tagGay MaleLaCour Academy Ch. 03

LaCour Academy Ch. 03


My mind was racing and I could barely think straight. He tasted so damn good! I love it I love it I love it! I didn't want to but I had to because I needed air so I ended the kiss so I could breathe. He looked hurt and I felt bad so I kissed him again this time more passionate than the last one. He felt so good and soft. I just know he belonged in my arms forever.


OMG! I am kissing Chris Abley! What has come over me? Holy shit fuck fuck fuck! He is so hot I don't want him to stop kissing me I could go on like this forever. No no no you stupid mother fucking bastard why did you end the kiss? I was on a roll here. Wow I sound so snobbish right now. Hopefully I don't turn into a flaming fag cause that would really ruin my day. Any way back to the story. I felt completely rejected and so hurt I was about to start whining when he kissed me. Oh thank you Jesus! I was dying without his lips on mine. He is like my own crack cocaine. I just can't get enough of. Absent mindedly my hands were roaming all over his sexy body. Those toned muscles hard abs. Oh so sexy I even felt someone pop in to say hello through his jeans and that only got my soldier to stand at attention.

"Mmmm I guess someone's out to play baby." He said in a far too seductive voice. Now you understand how horny he is right now. I blushed he couldn't help but laugh. "Don't worry baby mine wants to play too." He said and gave me a full view of his erection. He must be huge by looking at the bulge in his pants! I couldn't believe this was happening.


He saw my erection and his eyes grew big. I told him I was 10in long and thick. His eyes were bugged out it was so cute. I took it out for him and told him to touch it. He shook his head and started stuttering some stuff so I took his hand and made him grab it. In a matter of seconds he wrapped his fingers around my shaft. I moved his hand so he was stroking me. Just when I started unbuttoning his pants he started freaking out and screaming.

"NO! Stop please just stop!" He was crying and I tried to hold him but he kept kicking away from me yelling please stop and please don't hurt me.

"Stop please! D-"He stopped in mid word looked at me for a second then horror splashed all over his face and he bolted. I ran after him and on the way we both knocked down Yalena and the rest of the gang. He got up and took off for I think his car. I ran outside with my friends trailing behind me asking what had happened. Once we got back to my dorm I broke down crying. They kept asking me what happened and I told them.

"I started to unbutton his pants and then he went into frenzy and started screaming no stop don't please just stop please. Then he said. Stop please! D- And that was it and he looked at me for a minute horror was all over his face and he ran.

"Someone must have raped him when he was younger or something." Yalena said. I couldn't agree with her more if I see Draven later tonight or even tomorrow I have to talk to him so I can help. What sick pervert would do this to him? I hope not his dad.


I ran and ran until I had to sit down on a nearby bench. I can't believe I did that! I almost revealed my deepest darkest secret! I know Chris is a good man but I don't have the courage to tell him yet. I just can't. I don't know how long I sat there but it was cold and I didn't have a jacket so I called a cab and went straight to my dorm. My eyes were puffy from crying and I was so cold I didn't even see that they were all in my room until I felt warm bodies all over me.

"What were you thinking man it's like almost two in the morning? Are you trying to freeze to death?" Came Josh's remark. I looked at him and he looked so much like......Just then Yalena interrupted my thoughts.

"Draven baby you should talk to Chris in the morning after he wakes up ok." Yalena said softly. I looked over at my bed and saw Chris laying there. I was so tired I just went over there and laid next to him. Oh my gosh he was so warm before I passed out I managed a hardly audible yes Lena and passed out. I hope he forgives me when we wake up because I think I would feel a whole lot better but for now I think I can feel the forgiveness if you know what I mean.

To Be Continued...

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