to play a little while. Of course he said yes. They both stood up and Dave moved behind Sally and began lifting up her top.

As he pulled Sally's top over her head, he began to rub her tits. After her top was off, Dave turned Sally around to face him. He took her hand and placed it on his cock. Sally mentioned something about the thickness, and began to rub up and down his shaft. Her nipples stood up and got about as hard as I've ever seen them. Dave then placed Sally on her back on the couch next to Gary. He placed her head over the edge and put his cock in her mouth while he felt her tit. Gary reached over and felt the other tit. There was Sally, giving head to Dave while being felt up by them both!

After that round, we called it a night. Every one got dressed and Gary gave Dave a ride back to his hotel. Sally gave our phone number to Dave and asked him to call if he ever got back to town. I'm sure after that night, if he does come back, I'm positive he will call. Gary on the other hand has become one of Sally's regular play toys as she likes to call him. He probably comes by twice a month for fun and games. Sometimes he will bring along a friend.

Sally knows once Gary gets another girl friend, her boy toy will disappear. I don't think Gary is in a real hurry though to find another girl friend. Why should he, when he has Sally to satisfy all his needs and desires!

When Gary dropped off Dave, he came back to the house. Sally let him take her from behind, probably one of her favorite positions.

When Gary was done doing it doggie style, Sally laid him down and rode his cock one more time. I don't know how many times Gary came that night. I don't think as many as did.

Gary finally went home, and Sally and I went to bed for the night. In the morning, she said she really had a good time and would like to do something like that more often. As much of a thrill as I had just watching, I'm sure we will!

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